How to Use Root Chakra Stones

The root chakra is also known as the base chakra. If there is a problem in the root chakra, you feel insecure. With stones for root chakra, it will be easier to solve this problem. Root Chakra is the first in the body’s primary energy system at the base of your spine. It governs the connection between our energy system and the physical world and forms the basis of the entire energy system in the body. Therefore, other chakras are negatively affected when the root chakra is out of balance.

The root chakra is the densest and vibrates at the slowest frequency. The earth element is associated with the colours red and black. This article has compiled some of the most effective root chakra stones to help you while doing root chakra balancing exercises!

Where is the Root Chakra?

root chakra

The root chakra, also known as Muladhara, is one of the body’s most important energy centres at the spine’s base. This chakra is associated with the earth element, which is directly linked to the ability to go deep in life and feel rooted.

Root chakra; relates to your fundamental issues, such as your sense of security, meeting your basic needs, family relationships, and how you feel at home in your body and on this planet.

When the root chakra is clogged, weight gain, loss, depression, anxiety and worry, constipation, and pelvic pain can be seen. If there is a mismatch, you may quickly jump from one thing to the next. This can cause fatigue, anxiety, and stress. On the other hand, its imbalance; can also cause numbness, a feeling of being stuck and unable to move.

If you are wondering where the root chakra is located, Located in the perineum, and extends along the feet and legs.

How to Open the Root Chakra?

root chakra open

When the root chakra is aligned, you can use its graceful determination to support calm and stable energy.

Even if another chakra is out of balance, you must align the root chakra first. Then you can build on it. You cannot make a wall without a frame. So, how to open the root chakra?

The most important thing to do is to set an intention first, to place it in your root chakra. Then, let it begin to heal and be brave enough to face the emotions.

Metal has a grounding property that keeps your energy flowing again. Rub a metal spoon under your feet up to your heels. You can activate this new energy to align your root chakra.

Another and the best thing you can do to align the root chakra is to use root chakra stones. It can be helpful to wear the suitable stone around your neck or to have it around you while meditating. Black, red or green stones like onyx are great because these colours express root chakra energy.

Root Chakra Stones

Some natural stones are one of the most effective tools in bringing the root chakra into balance for optimal functioning. Here are the best root chakra stones to achieve this…

Hematite Stones for Root Chakra

Hematite is a root chakra stone that provides grounding energy and inspires a deep connection with the earth. It helps us reduce stress and anxiety by neutralizing negative energy.

It gives us a boost of personal strength, vitality and confidence that helps us move forward in life. It can even allow us to access more financial opportunities. This stone is also known to detoxify the blood and liver and improve circulation in the body.

Wearing a hematite bracelet will be helpful to keep it close to your body!

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Red Jasper Stones for Root Chakra

red jasper
Red Jasper

Jasper provides a steady, grounding energy that offers us stability and emotional balance. It helps us feel secure and determined by balancing the root chakra. It is also known as the “stone of stamina” as it is one of the best crystals for physical strength, vitality and stamina.

Red Jasper can help us feel determined and have the personal strength to focus and achieve our goals. It also develops our passion for life and our dreams.

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Smoky Quartz Stones for Root Chakra

Smoky quartz is a power stone that helps us let go of things that don’t serve us so we can move forward.

It provides grounding protection and releases negative energies to the ground to be neutralized. Therefore, it is a very effective stone in protecting us from emotional stress and psychic attacks.

This root chakra stone is also known as a luck stone that attracts wealth and helps us complete long-term goals. Its uplifting energy reduces painful memories and optimizes our adrenal glands.

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Bloodstone for Root Chakra

Bloodstone is a stone that resonates not only with the root chakra but also with the heart chakra. Therefore, it provides physical and emotional strength by aligning the chakras with the heart chakra.

This stone is about vitality and rebirth. It helps us grow and access our power. However, it allows us to experience new perceptions that lead to growth and new beginnings.

Wearing a bloodstone bracelet or necklace, our self-esteem, passion, and courage will likely improve our overall health.

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Black Tourmaline Stones for Root Chakra

tourmaline black
Black Tourmaline

This stone is a highly protective stone that provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual protection. It is considered one of the best root chakra stones for its grounding energy and ability to increase our vitality, strength and security.

Black tourmaline; transforms negative energy into positive energy and aligns the chakras. It reduces fears, phobias and panic attacks and strengthens us in difficult situations. You will enjoy the confidence, physical stamina and clarity it provides. It also supports the body by detoxing.

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Garnet Stones for Root Chakra

Garnet is among the most popular natural stones for strength and vitality. It is often called the “stone of health” because it is refreshing and regenerating.

This stone’s deep and stable energy, which provides protection, balance and creativity, instils hope, confidence and courage in its wearer. Garnet transforms negative energy into a positive state. It also helps us stop unhealthy behaviours and achieve emotional balance.

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Jasper Stones for Root Chakra

Jasper is another grounding stone that helps us experience stability and protection from danger. Its slow and steady energy is very comforting and supportive.

Establishing a deeper connection with the world allows us to be more productive and organized and act diligently to achieve our goals. It is a root chakra stone that enhances our manifestation abilities by connecting our higher vibrations to the earth.

Jasper also allows us to experience emotional and physical balance by transforming negative energy into positive energy. It enhances vision and is even said to improve the digestive system.

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Black Onyx Stones for Root Chakra

Black onyx is a personal power stone that helps us access new perceptions and insights about ourselves. This makes it one of the ideal stones for self-discovery and self-transformation.

Using it as a root chakra stone makes it easier to overcome our fears, manage our stress, and understand ourselves. We can find a way out of self-doubt and feel more comfortable removing our masks.

The energy of black onyx balances and centres. It protects us from negative people and negative energies. Inspires spiritual awakenings and helps us make better decisions

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Red Tiger Eye Stones for Root Chakra

Red Tiger Eye
Red Tiger Eye

The red tiger eye stone is one of the best root chakra stones for many reasons. It is also known as the “survival stone”. It increases our emotional and physical strength by balancing all aspects of the self.

Its energy is soothing yet stimulating. At the same time, it gathers its user and connects them to the higher self. It also encourages success while remaining calm. It motivates us, inspires us, and helps us access confidence and creativity to take on new ideas.

Physically, It can improve blood flow, reduce anaemia, speed up metabolism and provide an improved sex drive. Some positive changes that can come into our lives with this stone include self-love, well-being, and a deeper connection with our partner and lover.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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