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We want you to start here. The most curious thing about healing crystals is undoubtedly whether their healing powers are scientifically proven. Is there a science to healing crystals, or is it just a placebo effect? The next question is, how do we know which crystal is good for what? And are healing crystals alive? This article compiles the answers and invites you to look at crystals with a completely different eye. Discover the science of crystals.

Do healing crystals work?

For this question, where you are looking is vital to find the correct answer. First of all, you need to know what the disease is and how it is treated. What we call illness is considered the reactions of our body, but these are actually symptoms. The condition is the real problem underlying all these symptoms.

Imagine you are on a steamboat; you are the captain in the wheelhouse. You have to consider the warnings from the crew to prevent the ship from sinking. What do you do when they tell you that there is a problem in the boiler room, the boiler is getting too hot, and the pressure is increasing? It would be wise to decide whether to reduce energy production, slow the ship down, and save energy. On the other hand, it is also a choice to turn off these problems conveyed to you by pressing a button. But this preference causes the boiler to become hotter and explode, which can create a huge hole in the ship.


Like in the ship, a problem in our body sends signals in various ways to our brain. If the symptoms such as fever, Shock, pain, and dizziness are eradicated without knowing their cause, the real problem grows quietly. That’s why doctors give you your medications after they have diagnosed you. The misdiagnosis results in just like in the ship; the real problem is may not understand until it explodes.

Healing crystals do not cure you directly like drugs.

Yes, they stop your symptoms. But the symptoms are blocked by the brain when your brain detects the problem. Crystals’ frequencies help the brain analyze the situation and discover the real underlying reasons for the problem. We know the frequencies are scientific, right? Every object has a frequency; the rhythm of a healthy body is different from that of a sick body. When the appropriate frequencies provide, healing will occur, just like we set the frequency to listen to the radio broadcast.


Don’t psychologists and psychiatrists admit that crystals calm people reduce stress levels, and can be used for therapy? Here is scientific evidence for us! Almost all illnesses are caused by stress, and what we most need during treatment is to stay calm and heal ourselves.

So how do we know which crystal is good for what?

Of course, we have to look at our past. As children, we eat what our parents eat; in the same way, we should use the ancient knowledge created by our ancestors by using the trial and error method.

Ancient Knowledge

Right now, science can clearly explain how it rains, how we digest food, the gravitational constant, or how harmful bacteria make us sick. But how many of the foods we eat today have been scientifically studied? A few of them, for sure! How do we distinguish between healthy food and toxic food? Yes, we detect the poison with the devices we have developed, but thousands of years ago, the only source of our information for survival was people who lived on earth before us.

Take the example of bacteria: Before the microscope’s invention, the illness’s cause was unknown. Imagine you live in the Middle Ages and go out you say: There are tiny microorganisms! Since living things are small, humans cannot see very, very small creatures. These harmful organisms can make you sick! If you said that, people would think you are crazy. Yes, when people were dying of epidemics, no one could explain it and stop that!

We cannot say precisely how long it will take for the healing crystals’ facts to come to light. Our goal is not to prevent you from taking medication! We aim to change your perspective on life by using the ancient knowledge of our self-healing ancestors. Do crystals work? When you look at it from here, you will witness how useful healing crystals are.

Are healing crystals alive?

Stop, don’t go anywhere right now. You guessed a 6-year-old child asked this question. No, asked this question by an adult patient who recovered with crystals, and he had a genius. But the header question still sounds ridiculous. No, it’s not silly at all. This question will start to make sense as you continue to read.

How Does Today’s Science Define Liveness?

Biological Liveness Description: There is no clear definition and limit to life. However, one can talk about the common features of all living things discovered today. There are common features to all organisms, from bacteria to humans, with some exceptions, and distinguish living things from non-living things. Common features: Cellular structure, Nutrition, Respiration, ATP production, Organization, Response to environmental warnings, Adaptation, Metabolism, Movement, Reproductive, Excretion, Growth, Inner balance, and Protein Synthesis.

Observing a few of the listed features in an entity is not enough to classify it as living or non-living. For example, a car moves (movement), use gasoline (fed) and converts chemical energy into motion energy (breathing), and discharges waste materials into the external environment (excretion). On the other hand, a seed appears dead.

As the Science of biology says, there is no exact definition of liveness, and there are only some common features observed by humans. What about physical laws that we have not yet discovered or Common Properties that we cannot observe?

Nikola Tesla had noticed the power of crystals.

The science of crystals will be better understood every day. We are not the only ones who say that crystals can have science. In our opinion, one of the leaders of crystal science, Nikola Tesla, look what he says:



“If you want to find the universe’s secrets, you must think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.”

“In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

Nikola Tesla is a genius, and one of the greatest scientists ever lived in the world who gifted the electricity we use in our lives to humanity. His discoveries led to the invention of almost all the electrical appliances we use in our homes.

One hundred years ago, after discovering wireless electricity, he aimed to distribute unlimited and free electricity to the whole world with the Tesla tower he invented, inspired by the Egyptian pyramids. But conditions were not suitable for this. He seems way ahead of ordinary people in understanding things undiscovered, right?

In short, it would indeed be unfair to crystals to limit the meaning of the word “aliveness” only to the explanation of today’s biology. As Nikola Tesla said, crystals somehow possess aliveness. If we want to develop a much more comprehensive definition and understanding of the concept of aliveness, it would be more appropriate to consider the answer together with vibration, frequency, and energy issues, as Tesla said. We have to seek the exact definition in the development of ‘Quantum Physics.’ Keep browsing our blog to continue exploring the science of crystals.

Let’s listen to what our ancestors said until science confirms it. Please read the article we prepared to choose the most suitable crystal for you.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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