Which Natural Stones Are Good For Asthma?

Relieve Your Lungs with Asthma Stone

Asthma stone

There is no miraculous cure for allergic diseases and Asthma. A miracle can happen when you find your own Asthma stone. Crystals can provide healing by influencing the DNA structure of people. Asthma-type diseases are genetically inherited. We recommend that you use Asthma Stones to eliminate the negative effects of Asthma, but listen to your doctor and not neglect to use the medicines given to you. In this article, you will find the widest and most concise information about asthma stones that you can find on the internet or in books.

asthma stones

There is a saying among doctors: “There is no disease but the patient.” There is no asthma disease; there are asthma patients. And all of these patients have different histories. Asthma affects everyone differently. It can cause their airways to swell and the muscles around them to tighten. This can cause the person to have difficulty breathing. Asthma attacks can cause serious problems in your life. For this reason, it is very important to recognize the symptoms and attacks of Asthma. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure Asthma, but the process can be managed well, and the goal can be achieved by reducing the negative effects to zero per cent.

Stones That Can Help With Asthma

asthma stones

Natural stones are natural energy sources in our lives, and each has metaphysical powers that can help with different ailments. A stone may be a treatment option for Asthma. Decide by experiencing for yourself how a healing stone stops an asthma attack. Healing crystals are not just for crisis moments; they can help people with Asthma in many ways.

Asthma; is associated with the Heart chakra and Solar Plexus chakra. Therefore, placing natural stones that are good for Asthma around the energy source, wearing a large natural asthma stone necklace that touches your full chest, or meditating with these stones will help with the treatment prescribed by a doctor, apart from strengthening the chakras.

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Ametrine Asthma Stone

Ametrine Stone

From the combination of the properties of Amethyst and Citrine, brand new properties were born. A brand new feature of Ametrine emerged alongside citrine and amethyst. The feature is “preventing asthma attacks.”
It also helps to remove harmful substances accumulated in your chest. Ametrine has the healing power required for the healthy functioning of other organs, especially your lungs. Specifically, you can rely on Ametrine to clean your lungs and liver.

ametrine in etsy shop

Your circulatory system takes over the cleaning of toxins in your lungs. A clean circulatory system that works effectively is necessary to avoid asthma attacks. Ametrine ensures that your circulatory system works well. Since Ametrine Crystal helps to remove toxins from your blood, your circulatory system gets less tired and makes it easier to remove toxins in the lungs from your body. Ametrine Stone increases physical activity for cleaning all organs, including the lungs. Supports liver health.

Dark Blue Sapphire Asthma Stone

sapphire natural stone

Sapphire is one of the first crystals we can recommend to protect against brain diseases. Accelerating the transport and removal of toxic substances protects you from brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, memory weakness and stroke. But especially Dark Blue sapphire has great healing effects on the lungs. While it is reparative against all kinds of autoimmune diseases that develop in the lungs, it can also play an active role in your treatment by improving the root causes of Asthma.

Sapphire in etsy shop

It is a crystal of choice for relieving allergies in general. Sapphire is also a good detoxifier; it has been used for centuries against poisoning. While preventing your lungs from having a crisis and repairing your alveoli, on the other hand, it ensures your recovery by removing the toxins that cause allergic reactions in your body. The immune system weakens in allergic diseases, and your body becomes open to other diseases. You can use another crystal that strengthens the immune system during the allergy treatment, and sapphire is strong enough to provide this support alone.

Magnetite Asthma Stone


Among the minerals, it is a powerful asthma stone most effective in its natural state and can pull all kinds of ferrous metals towards itself with incredible force. Magnetite (magnetite) is scientifically used in mind reading, study and techniques in the United States. So, can this powerful stone be good for your asthma attacks? In short, yes.

Magnetite in Etsy Shop

Magnetite should not be used more than half an hour a day. It shows its healing properties even after a short use of 10 minutes a day. Magnetite quickly raises the overall body’s energy. Magnetite generally affects all body systems and strengthens the immune system. It regulates and strengthens blood circulation. It regulates the functioning of the endocrine glands. Relieves Pain in Your Lungs. Thus, it allows you to overcome asthma attacks strongly.

Rose Quartz Asthma Stone

Rose Quartz Crystal has been used for centuries because it is good for the lungs. Asthma patients love rose quartz because it relieves breathing. But Rose Quartz is more than all that. This love stone, which provides inner peace and harmony, triggers the regeneration of all body cells; therefore, it both treats and increases the body’s resistance.

rose quartz in etsy shop

It keeps the systems of all organs, such as kidneys, lungs, liver, and heart, healthy. Heals wounds, angina, Asthma and visual disturbances. You may encounter lovelessness when you get to the root of all diseases. Rose quartz helps you love and be loved. If you want to overcome Asthma, try to calm down by placing the Rose Quartz stone on your Lungs in times of crisis.

Rhodochrosite Asthma Stone

Rhodochrosite Natural Stone

The ancients said the Spirit is breath. Yes, if you have spiritual depth, you can realize that the soul is a matter of breath. How does breathing occur? In living things, the breath that occurs from the inside out is related to vitality. If you have begun to lose this vitality within you, the first problem you will experience is a Breathing problem. Asthma is a variation of these breathing problems. Rhodochrosite can selflessly help you regain that vitality. Your asthma attacks may disappear suddenly. Rhodochrosite Crystal is very good for Asthma and respiratory disorders.

Rhodochrosite in etsy shop

Rhodochrosite is physically as well as mentally refreshing. It integrates and balances your Material and Spiritual energies. It relaxes the heart and soul. It removes all kinds of stress, regardless of emotional and physical, and calms the person. Thus, it can heal you with a soft effect in cases where your body is under stress, such as allergies.

We talked about the importance of a well-functioning and toxin-free circulatory system in cases where the body has an allergic reaction to toxic molecules, such as Asthma. Rhodochrosite Asthma Stone cleans the blood and vessels of toxins and relaxes your circulatory system.

Tiger’s Eye Asthma Stone

Tiger Eye Natural Stone
Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is one of the first stones that come to mind when it comes to Asthma in the lungs. It has numerous benefits for asthma patients. It can help you breathe effectively by opening and closing your bronchi more easily. The health and endurance of your body organs are holistic. Just as the durability of a chain is as much as its weakest link, this also applies to your body. But there is a mechanism in your body that is not in the chain. That mechanism is about the body system and your organs supporting each other.

tigers eye in etsy shop

It continues to work, supported by a well-working respiratory system (Lung), a well-working Circulatory (Heart) and a Digestive (Stomach) system. Tiger’s Eye stone can support these three systems simultaneously and prevent recurring breathing problems.

Topaz Asthma Stone


In general, it is an important physical and spiritual healer. Topaz is a strong immune system support with cleansing properties for your lungs. The stronger your immune system, the stronger you become against allergens. Topaz, which acts softly against the lungs, has a faster effect for those who want to use the blue and green ones for Asthma.

Topaz in etsy shop

Topaz strengthens your body. Topaz stone can be used as an Asthma preventative for people who have not yet had Asthma but are still bothered by the dust of the city and the hair of cats and dogs.

Chrysoberyl Asthma Stone


Chrysoberyl alone reduces the negative effects of Asthma. It accelerates the removal of toxins. When used with blue chalcedony, it begins to treat Asthma and other lung-related problems.

Chrysoberyl in Etsy Shop

Chrysoberyl is perfect for those who want to understand the root cause of all kinds of diseases. It allows you to recognize the condition that causes Asthma. Thus, by eliminating the problem, you can eliminate asthma attacks.

Amber Asthma Stone

It is a fantastic general healing stone. This petrified resin can allow your lungs to breathe cleanly. The germ-retaining Amber, which heals all over the body, even has benefits for teething. It helps reduce negative energy by transforming it into positive energy. It helps to heal any area in the body that needs it. It also works well on the lungs and is beneficial for respiratory problems.

amber in etsy shop

Another advantage of Amber is that it can work with the Throat Chakra to help relax this area. It is also beneficial in rebalancing the body. It can be used as an elixir as it is a natural antibiotic. With all these features, Amber is among the natural stones that are good for Asthma.

Amethyst Asthma Stone

Amethyst Stone

This gemstone is known for relieving headaches and helping with sleep disorders. However, this is not the only known benefit. Amethyst helps to strengthen the immune system; Your body reduces the reaction to small things. Amethyst contributes to the overall functioning of your respiratory system. It allows your veins carrying the dirty blood in your circulatory system to conduct more easily.

amethyst in etsy shop

It is also useful in toxin inability problems. Cleaning the air provides a positive energy field to the person. Although not as much as Ametrine, Amethyst crystal has also taken its place among the stones that are good for allergic Asthma.

Malachite Asthma Stone

When it comes to natural stones that are good for Asthma, malachite is a stone you should add to the list. Malachite is a toxic stone in its raw form. It is known to have an incredible healing ability on the lungs. Deep green helps repair your lungs with its strong healing effect.

malachite in etsy shop

It relieves the pain caused by Asthma in your chest and protects your lungs. It is a true asthma stone of protection, especially for children. Like Amber and amethyst, it helps relieve tension and stress.

Moss Agate Asthma Stone

moss agate
Moss Agate

Moss Agate is an asthma stone that is deeply attached to the earth. Moss are the lungs of the sea, that is, the earth. Moss agate has taken its place among the beneficial natural stones for the lungs. It is the right choice if you want to support your heart and respiratory system simultaneously.

mossagate in etsy shop

It can help relieve both the lungs and bronchi. This means it is one of the leading natural stones in treating Asthma. Moss agate is also beneficial for chronic problems. It also helps prevent and reduce inflammation.

Pyrite Asthma Stone

Pyrite is known to bring grounding and stability to your area. On the other hand, it also can increase oxygen in the bloodstream. In addition, It is one of the stones known to support the immune system and can also be beneficial for bronchitis.

pyrite in etsy shop

Since it is an effective asthma stone on the lungs and bronchi, when used with plants that are good for Asthma, it can provide a natural and healing contribution to the prescription given by the doctor. It is a good option to strengthen your body when you are weak.

Rutiled Quartz Asthma Stone

Rutile Quartz Natural Stone
Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is an asthma stone that supports your lungs in difficult times with its unique structure with needles. At the same time, considering its vibrational properties, it directs its vibrations with high concentration to whichever chakra or organ you focus on since its frequency is very high and works great.

Rutile Quartz in etsy shop

Among the stones that are good for Asthma, rutile quartz should be kept close to the body by wearing as a bracelet or necklace.

Morganite Asthma Stone

Morganite is an asthma stone of youth and renewal. It rejuvenates your organs so that all organs, including your skin, are rejuvenated and beautiful. This asthma stone helps oxygenate and rebuild damaged and old lung cells.

Morganite in etsy shop

It cleans the lungs and alleviates all kinds of stress-related diseases. It is especially beneficial for Asthma when used in conjunction with other treatments.

Vanadinite Asthma Stone

Supports breathing difficulties such as lung congestion and Asthma. Vanadinite can be beneficial for those dealing with breathing difficulties.

Vanadinite in etsy shop

Protects against dissipation of energy. It guides how to conserve energy on a physical level. It helps you concentrate your energy in your lungs. It also treats Chronic fatigue caused by Asthma.

Angelite Asthma Stone

Angelite is a good helper in overcoming asthma problems with its calming and relaxing properties. Angelite works like a fire extinguisher. It creates a cooling relaxation in your sore lungs.

angelite anhydrite in etsy shop

It is as soothing for the throat as it is for the lungs. It relieves inflammation and is an asthma stone to repair tissues and blood vessels.

Emerald Asthma Stone

Thousands of years ago, when medicine was still not that advanced, about 1000 years before the invention of antibiotics, people who used emerald overcame lung problems. Emerald is the crystal of hard times.

emerald in etsy shop

It is a life-affirming stone for overcoming life’s challenges. It effectively treats the lungs and sinuses. It is a great option to alleviate respiratory problems. How about painting your life emerald green?

Iolite Asthma Stone

Iolite is effective on your bronchi. It supports the opening of clogged air channels. It has powerful energy to treat sinus and respiratory problems.

iolite in etsy shop

While it fully supports your immune system, it also kills Bacteria and strengthens your Iolite Lungs, allowing you to have a stronger body.

Apophyllite Asthma Stone

Apophyllite Crystal initiates deep healing. It brings the patient into a state of deep relaxation like never before. It provides the transfer of more and pure healing energy to the patient. Although it has many physical benefits, it mostly positively affects the respiratory system.

Apophyllite in etsy shop

The difference between Apophyllite and other stones used for Asthma is that it is also effective against allergic reactions. Apophyllite is a complete allergy enemy. It is an effective asthma stone against allergic conditions. The advantage of Apophyllite is that it has a soft and beautiful effect on your lungs and stops allergies simultaneously. When it is held towards the chest, it can stop asthma attacks.

Asthma Stone Benefits

using crystals

Known as natural stones that are good for Asthma, the above healing crystals have many positive effects that heal Asthma, bronchitis and other lung diseases. While living in our little apartments where we cannot provide clean air circulation in our polluted cities, Bronchitis, Asthma, respiratory tract infections, and respiratory diseases caused by allergies have become extremely common.

asthma stones

The reasons may vary. Some people have to work in conditions that expose them to different pollutants and irritants. Others continue to smoke even though they know it harms their health. Asthma problems also arise mostly due to increased pollution levels. And as we continue to wreak havoc on the environment, so does the number of newer, more drug-resistant diseases plaguing organisms. Stress and anxiety also play an active role in the onset of Asthma. Weight problems and digestive disorders should also be considered. And all of these can cause acute or chronic Asthma.

These breathing difficulties; can cause a range of symptoms, including runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy and watery eyes, chest congestion, cough, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. Deep breathing is a great and healthy way to start the day. It’s also good to take deep breaths during anxiety and stress. If you are experiencing serious problems, it is important to consult your doctor. Certain medications can make life easier for people with Asthma.


Some healers associate the breath with the Spirit. Therefore, breathing problems can also be a symptom of a mental blockage. Healing stones can help support the respiratory system to get relief from breathing difficulties. It can also provide a process that can address the need for continued medical attention. Healing stones that help with breathing difficulties such as Asthma and bronchitis can be as useful as herbs that are good for Asthma and respiratory problems. Of course, it should be noted that these stones alone do not have the “definitive treatment” feature. However, it can be a good supplement to the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Other Recommendations for Asthma Patients

Go to bed in a well-ventilated room with clean sheets. Use a nose strip for a comfortable air inlet and outlet. The breathing you do at night affects your lung performance during the day.

When it comes to a breathing problem like Asthma, our environment can make a huge difference. The air must be clean and fresh. You can use some carbon filter air cleaner fans. Do not forget to have the above asthma stone pieces in your home and workplace to revitalize the environment and make you breathe easier.

Clean and fresh air is the key to better breathing. Air rich in oxygen and negative ions; greatly contributes to respiratory efficiency and overall health. Unfortunately, the air most of us breathe is not fresh. And it’s often loaded with allergens, moulds, and dust.

Himalayan Salt Lamp for Asthma

Salt lamp for asthma

You can use the Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air quality from negative ions and provide soft ambient lighting. A natural Himalayan salt lamp can neutralize most of the irritants that cause breathing difficulties.

The salt lamps produced from natural crystal rock salt provide a purifying effect from air pollutants. A salt lamp is a reliable and highly preferred product as it provides numerous benefits to human health and is a stylish decoration product.

The salt lamp, a natural light source, has benefits far beyond its aesthetic perception. The negative ions released as a result of contact with the salt particles of the candle or bulb with a warming effect inside the lamp are effective against respiratory tract disorders. Asthma is one of the respiratory diseases for which the salt lamp is most beneficial. So, what are the effects of the salt lamp on Asthma?

Salt Lamp in Etsy Shop

Is Salt Lamp Good for Asthma?

The salt lamp has a moisture-absorbing feature. This feature allows asthma patients to breathe more easily while sleeping. For this reason, salt lamps are very useful for asthma patients. Unlike other chemical drugs used to reduce Asthma and bronchitis, a salt lamp is one of the most effective treatment methods in alternative medicine, as it releases negative ions. Problems occur in the blood circulation in the body of asthma patients. On the other hand, the rock salt lamp eliminates this problem by stimulating the blood flow in the body with the effect of the negative ions it secretes. At the same time, the natural salt lamp provides a better quality of life by eliminating the risks of diseases such as heart and, stroke and asthma.

Salt Lamp for Asthma

Salt lamp for asthma

Asthma, a respiratory disease, is triggered by the intense water vapour in the environment. Germs, dust, mould, pollen, pet dander, smoke odours and other viruses are the most obvious factors that trigger Asthma. These substances that pollute the air you live in are the primary causes of Asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. The salt lamp, which destroys these triggers, is recommended for asthma patients as it is very beneficial. The rock salt in the natural crystal rock salt cleans the water particles in the air and draws the moisture onto itself. As a result, people in the same environment as the salt lamp breathe more easily, and the factors that trigger respiratory tract diseases are eliminated.

Harmful positive ions in the air greatly complicate your breathing. The completely naturally produced salt lamp neutralizes these positive ions and allows you to breathe more easily. The salt lamp offers a good quality of life and has a stimulating effect on your body. Air pollutants prevent oxygen from reaching your brain and significantly reduce blood flow. In this process, what asthma patients need is a salt lamp. As is known, sleep disorders can seriously worsen the symptoms of Asthma. Thanks to the relaxing and oxygen-cleaning properties of the salt lamp, you can have a better quality sleep pattern. In this way, besides eliminating asthma triggers, you can also feel more alive and productive during the day.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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