Which Natural Stones Good for MS Disease?

Ms Disaese

MS is a disease of the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord. Stones for MS Disease speed up the repair process of your nervous system and relieve your pain.

To cure the disease, first of all, it is necessary to understand its structure. Then we will choose the healing crystals that are suitable for it. In the central nervous system, a fatty tissue called myelin surrounds and protects nerve axons, which helps nerves transmit electrical impulses. In MS, myelin is destroyed in many areas, leaving scars called sclerosis. These damaged areas are also known as plaques or lesions. Myelin protects nerve axons and allows them to perform their duties. When myelin is destroyed or damaged, the nerves’ capacity to transmit electrical impulses to and from the brain is interrupted, resulting in various MS symptoms. One or more of these symptoms may be present at the initial stage.

MS Disease Symptoms

Ms brain

Symptoms occur depending on which parts of the central nervous system are affected. Not everyone is involved in the same way. Signs vary from person to person and change in the same person over time. These symptoms also vary in severity and duration. A person with MS usually experiences more than one symptom, but not all of these symptoms are seen in everyone.

The disease continues as “ATTACK – HEALING – ATTACK”.

Did you know you can work with rhodonite and red jasper stones to relieve MS? All you have to do is keep the stone that feels right to you in the areas where you feel uncomfortable, carry it with you, and wear it as jewelry!

Unreleased emotion or energy created by emotions settles in our bodies. This energy builds up over time and can cause discomfort. Emotions such as mental closure, over-resistance, rigidity, and fear can be emotional problems that can lead to MS.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a neurological disease most commonly causes non-traumatic disability in young adults, is an inflammatory response of the central nervous system mediated by multiple immune mechanisms. MS is a condition of autoimmune and neurodegenerative processes resulting from inappropriate immune system activation against self-antigens. Similar to other neurodegenerative diseases, MS is characterized by complex biochemical changes.

Stones for Multiple Sclerosis

stones high

The origin of the treatment is to rehabilitate the genetic system (not the immune system), to suppress and stop the autoimmune attack, To re-establish and strengthen the immune system, To stop the ongoing damage to the myelin sheath, to correct the damage as much as possible, to establish the communication between the brain and the muscles, In the extremities (arms, hands, legs and It is intended to strengthen the muscles, tissues and connective tissues (in the feet), and to improve other symptoms.

In helping the treatment, considering the regions affected by the disease, necklaces, wristbands, Water Stones(Drinking the water in which these stones are kept), and Massage Stones are used.

Depending on the specific symptoms, the following natural stones can also be used for MS disease:

Jade Stones for MS Disease

  • Jade is perhaps the best detoxifying crystal. Jade helps to remove heavy metals, which accumulate in your body and are the cause of many diseases, from your body.
  • Balances high blood pressure by relaxing your blood circulation.
  • It can protect against cardiovascular diseases, even if they may occur in weakened bodies.
  • Purifies the body and blood from toxins very well.
  • It has the effect of a green color, which is balanced and healing.
  • Jade gives peace and confidence when you are filled with fear and anxiety.
jade in etsy shop
  • When a person feels weak and powerless, putting the jade on his heart relaxes him.
  • Supports weakened eyesight. Jade helps in work that requires mental focus
  • Relieves labor pains and facilitates childbirth.
  • It is good for headaches.
  • It gives wisdom, courage, and a sense of justice to those who carry it. It prevents the feeling of arrogance that may arise in people due to the success achieved.
  • It clarifies the vision by freeing the person from the bondage of emotions.
  • Jade can help boost the immune system. It is also a very good natural stone for generalizing many ailments.

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Aragonite Stones for MS Disease

  • Anger caused by diseases, stress, and emotionally tense situations, relaxes the person with the energy it contains.
  • In the absence of strength and discipline, it is useful to collect oneself.
  • It is a stone that brings peace and happiness.
  • Aragonite is useful for personal development. It strengthens communication with the outside world and helps to overcome stagnation and introversion.
  • Regulates the root chakra. It acts as grounding for the body.
aragonite in etsy shop
  • Aragonite is good for colds.
  • Aragonite has pain-relieving properties.
  • Keeps body temperature in balance
  • It keeps the amount of calcium in the body balanced, helps to expel the excess, and completes the deficiency. In this way, it ensures healthy bones and joints. It is effective in the rapid healing of minor wounds and burns
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • It helps the body to renew the skin itself. Aragonite can help strengthen the immune system and regulate very fast-paced processes.

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Hematite Stones for MS Disease

  • It is an iron-like crystal that gives strength at the time of illness.
  • Hematite strengthens the weakened blood-forming function again. It has a holistic positive effect on blood circulation.
  • It ensures the proper functioning of the spleen.
  • Triggers you to get the iron you need from food to make your muscles stronger
hematite in etsy shop
  • Hematite is useful against joint rheumatism.
  • It makes the hair grow thicker.
  • Strengthens memory.
  • Hematite is good for people with decision-making difficulties.
  • Hematite reduces stress and gives energy and vitality. Hematite may also help promote recovery from MS.

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Crystal Quartz Stones for MS Disease

  • It is a very energetic and deeply healing crystal.
  • Quartz is an emotional and physical balancer. It stimulates brain functions.
  • Protects against loss of strength and vitality.
  • It collects the radiation emitted from devices such as mobile phones and radios, especially in people with sensitive bodies.
  • Strengthens the weakened mental concentration.
quartz etsy shop
  • If it is carried under clothing by touching the skin, it protects the person from other people’s negative energy. If you are among positive people, wear your stone visibly. Thus, it collects the positive energy of the people around you.
  • Quartz has a headache-relieving feature.
  • It keeps the digestive and blood circulation system healthy and heals if sick.
  • Quartz is a healing crystal for the eye.

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Moonstone Stones for MS Disease

  • Moonstone helps people get rid of emotional tension and accept their feelings.
  • Moonstone is a source of healing, especially for women. It keeps the reproductive system healthy and balances the estrogen hormone. Women who want to get pregnant can have this stone with them.
  • It is said to facilitate childbirth and relieve labor pains.
  • It ensures that women’s monthly periods are regular.
  • It also has benefits during menopause.
  • When you are overreacting and anxious, moonstone balances you and makes you sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  • Moonstone provides emotional balance and is good for the ego.
  • It mutually increases the feelings of compassion and sympathy between you and people and brings sympathy to the person carrying it.
moonstone in etsy shop
  • Moonstone makes lovers more passionate.
  • Strengthens intuition and communication.
  • It is the stone of those with low stars. It is effective against the evil eye.
  • Moonstone is good for cramps and leg and back pain.
  • It is effective against gluttony.
  • Strengthens the lymph system.
  • It is good for those who suffer from insomnia, provides comfortable sleep, prevents bad dreams, and is good against sleepwalking.
  • It positively affects brain functions and gives mental clarity.
  • It helps in removing toxins. Moonstone strengthens the immune and lymphatic systems. It raises the energy level of the person. It helps with energy that helps increase flexibility and muscle strength.

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BloodStone for MS

  • It has an effect that strengthens you in all kinds of diseases and strengthens you in battle.
  • Regenerates the Complete Body.
  • Regulates blood circulation and blood flow.
  • Bloodstone cleans the blood.
  • It cleans the spleen and gallbladder of toxins.
  • It treats the coagulation problem and stops the blood.
  • It gives psychological courage.
  • Mentally calms, Revitalizes the mind.
  • Ideal for a comfortable sleep.
bloodstone in etsy shop
  • Triggers dreams and prevents nightmares.
  • It grounds the electrical charge in the body.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Protects the eyes from diseases.
  • Strengthens the immune system and protects against infectious diseases.
  • Bloodstone is effective in preventing and treating the flu. Bloodstone strengthens certain microorganisms in the bloodstream vital for the optimal immune system and function. It removes blockages and facilitates the removal of toxins to increase the cell’s nutrient absorption.

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Carnelian Stones for MS Disease

  • In addition to the agate stone benefits, It makes the user feel positive emotions.
  • It removes laziness, and It has strong energy. Carnelian stone deeply relaxes the mind and increases mental clarity.
  • Balances low blood pressure (those with high blood pressure should use it very carefully)
carnelian in etsy shop
  • It regulates blood circulation; while increasing energy, vitality, and motivation; it also supports the resolution of hormone imbalance. It is also beneficial in strengthening the nervous system and relieving joint pain.
  • Gives sexual power
  • It is beneficial for the reproductive system.
  • It has positive benefits on the kidneys
  • Cleanses the pancreas

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Red Jasper Stones for MS Disease

  • It is a vital mineral support of the root chakra, as it provides energy regeneration, inspires, triggers the impulses to take action, and gives joy to life; can be said.
  • Jasper is healing with its calming, peaceful, balancing effect on the soul.
  • Red jasper stone (Red Jasper) represents life and the vital cycle.
  • Its energy activates the soul and body.
  • Jasper Represents holding on to life, the inner strength sought to pursue ideals.
  • Increases the joy of life.
Red Jasper in Etsy Shop
  • Its strong connection with the earth provides a strong grounding, purification, and refreshment in the body and spirit. The biggest factor in this is the density of the iron mineral in it.
  • Speeds up blood circulation.
  • It purifies people from the chaos they live in.
  • Helping to connect to life initiates the transformation that will be experienced.
  • By spreading positive energy, it prepares and strengthens the changes in your life. Since weakness and fatigue are symptoms associated with MS, Red Jasper can help increase energy and vitality.

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Ametrine Stones for MS Disease

  • Ametrine, which goes down to the bottom layer of everything, reveals the real cause of the problems.
  • It has strong cleansing properties and removes toxins and negativities from the body.
  • It cleans the blood, strengthens the immune system, and balances DNA/RNA.
  • It is good for chronic fatigue disease.
  • Cures depression, gastric disorders and ulcers, and stress-related ailments.
ametrine in etsy shop
  • Carries the characteristics of Amethyst and Citrine stones in the same group. They can be used together.
  • Absorbs negative energy in the environment,
  • Strengthens the muscle structure and protects against diseases. Ametrine can help renew the physical body and strengthen the immune system. Double vision is among the symptoms of MS, and ametrine can help prevent it.

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Citrine Stones for MS Disease

  • Helps you strengthen the body’s user system by supporting it.
  • It can prevent the negative energies in the environment, which is demoralizing.
  • It is a stone believed in the world that brings success in diseases.
  • Gives feelings of joy and happiness to the wearer.
  • Helps the person to get rid of the feelings that cause depression.
citrine in etsy shop
  • Protective and reassuring in situations of self-confidence and nervousness.
  • Destroys negative energy. However, it does not collect negative energy like quartz crystals. In this way, you do not need to clean the negative energies. (No cleaning required.)
  • Increases mental clarity.
  • It benefits the kidneys, colon, lungs, digestive organs, and heart.
  • It is the stone of abundance, fertility, and luck. In ancient times, its name is passed as a carrier.

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Tourmaline Stones for MS Disease

  • Provides balance and harmony.
  • It allows the person to focus on their goals.
  • It helps the person eliminate addictions and expectations that cause him to wear out internally. Thus, one can maintain inner calmness by avoiding judging events.
  • Gives the person calmness and makes him more broad-minded and thus balances the emotional ups and downs.
  • It has the feature of balancing the hormone secretion system,
Tourmaline in etsy shop
  • Provides sleep patterns,
  • Strengthens and purifies the mind,
  • Strengthens your intuitive side, so your intuition may start to turn out to be quite correct,
  • Provides peace with oneself and purifies your inner world of evil.

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Sunstone for MS Disease

  • It helps to heal spinal problems,
  • It helps you gain strength and power. It is the stone of energy and leadership; it reveals the sense of leadership in the person with its energy.
  • In general, it is good for pain,
  • Motivates the person at the time of illness,
  • It allows you to rise above normal energy and become more Independent and lively,
  • It ensures the harmony of all organs,
sunstone in etsy shop
  • It is useful in stomach disorders, especially ulcers and painful problems,
  • Removes attachments, overcomes the fear of failure, strengthens self-confidence,
  • Increases sexual power and sensitivity,
  • It provides clarity in dreams, is good for insomnia, prevents bad dreams and nightmares,
  • Beneficial for the digestive system (especially the stomach),
  • Curative in chronic problems related to the throat,
  • Prevents excessive weight gain.

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Rhodonite Stones for MS Disease

  • Strengthen weakened muscles and bones, increasing your strength.
  • It frees you from dependence on the past, longing for the past, and obsessions.
  • It is the stone of success in diseases.
  • You should use this stone when stuck in the past and escape your current life.
  • Eliminates anxiety and stress. It gives mental clarity.
  • Helps in the treatment of throat and larynx inflammations.
  • It is used in the treatment of depression.
rhodonite in etsy shop
  • Opening and activating the heart chakra,
  • It helps a person to find their soul mate.
  • Increases the capacity of heart vibrations in terms of love and affection. It also nourishes you with love and helps you heal.
  • It increases learning ability, Opens the mind.
  • It relaxes the body in insect bites and protects against poisoning.
  • Protects from bad dreams and nightmares.
  • It maintains and increases mental and emotional balance. Rhodonite is a nutritious, balancing, grounding natural stone recommended among natural stones for MS treatment.

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Topaz Stones for MS Disease

  • In general, it is an important physical and spiritual healer.
  • Especially transparent Topaz provides spiritual growth.
  • Protective and curative against eye diseases.
  • It gives clarity of mind, increases the power of reasoning, and gives the mind intuition and courage to cope with dangerous or difficult situations that suddenly appear.
  • Strengthens communication (Blue topaz)
Topaz in etsy shop
  • Reveals wisdom and improves our connection with our higher selves. (Blue Topaz)
  • Effective on the muscular system and digestive systems. (Yellow topaz)
  • It is believed to protect people with bad character from evil.
  • Develops intelligence and abilities.
  • Strengthens the immune system. Topaz can help support the nerves.

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Lapis Lazuli Stones for MS Disease

  • Strengthens physical abilities and communication skills.
  • Strengthens the bones. It supports the skeleton.
  • Protects young children from respiratory diseases.
  • Regulates tension.
  • Activates the thyroid glands.
  • Clarifies irrational thoughts and adds intensity to your ideas.
  • It is a stone that should be used with caution. The energy it emits can cause dizziness in sensitive individuals.
  • With its determined and effective energy, it makes you look at the events that you ignore. It strengthens your soul’s desire to reach the truth.
  • It reduces Anxiety and Anxiety and gives vitality to the person.
lapis lazuli in etsy shop

We recommend considering them as you look at the suggestions and see which attracts you. Later, you can carry it in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. Don’t forget to upload your intent to the stone you have chosen.

For example, You may set the abundance of healing, the protection of the nerves, or the strengthening of the central nervous system as your intention. If you are going to meditate with these natural stones for MS disease, you can also try using affirmations.

“With every breath I take, I am renewed with a revitalized positive outlook.”

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Which Stones Should Be Used Together for MS?

Ms Disaese

Combining Rhodonite, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, and Citrine stones is an exemplary combination that can help relieve MS symptoms.

Specifically, it will be the main healing stone of rhodonite. Lapis lazuli and citrine help repair problems with the nervous system and nerves. It also provides relief from pain. Lapis lazuli is also helpful in relieving vertigo. The combination of citrine and tourmaline reduces fatigue and increases physical energy.

Together, this combination can help provide physical relief for MS.

How to Use Natural Stones for MS Disease?

How to use

The strength of natural stones lies in their ability to hold and transmit energy. Each type of natural stone has unique properties and skills to help our lives in different ways.

Meditation and focus are used to raise natural stones’ natural vibration to see the best results and achieve their strongest abilities. Natural stone jewelry is a beautiful way to exploit its amazing metaphysical properties and skills.

A healing bracelet prepared with natural stones that are good for MS, massage stones and crystal quartz, and chalcedony energy that you can hold and drink; It helps you recognize and let go of emotional issues that can contribute to MS. These stones; It is a helper that asks you to dive within yourself, be still, and observe the emotions that come to the surface. Release these feelings and focus on empowering thoughts such as:

“By choosing loving, joyful thoughts, I move towards a loving, joyful world.”

“The creator of the realms keeps me safe. I am safe and free.”

Inhale these powerful thoughts and fill yourself with the positive energy emanating from every natural love. While doing all this, remember that the information provided in this article is not 100% medically designed and cannot replace medical treatments; you should apply it as support!

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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