Aragonite (Stone of Endurance)

What is Aragonite?

Blue Aragonite Crystal

Aragonite is a wonderful stone with the formula CaCO3 and has the same chemical structure as Calcite. Its crystalline structure usually has a translucent appearance. Despite its durable and hard appearance, it is easily broken and not resistant to strains. This stone, available in white, brown, green and blue tones, absorbs the negative energy in the areas it is in. In addition, Aragonite, which has yellow and brown colours, has other properties.

Aragonite contains a miraculous healing power. The healing properties of Aragonite are spread over a wide variety of areas. It helps a person to develop his good qualities, Healing many diseases for almost the whole body. Since it is a remedy for many ailments, it was also quite common. Although it is known by most people today that it is healing, it is mostly used in rituals for energy balancing.

What Does Aragonite Stone Mean?

Aragonite Crystal

Aragonite stone has a spiritually empowering effect on the individual. Aragonite complements and balances the gaps and deficiencies in your life. Integrating the masculine and feminine energies in the person makes the person feel complete. In this way, it helps to complete the missing parts in the individual, heals the problems arising from the deficiency and helps you to have a better quality of life. The Spanish priests chose Aragonite to provide spiritual elevation.

It was named after the Aragon region of Spain, where it was extracted in 1797. Aragonite is a very hard stone to process because of its low hardness. It can be a gift option that leaves a mark on your loved ones. Aragonite Natural Stone Necklace allows you to draw attention in every environment you enter with its unique beauty.

Aragonite Stone Formation

Aragonite Crystal

The formation of precious stones takes place over long periods, such as millions of years. Aragonite (CaCO₃) is a carbonate mineral, one of the three most common crystal forms of calcium carbonate. It consists of biological and physical processes, including precipitation from fresh and saltwater environments. The age of the earth is 4.6 billion years. Aragonite stone, which contains Calcium and carbonate, completes its formation in 2.7 billion years.

It consists of approximately 40% Calcium, 47% Oxygen, 12% Carbon and 1% Magnesium. Strontium in its chemical formula is 0.3%, Zinc is 0.001%, and Lead is much less. It also contains many trace minerals. Aragonite is found with gypsum bands from low-temperature deposits formed near the earth’s surface.

Aragonite Crystal

It can occur in different metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and secondary minerals such as malachite and Smithsonite in the oxidation zones of the ore deposits. The Crystal Form is generally in the form of twinning. Types that do not show twinning are acicular, sometimes plate-shaped. Strong twinning types are acicular, prismatic, fibrous, stalactite and columnar. The most well-known is in the form of natural star (pentagonal) particles clustered on top of each other.

Colorless and white ones have a plain (pure) appearance. Aragonites in other colours (yellowish, grey, green, bluish-green, blue, red, brown, violet) have a shaded appearance.

Where to Find Aragonite?

Aragonite Crystal

Aragonite was first found in Spain and is still mostly imported from Spain. However, many new regions have been discovered where this crystalline stone is formed. Aragonite stone is also encountered in the Americas, especially in England, France, Brazil, and Mexico. It is also found in abundance in mines in Namibia and Austria.

Aragonite, abundant in the Taurus Mountains, is among the most popular natural stones. In the mines of the Taurus Mountains, very interesting coloured Aragonite is found. Due to its fragile structure, it is also difficult to extract from the soil and requires attention. Therefore, it is necessary to be sensitive and careful while using it.

Things to Consider While Buying Aragonite

Before you buy the Aragonite stone, which we have stated is sensitive enough to be damaged even by small impacts, you should learn about some of its features. First of all, carefully examine the stone to be purchased; some sellers who do not know about the fragility of the stone may not have preserved the Aragonite well. Try not to buy a broken product by paying attention to the scratches, cracks and shapes on it. Ask the seller to pack the stone well before shipping for online purchases.

Aragonite Crystal

Most natural stones undertake the task of maintaining energy balance in general. Therefore, even just standing on the shelf changes the environment’s energy. Before starting to use, it should be cleaned and maintained, then placed in the appropriate place. The fragile structures of Aragonite stones to be worn as accessories should not be forgotten, and they should be protected with another product that does not prevent energy exchange.

Although it is a stone of durability, the purchase process should be completed before getting enough information about the Aragonite stone, which is very sensitive in its physical structure. Does Aragonite fully meet your needs in the subject you want healed of? Can you take sufficient care of the care of aragonite stone? What is your expectation from Taş? These questions must be answered. Also, try to ensure that Aragonite is not fake to get a real effect from the stone.

How to Tell if Aragonite is Real or Fake?

Aragonite Crystal

The raw form of Aragonite has a unique appearance. Stones with high hardness scratch those with low hardness. With this simple test, you can instantly reveal the deception of most fake stones. Aragonite stone is very sensitive and fragile and has a structure that can be damaged. The Hardness of Aragonite is around 3.5. Try to draw your stone using Quartz crystal with a hardness of 7. Quartz crystal scratches Aragonite. If you have a cheap calcite stone on hand, if you try to scratch the Aragonite with Calcite, your Aragonite will not be scratched because the Hardness of Calcite is 3.

Aragonite stone, resistant to fire, does not change colour immediately when it sees heat. For this reason, there is no problem in observing it under fire for a short time while being subjected to the naturalness test. If the stone undergoes a slight change or changes colour, you may suspect it is another stone. However, if no change is observed in direct contact with fire, your Aragonite, which is probably a real natural stone, has also passed this test.

What are Aragonite Stone Properties and Effects?

Aragonite Crystal

Contrary to its appearance, Aragonite, a stone that can be broken easily, is between 3.5 and 4 on the scale. It is not at all resistant to drops, bumps and scratches. When it falls hard and breaks, sharp pieces of stone can scatter around, and broken pieces of stone can injure you, your child or your pet. For this reason, it is very important to be careful while using it and to take precautions against possible accidents.

Aragonite stone has many individual effects and is most beneficial in the discipline. It helps the person to focus and work better by correcting concentration disorders. Along with the emotional benefits, it helps to act more mature, determined and confident.

Physically, the effects of Aragonite stone are quite high. For this reason, it was used to support the treatment of some diseases in the past. Today, it continues to be used for the better effect of doctor treatments. It has a constructive effect, especially on fatigue, pain, rheumatism, and joint and bone problems.

Aragonite Stone Usage Areas

Aragonite Crystal

It is possible to encounter Aragonite stone, which is especially common in women’s accessories, in different ways. Since it is generally used as an ornament, it would be wise to use it in crowded areas where bad energy exists. Aragonite is often found in some massage parlours and meditation areas. Thus, it is aimed that individuals feel better in an area filled with positive energy.

Its powerful effects on psychology allow Aragonite to be used in therapies. In addition to mental illnesses, it also helps to correct behaviours such as tense states, the effects of stress, and anger control disorders. In this respect, Aragonite is a natural stone from which every age group can benefit.

Although some doctors reject the healing effect of natural stones, Aragonite stone has become widespread due to its incredible effects in medicine. Its positive effects are observed in different diseases, especially the skeletal system. As in the past, it has taken its place among the stones used for medical support today.

Aragonite Stone Ritual

Aragonite Crystal

Regularly performing rituals with Aragonite helps people reach the fullness of the issues they feel incomplete or incomplete. To gain individual peace and spiritual strength, using Aragonite during these rituals can be transformative for your life. Although it is usually sufficient to have the natural stone in the room, it will be better to put the Aragonite stone on certain chakra points and do breathing work in a concentrated way.

Aragonite Crystal

People who feel weak in a spiritual sense may want to benefit from the stamina-giving effect of Aragonite stone. When you feel weak, the best way to do this is to start with an endurance ritual. We recommend performing an endurance ritual at least once a month to eliminate the negative effects, especially during the full moon. Along with durability, healing, wealth, and patience are suitable for aragonite rituals.

CaCo3 Stone

Rituals should usually be performed in dim and quiet environments where the person is alone. After the person comes to a sitting or lying position, depending on his preference, he focuses on the Aragonite stone. He tries to feel the beautiful energies emanating from the stone by making the expectation from the ritual with affirmations. This ritual, which will not last long, ends when the person begins to feel comfortable.

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Which Chakra Is Aragonite Compatible With?

Aragonite Crystal

The healing effects of stones are usually related to the chakra they are compatible with. Although they can have an effect when placed on other body parts, they reach their maximum in crystal healing when you place them on the chakras with which they are compatible. For this reason, Aragonite harmonizes on the 1st root chakra located in the groin area, the 4th heart chakra at the level of your heart, and the 6th third eye chakra at the level of your eyebrow. It works quickly where the root, heart and third eye chakras are related and shows effective healing properties.

Aragonite Crystal

Aragonite stone owes its ability to strengthen the individual’s spirituality to its good harmony with the heart chakra. Positive emotions in the person have also been revived thanks to this chakra. If the heart chakra is closed, the Aragonite stone can be kept in contact with the skin for 1 hour in the area belonging to the chakra.

The harmony between the root chakra and Aragonite represents the individual’s core values. It gives the person self-confidence and allows him to complete his deficiencies. Observing improvement in wealth and fertility also develops depending on the opening of the root chakra. People who do not back down from their decisions are usually those whose root chakras are too open.

Aragonite Crystal

The third eye chakra, or Ajna, effectively develops a person’s sixth sense. For this reason, it provides the ability to predict the progress of events quickly. Thanks to the harmony between the third eye chakra and the Aragonite stone, the person makes the right decisions by not being caught between logic and heart. Because Aragonite also addresses the Heart chakra and helps you build a beautiful bridge between your mind and heart.

Compatible Signs of Aragonite Stone

Aragonite Crystal

There are many ways to see the effect of natural stones at the maximum level. These may include meditating, placing the stone on the chakras, or using it as jewellery. Whatever way you use it, if you are created with a compatible astrological chart, Aragonite can turn into a small healing treasure you will not want to miss throughout your life. Yes, using Stones by the appropriate zodiac sign can cause miracles. Although all signs can use Aragonite, it shows its greatest effect on Capricorn, Leo and Virgo signs. If your sun or rising sign is one of these, we recommend ordering Aragonite without hesitation.

Aragonite Crystal

Leo Sun signs are the signs with very high spiritual endurance. However, in some cases, they feel powerless and weak. Virgos can sometimes make mistakes by keeping their emotions in the background while making logical decisions. On the other hand, Capricorns can be judged by not showing the value they give to the other party, even if they are unaware of this situation in their relationships. All these situations and similar ones show improvement with the use of Aragonite stone.

Aragonite Stone Benefits and Harms

Aragonite Crystal

Aragonite has no known harm. It shows its most important benefit to the skeletal system—Experience Aragonite for Strong Bones and Teeth.

It is an important antipyretic. Therefore, it helps to reduce fever in diseases such as colds, flu and flu. People who do not want to use drugs and whose fever is very high can reduce their fever by getting support from Aragonite stone. Aragonite crystal is also useful in relieving pain.

The benefits of Aragonite stone to the nervous system are quite high. First, it prevents many mental illnesses, thanks to its effect that reduces tension, eliminates stress and calms the person. It clarifies the line between reality and imagination, enabling better use of the senses. It is among the stones that should be used to protect mental health.

Aragonite Crystal

Aragonite stone greatly affects the skin and allows wounds to heal faster. In particular, it should be kept in contact with the burned area during the healing process so that burns do not leave traces. It helps the skin to be smoother as it is good for acne problems. It also hosts various effects, such as bright skin, a youthful appearance, and reduced wrinkles.

People who want to lose weight can use Aragonite stone. It reduces the rate of eating as it creates a feeling of satiety. However, very thin individuals with weight-related diseases should not use this stone. Otherwise, their treatment may begin to progress negatively. The effect area of Aragonite is very wide. Let’s continue to list the benefits of Aragonite, which has a healing effect on almost every part of the body.

CaCo3 Stone
  • It acts as grounding for our energy. Relieves stress related to abnormal life conditions.
  • It reduces and relaxes the restlessness caused by nervous system problems or stress.
  • Relieves emotional pain, fear, and confusion. It provides emotional and mental balance. It helps in the treatment of emotional diseases. It provides emotional stability.
  • It is useful in the treatment of depression. It provides tranquillity in the face of losing business or civil service.
  • It eliminates the lack of discipline and helps the person control himself and be patient.
  • It cleans the emotional wounds from the past that still bother us in the subconscious, discharges the spiritual tension and helps to achieve peace. However, during this cleansing, those pains can be experienced again, albeit briefly.
  • It removes pollen allergies seen in spring.
CaCo3 Stone
  • It is used to clear energy blockages (blockages) of the chakras.
  • It clears the aura. Provides Yin and Yang balance. It activates the body’s meridians.
  • It helps to solve personal and business problems by increasing brain functions. It accelerates the repair of nerve damage.
  • It warms the arms and legs. It strengthens the hands and feet, activates them and fills them with energy.
  • It prevents muscle twitches, movements, and contractions (cramps) that occur, especially at night.
  • It keeps the body temperature in balance. It is useful for reducing high fever, treating febrile diseases and removing inflammation—It Relieves chills caused by extreme cold or high fever.
  • It is a cure for bone (skeletal system) diseases. It provides the elasticity of bone discs and joints. It heals bone fractures quickly and heals the fractures.
CaCo3 Stone
  • In general, it has anti-cancer properties and provides apoptosis of cancerous cells. Cancer stem cells are responsible for cancerous tumours’ formation, spread (metastasis) and recurrence (disease relapse). Calcium Carbonate targets these stem cells.
  • It provides focus and concentration (concentration of the mind) on a subject. It is, therefore, useful for students and those accepted into a new job. It helps in the treatment of mental illnesses. Increases practical intelligence and practicality. It balances the mind.
  • Aragonite’s calming and soothing energy vibrations help build confidence and encourage the wearer to enjoy at all levels of life.
  • It teaches the wearer patience and acceptance, encouraging discipline, boundaries, reliability and a pragmatic outlook.
  • The soothing energetic vibrations of Aragonite help to release and heal from emotional blockages.
CaCo3 Stone
  • Due to its alkaline properties, Aragonite creates balancing energy in the body.
  • It can help treat bones, which aids in calcium absorption and restores flexibility to the discs.
  • It strengthens the immune system and provides resistance against cold, flu or viral infections, especially respiratory diseases and hidden germs in hospitals.
  • It benefits many body parts, especially the ovaries, prostate gland, and central nervous system.
  • Helps with respiratory diseases or weaknesses. It stimulates the lungs and is useful in breathing exercises or other deep breathing practices.
  • Ancient crystal healers believed that earth-borne stress energies called geopathic stress spread; They would turn negative energy into positive with aragonite stone.
  • I am often helping with aches and pains and inflammation; Aragonite balances and grounds physical energies during stressful times.
CaCo3 Stone
  • Aragonite, which can reduce anger and stimulate emotions and increase energy, is known to increase feelings of self-confidence, self-discipline and self-worth, as well as increase reliability and practicality.
  • It is known to be beneficial against chronic fatigue and hair loss.
  • Since it is calcium carbonate, it helps calcium absorption. This Calcium retained in the body is stored in your bones.
  • Aragonite also promotes reliability and discipline to the user and gives the user insight into challenging issues, especially in the business world. At work, Aragonite helps clear the mind, increases motivation and provides the mental energy needed to overcome professional challenges. It is useful for personal development. It strengthens communication with the outside world and helps to overcome stagnation and introversion.

Where to Put Aragonite Stone at Home?

CaCo3 Stone

Aragonite stone, which stands out with its positive energies, is a candidate to be a crystal that you eagerly await to have at home. However, as we have just said, it is difficult to use as an accessory since its fragile structure. Instead, keeping it in rooms that are constantly used as ornaments can ensure that the stone is used for many years without breaking. Thus, it becomes possible to benefit from the effect of Aragonite stone for a longer period.

Aragonite stone, which increases health, power, money and happiness, can be used in every part of the house. Individuals with focus problems can have it in their study rooms, and people who want to heal spiritually can have it in their bedrooms. It can be placed at the dining tables, in the kitchen or in the living room to ensure peace in the family.

CaCo3 Stone

It is appropriate to have Aragonite stone in children’s rooms. It has the feature of bringing success to school-age lessons. It has a calming feature for children who have nightmares and are easily affected by negativity.

As you can see, Aragonite is an extremely harmonious stone; it can heal you anywhere, in any situation, and be placed anywhere in your home. However, you can make a wiser choice depending on which problem you use Aragonite to treat. For example, if you want Aragonite to beautify your skin, you can use your stone in your bathroom. You will not be able to give up the aragonite stone that simultaneously beautifies your bathroom and skin.

Where is Aragonite Stone Sold?

CaCo3 Stone

Since it is a widely used crystal, it is possible to reach Aragonite stone easily. It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Aragonite Stone Cost?

CaCo3 Stone

Considering its benefits, this stone is very valuable, but its prices are not high enough to show this value. It has prices suitable for every budget due to its rate of being in nature, its features and the fact that it is not a jewel. Anyone who wishes can find the Aragonite they have chosen for themselves on the internet. You can buy natural Aragonite stone for 7-8 dollars.

The price of Aragonite stone, which has many colours, may vary depending on the stone’s colour. Likewise, conditions such as brightness, size, transparency and opacity directly affect the price of the stone. If the other materials the item is used in are valuable, having Aragonite can be a bit of a pocket burn. Due to its average, affordable prices, it is a frequently preferred stone.

Aragonite Stone Care and Cleaning

CaCo3 Stone

Aragonite stone, which attracts bad energies, needs to be cleaned at least a few times a week, depending on your frequency of use. This cleansing should be done both physically and spiritually. Stones that are not cleaned adequately become unable to convey their beneficial properties. Therefore, after a while, they can only be used as accessories.

The substances used when cleaning stones are usually water and soil. Aragonite stone is purified from all negative energies, especially under running water. However, keeping it in a glass of water overnight also helps it to be cleaned. If such a long time cannot be allocated for the cleaning of the stone, help from the soil can be obtained.

CaCo3 Stone

It is left on the dry soil’s surface and cleaned by leaving negative energies in the soil. The absence of wet soil is very important for the physical cleaning of the stone. In addition, if the sun’s rays hit it while waiting on the surface, bad energies are more easily removed. It can also be maintained with incense made from sage. Click here for more different methods of cleaning crystals.

Interesting Facts About Aragonite Stone

CaCo3 Stone

Most of the information about Aragonite is new because it was discovered very late. It has been used in many fields after its discovery in the 1700s. The reason why it is used especially by warriors and soldiers is related to the durability that the stone gives to its owner. People who had a hard time and did not feel well spiritually aimed to become stronger using Aragonite stone.

Aragonite stone, which contains Calcium, loads the mineral it contains to the body. In this way, it prevents the formation of diseases that can be seen in calcium deficiency. It promotes faster growth in children. It also helps people age of height increase to increase their height.

CaCo3 Stone

It can be separated from Calcite, which is similar to itself, due to its crystal form and high specific gravity. It foams and swells easily and abundantly in hydrochloric acid diluted with cold water.

Aragonite also forms the skeleton of many marine organisms. It creates layers of mother-of-pearl that pearls and oysters use to create themselves. It is normal to encounter Aragonite in old fossils. Due to its soluble calcium feature, it is a key factor in preserving many shell, snail and coral fossils.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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