Frequently Asked Questions About Healing Crystals

We have compiled the answers to frequently asked questions about healing crystals for you.

Can healing crystals be shared?

Yes, it can be shared, but some situations need attention. A special communication bond is formed between us and the stones we use. This bond gets more potent, and the less it is damaged, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, it is more beneficial to have personal stones in order not to damage this bond. Also, crystals always balance us. They absorb the excessive loads we have accumulated on us. These loads can be both negative and positive. There may be situations that disrupt our energy. Excessive joy can cause us a hysterical state, which can harm us like extreme sadness. That’s why we should clean our stones frequently and give them time to neutralize as well. Suppose we provide the crystal that we use extensively to another person without cleaning it. In that case, the stone’s energy can create negative emotions in that person.

Can crystals be stored together?

Yes, crystals can be stored together. We like to keep them according to their color and chakras. Suppose you put Carnelian, Citrine, Selenite, or Kyanite crystal next to your crystals standing together. In that case, you will have cleaned them all.

Can healing crystals be fake?

It certainly can. That’s why you should buy from vendors you trust. You can use our Etsy or Amazon links. Or it would help if you learned the structural properties of crystals. Knowing the crystallization patterns, light transmittance, and their hardness are the first things to look at and maybe sufficient to determine if the crystal is fake.

Can crystals make you dizzy?

Yes, it can. Not only is there dizziness, but there may be nausea, excessive sensation, and sensitivity. However, these symptoms are, contrary to what was thought, can be indicators of your recovery. You can use Smoky Quartz to avoid side effects.

Are healing crystals expensive?

Crystals are priced according to their quality and can vary greatly. What determines their quality is whether or not they have structural features. As a general feature, the higher the light transmittance, the more valuable a crystal can be considered. Another important criterion in price determination is the availability of the crystal. Of course, the less a crystal is found, the more valuable it is likely to be. We know that the healing of a healing stone is in the minerals and energy frequency it contains, so a very high-quality crystal and an impure crystal do not differ much in terms of healing. The most important thing to remember is that the crystal you need may be a crystal of complex minerals. The price may vary depending on the availability.

Which healing crystals do I need?

Please read our article to choose the most suitable crystal for you.

How to charge and clean crystals?

Although there is no single cleaning method for all crystals, the most common neutralization method is to leave the stone in dry soil or to use another stone such as a carnelian that cleans the crystals. The hardest crystals, such as diamond, topaz, sapphire, and ruby, are the hardest crystals with a hardness of 10-9. The crystals become more durable as they harden. Such stones can be washed both in running water and kept in salty still water. On the other hand, stones with a hardness of 2-4 such as Fluorite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Calcite are not durable, especially if they are not polished, so they can wear out in saltwater and even in running water and release minerals. For this reason, they should be kept away from water and moisture.
Another cleaning method is sunlight/moonlight cleaning, which should be evaluated regardless of the crystals’ hardness. But Amethyst and Citrine Stones should never be left in sunlight. Be sure to follow the directions for using the crystal you use, as cleaning methods vary widely.

What should we pay attention to while using bracelets?

Please read the article we prepared for you.


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