What To Do If Natural Crystals Are Broken?

Crystals Are Broken

You may not like it, but like glass, eggs and our hearts, Natural Crystals can break. Watching the crystal fall from your hand to the ground will make your heart stop. You struggle with your arms trying to catch it, but you may not be fast enough. Sometimes, while holding the Crystal motionless in the palm of your hand, it may split in half in the middle. You feel devastated for the moment, primarily if you work with that Crystal often.

Natural Crystals can break for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we are complete with the lessons that this Crystal brings. Sometimes they complete the work they want to do with us. And at other times, they can no longer hold it as they absorb the toxicity around us. So remember that your precious Crystal is a reliable companion on your journey of healing, manifestation, growth, and ascension.

So what to do when natural Crystals break? We have prepared this post because we received questions about why genuine Crystals break on their own and what you can do if it happens to you…

Why do Natural Crystals Break?

The breakage of the Natural Crystal is not always caused by dropping it to the ground. You may hear the story of self-breaking stones during meditation, ritual, or energy healing work. There are many reasons for a natural Crystal to break, and it may have nothing to do with you.

-Negativity Around You

Natural stones work to bring harmony and balance to our lives. They absorb the negativity in our environment. And these energies can sometimes be too much to hold.

-Natural Stone Healing

If natural stones break while doing energy work, it is best to stop working with them for healing. Your Crystal has served its purpose and has absorbed all the energy it can receive.

-Unaligned Stone Frequency

Natural stones carry their unique vibration. There are also times when our frequency does not resonate with the energy of a Crystal. You are not wrong and are just being led to a more aligned stone.

-Your Course May Have Been Completed

We often work with natural stones on specific intentions to guide us through the seasons of our lives. When we have learned the lessons we need to know, it can be a sign that we have integrated, and it can be a sign that it is time to release gratitude and move on.

-Your Crystal May Be Overworking

There are natural stones that we all enjoy working with the most. And you can overcharge or over-run your stone. So just as you do your muscles after a hard workout, you need to give your Crystal a break. Do you give him a lot of power? Do you trust him to do the work for you? Does your Crystal align with the intention you set, your highest good?

Do Natural Stones Break on Their Own?

Natural Stones Break

Natural stones can self-break to release unwanted energy. However, only some natural stones can carry a lot of negative energy. When it can’t handle the pressure buildup, it will open itself.

Sometimes, Crystal may break on her own when she wants to share her energy with other people. Sometimes its energy is too great to remain in one piece.

The Crystal may be ready to ascend. But, if your Crystal is ready to move on to its next life, it will break on its own. You know this is because your Crystal is now lighter and more lifeless and will no longer send any vibrations.

It can also break on its own if it needs to be cleaned better and is longing to feel new. This will release that bad energy and make it ready to start a new cycle with fresh spiritual and physical energy.

What Does the Breaking of Natural Stone Mean Energetically?

Natural Stone Mean Energetically

You’re not cursed, don’t worry. Energetically, when a natural stone is broken or lost, you may no longer need that stone’s energy in your life. This sign that you are working at some stage in your life journey.

Representing this aspect of your journey, natural stone follows the natural cycle of life, birth, life and death, and ultimately rebirth.

The other way to look at the symbolism of a broken crystal is to look for a more profound message and meaning. Have you overcharged it? Reconsider how you use it and what power you give it in your life. Is the intention you set for the stone aligned with your highest good?

If you break a Crystal, sit with it energetically for a moment and see what happens to you.

What to Do If Natural Stone Is Broken?

When a natural stone you love is broken, you may feel sad, which is normal. After all, it has been part of your journey. So, what to do if the natural stone is broken?

-Take some time to sit with your Crystal and acknowledge and appreciate everything done for you.

-Bury the pieces in the soil of your favorite flower.

-If you don’t want to part with your Crystal, purify it with white sage incense and take it outside in the sunshine to recharge.

-This may be a sign that you should share it with a friend or loved one who can benefit from the vibrations of that Crystal.

-You can use the broken pieces to decorate a room.

-Whatever you choose to do with the broken natural stones can bring you the same joy as ever. Natural stones are like people. If you work too hard, you can get tired.

-Take care of it, clean it when necessary, and charge it when necessary. Your relationship with him is worth it!

Is Broken Natural Stone Used?

Broken Natural Stone Used

Yeah! If you still have all the pieces, you can use glue to put them back together. Most people who do this find that their energy still feels like it used to. If you choose to use hot glue, we recommend being careful as it can be very hot for your Crystal.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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