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How Is Natural Crystal Attunement Done?

You can start making friends with your crystal thanks to Crystal Attunement. Natural Crystals are one of the best aids to use in spiritual and metaphysical work. However, there’s more to it than picking a Natural Crystal and getting started! When you connect with Natural Crystals, you can achieve much better results from your work. In other words, you need to allow it to harmonize with your energy. This way, its influence will be stronger than any other Crystal you have not connected with. Imagine; Natural Crystals work by raising your vibration and energy. And it makes sense that a...


Science and sources of healing crystals

We want you to start here. The most curious thing about healing crystals is undoubtedly whether their healing powers are scientifically proven. Is there a science to healing crystals, or is it just a placebo effect? The next question is, how do we know which crystal is good for what? And are healing crystals alive? This article compiles the answers and invites you to look at crystals with a completely different eye. Discover the science of crystals. Do healing crystals work? For this question, where you are looking is vital to find the correct answer. First of all, you need...