What are the General Properties of Crystal Quartz Natural Stone?

crystal quartz

Crystal Quartz Natural Stone is a highly prized stone for its icy beauty and numerous benefits that have been recognized throughout the ages. Crystal clear colour; may be slightly cloudy or almost opaque. While this gemstone can provide many benefits on its own, it is also suitable for increasing the strength of other rocks. Well, what is the meaning of crystal quartz stone? Where does it come from? What are its features and benefits? What are the signs of the zodiac?

Crystal Quartz Natural Stone Meaning

crystal quartz

Crystal Quartz is a Natural Stone that grows in the bosom of the soil; It has enhanced connections with all earthly elements. This situation is at the centre of the meaning of quartz. All the beauties of the earth carry within itself.

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The meaning of the stone also depends on its master healer properties. Crystal Quartz Natural Stone is highly valued for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to increase higher spiritual receptivity. He is also considered the lord of all healing stones, as he can amplify the healing vibrations of other stones.

crystal quartz

Crystal quartz; has been highly valued since ancient times for its beautiful and reflective gemstone quality, healing properties and protective power. The name quartz comes from the word “quarz” in Europe. Crystal Quartz Natural Stone is believed to be a living thing that only breathes once every century. Throughout history, many cultures have thought this gemstone is the transmigration of the Divine.

As the Healcrystal family, we believe reincarnation does not occur as described. Man is the representative of the Creator on earth. The soul is produced by the human body and takes its place in its new dimension when the time comes when the event called death is tasted. In other words, after leaving the body, it is not possible for the souls to live the worldly life again as stones, plants, plants or animals.

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Crystal Quartz Natural Stone History

crystal quartz stone

In ancient Egypt, all kinds of jewellery decorated with Crystal Quartz Natural Stones were used. The ancient Egyptians also buried this stone with the dead so that it could be appreciated in the afterlife for its icy beauty and root powers of meaning. Of course, that was their belief.

crystal quartz stone

In Roman times, this stone was thought to be a piece of ice that solidified over time. Women of high social status used balls made of crystal quartz stone to refresh themselves in hot weather. Also, in Rome, it was used to thank God for starting the Holy Fire.

raw crystal

Light passing through Crystal Quartz Natural Stone causes the chips to smoke and burst into flames. Because of this property, it has also been used to repair skin wounds. The powers of sun refraction on this stone are said to have a history dating back to the time of Atlantis.

Looking at Africa, it has been seen that indigenous tribes also used this gemstone for healing powers. It is used when meditating for more advanced spiritual growth and removing evil spells.

Crystal Quartz Natural Stone Properties

raw quartz

Chakra: All chakras
Origin: Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and Tibet
Rarity: Common
Stone Class: Silicates
Crystal System: Triangle crystal system
Hardness: 7 based on Mohs value
Vibration: number 4
Colour: Clear and colourless
Zodiac Signs: Aries, Virgo, Gemini and Leo
Elements: Air, Fire and Water
Auxiliary Stone: Lapis Lazuli

raw quartz stone

Composed of silicon dioxide, this stone belongs to the group of oxides. It is formed due to the slow crystallization of acidic terminal magmas and has a hexagonal crystallization. It often has ice-like transparency, although the highest quality specimens may have whitish clouds. It is also part of granites and more. This gemstone is one of the most used stones in natural healing therapies.

Crystal Quartz Natural Stone Various Benefits

raw quartz

General Healing Effect is one of the most well-known benefits of Crystal Quartz Natural Stone. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most used stones today by natural stone healers, energy healers, and Reiki practitioners.

Crystal quartz; balances the body, stimulates the immune system and facilitates post-disease recovery. When placed on any affected body part, it will instantly replenish one’s energy. Its powerful effect reduces inflammation by stimulating the immune system and, as a result, lowers it if there is a fever. Crystal Quartz Natural Stone is useful for people who feel depressed to carry. It brings positive thoughts. If you want to find a gift for someone who is depressed, a clear Crystal Quartz Natural Stone would be one of the best choices. Below, we have listed the most well-known benefits of crystal quartz stone.

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Protects Against Bad Energies

ghost quartz stone

This gemstone works as a good energy saver and is very effective. It is such a powerful stone that it can be used as an amulet to avoid bad vibrations. When you carry it with you, it will protect you by neutralizing negative energies. Quartz is a Natural Stone and is a good source of positive energy; It can balance the opposing forces surrounding the person.

Increases One’s Chances

ghost raw quartz stone

Crystal quartz, known to attract good luck, will be very effective in such situations. To attract blessings, you can carry a small piece of Crystal Quartz Natural Stone in your wallet. This will not allow your wallet to remain empty by withdrawing the money.

Improves Mental Health

raw quartz stone

It can be used while meditating. In addition to its excellent properties, it also has other energetic properties. Crystal Quartz Natural Stone will help block the energy flow of the body. This gemstone aligns the chakras, clearing blockages and allowing life energy to flow freely throughout your body. It also provides mental clarity.

Brings Emotional Balance

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Crystal Quartz Natural Stone provides an emotional balance. It helps to think positively and can be helpful for people who are depressed or have emotional disabilities. It strengthens your magnetic field. Work provides strength and security and connects with the vital energy of one’s higher self. It increases creativity, provides concentration, activates memory and helps one’s visualization.

Pain Relief and Healing

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Energy healers of all kinds for thousands of years have used crystal Quartz. It is also said to have pain-relieving properties. Some people also say that it reduces high fever by reducing inflammation. Healing Practitioners; also benefits from this gemstone to help heal the stomach, throat and headache.

Feature of Transmitting Energy

crystal raw
  • It is an excellent stone to use while meditating.
  • Because it is a gentle yet powerful stone, it will help thoughts flow more peacefully and clearly.
  • It is made from oxygen and silicon, two of the most abundant elements on the planet. This means it can help you align with your goals.
  • It keeps you focused and clear.
  • It provides clarity when you’re overwhelmed, confused, or need help.
crystal quartz stone
  • It will help strengthen the healing work and increase the strength of the other stones.
  • One of the most effective ways to benefit from the powerful and healing effects of Crystal Quartz Natural Stone is to wear it. Using crystal quartz necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches will keep the stone’s energy close to your body and enable you to benefit from its healing effects. Crystal necklaces, bracelets and Charms can be used as the best energy transport and transfer resources in your body.
crystal quartz stone

Quartz pendant can benefit the Heart Chakra as it benefits all chakras. Wearing jewellery such as a Crystal Quartz Natural Stone bracelet will help the person instantly. A crystal quartz bracelet or jewellery that comes into direct contact with the skin allows for maximum energy absorption; It ensures that the flow goes precisely where it needs to be without any hindrance.

Which Sign Is a Quartz Crystal?

crystal quartz stone

Quartz Natural Stone is not a traditional or modern birthstone. However, It increases Aries’s energy, reduces Capricorn’s stubbornness and can help Gemini be more tolerant. Of course, these are the most general features we expect to bring to the zodiac signs we mentioned. In addition to the benefits listed above, this crystal has hundreds of benefits. Goodbye, for now, to cover it in more detail in another crystal quartz article.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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