Which Crystals Good for Hypertension?

Do you want to lower your blood pressure naturally? Conventional treatments for the blood pressure problem can improve symptoms. But do they address the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, and disorder? In addition to changing your diet and starting to exercise, blood pressure-lowering stones have historically been used in alternative healing methods.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is higher than it should be. This causes the heart to work harder than usual to circulate blood through the blood vessels.

Hypertension; It can cause many problems, such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney failure. To stay healthy, one should try to keep blood pressure below 14090. 12080 is considered optimal.


Your arteries carry blood away from your heart and distribute it throughout your body. This blood passing through the routes puts pressure on the walls of the streets. Blood pressure measures how hard the blood is pushing against the artery walls. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can also play a significant role in managing high blood pressure.

Crystalss are suitable for high blood pressure; They can help you keep it organized and under control and address the underlying causes of anxiety, stress, and worry. However, we do not recommend that you replace the medications recommended by your doctor with these. It is okay to use it together, though! Here are 12 natural stones that are good for high blood pressure:

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is one of the best healing stones for regulating high blood pressure. It has cooling, blood pressure lowering, and pain relief effects. Moreover, it helps to harmonize brain functions, calms the nerves, and provides relaxation. Amethyst also has the advantage of being a potent and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.

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As you can understand from its name, it is one of the best options among the stones that are good for high blood pressure. It is beneficial for cleaning and purifying the blood and circulatory system. It helps regulate blood circulation and maintain optimum pressure. It also supports overall health and wellness.

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Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline

It helps to balance blood pressure, increase physical vitality and strengthen your nervous system. It is also a protective and grounding Natural Crystal that helps eliminate stress and negativity.

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Charoite Crystal


It is one of the Crystals that lowers blood pressure. It regulates your blood pressure and harmonizes your heart rate. It provides the energy you need when you are tired. It can help you have a more relaxed attitude by reducing stress and anxiety. It also enables you to identify the source of your discomfort. Thus, you can treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

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Chrysocolla Crystal

It has an energetic ability to lower blood pressure and strengthen weak blood vessels. It re-energizes all your energy systems. This stone, which symbolizes peace, compassion, and forgiveness, Helps calm and soothe emotional stress, nerves, anxiety, and depression.

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Green Aventurine Crystal

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone suitable for high blood pressure; it relaxes, harmonizes, and protects the heart. It is also recommended for working on unresolved emotional issues, as it has a particularly soothing energy. In addition, you can use it to release negativity, energy blockages, and illness and to help the body regenerate.

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Labradorite Crystal

This beautiful stone reduces stress and anxiety while lowering blood pressure. It also stimulates your circulation and reduces sensitivity to cold. It offers strength and unity that helps you recognize the differences in your energies and body.

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Lapis Lazuli Crystal

It is a stone that improves heart rhythm and increases circulation. It also reduces vertigo and lowers blood pressure. This extraordinary Crystal with life-changing properties helps clear toxins from your blood vessels. It is a good stone for healing as it helps reach the discomfort’s root cause.

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Kyanite Crystal


Besides being a good stone for high blood pressure, kyanite is a natural pain reliever and energetically aids healing. In addition, it lowers blood pressure and helps heal infections.

It balances yin-yang energy, removes confusion, anger, frustration, and stress, and clears blockages. Black Kyanite grounds the body, clears clogged chakras and restores the energy flow in your meridian system.

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Malachite Crystal

With its ability to balance blood pressure and heart problems, malachite helps the person using it to adapt in and around them. In addition, it helps restore strength and vitality after an injury. It also supports the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

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Rhodochrosite Crystal

pink stone

Rhodochrosite has traditionally been used to aid the heart and circulatory systems in regulating blood pressure and pulse rate. It has also been found to help treat atherosclerosis or narrow. In addition, it helps you stay lively and cheerful, dynamic and active.

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Sodalite Crystal


Sodalite is also suitable for calming the nerves among the stones that lower blood pressure. It also has the power to purify your organs and increase their capacity. In addition, it can strengthen your immunity and protect you from most ailments. It also gives a healthy heart vibration that leads to a stress-free lifestyle.

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How to Use Stones Good for High Blood Pressure?

You only need to simultaneously use some of the blood pressure-lowering stones listed above. However, you can use several together for a more substantial effect.

After browsing our list, choose one or more natural crystals that appeal to you. You can choose by following the explanations presented or your intuition. If unsure, you can use a pendulum to help you decide.

The healing properties mentioned in this article are for supportive healing. We collect this information from ancient books. Therefore, it cannot replace the treatment recommended by a specialist doctor.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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