Stones to Get Rid of Addiction Completely

Stone for Addiction

With the power of Stone for Addiction, it will be very easy to end your ongoing Addiction. Do you know why your addictions continue? Because two mechanisms act in your brain against what you are addicted to. One of these is the dopamine mechanism that causes you to feel pleasure. As your brain releases chemicals that give you pleasure, you want to do what you’re addicted to doing over and over. The second mechanism is a toxin if this is an addiction, like eating and drinking. The toxins accumulated in your body cause your Addiction to continue. These toxins, leftover from the substance you consume, must be completely dissolved from your body’s fats and Liver and removed from your Body. As you say goodbye to toxins, you say goodbye to your Addiction, and the pain you suffer when you are away from your Addiction will gradually decrease and eventually disappear. At that moment, you say, “I feel so much better when I’m not addicted.”

Yes, eliminating your Addiction is a really good idea. But you have to have a really strong will to do that. Some people can get rid of their Addiction on their own because they have discovered this core strength in themselves without help from anyone. But the number of these strong-willed people is negligible. Who can help the rest of those suffering as they struggle with their Addiction? Of course, Crystals!

Which Chakra is Associated with Alcoholism?

Stone for Addiction

Your addictions can have multiple causes. In addition, even if two people are addicted to the same substance, the reasons for their Addiction may be completely different. Three main chakras come to the fore when treating your addictions. Sacral Chakra, Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra are different stones that appeal to each chakra. The important thing is to determine what the source of your problem is. When you detect the problem, you can easily find a solution to your problem by starting to use the healing stone of the relevant chakra.

Which Crystal is Good for Addiction?

Stone for Addiction

Healing stones have powerful effects on the human body that we cannot even imagine. The most important of these is that it supports your Will. You may be surprised to realize that you can easily do something normally difficult when using your crystal regularly. Even with this feature alone, healing crystals help you overcome this struggle with your addictions. So, do the benefits end there? Of course not. Crystals are incredibly toxin-scavengers. Yes, you heard it right, Healing Stones facilitate the removal of accumulated, aged toxins in your body through urine and sweat. Healing Stones support you in being happy when you are sad. You start to look at life more positively. Stone for Addiction also has undeniable benefits in reducing your pain. All these aspects help you get rid of addictions. As we always say, the unborn and no one has given birth to, the One Owner and Creator of All, will save you. Stones and other tangible material entities only help. Now, look at the healing stones that will help you eliminate addictions.

Amber Stone for Addiction

Resin is good for you. Amber is a mass of energy petrified over millions of years. Amber knows very well what to do with the accumulated toxins in your Body. Yes, This resin is excellent at removing Toxins. It heals diseases by cleaning toxic chemicals and unnecessary particles from the Body. In long-term use, it makes your blood and organs clean. It clears all your chakras of negative energy. Amberle, Your nervous system is renewed and strengthened. It helps in the treatment of brain diseases.

Amber also makes your glands work better. Your glands are important for overcoming your addictions. Amber has a stress-reducing feature. It is also useful against depression as it reduces the electrical charge. Amber is also preferred during Addiction with its ability to relieve pain.

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Amethyst Stone for Addiction

If we asked where your Addiction is in your body, you would probably answer as your brain. By promoting a more balanced secretion of hormones in your brain and promoting regulation, Amethyst Crystal is the most effective method to dissolve your addiction radically.

The chakra of the amethyst crystal is in your head. In other words, amethyst is a legendary crystal that performs its treatment through the brain.

Amethyst is the first crystal that comes to mind regarding Addiction. It has been called the stone of the drunkards for hundreds of years. In the past, kings drank from Amethyst goblets to reduce the negative effects of drunkenness.

Amethyst Stone for Addiction is for drinking alcohol, cigarettes etc. It provides one of the greatest benefits to you by strengthening your weakened immune system during this period and treating it over your brain when you want to eliminate your addictions. It provides relief by relieving physical aches and pains during difficult periods. It treats skeletal system pain.

Since it carries a negative electrical charge, it takes the excess electricity in the Human Body. Thus both increase brain power, reduce stress, prevent inner turmoil, and help us overcome anxiety and fears. It calms the Emotions arising from your old aspirations and habits and reduces stress. It is a stress reliever. It removes Anger in your period of getting rid of your Addiction.

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Black Onyx Stone for Addiction

If you have a problem, such as being unable to control yourself, Onyx can help you achieve this balance because Onyx is a stone of balance and increasing Willpower. People who use Onyx stone to prevent excesses have had positive results. Because your Addiction is already excessive, it is damaging and takes up a lot of space in your life. Onyx is very effective in chipping this excess.

After removing the excess, If you are still indecisive about fighting your Addiction, Onyx will also help you; it will remove the blur in your mind. Just don’t stop using Onyx. If you continue to use it for a few days, your confusion will completely disappear. And after the Smoke is lifted, you can decide with the utmost Willpower and freedom to stand by your word. Isn’t Onyx great?

Another disturbing thing happens in the early days when you quit your Addiction. Yes, you guessed it right: “Anxiety!” Then comes the stress from ongoing anxiety. Onyx helps you get rid of these worries. It is a complete grounding stone, reducing stress. And it supports your challenging process in this aspect as well.

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Dioptase Stone for Addiction

Maybe your Addiction that has been going on for years gives you a damaged liver. Alcohol, cigarettes, or even sugar that you think is more harmless leaves various harmful substances behind when you consume them in large quantities. These poisons are analyzed and decomposed by the Liver. However, because your Liver has been doing this process excessively for years, these substances have destroyed your Liver. While Dioptase Stone for Addiction helps to repair the wear and tear in your Liver, on the other hand, it works to remove all harmful components from your body system by showing antioxidant properties. For this reason, it can be an excellent addition stone for people with a worn-out liver.

The energy fields of addicts we cannot see with the naked eye can be dirty and corrupted. Dioptase Stone for Addiction clears the Aura very quickly. Balances Yin and Yang energies. It can relieve the headache felt in case of deprivation.

Your suppressed emotions may be among the main reasons for your Addiction. Some unsatisfied feelings may drive you to the substance you are addicted to. Dioptase repairs emotions damaged by painful events from the past. It heals internal wounds from the past and gives the power and ability to forgive. After this repair, you may no longer have a valid reason to continue your Addiction.

Kunzite Stone for Addiction

Most Addictions are with you over a long period. And during this togetherness, your Body wears out during your excessive use. As we mentioned above, these toxins left over from the chemical reactions in your body already destroy your major organs, such as the Liver. But there is another micro-scale destruction: “Cell Destruction”. Yes, damage occurs in your cells at the micro level as well as at the macro level. This cellular degradation results in ageing. This is why we recommend using Kunzite stone during the Addiction period. Kunzite Stone for Addiction calms your brain and helps you fight Addiction while, at the same time, it repairs and cleans your damaged cells tremendously. In addicted people, the under-eyes are purple and sunken, and their skin colour is pale and without energy. These symptoms should be eliminated with Kunzite, and cellular healing should be accelerated.

If your Addiction has been going on for many years, it may also tire your Heart. Kunzite also relieves the tired Heart. And if you keep using it, it will make your heart stronger. It also supports your blood vessels during cleaning.

Kunzit also reminds you that you don’t need what you depend on. Because it is a stone for addiction with many spiritual effects, it illuminates spiritual consciousness. It relaxes the brain, relieves fatigue, increases focus, and opens and clears the mind. Kunzite has a very high Calming effect. It calms the nerves, gives peace, and relaxes.

Your mood can be bumpy when you’re battling Addiction. In this case, it would be wise to use Kunzite because it balances emotions and removes negative and negative emotions. If there are people you are angry with, it makes it easier to forgive them.

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Lepidolite Stone for Addiction

We told you that an imbalance causes Addiction in your brain. To overcome your Addiction, you must maintain this balance, albeit temporarily. You need to be in a clear state of mind in this. This difficult period is when you need Mental concentration the most. Thanks to the Lithium it contains, it gives vitality and is mind-balancing at the same time. This magnificent crystal discharges the excess electrical charge in the Body from the Body. Your mental fatigue will disappear. Lepidolite gives you a clear mind while pushing your brain to balance. It is a natural tranquillizer. It helps to overcome all emotional and mental addictions, including anorexia.

With Lepidolite Stone for Addiction, the Space in Your Mind expands, and you can get rid of your Addiction more comfortably. It is used to relieve the disorders that narrow this area in your mind, such as anxiety, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression, which occur during the addiction process and increase while getting rid of the Addiction.

Pink Smithsonite Stone for Addiction

Are your nerves a little nervous? Can’t find a substitute for Addiction? How about trying smithsonite for a while instead of your Addiction? Smithsonite Stone for Addiction is a very powerful stone. It fully stimulates your central nervous system, starting from the brain. This Beautiful Crystal emits powerful vibrations, successfully calming the nerves and reducing stress. Smithsonite strengthens your immune system, provides physical and emotional support, and accelerates addiction recovery.

We especially recommend it to people who have weakened. Smithsonite helps addicts overcome their Addiction by providing strength, relaxation and physical and mental support.

Phenacite Stone for Addiction


Addictions are genetic! You can say it’s inherited from our ancestors if you want. Whatever you say, even though your lack of Willpower is the main thing that keeps your Addiction going, we can’t put genetic factors aside. So some people are genetically dependent. That is, as a person’s life goes on, he suddenly encounters something and becomes dependent on that Thing and can no longer live without that Thing. Yes, this story is true, but First of all, He is now addicted to the Thing because he is Genetically predisposed to be addicted.

Physically, Phenacite can help heal genetic disorders that cause addictions. The addicted person may have an addicted lineage that goes on for generations. For addicts in such situations, it would be wise to try Phenacite first.

Phenacite Stone for Addiction can also treat nerve damage, chemical imbalances, brain damage, and cognitive function disorders. Phenacite can also relieve the pain and nausea accompanying intense migraines and headaches.

Tourmaline with Lepidolite Stone for Addiction

Tourmaline with Lepidolite
Tourmaline with Lepidolite

In nature, Tourmaline and Lepidolite can occur together, adhering to each other. In this case, using the crystals together without separating them is more effective. We mentioned above the effects of Lepidolite on fighting addictions. The primary effect of Lepidolite on Addiction is the result of balancing the brain. In addition to being a balancing stone for addiction, tourmaline is also recommended to be used with Lepidolite for people who are upset and wear themselves out excessively. It helps the person eliminate addictions and expectations that cause him to wear out internally. Thus, you can treat yourself more comfortably by keeping your inner calm by keeping things away from judgment.

Your addictions also disrupt the balance of your Hormone secretion system. Your hormones deteriorate further during deprivation and may make you more uneasy. Your restlessness may continue until these hormones are balanced at their normal levels. Tourmaline Stone for Addiction has the feature of balancing hormones; it allows you to restore the disturbed sleep pattern. Tourmaline with Lepidolite is the perfect duo for people who want to eliminate their Addiction.

Peridot Stone for Addiction

This evening emerald, which is yellow to green, olive green and dark green, can be used as a helping stone to eliminate your addictions. Peridot stone helps you hold on to life while eliminating your addictions. Peridot Stone for Addiction is also famous for their ability to purify toxins. In particular, it purifies the metabolism and lungs. It accelerates tissue and cell regeneration.

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It has rejuvenating and cell-renewing effects like Kunzite; you can use it with Kunzite to get a stronger effect. It can remove skin wear caused by addictions; it is beneficial for the skin. It also heals rashes and rashes on the skin; It helps the skin to gain a bright appearance.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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