Onyx Crystals Strengthen Your Health From The Root

Onyx Crystal is a brilliant stone, often found in shades of black and brown. The species with the red stripe is called Sardonyx.

What is Onyx?

Onyx Crystals Strengthen

Onyx Crystal is a unique name given to the veined agate Crystal. Since it is in the semi-precious crystal group, it is generally used in the production of accessories. Onyx Crystal, which can occur in different colors, is one of the most widely used natural stones. The pure black state of the Crystal is less than the colored one. A Banded Crystal, Onyx, is also called a Health Crystal.

What Does Onyx Crystal Mean?

Onyx Crystals Strengthen Black

Onyx is precious as it is an energy-transforming Crystal. It provides benefits in many areas, both materially and spiritually. While making life easier, it reduces restlessness and eliminates the harmful effects of stress. The meaning of Onyx in the Assyrian language is a ring or ring-shaped ring. Onyx Crystal is defined as a translucent marble-like crystal.

Onyx Crystal Formation

Onyx Crystals formation

The Onyx Crystal, which exists spontaneously in nature, has lived together with natural events that occurred millions of years ago. It is finalized due to the reaction of rocks, minerals, and other components. However, since the formation process is long, the available resources are limited. Therefore, Onyx Crystal, which has undergone a combustion reaction along with hot and cold responses, is found next to various rocks.

The Onyx Crystal, which can remove negative energies, gained this feature during its formation process. Due to its formation underground, it has been exposed to magnetic effects and has become able to change power. It has been used for various purposes since its discovery and has been popular recently.

Where to Find Onyx Crystal?

Onyx Crystals Strengthen Purple

Onyx Crystal, which can be found worldwide and is standard, can also be extracted from countries such as India, Egypt, and China. In addition, it has large reserves in Mexico, Italy, Germany, and Madagascar. Since it is traded with other countries, Onyx Crystal can be found in almost every country.

However, Onyx is not found among the genuine Crystals extracted from these rocks. Onyx stones in the country are genuine stones imported from other countries. However, since it is a famous stone, it can encounter imitations. In this regard, it is helpful to be careful when buying the Crystal.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Onyx?

Black Buying Onyx

Natural Crystals are responsible for balancing people’s energy and maintaining the balance of nature. Therefore, Onyx stones to be taken and should be loved and used regularly. Although it is effective even in the first use, it gives many miracles in regular use. It should be noted that the accessory or ornament can be used at all times and that the user genuinely appreciates the purchased product.

Colorful Onyx

Imitation stones are widely available in the market. Imitations of Onyx Crystal are also sold, as it is among the most sought-after stones. In this respect, the shopping address should be chosen carefully, and precautions should be taken against fraud. It is necessary to avoid buying stones that do not have a certificate of authenticity. In addition, not buying stones much lower or higher than average prices prevents material and moral damage.

Gray Onyx

It is also important why the Onyx Crystal is taken and by whom it will be used. Only one person should touch the Onyx Crystal, even if it is used as an ornament. In particular, it is necessary not to use the accessories in common but to be specific to the individual only. Energy cleaning should be done if the Crystal belonging to the person has been used by someone else or if someone else has touched the stone. Energy clearing should also be done before the first use of the Crystal.

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How to Tell if Onyx is Real or Fake?

Egg Onyx

Its unique features make Onyx Crystal quickly distinguished from other natural Crystals. It is usually in black tones and has gray-white stripes on it. However, some Onyx Crystals are available in shades of green, white, yellow, and brown. Therefore, simply looking at the colors of the Crystal and checking for banding helps distinguish it from fakes.

Egg Onyx color

For those who will buy an Onyx Crystal for the first time, it is recommended to try some practices to see if the Crystal is fake or not. Chief among these practices is breaking a small part of the Onyx Crystal. If the inner and outer colors of the broken Crystal are the same, it is understood that it is natural. However, if Crystal’s interior and exterior colors are entirely different, it is considered an imitation Crystal.

Egg Onyx

Another test that shows the authenticity of the Onyx Crystal is the burning of the Crystal. Since it is a fire-resistant Crystal, the Onyx Crystal does not burn. However, if peeling, melting of the Crystal, or similar chemical changes are observed on the outer surface, the Crystal is inaccurate. Suppose it is impossible to distinguish whether it is accurate or fake despite all the methods that have been tried. In that case, a definitive conclusion can be reached by getting help from the laboratories of the universities.

What are Onyx Crystal Properties and Effects?

Onyx pendant

The value of Onyx Crystal is seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Since it is a Veined Agate Crystal, it has the characteristics of an Agate Crystal, but there are also some differences. The color of the veins in the Crystal of the Sardonyx species is red. In other stones, the stripes are in white and gray tones. It is one of the quartz group’s natural stones with a crystal system.

Black Onyx Pendant

The most acute effects of Onyx Crystal, which has an opaque appearance but shines like glass, are on energy. Therefore, it can be used in bioenergy studies. In addition to removing negative energies from the environment, it also reduces the amount of negative energy on the person. Thus, it makes you feel more energetic, lively, healthy, comfortable, and happy. With regular use, its effects show better.

Another effect of Onyx Crystal is physical diseases. It is called the Health Crystal because it prevents the formation of many diseases or accelerates the treatment of existing conditions. It acts as a natural pain reliever and relieves existing pain. It is especially effective in reducing headaches caused by stress.

What are the Uses of Onyx Crystal?

Green Onyx

Onyx Crystal is generally preferred as an accessory or ornament, but it has a structure suitable for use in many areas. It is used in daily life according to individual needs. Besides, it helps to get a better benefit from meditation and rituals. Onyx Crystal can be preferred in areas where the focus is felt, thanks to its relaxation of the body and calming of the mind.

Brown Onyx

As a Health Crystal, Onyx Crystal is found in alternative medicine. It is effective in foot diseases, weight problems, mental diseases, and chronic diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes. Since it is a natural stone used in all age groups, its therapeutic properties can be easily manipulated. However, it should not be used randomly because it can be used without consulting doctors, as it may be problematic for health.

Black Stone Raw

Onyx Crystal, which creates severe psychological relief, is suitable for participating in various therapies. Since it makes the individual feel comfortable, it allows the psychological problems to be transferred better, and thus the issues can be solved in a short time. Furthermore, increasing self-confidence enables the person to hold on to living better. This way, it is possible to think more positively and enjoy life.

How is the Onyx Crystal Ritual?

Raw Black

Onyx, called the Crystal of Separation, is suitable for many rituals. Since it regulates the energy flow of the environment, it allows each pattern to be completed in a better way. However, it makes its impact felt, especially in rituals related to love life. Onyx can be included in traditions on themes such as forgetting past loves, finding a soul mate, and preserving and beautifying existing relationships.

When performing a ritual with the Onyx, the Crystal must touch the body or be positioned close to the person. In this way, negative energies in the individual are transferred more quickly. During the ritual, distractions should be avoided to focus and think positively. It can be helped by dim light, scented candles, incense, and other compatible natural stones.

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Which Chakra Is Onyx Compatible For?

Pendant black stone

Chakras can open and close depending on the energy of the person. If there is too much negative energy in the body, at least one of the chakras will work poorly and cause problems in the related areas. In this regard, using the Onyx helps the chakras to work better. The Onyx harmonizes with the root chakra primarily since it affects the root chakra work.

Bracelet black onyx

The root chakra represents the red lines one accepts throughout life. While giving a reason to cling to life increases self-confidence and enables the individual to stand on his own feet. The root chakra, which works better with the Onyx Crystal, strengthens the individual spiritually by making them feel rooted. It ensures that independence can be regained and the reasons needed to hold on to life can be remembered.

Where to Put Onyx Crystal at Home?

Rough black stone

The Onyx can be placed in any desired area of ​​the home. However, not putting it in the bathroom in this area prevents the Crystal from being damaged by moisture. If it is placed in houses with children or animals, unwanted accidents are prevented. In addition, if a visible area is preferred, the energy flow will be better, and the effects of the Crystal will be felt more clearly. Different room selections can be made depending on why the Crystal is used.

brown onyx stone

Even if it is used privately, the Onyx does not only affect a room but the entire house. In this regard, having only one Onyx Crystal in a home is sufficient. It can be placed in an individual’s bedroom if used for personal problems. It can be hidden under the pillow for better energy throughout the night or sleep without removing the accessories. To solve the issues between spouses, it will be more effective to hide it under the pillow or keep it in the bedroom.

Black Ring

The Onyx should be placed in a more visible and heavily used area if it affects the whole house. For this, lounges, living rooms, or kitchens where family time is spent can be preferred. Increasing the intimacy of the family, Onyx increases the abundance and fertility of the house when placed on the kitchen shelves. In addition, it can be observed that it benefits various fields by changing its location from time to time.

Where to Buy Onyx Crystal?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Onyx Crystal Cost?

Onyx bracelet black bright

Although many criteria determine the price of Onyx Crystal, the most important ones are the size and color of the Crystal. Depending on the size of the Crystal, its prices increase directly. Also, because the completely black and veinless Onyx Crystal is rarer, it becomes a bit more expensive than other stones. However, since it is considered a semi-precious stone with no jewelry, it is possible to reach models suitable for every budget. In this respect, it is not a hard-to-reach and budget-busting natural stone.

How to Care and Clean Onyx Crystal?

man Black Stone

The Onyx Crystal used will begin to lose its effect over time. This is an indication that it is time to care for Crystal. All the maintenance methods used in natural stones can also be used for Onyx Crystal. Practices such as burying it in the ground, keeping it under the sun, and leaving it in running water ensure that the Onyx Crystal is purified from negative energies. Thus, the Crystal can work as well as before and show its effects.

Black Stone bracelet man

Other maintenance methods for the Onyx Crystal include burning incense. Incenses allow the Crystal to rest and regain itself, as it removes the negative energy in the environment. You can also get help from other natural stones and candles that substantially affect you. In the meantime, care should be taken not to interact with the Crystalline chemical substances and to contact only water. You can click if you want to learn about the cleaning of crystals in detail.

Exciting Facts About Onyx Crystal

Pendant Black Onyx Crystal

The Onyx, used since ancient times, is also known as the separation Crystal. This is because there is a belief that the Crystal is unlucky. Since it was thought to separate friends and lovers, they stayed away from the stone for a long time, and the stone was avoided whenever possible. However, after observing its effects in alternative medicine and bioenergy studies, the use of Crystalline continued. It maintains its place among the natural stones that support its popularity today.

Black Onyx Crystal Ring Woman

Black Onyx is a remarkable natural stone with a noble appearance and deep meaning. You can also remind yourself or your loved ones that there are different meanings behind the appearance by buying Onyx (Heart) Natural Stone Mass.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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