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Natural Stone Necklaces with a Protective Effect

What are the Benefits of Using Natural Stone Necklaces? Natural Stone Necklaces are made of one hundred percent natural stones with silver and can be produced from any natural stone desired. As we mentioned in our other articles, the fact that a silver frame surrounds your necklace increases your benefit from the natural stone. It should be noted that the silver used does not completely cover your natural stone. Silver’s natural structure and healing properties are the subjects of a separate article, but you should know the effect of silver on natural stone necklaces. Thanks to these features, they carry...


How should we use healing crystal bracelets?

Among the most curious about healing stones, “How can we use crystals more effectively?” and “How should we use the healing crystal bracelets?” questions are included. The more we are closer to the crystals, the more effective they are, but proximity is a relative concept and can vary according to a person’s power of focus. We want to say that the interaction’s strength primarily determines the strength of the connection we establish with the crystal. Second, placing the crystal in the chakra area where it works most effectively strengthens the interaction. The palm chakra is located from the fingertips to...