Clean Your Crystals Most Accurately and Make the Most of Them


One of the most common questions asked by anyone starting to use and learn about crystals is “how to clean natural crystals?” Because sensitive people who start actively using crystals in their lives notice the decrease in their energy within a day or two as they use them. Crystal clearing may be more important than you think.

Especially in tiny crystals used as jewelry, energy blockages occur much more quickly. Therefore, in decorative crystals, which are more significant in volume and mass than jewelry, all crystals need to be cleaned and recharged in terms of energy, even if their current power stays for a few more days. Only in this way can they be helpful to you again. The best thing about crystals is that they can be cleaned, recharged, and reused indefinitely for daily use.

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Healing crystals, used only by very sick people, are exposed to very intense negative energy within 1-2 years by the ill person, so it becomes more and more challenging to recharge them with short daily and weekly cleanings. For this reason, they must undergo a long period of cleansing and rest. Crystals used for 1-2 years to treat a severe disease should be buried in the garden for one year and left as such.

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Earth is the closest and largest mass to us. With its gravitational energy, the negative disease energy accumulated in your crystal for years is absorbed and neutralized by the depths of the Earth. After one year, it is removed and used again as renewed and reset.

Cleansing the crystals correctly is the most important thing to keep them working properly and to benefit from their healing effects because natural stones are tools that constantly provide us with their healing energies as long as they vibrate at the frequency at which they were created.


One of the problems with cleaning natural crystals is that their natural frequencies can be refractive. So the crystal you use while healing may begin to vibrate in harmony with the energy released during the healing process instead of its natural frequency. And it’s like a musical instrument that goes out of tune when there is interference.

Why Do Natural Stones Need To Be Cleaned?

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When a natural stone’s natural frequency is out of tune, it cannot oscillate properly. And so it cannot do its job of improvement effectively. In this case, it’s time to clean your crystal. By cleaning them, Instead of trying to turn up the sound of an already out-of-tune natural stone, you bring it back to its natural frequency. This is what happens when you charge stones.

In short, when you do crystal clearing, we ensure that they maintain their natural frequency to do their most influential work. So, when and how often should you clean your natural crystal?


When Should Crystals Be Cleansed?

1-Immediately after you buy it

2-Before and after use for healing

3-When someone else touches it

4-When there are negative energies such as conflict, chaos, intense emotions

5-Regularly for maintenance

Methods of Cleaning Natural Crystals


The purpose of natural crystal clearing is to introduce it to an energy that will vibrate enough. Thus, it stops it from resonating with whatever is causing it to “go out of tune.” But, simultaneously, you want to ensure it doesn’t cause any more interference that will corrupt it again.

1-Clear Your Crystal with the Vocal Toning Method


You may not have heard of this method before, but it is a very effective method for energy cleaning. One of the best options for doing natural crystal clearing is sound. But since this cleaning method is up to you, it is vital to do it right. In cleansing with water or soil, the cleansing of negative energy occurs spontaneously by resonating with the frequencies present in the world. On the other hand, the sound cleaning method is more advanced than cleaning with water or soil. But if you learn and improve yourself by doing the necessary practices, you can clean your crystal with sound frequencies anytime, anywhere.


Crystal clearing with sound is quite logical, considering that both sound and crystal are composed of and affected by frequencies. The difference is the vibration of crystals with pulses of light and sound with sound vibrations.

By using sound to clear your crystal, you don’t have to worry about getting other interference into it as long as you use the right sounds.

Japanese National Writer Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Experiment

water crystals

Perhaps the Japanese scientist Dr. You may have heard of Emoto’s experiments on water. This is a somewhat controversial topic. Other scientists who repeated the investigation did not get the same result. Because Dr. Emoto argued that it is not the “sound frequency” we are talking about, the human consciousness (good will-evil intention) affects the molecular structure of water. But we still think it’s worth looking at the photos of the water molecules he took.

water crystals

Emoto’s hypothesis has evolved over the years. At the beginning of his work, he believed that water was “resonating” with the energy it was subjected to and that contaminated water could be restored through prayer and positive imaging techniques.

Since 1999 Emoto has published several volumes of his work Messages from Water. These studies include his experiments with water and photographs of the crystal structure formed by water as a result of the experiments. Emoto’s ideas are “What Do We Know?” He is also featured in the documentary film.

Sound Frequencies Are Effective!

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According to the laws of physics, we know that sound is physical energy that, when played loud enough, can move molecules in objects. However, when the sound stops, physical objects return to their natural state of vibration.

When we use sound, natural crystals don’t resonate with the sound being played. Because crystals use light vibrations, not sound vibrations. Sound releases energy by moving the molecules in the crystal and returning them to their fundamental resonance frequencies. So how do we do this?

Clearing Natural Crystals with Vocal Toning

bird singing

When cleaning crystals with sound, you should use a natural sound. Do not use natural sounds from cell phones, television, or loudspeakers to do crystal cleaning.

When you leave your crystal in an area where birds sing loudly and waterfalls flow, it is quickly cleaned with these beautiful sounds. The natural sounds clean the negative energy in your crystals by pushing; the sound of a slow flowing river and the water particles hitting your crystal physically make your crystal clean in seconds!

stones in the river

We can’t always be in touch with nature. Our jobs are concentrated in big cities. We cannot leave the towns in the squeezing of a busy life. Don’t forget to take your natural crystals with you when you go on a picnic or camping in nature when you find time from time to time.

So how do you do this if you’re in the city? First, of course, you can also use your voice:

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  1. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath. Let your stomach inflate like a balloon as you inhale.
  2. Imagine something powerful that fills you with a sense of purification (we care about intention here, we strongly recommend it be prayer).
  3. Imagine making a sound representing that cleansing energy as you exhale.

Optionally, place your crystal in front of your mouth. Doing so will allow you to feel the vibrations in the stone. As you do this exercise, you will feel like you want to raise or lower the volume.

Sound is a powerful cleanser when your intentions are good. You can clear all your natural crystals at once when you use your voice. And vocal cleansing only takes a few minutes as long as the volume is loud.

The Best Way to Clear Crystals with Sound


Now, take three deep breaths and as you exhale, remove your thought (prayer). The sounds you make should be soft and beautiful. Your prayers should consist of good wishes that benefit you and those around you. By praying to your Creator, the sole owner of the realms, you can upgrade these beautiful vibrations and ensure that your crystal is cleaned simultaneously. We have fears, anxieties, and things we want to have in the life of this world. Ask for these wishes from the One who created the Universes by praying to the One who made you. In the meantime, let your crystals witness this. You will be killing two birds with one stone. As your sincerity increases in your prayers, you can realize that your wishes are fulfilled, and thus your crystal is cleared.

2-Natural Crystal Clearing Using Other Crystals

moonstone malachite blue agate

Amethyst crystal is another easy way to clear other crystals. Place one or more naturals on a large Amethyst crystal, specifically Geode, and leave overnight. Amethyst will attract negative energy, bringing your crystal back into resonance with its natural frequency.

You Can Also Use Hematite, Citrine, and Carnelian for Crystal Clearing

calcite turquoise

Especially Hematite is a self-cleaning stone with the intense iron it contains. These crystals carry the neutralizing energy of the Earth. Leave the crystal you want to clean overnight in contact with the Hematite, Citrine, or Carnelian.

3-Natural Crystal Cleaning with the Four Pure Element Method

Another method for cleaning natural stones involves presenting them to the four elements.

a) Air

girl blowing

Offer your crystal to nature and pass it through the smoke of burning Incense for a few minutes. Cleaning natural stones with Incense is a viral method. You can’t always come across it, but sometimes there are windy days. Especially on windy solid days, your crystal, which you leave in front of the window or on your balcony, will be cleaned and recharged with the energy of the wind.

b) Water

crystal in water

Leave your crystal for a few hours by placing it in a water bowl or a puddle. Putting the bowl where sunlight comes into contact will be cleaned much faster. You can use the water flowing from your fountain at home.

beautiful girl neutralize with water

It is perfect if you have access to running water in nature. On a small riverbank with your crystals, the negative energies in your body and crystal will be mixed with the water and neutralized within minutes, and you will feel great.

c) Fire

crystal in fire

Quickly run your crystal through a fire, careful not to burn it. You have to repeat this movement over and over. If you leave it for a long time, your crystal may crack from the heat, discolor, and partially burn, and it is a process that you should do carefully. Then, bask in the moonlight during the night or the sun during the day. Placing your natural crystal in the moonlight or sun is often a comfortable method of charging genuine crystals.

Warning: It’s important to remember that some crystals will fade in the sun. When they shrink, the potency of their healing properties also decreases. Therefore, research beforehand whether your crystal is suitable for using the solar method.

d) Soil


With the grounding technique, one of the primary ways of cleaning your crystal, you will protect your crystal from rusting and staining without contacting water. Or, because you do not touch the fire in any way, there is no danger of burning or fading in your crystal. You need to bury your crystal at a depth of 5-10 cm on the top surface of the soil in your garden.

If you do not have a garden, you can do this with a flower pot at home. Drop your crystal into the soil of a large pot with a flower in it. And while your flower is photosynthesizing in the sun, you can eliminate the negative energy in the crystal. In other words, it is also possible to clean your crystal with the help of the photosynthesis power of the plant in your home and the soil.

4-Natural Crystal Cleaning with Salt Water

crystal healing water bottle

Saltwater is exceptionally cleansing and is another simple natural crystal clearing method. However, since salt water is irritating, you should not clean delicate and soft crystals with salt water. You can cleanse hard crystals that have a high Mohs value and do not contain iron with water. So not every crystal is suitable for saltwater cleaning and may damage your crystal.

For example, porous, metal-containing Crystals with water content, such as opal, pyrite, lapis lazuli, and Hematite, may not be suitable for natural crystal clearing with salt. You can click to learn about “Crystals You Shouldn’t Put into Water.

flowing water

Cleaning your crystal with Salt Water is very simple; follow these steps:

– Soak your crystal in salt water between 8-24 hours.

– Then rinse well under clean running water.

– Throw away the salt water.

5-Natural Crystal Cleaning with Incense

incense with crystals

Incense is an ancient energy clearing method involving burning incense sticks and then passing your crystal through the smoke for 20-30 seconds. A weaker cleaning occurs compared to other methods. We recommend clearing crystals filled with excessive negative energy with the abovementioned techniques.

, But for usually used crystals that you will only clean daily, burning Incense removes negative energies from the environment and crystals. Sage, bay leaf, sandalwood, and cedar are the best herbs for natural crystal clearing.

6-Cleaning with Only Thought Energy

Thought Energy

Thoughts are a potent source of energy that can transform emotions and energetic tension and even cleanse natural crystals. But only strong-willed people can do this effectively.

Here, all you have to do is imagine your crystal surrounded by cleansing light. Next, imagine all the negative energy in the crystal being drawn off and neutralized. Repeat this several times. It’s such a simple process if you can!

Program Your Crystal After Cleaning

program crystals

Programming natural stones is a great way to communicate with them. But here, we cannot pass without mentioning a fundamental trick! Remember that the owner of everything in the universe is the Creator of the realms, and when you want something, you should only ask from the owner of Infinite Power and Might! That’s what intelligent people do. Whatever happens in these realms is created only by the omnipotent. It is the highest authority. Therefore, when you seek help from someone or anything (the crystal), know that you are asking for help from the sole owner of the universe. Realize this.

programing your crystal

Other than our Creator, there is no god (no entity or crystal god on Earth or in outer space) who can grant your will! Saying your prayer or just thinking it through will also make no difference because the sole owner of the realms is closer to you than your jugular vein and is all-hearing. He’s already heard of you!

Follow These Steps To Program Your Crystal:

1- Hold the crystal in hand you feel pulled to hold.

2- Focus on your crystal and bring to mind the energy (prayer) you want to program.

3- Make sure that the intention you set is compatible with the healing properties of that crystal and that you only ask for this request from our Creator, who has infinite power.

Crystal quartz is the most suitable crystal that can be programmed for any purpose.


You have learned what you need to know about natural crystal clearing and programming. Now is the time to apply this knowledge and make the most of its healing powers!


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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