Ametrine (Personal Energy Stone)

What is Ametrine?

Ametrine Stone

Ametrine Stone, also called Bolivianite, is a bicoloured member of the quartz stone group. Crystals with two primary colours rarely occur. Ametrine is one of these rare formations. It is one of the special stones used quite a lot among precious stones whose benefits do not end with counting.

By its harmonious purple and yellow tones, you can easily recognize this beautiful natural stone containing citrine and Amethyst—the yellow areas in the stone result from the element iron’s chemical reaction (oxidation). The purple regions are the areas where oxidation does not occur. Ametrine is often included in jewellery collections due to the harmony of these magnificent colours it carries. It is also an incredible opportunity for those who want to experience the benefits of Citrine and Amethyst crystals together.

Ametrine Stone

Described as a rare gemstone, Ametrine has a glassy and transparent structure. The melting point of this stone in the hexagonal crystal system is also extremely high.

A traveller of Spanish origin discovered the ametrine stone. Found by travellers in the 1600s and transported to Europe, this stone began to be processed in the mid-1900s.

What Does Ametrine Stone Mean?

Ametrine Stone

Ametrine is an integral natural stone known as a personal energy stone. The combination of citrine and Amethyst in its content is why this stone is mentioned with complementary energy. Due to its dual characteristics, Ametrine represents masculine and feminine energy. While the citrine stone is the source of masculine energy, Amethyst is also the main source of feminine energy. When the benefits and usage areas of ametrine stone are investigated, the reason for improving bilateral relations and especially sexual life is that it carries this masculine and feminine energy.

We’ll talk about its benefits in more detail in a moment, but some other very successful things make up the meaning of Ametrine. We should mention these and try to define the Meaning of Ametrine.

Ametrine Stone

Ametrine is a stone that very successfully reveals the underlying causes of diseases. It is a very talented crystal known to facilitate astral journeys and protect the person from harmful entities during this journey. It is also very good at calming the mind and relieving stress. For this reason, it is indispensable for those who meditate. During meditation, it opens the third eye (forehead) chakra and strengthens the 6th sense.

Ametrine is an energetic stone that enhances creativity and enhances the person’s artistic side. It strengthens concentration and gives mental clarity. It is a stone that raises the level of awareness. Ametrine is also a great helper in removing negativity and obstacles, bringing optimism and positive energy into your life.

Ametrine Stone Formation

Ametrine Stone
  • It comprises approximately 46% Silicon, 51% Oxygen and 1% Iron. It also contains many trace minerals.
  • Ametrine stone appears as a mixture (combination) of Amethyst and Citrine stones.
  • The purple and orange sections sometimes come together in bands, sometimes in a mixed fashion.
  • Of course, it gathers all the benefits of Amethyst and Citrine stones. Also, the good news is that there are additional benefits that come from this combination.
  • Quartz is among the most abundant minerals on earth. Therefore, stones from the quartz group are formed almost most of the world. However, this magnificent stone occurs in abundance, mainly on the borders of Bolivia.

Where to Find Ametrine Stone?

Ametrine Stone

This magnificent stone is found in amethyst deposits. But it is mainly mined in abundance on the borders of Bolivia. Bolivia is considered the homeland of Ametrine stone, which attracts attention with its yellow and purple colours and fine structure. Anahi Mine is very rich in Ametrine. Almost all of the gem quality Ametrine stone used in the jewellery industry is extracted from this mine. The American Gemological Society has recognized Anahi Mine as the best amethyst mine.
Ametrine is a type of stone that is also found in some countries outside of course Bolivia. However, it is not mentioned much because its amount is quite low compared to the Anahi Mine.

Things to Consider While Buying Ametrine

Ametrine Stone

Most of the stones that are considered precious can be imitated. They can also deceive you with stones produced with very simple processes similar to the real ones. Fake stones, which have almost the same appearance as the original stone, are numerous in the market compared to real natural stones. Ametrine is also a commercially valuable stone, and it is possible to encounter many fake examples of this stone in the market. Therefore, before purchasing Ametrine for any reason, it is necessary to check whether the stone is genuine meticulously.

Ametrine Stone

If you have seen a real Ametrine stone before, you can distinguish it from fakes. Ametrine can be recognized by its distinctive Yellow and purple colour. Its structure is also in a state that passes from transparent to translucent. However, today, similar colours are given to fake Ametrine stones. However, it is possible to understand that the Ametrine stone is fake easily, thanks to small clues.

How to Tell if Ametrine is Real or Fake?

Ametrine Stone

The oxidation of the iron mineral causes the colour difference in this precious stone in the crystal at different rates. Citrine, that is, the iron mineral in the yellow parts, was oxidized, while there was no oxidation in the iron mineral in the Amethyst, purple-lilac parts. During oxidation, heating occurs, and colour differences occur within the crystal in purple and yellow tones.

Unfortunately, artificial ametrine stones are on the market at very low prices. Artificial stones are produced by applying various simple chemical and physical processes.

Ametrine Stone

By applying the beta irradiation technique to the citrine stone, the purple part, that is, the amethyst part, is obtained,
Differential heat treatment is applied to the amethyst stone, and some stone turns yellow, like citrine. In addition, in the market, stones are sold under the name of Ametrine in various colours, such as blue-gold or green-yellow. An ametrine stone cannot be found naturally in these colours. It is most likely another stone.

The most important proof of a real stone is that the colours on the outer surface of the stone are in harmony with the colours on the inner surface. In counterfeit productions, the yellow and purple colours of Ametrine stone are inconsistent on their inner surfaces.

Ametrine Stone

That is when the inner parts of the stone in hand are examined; the colours are not like the outer surface. Therefore, it can be easily understood that the stone is fake.

Another method that can be used when it is not possible to look inside the stone is the fire test method. Accordingly, hold the lighter flame on the outer surface of the stone for a few seconds. If the heat emitted by the lighter darkens the colours on the stone, you may suspect that the stone is fake.

What are the Properties and Effects of Ametrine Stone?

Ametrine Stone

The general properties of ametrine natural stone can be listed scientifically: Hexagonal crystal system, Purple and yellow segmentation, 7 Mohs scale hardness and 60.08 gmol formula mass. However, these are not the features people wonder about when they say Ametrine stone. Ametrine stone is integral. It is very effective in solving interpersonal problems. It is mainly used to diagnose the causes of disease. This stone is also believed to have properties such as improving the relationship between partners and protecting the person.

Ametrine Stone

As the name suggests, Ametrine, a personal energy stone, is more associated with the mind and energy. Ametrine; It aids astral travellers, helps develop one’s sixth sense, corrects concentration disorders and stimulates the mind for awareness. In addition, you may notice negativity being removed from an environment with Ametrine. In this respect, the stone is also considered a symbol of positivity and optimism.

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Ametrine Stone Usage Areas

Ametrine Stone

The field of use of Ametrine Stone is very wide. Due to the diversity of options, this stone is accepted among the healer group. Stress, tension, concentration disorder, inability to be alone, depression and anxiety are the most frequently used problems. If the person uses Ametrin on him or in his environment, he slowly gets rid of his complaints. Stress and tension in the environment decrease, and depression and stress levels regress.

Ametrine Stone

Extremely effective on energy, Ametrine helps start work that cannot be found motivation. Emotions and thoughts that hinder the person begin to disappear thanks to this stone. In this respect, Ametrine supports those who want to lose weight or eliminate an addiction.

Meditation and some psychic studies are also among the usage areas of Ametrine stone. Thanks to the stone used during meditation, the positive energy in the environment is released. The stone’s connection with the forehead chakra also helps to realize abilities while engaging in psychic work.

Ametrine Stone Ritual

Ametrine Stone

Precious stones have a place in many countries and different beliefs on the earth. In this respect, it is seen that stones are included in various rituals. Ametrine stone, known for its healing effect, is also a type of stone that can be made for rituals to improve health.

In addition to this stone, you can add blue agate to your ritual to perform a health ritual with Ametrine in a physiological or psychological sense. This ritual can be done just before going to bed at night.

Ametrine Stone

Ametrine and blue agate stones are placed on top of each other on the forehead, where the third eye chakra is located. Then the person closes his eyes and starts to affirm and ask some questions. One of these questions, “What do I need to do to achieve and maintain health?” is in the form.

When Ametrine and blue agate are together, they achieve great harmony. At this point, blue agate gives peace to the person and creates a soothing effect thanks to the energy it spreads. The effect of ametrine stone is more spiritual. Thanks to the energy emitted by this stone, the inner world develops, and spirituality begins to strengthen.

Which Chakra Is Ametrine Compatible With?

Ametrine Stone

There are seven chakras in the human body, which are described as energy centres. Each chakra, which has a place in eastern medicine, is responsible for providing its energy flow. In this respect, Ametrine supports the Forehead Chakra, the third eye.

Some physical and mental disorders are noticed in a person whose Forehead Chakra is not balanced. Headache, lack of concentration, and loss of vision and hearing; are physical disorders due to a problem in this chakra. Mental problems are noticed when the forehead chakra is out of balance; it is difficult to listen to others and accept only their thoughts as absolute truth. By using Ametrine, the forehead chakra is supported, and this chakra is brought back into balance. With the healing in the chakra, the physical and spiritual depressions of the person slowly begin to pass.

Compatible Signs of Ametrine Stone

Ametrine Stone

Taurus, Gemini and Aquarius signs; These are the zodiac groups the ametrine stone belongs to. Therefore, if your Sun or Ascendant sign is one of them, you can benefit from using Ametrine. Ametrine also makes it easier to reach the positive energy and positive thoughts that these people need. This stone can also be used during meditation.

Ametrine Stone Benefits and Harms

Ametrine Stone

Ametrine stone does not have any harm unless there is an allergenic interaction. For this reason, it does not cause any inconvenience if the person carries it on it or is in the environment. The benefits of ametrine stone are suitable for creating long lists. The said benefits; can be handled in three ways: physical, spiritual and mental.

It is possible to list the spiritual benefits of Ametrine as follows. It helps to break prejudices, helps to overcome indecision and contradictions, and Opens the way for good thoughts to be revealed while removing negative thoughts. Ametrine is also a good option for people who procrastinate and can’t find enough motivation to start. Thanks to the existence of this stone, the energy felt increases, creativity is activated, and the person realizes their potential.

Ametrine Stone

The greatest effect of Ametrin, which increases personal energy, on the individual is in the field of thought and mentality. Accordingly, Ametrine Stone prevents mental blurring and gives a clear vision to the person. While the perception of the person increases on the one hand, on the other hand, the problems related to concentration begin to be overcome. As a natural result, the problem-solving ability is revealed, and awareness is reached.

With its physical benefits, Ametrine is a complete source of healing against diseases. Increasing the oxygen in the environment provides more oxygen to the body. Therefore, it helps the body regenerate. In this way, it is seen that there is a decrease in chronic fatigue and stress-like complaints. Another physical benefit of ametrine stone is that it strengthens the immune system. In this respect, it is a natural precaution against flu and similar diseases, especially in winter. This gemstone accelerates the work of metabolism and relieves digestive system problems. These two conditions are the basis of using Ametrine for weight loss.

Ametrine Crystal
  • The benefits of ametrine crystal are innumerable. Because it consists of a combination of citrine and amethyst stone, brand-new benefits emerge. Let’s move on to enumerating the most public benefits of Ametrine.
  • Ametrine Stone, down to the bottom layer of everything, helps reveal the problems’ true cause.
  • It has a very powerful purification feature; it removes toxins and negativities from the body.
  • Cleans the blood, strengthens the immune system,
    Balances DNA/RNA.
  • It is good for chronic fatigue disease.
  • It cures depression, gastric disorders and ulcers, and stress-related ailments.
  • It carries the characteristics of Amethyst and Citrine stones in the same group. They can be used together.
Ametrin Crystal
  • It absorbs the negative energy in the environment and contributes to the reduction of tensions.
  • It strengthens the muscle structure and protects against diseases.
  • Eliminates menstrual (menstrual) irregularities. It is useful for the treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). It is useful against menstrual cramps. It relieves hot flashes, hormone imbalance and fatigue during menstrual periods.
  • It provides relief by relieving physical aches and pains. It treats skeletal system pain.
  • It helps us overcome anxiety and fears.
  • It calms the emotions. It helps to maintain calm in situations of anger.
  • It is relaxing in terms of OCD in children. It is relaxing in terms of hyperactivity in children. It cures the phobia of the dark, especially in children.
Ametrin Crystal
  • Heals night and dark phobias.
  • It reduces the effect of psychological traumas. Alleviates sadness and grief. It increases optimism. It is useful against depression. Gives patience to the death of a loved one.
  • It has a soothing effect on psychological obsessions and obsessive thoughts that disturb the person.
  • It provides effective protection against poisoning. It is considered to be effective against snake venom.
  • It clears the aura and opens it to spiritual life. It allows the aura to surround the entire body as a protective shield.
  • It strengthens the immune system. It helps to eliminate immune system problems. Activates the thymus gland.
  • It helps the nervous system stay healthy or recover.
  • Provides a balance of solar and lunar energy.
Ametrin Crystal
  • It helps in the treatment of venereal diseases. It stimulates sexual power.
  • It eliminates the physical and psychological negative effects caused by adolescence and provides a problem-free transition to the new situation.
  • It is useful against chronic fatigue.
  • It is useful in repairing DNA damage.
  • It is used to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy.
  • It makes the pituitary gland function.
  • It cleans the liver. This increases physical activity in the process. Supports liver health.
Ametrin Crystal
  • It can prevent anorexia. Balances weak bodies. It is also useful for obese people to lose weight.
  • It shields against the energies of negative people. Envy creates a shield against those who are jealous or wanting to break hearts.
  • It keeps the digestive system healthy and helps to heal diseases.
  • It regulates the digestive system. It treats stomach ailments such as indigestion.
  • It is helpful in the treatment of stomach and large intestine (colon) diseases.
  • It is a remedy for nausea, vomiting and morning sickness. It soothes heartburn if kept in the mouth.

Where to Put Ametrine Stone at Home?

Ametrin Crystal

Ametrine is a stone that helps raise the person’s energy and the environment. There is no place for negative energy and thoughts in an environment where Ametrine is present. In this regard, Ametrine can be placed anywhere imaginable in homes and offices. With its yellow and purple colour, ametrine stone can easily be a part of the decoration in the interior. It can also be placed on the work table if desired. If it is desired to be used for sleeping in the bedroom, you should use it so that there is no light under your pillow if possible. Otherwise, the open ametrine crystal may continue to give you the solar energy it has collected until the evening, disturbing your sleep. For those who want to use Ametrine in the bedroom, It is best to put it under the pillow and sleep. If you want to use natural stone in the bedroom when it gets the sun, These stones can be Lapis Lazuli, Howlite, Selenite or Hematite if you want to use them as decorative in the bedroom.

Ametrin Crystal

Where to put the ametrine stone is decided by looking at the person’s lifestyle. Accordingly, if most of the day is spent at home, using the stone more in common areas is recommended. For those who work at a desk and want to increase their work efficiency, the ideal place is on the desk or near a window. Ametrine has a structure that allows the energy between partners to rise. Therefore, people with problems in their bilateral relationship can also benefit by putting this stone in the bedroom.

Ametrine Stone, which can be used as a decorative product, is also an excellent choice for jewellery. Accordingly, Ametrine; can be purchased as a necklace, ring or bracelet and carried on the body. Thanks to its Ametrine colour, which is among the precious stones, it can become a stylish and eye-catching jewel.

Where is Ametrine Stone Sold?

Ametrin Crystal

Since the purpose of this stone is generally related to energy, it is extremely important to reach a real stone to get positive results. Otherwise, even if the stone rests on the person, it will not provide any benefit if it is placed in the most beautiful corner of the house. It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Is Ametrine Stone?

Ametrin Crystal

Discussing a wide price range for Ametrine stone, usually sold with similar chakra stones, is possible. While determining the price of ametrine stone, Many factors are considered, such as colour, size and usage. It can be seen that there is a price difference of up to ten times between Ametrine placed in a crystal water bottle and Ametrine presented in a chakra set. The average price of a small, processed Ametrine stone is $15-20. If the stone is unprocessed and raw, it can also be seen that the price drops significantly.

How to Care and Clean Ametrine?

Ametrin Crystal

The ametrine stone can be cleaned by burying it in the ground, keeping it in water or the sun, as in other quartz group stones. To benefit from the effect of your stone at the maximum level, you can purify your stone at specific intervals. Cleaning the ametrine stone by soaking it in water or keeping it in the sun for one day is very effective.

As you know, Ametrine Stone consists of a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. As we mentioned in our citrine article, citrine is a self-cleaning stone. No cleaning is required. Since this stone contains citrine – depending on the citrine ratio – you do not have to clean it constantly; it will clear its energy over time. This is one of the most amazing features of Ametri! This crystal clears itself where it rests if it has sufficient citrine concentration. You can click to get information about the detailed cleaning of crystals.

Ametrin Crystal

Remember that regular maintenance and cleaning are required to preserve the appearance of gemstones and to take full advantage of the effects of the gemstone. Although self-cleaning, Ametrine is also a stone that needs to be cleaned periodically. However, thanks to the citrine in the stone, the interval of this care can be kept a little longer than other stones. Therefore, the higher the citrine density in Ametrine, the less time is devoted to cleaning the stone.

The ametrine stone can be cleaned in the same way as other stones in the quartz group. Accordingly, some alternative ways can be applied during maintenance and cleaning. The most common alternatives are waiting by burying the stone in the ground, putting it in water, or leaving it in the sunlight.

Interesting Facts About Ametrine Stone

Ametrin Crystal

Ametrine Stone, among the quartz stone group, has some interesting features. At the beginning of these features is the information that Ametrine cannot be classified. Because when it comes to Ametrine, it is not possible to talk about 100% colour accuracy. Again, it can be seen that the stone is classified as traditional—this classification; is wine yellow – purple lilac – honey and lilac – peach colour.

In some beliefs and cultures, Ametrine is called “magical”. The main reason underlying this belief is that the stone has a healing and healing feature. It is known that shamans use this stone for different purposes. During the shamans, the main use of Ametrine was to reconcile the two warring parties. While this side was sometimes a clan, sometimes it was family members.

While mentioning the numerous benefits of using the stone, it is seen that this detail is usually not included. Accordingly, the person using the Ametrine stone may be more wasteful than ever over time. This interesting and opposite aspect of Ametrine Stone points to a different side of balance and harmony.


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