Which Natural Stones Are Good For Psychology?

Which Stone Is Good For Psychology? Your level of psychological health and capacity for emotional healing; It’s about your habit patterns. However, there are more critical things beyond your feelings and wounds. These involve understanding the deeper story of life, finding a sense of purpose, giving a name to deeply held values, and genuinely confronting your inner world.

Gemstones and crystals are suitable for psychology; They can help you navigate the dark waters of the subconscious and stay connected to the heart while regulating the inner workings of the mind. Known to help relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, these stones can fix your problems. However, getting help from an expert should be your first option if you think you are in a crisis.

Stones have long been used to support a strong body, mental health and balanced mood. Some of the most innovative civilizations in history, such as the ancient Romans and Egyptians, believed natural stones had great power. If you’re stuck in a bad mood, depressed, emotionally blocked or mentally confused, the precious and healing crystals we’ve listed below as “psychological stones” can help you!

Selenite Stone Good for Psychology

It is a rod-shaped stone named after the Greek Moon Goddess “Selene”. Although selenite has different names, its power is known to work on people.

Selenite stone; can help calm a tired mind. It can bring clarity to your mind if you are struggling with cloudy and foggy thoughts. Holding a piece of selenite in your hand or wearing a selenite necklace close to your Throat Chakra during meditation or yoga; can help clear your mind, set clear intentions, and promote emotional stability.

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Barite Stone Good for Psychology

barite Stone Good for Psychology

Barite has many colours and forms. But mainly, It is in the form of a cluster of yellow, red, blue, green, brown and black colours. Historians; believe that Native Americans used barite in religious practices to move freely between the physical and spiritual realms.

Today this stone is used to strengthen the bond between body and mind. Thus, you can become more aware of the emotional blockages holding you back. Barite also helps you recognize negative thought patterns and tap into your inner voice. It reveals the truths you hide from yourself. In general, if you want to strengthen your chi energy, that is, your life energy, barite may be the right choice.

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Optical Calcite Stone for Psychology

calcite Stone Good for Psychology

Optical calcite stone, where you can get help as a stone that is good for psychology, is stunning for its healing potential. The various colours of this stone are beneficial to all chakras. Known to be a powerful stone, optical calcite can double its healing power when used with other precious stones.

Whether used alone or to increase the strength of another stone, Optical Calcite increases positive vibrations and helps clear negative energy and emotions. If you wish to clear stagnant energy blockages, dispel fear-based feelings and bring higher points to the chakras, this stone can support your progress on this journey.

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Danburite Stone Good for Psychology

Danburite stone was first discovered in the first half of the 17th century; It is a transparent stone, usually white. Sometimes it can also be in yellow, pink and brown colours. Resembling quartz, this stone is a famous stone for collectors. When carried regularly, it allows you to take its energy wherever you go.

Danburite is a precious stone. Opens the crown chakra with a gentle and sweet energy. It connects the crown chakra to the heart chakra with pure vibration. This stone; promotes self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance. It brings the mind and heart together. If you are dealing with an overly sensitive emotional state or trying to get over an old trauma, As a psychological stone, danburite can be a gentle opener for healing.

Crystal Quartz Stone Good for Psychology

Crystal quartz is a translucent stone considered a “master healer”. It is also known to have the power to address mental, physical, emotional or spiritual issues, promoting overall health.

Crystal quartz resonates primarily with the higher chakras. It can strengthen the user’s connection with their higher self by focusing on their inner wisdom. It can also be programmed to work well for just about any problem. Besides being a good stone for psychology, it can also help reveal positive desires.

Do you want to eliminate a chronic negative thought and emotion and replace it with a positive intention? You can gain benefits by incorporating crystal quartz stone into your living space.

Some stones can act as a beautiful complement to traditional therapies. It can help you process difficult emotions, relieve insecurity and negative thoughts, and attract positive energy. You can start with these stones if you consider incorporating natural stones into your healing mental health journey.

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How Do Natural Stones Calm the Mind?

mind Stone Good for Psychology

You can try performing small rituals if being around the stones isn’t enough. If you are meditating, it can be beneficial for your practice to keep the rocks we have listed as suitable for psychology. Amethyst, crystalline quartz, lepidolite, and any quartz family member are excellent stones to make this.

If meditating is not for you, You can try holding it in your hand and breathing for a few minutes while you visualize the healing benefits of the stone surrounding you. Set your intention with these stones and return to them when you need them. You can carry it in your pocket or wallet if it is small enough.

Where to Put for Maximum Effect?

effect Stone Good for Psychology

To give a short answer; Everywhere! Placement is a personal preference. However, placing the stones that are good for psychology where you can see will help. However, some unique places are particularly effective for specific stones.

If you use a lot of computers, A stone like black tourmaline, smoky quartz or shungite can be beneficial for your table. Or, if you’re in a creative business, it might help to have some amethyst in your studio.

How to Choose the Right Stone?

Stone Good for Psychology

With all its glamour, it may seem challenging to choose the stone that suits you best among so many options. There is so much information and information pollution everywhere on the Internet that it can be straightforward to get lost in everything. In a gemstone collection, crystal quartz is one of the fixtures. This stone is a beautiful, healing, and versatile tool.

Also, smoky quartz is excellent because of its grounding abilities. In addition, Blue calcite is also calming, relaxing, and anxiolytic. While there are so many options, you can choose the one that catches your eye first to select the stone that suits you best. By going by the trial and error method, you can find the stone that works best for you as the stone that is good for psychology.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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