Peridot Olivine Mineral(Communication Stone)

What is olivine (peridot)?

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Peridot olivine mineral; is a magnificent crystal known worldwide. It can be said that the word Peridot is derived from the Greek word “peridona”, which means “offering wealth”.

Because of the colour of peridot crystal, It is also known as olive, olivine, and chrysolite. This natural stone; has been among the precious stones used for jewellery and jewellery making since ancient times. Our ancestors have given the olivine stone the necessary value for centuries. In addition, the Peridot olivine mineral; is known as the communication stone. One of the things that the olivine crystal does best is to help a person improve their communication with their surroundings. It makes you energetic by providing mind and body balance. Due to all these balancing properties, Peridot stone; is a great support to increase positive thinking.

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Peridot is an optional healing crystal with a gorgeous green colour that balances you. One of the essential features of Peridot is that it has only one colour. Yes, the colour of Peridot crystal is forest green. But of course, “Forest” can have different shades of green. There are shades of green with yellow, gold with green, dark green and brownish green. Colour tones are closely related to the crystal’s chromium, nickel and iron ratio. No matter what colour it is, Peridot stone; has an oily appearance, transparent structure and glass shine. The degree of hardness of this natural stone; varies between 6.5 and 7.

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As we have just mentioned, Peridot; gets its magnificent forest green colour from its combined mineral structure. It is composed of minerals called forsterite and fayalite.

Peridot crystal; is a type of olive mineral. For this reason, it is seen that the word “olivine” in the sense of Peridot is also used in some sources. It can be stated that it is colloquially called “snake stone” in some places because snake venom has a similar green colour.

The island is known as Zahbargat Island; It is located near the Red Sea, and it is said that the name of this stone was taken from there. The first source of these natural stones; Since it is from this island, the rocks brought from this island are called Peridot.

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Peridot olivine mineral History


Peridot stones; For over 4000 years, they have been in the status of precious stones. This natural stone; is stated that Cleopatra, known as the Queen of Egypt, is among the most loved essential rocks. Peridot crystal; In the Old Testament period, it was called “pitdah” with its Hebrew name. Peridot stone; It is mixed with many other precious and natural stones and even with emeralds. Peridot crystal; It is often confused with green garnet, zircon and green tourmaline stones. It was understood much later that many emeralds in the treasures of the British royal families were Peridot stones.

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Recently, natural stones in huge masses and gorgeous colours ve has been mined within the new Peridot mines near Kashmir. In this way, the Peridot crystal; has come to the fore again and has become a sought-after stone. The most beautiful Peridot stones; It is extracted from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Peridot crystal is mined in many countries, such as Brazil, the United States, China, Kenya, Australia, Ceylon and Mexico. Smooth, shiny and radiant green stones from Burma are more expensive than stones from other countries.

Yes, Peridot was a very precious stone in ancient times as well as now. This stone was generally thought to be a crystal of emerald status. This stone was often used in Ancient Egypt and was described as the national jewel. Ancient Egyptian people, Peridot crystal; He recognized it as the jewel of the sun. It is stated that Cleopatra, who is considered one of the most influential people of ancient times, became famous for her wearing the Peridot crystal. However, there is information that some of Cleopatra’s jewellery and accessories are not emeralds but are dark green Peridot stones.

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Peridot crystal has been mentioned throughout history. It is noted as olivine in many history books. However, in some ancient texts, this stone was found in ancient times; It was used for crafting talismans to control evil spirits and for spiritual empowerment.

In the Medieval Period, European representatives brought many Peridot stones from their trips to other countries. The churches are decorated with Peridot crystal. One of the most important examples of this stone; is the presence of Olivine stones used in the Temple of the Three Holy Kings within the church in Cologne, Germany.

Benefits of Peridot olivine mineral

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Peridot stone can be mainly used to improve your luck and communication features. It is already found among powerful crystals. Peridot crystal has many known benefits, as it has high healing properties. We have researched the help of this essential and precious stone for you, and as the heal crystal family, we share it with you here.

What are the Physical Benefits of Peridot olivine ?

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  • Peridot stone; It is perfect for heart palpitations and heart diseases.
  • Peridot stone; calms the nervous system. That’s why it helps you sleep.
  • Peridot stone, which positively affects the pancreas, liver, spleen and heart, is also effective against tissue deterioration.
  • It allows the healing of stomach ulcers.
  • It is used in the treatment of respiratory ailments.
  • This stone; ensures the regular functioning of your adrenal gland.
  • It is known that the Peridot stone has a physical effect on your brain organ. If you use it regularly, it gives joy, happiness, peace and joy. It also helps to increase your life energy.
  • It is stated that the sun rays passing through this stone were used to treat liver diseases during the ancient Egyptian period.
  • Peridot stone effectively protects against all negative energies in your body.
  • Peridot stone, which generally keeps your body healthy, slows down ageing.
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What are the Mental Benefits of Peridot olivine?

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  • Peridot stone; It is a particular type of crystal that sharpens the mind and brings you back to awareness levels.
  • This stone strengthens your communication with your surroundings by positively affecting your brain; It makes socializing easier.
  • It allows preliminary preparation for the necessary change that is much needed on behalf of someone struggling with depression.
  • It is a stone that eliminates the drowsiness experienced in a person experiencing depression.
  • Peridot stone; It can also be used to support the treatment of bipolar disorders.
  • Peridot stone; It helps to reduce anger.
  • It reduces and eventually eliminates your delusions.
  • Of the person; It allows you to think positively and positively.
  • The distress and stress of individuals using Peridot stone are reduced.
  • It helps you find peace in your mind.
  • It supports the acceleration of personal development.
  • Peridot stone; It helps to understand and comprehend information easily.
  • Peridot stone; It helps to eliminate the feeling of fear that arises for no reason.
  • Adding a sense of optimism helps you be happy even during minor events.
  • It quickly removes emotional jealousy, coldness and negative emotions from your mind.

What are the Spiritual Benefits of the Peridot olivine ?

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Peridot stone; It is a natural stone with significant effects in the spiritual sense. In addition, it has very positive results when it comes to treating psychological diseases. Primarily for someone with depression, Using Peridot stone will provide excellent effects. In addition to this, here are the most critical spiritual benefits of the Peridot stone:

  • Peridot stone minimizes your spiritual fears.
  • It helps to relieve Spiritual Tension.
  • This stone; is a stone that reduces the effects of negative emotions and can be defined as a stone of lightness.
  • For the individual using the Peridot stone, There are beliefs that it will bring success, happiness, luck and money.
  • It is a type of stone that mothers with babies or expectant mothers should use. This stone; helps to strengthen the bond between baby and mother from the mother’s womb.
  • Peridot stone; It helps to find emotional security, inner peace and balance.
  • It balances the emotional release process. In addition, it helps to reduce negative emotions and helps to become comfortable.
  • Since it heals physical pain, it also helps to relieve spirituality.
  • It supports the self-esteem and damaged ego of the individual who uses the Peridot stone.
  • Peridot or Peridot stone; It helps the heart to develop spiritually. In particular, it cleans the heart and allows it to take action.
  • It is an excellent natural stone that removes many negative emotions, such as guilt, obsession, and burden.
  • It will assist you in how to detach yourself from external influences and move forward into higher energies for guidance.
  • This stone, which helps people using Peridot stone to understand their destiny and spiritual goal, fully supports reaching high potential.

Where Is Peridot olivine mineral Found?

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Peridot crystal; is extracted from many countries around the world. However, the widely removed countries;

It can be listed as Canada, Russia, the USA, Spain, Burma, Germany, Slovakia, Algeria, and France.

The most expensive Peridot in the world is; from the Buruma region; They are Peridot stones with sparkling, bright and green colour. It can be stated that stones of significant sizes and beautiful colours are extracted from the new Peridot mines near Kashmir. In this way, Peridot stones have gained a critical reputation.

How to Clean Peridot Olivine Mineral?

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Peridot stone cleaning quartz group can be cleaned simply in water like other precious natural stones. Peridot should be cleaned frequently; You will feel it when the effect of the stone increases and you provide the purification of the stone. To clean the Peridot crystal or the accessories made from these stones, it will be sufficient to wash it under running water for approximately 5 minutes or to leave it in salty water for 10 minutes. Peridot stone for purification; You can keep it in the soil for a day or in a place exposed to the sun for a few hours.

Is Peridot olivine Fake or Real?

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Peridot stone, more formally, Iron silicate, which has a sparkling and glass-shaped shine, is called olivine, known as magnesium. In terms of colour, this stone is yellowish and green, and in some cases, in different tones of pure green. Paying attention to the colour tones lets you know whether the natural stone is original. Cheap Peridot stones are most likely not authentic because it is impossible to buy them cheaply.

What are the Features of the Peridot olivine mineral?

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Peridot stone; It is considered a stone of compassion. In addition, it is believed to steal peace in the name of resting sleep, healing and relationships. This stone; It has been stated that it balances the mind and regulates emotions. People with Peridot stones on them are generally pleased and contented people. Peridot crystal; It brings joy and peace and helps create and increase skills. In addition, this stone; attracts love, brings a sense of rejuvenation and removes anger.

What is the Meaning of olivine

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Peridot stone; is a type of olive mineral. Therefore, it can be encountered as “olivine” in some sources. However, in some places, this stone; is also called snake stone because it has a similar quality to snake venom. Finally, our Prophet (pbuh) related to the Peridot stone. Mohammed; conveys to Muslims in the Islamic world with many hadiths that the gates of heaven are made of this stone.

The origin of the word Peridot; comes from the Arabic language. It is stated that this word was used to describe a green stone type of the Ottoman Empire. In addition, although it is known as Peridot stone throughout Turkey, this stone is worldwide; It is known as peridot stone. This word is derived from the Greek word “peridona”, meaning “offering wealth”.

We Recommend You Use Peridot olivine mineral As Jewelry

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Peridot stone; As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is an exceptional crystal with high healing properties. And yes, it is very often used in accessories. Peridot crystal; Many pieces of jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, are made. It can also be used as loose gemstones. It is also possible to use Peridot stone on a glittering dress or in different accessories such as belt buckles.

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How is Peridot olivine Used?


Peridot stone; Although more than one piece of jewellery, such as beads, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and earrings, can be made, we recommend you use it mainly as a necklace so that it is close to your heart.
Peridot will quickly transition to the heart’s frequency with unique hues of green tones that differentiate between the bright or olive green of the heart chakra.

In addition, using it with stones highly compatible with Peridot crystal is more effective. For example, when Peridot is combined with other essential stones such as bloodstone, rose quartz, lemon quartz and blue agate, the designs are both curative and visually fascinating.

peridot olivine

As we always say, using healing stones in contact with your body will provide positive effects with their powerful properties. It may take time for the rocks to work and help you. Maintain contact with Peridot for long hours during the day. Wearing a necklace made of Peridot will allow the soul to be nourished with healing vibrations, as there is no barrier between the human body’s energy and the rock.

Since it is heavy in bracelets made of Peridot, it can be an alternative to using it as a necklace. You know, the bigger the crystal, the faster the result. It’s easy to be a part of your life with the joy this Bright Forest green Peridot stone brings you.

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Olivine is an expensive crystal, be prepared to pay high fees if you want to use it for home decoration. Yes, you can use Peridot crystal even in household items. At least, you can keep a fist-sized stone in your kitchen or desk as a decorative. Peridot is used at home; It brings peace and happiness to the home. Peridot stone protects the house from negative and negative energies as with other natural stones. If you can somehow keep the Peridot crystal with you, you will have used it, providing you with both physical, mental and spiritual benefits.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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