What Are Birthstones by Month?

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Natural stones, what makes them so valuable? What Are Birthstones by Month? We know they are beautiful, rare and durable. And altogether, they make up nature in its most precious form. However, their value is certainly not limited to this. Natural stones; can be used for many other things, such as healing, mysticism, purification, energy and friendship. And if you choose to use them as birthstones, you can benefit from the positive energy they crystallize!

For centuries, people have used different natural stones to treat diseases, send subliminal messages, see things from a different perspective, and even prevent drunkenness. Aside from their good looks, natural stones, especially birthstones, have always held a special meaning for those who wear them.

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In this article, we examine not natural stones according to the zodiac but natural rocks according to the month in which most of your zodiac sign is located. With these crystals, people can adapt more comfortably. For example, someone with a Gemini zodiac sign may be born in May, but the appropriate stone has been chosen for someone born in mid-June. In addition, all types of crystals can be used by all sign people as they wish and can benefit. Because the main thing in crystal selection is to find the solution to physical ailments, and this solution is to find the appropriate stone for that disease.

We have listed the birthstones traditionally associated with the months of the year and a few alternative birth Crystals.

What are January Birthstones?

January Birthstones

Sign: Capricorn
Birth Crystal: Garnet
Alternative Crystal: Rose Quartz


The Garnet Crystal has always been the birth Crystal associated with January. Usually having a deep red colour, garnet can come in almost any colour of the rainbow.

Garnet Crystal symbolizes passion, light, and truth due to its magnificent red colour. The Chinese believed it cleared energy blockages and improved mental functioning. This stone was traditionally given to travelers to ensure their safe return.

Garnet Crystal rings are the perfect way to crystallize Crystal’s depths daily. If you were born in January, you could remember your strengths, passions and needs by wearing a garnet ring. Every time you look at your hand, you will have a powerful reminder of deep love from within.

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What is February Birthstones?

February Birthstones

Sign: Aquarius
Birth Crystal: Amethyst Crystal
Alternative Crystal: Amber

The Amethyst Crystal is known as the February birth Crystal. This stone is a powerful crystalline quartz crystal with a gorgeous light purple colour. In Rome and Ancient Greece, it was believed to protect against poisoning and help clear toxins from the body. Today, it is still thought to clear negative energy in the body and reduce stress.

A dainty Amethyst Crystal pendant can remind you of your love to bloom and be fertile.

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What is March Birthstones?

March Birthstones

Sign: Pisces
Birth Crystal: Aquamarine Crystal
Alternative Crystal: Jade Crystal

The aquamarine Crystal, which meets the blue to green tones of the calmest waters, has been known as the March birth Crystal for years.

As the name suggests, the aquamarine Crystal is associated with water and the sea. Traditionally, it was used to protect anyone traveling by water. However, many healers believe it can reduce stress and increase inner peace.

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What is April Birthstones?

April Birthstones

Sign: Aries
Birth Crystal: Diamond
Alternative Crystal: Crystal Quartz


Those born in April have long been considered lucky. The April Birth Crystal was often used in ancient Greece to symbolize purity, perfection, courage and indestructibility.

Diamond is one of the hardest gemstones. And it is still the favorite natural stone for all kinds of jewelry. Diamonds are usually straightforward, and the most expensive ones are entirely colorless. However, sometimes it can be yellow, brown, black and many other colors.

A diamond as a Birth Crystal would be the perfect gift if you’ve been through a difficult time recently or need to remember your strength!

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What is May Birthstones?

May Birthstones

Sign: Taurus
Birth Crystal: Emerald
Alternative Crystal: Chrysopas


Emerald has long been associated with love and fertility. It is also one of Cleopatra’s favourite gemstones. It is also among the stones that raise feminine energy.

In ancient Rome, the emerald was associated with Venus, the goddess of love. Other legends also reveal that those wearing emeralds believed they would be protected from magic and the evil eye. Emerald is still associated with love today. It also brings good luck, youth and vitality.

As a May birth Crystal, emerald is excellent for those born in May and those who need to remember their power.

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What is June Birthstones?

June Birthstones

Sign: Gemini
Birth Crystal: Pearl
Alternative Crystal: Moonstone


Pearl comes in a fascinating array of hues. While the most common pearls are white or cream, They can be in many shades of pink, grey and even black. Sounds intriguing.

Because of its wealth and value, the pearl has long been associated with royalty. However, it is also associated with purity, truth and fidelity, all essential qualities in any king or queen.

When you wear a pearl, you remember how special, unique and valuable you are.

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What is July Birthstones?

July Birthstones

Sign: Cancer
Birth Crystal: Ruby
Alternative Crystal: Carnelian Crystal


Like garnet, the January birth Crystal is sometimes called the king of natural stones. Ruby ​​has long expressed passion. It is also said to affect blood flow throughout the heart and body. The Chinese also used ruby ​​for decision-making and positive family relationships.

As the July birth Crystal, the ruby ​​invokes entrepreneurial spirits. This Crystal is said to help those in business achieve great success! Yet, it is also still associated with love and passion.

Genuine ruby ​​makes you strong enough to withstand everything you do throughout the day. As such, it can be a thoughtful gift for a friend born in July who needs some encouragement.

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What is August Birthstones?

August Birthstones

Sign: Leo
Birth Crystal: Peridot Crystal
Alternative Crystal: Spinel


Peridot has been used as the August birth Crystal for centuries. It is often associated with prosperity and wealth, at least as much as emerald. However, this gemstone is lighter in colour than emeralds and is also said to bring feelings of peace and acceptance rather than anger and stress in relationships. Its wearer can express himself better with peridot while at the same time fending off evil.

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What is September Birthstones?

September Birthstones

Sign: Virgo
Birth Crystal: Blue Sapphire
Alternative Crystal: Lapis Lazuli


Thousands of years ago, the September birth Crystal, the deep blue sapphire, was thought to ward off evil and symbolize wisdom. Today, the depth of its colour still reflects its meditative qualities.

Blue sapphire is thought to bring peace, positive attitudes and creativity. It is also said to reduce pain. So when you buy it as a gift for your loved ones, it will make them feel how special they are!

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What is October Birthstones?

October Birthstones

Sign: Libra
Birth Crystal: Opal Crystal
Alternative Crystal: Pink Tourmaline


While the Opal Crystal is traditionally the October birth Crystal, the pink tourmaline Crystal has also surpassed opal in popularity in modern times.

Tourmaline can come in many colours, including blue, yellow, and red. However, the most common colour is pink. Ancient Egypt believed this Crystal gets its colour as it passes through the rainbow and comes from the earth’s center.

Instead of using it against black magic, many now associate tourmaline with love and compassion. It is also said to increase happiness and well-being.

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What is November Birthstones?

November Birthstones

Sign: Scorpio
Birth Crystal: Topaz Crystal
Alternative Crystal: Citrine Crystal


The November birth Crystal choice may be more traditionally topaz or citrine. However, citrine is more durable as it is shatter-resistant and a medium-hard stone. The colour of the Citrine Crystal ranges from yellow to orange and brown, and it is known for healing, health and vitality.

The Citrine Crystal can be gifted to your loved ones as a November birth Crystal, a perfect way to remind yourself daily. For example, if you gave birth to your child in November, you could place a Citrine Natural Stone Tree of Life in your baby’s room to remind you of the mother’s love that you will always have in your heart.

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What is December Birthstones?

December Birthstones

Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Crystal: Tanzanite
Alternative Crystal: Blue topaz


Many different stones have been described as December birth Crystals from ancient times. But what they all had in common was that it was blue. Blue topaz is a modern option believed to be good for healing and protection. Ancient Egypt, Rome, and even South American tribes also revered this stone. Today, honesty is associated with deep commitment and long-term romance in relationships.

Although many people once used birthstones as amulets to ward off evil and heal the sick, these 12 natural and precious stones can still provide you with strength, happiness, peace of mind, and relieve stress. They can also remind you of your self-confidence. But, most importantly, it can also symbolize your love for your family. Thanks to their birthstones and endless meanings, each is incredibly symbolic and makes a precious gift option.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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