Selenite (Cleansing Stone)

Selenite Stone

Selenite stone, known as a meditation crystal, has high energy. Known to purify the mind and spirit, Selenite increases concentration while studying but allows people to return to themselves.

Selenite crystals have an important place in many cultures around the world. In these cultures, selenite crystals are found to enhance meditation. It is also rich visually and spiritually. Selenite stones, extracted from countries such as Mexico, Morocco and Canada, have energy-enhancing properties. For this reason, selenite stones are significant in increasing intuition and using it correctly.

Selenite Stone

Selenite crystal, named after the Greek goddess Selene, has a particular mineral. This stone has a translucent appearance. Selenite, unique in its appearance, can be used in trinkets that complement the home’s decoration and jewellery designs.

There are also selenite stones on the jewellery for women. Selenite stone provides physical and psychological relief to the person. In addition, Selenite, which destroys bad energies, is known to spread positive energy to the person. Therefore, it is highly preferred.

What is Selenite?

Selenite Stone

Selenite is known as a cleansing stone. Selenite, a purification stone, often cleanses the aura as well. Selenite crystal, which destroys the body’s destructive energies, helps balance the energies. This stone clears the atmosphere of the environment in the areas where people are located.


Selenite crystal generally has purifying and cleansing properties. Selenite is named after the moon goddess Selene. Especially in ancient times, the Greeks used selenite layers in architectural structures. In particular, Selenite was used very often instead of glass. It was known for its transparent or white-coloured design.

What Does Selenite Stone Mean?

Selenite, which is very popular today, means radiating and purifying positive energy. Selenite crystal, which has a remarkable and stylish appearance, has been used extensively by many people in every period. Selenite crystal, which has purification and cleaning properties, is the stone that purifies.

Selenit crystal skull

For this reason, the motivation and concentration of the person will increase thanks rapidly to this stone. Selenite, a potent crystal, removes terrible energies. Selenite crystal, a shield, is known for thoroughly cleaning the ambient aura. Since it purifies the power in people, it provides healing and protection against diseases.

Selenite Stone Formation

Selenite stone, which is very popular today, is not found in coastal areas. This stone is generally mined from landlocked places. Selenite crystal formation occurs with the evaporation of salt water. In this respect, selenite crystal has a precious and delicate structure. Selenite stones that reflect light are transparent.

Selenite Stone

Selenite crystal is often used decoratively in the form of lamps. In decorative areas, selenite stones are used extensively in object and accessory designs. Selenite is also frequently used for physical and spiritual purification. These stones, which are elegant and crystalline, are preferred by many people because they are valuable.

Where to Find Selenite?

Selenite stone, which is clear and transparent, has a pure shape. It provides physical and mental healing. Known for positive emitting energy, selenite crystal is extracted from landlocked places. Selenite crystal has been removed from many countries of the world. ,

Selenit clean

In particular, large amounts of Selenite are removed from Morocco, Mexico and America. In addition, selenite crystal is mined from many parts of Canada. The spiritual effect of this stone is also very high. When removing Selenite, which is extremely sensitive to impacts, it is necessary to be careful and attentive. Otherwise, selenite stones can be damaged very easily.

Things to Consider While Buying Selenite

Some points should be considered when buying a natural stone. There are some points to be considered, especially when purchasing selenite crystal. Selenite should be taken from a known place because it contains intense energy. Selenite should not have been used by anyone else before.

Selenite Stone

No one should touch the natural stone. In addition, selenite crystal should be carefully purified from all old energies before using it. Selenite stone cleaned in this way can be purchased. The power of the selenite stone must be neutralized. When purchasing selenite crystal, it should be purchased from known and expert places. Selenite stones bought from untrusted locations can also be fake. This should be noted.

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How to Tell if Selenite is Real or Fake?

When buying selenite stone, which has a beautiful and unique appearance, it should be well understood whether it is fake or real. It should be noted that the natural selenite crystal is original. Artificial selenite stone can be coated with paint. Therefore, the paint on the stone will flow when it is kept in water.

Selenit Stone

If the selenite stone is controlled with fire, melting can occur. The original selenite crystal will never melt. For this reason, selenite stone, which melts when kept in fire, is known as fake. Colour changes may also occur if selenite stones are held on fire for a long time.

When buying selenite crystal, it should be considered whether it is accurate or fake. In particular, there are two ways to understand this. These pathways are known as heating and temperature. Natural selenite crystal cools at room temperature.

Selenite angel

On the other hand, the fake selenite stone feels much warmer at room temperature. This is one of the most effective methods to find the original selenite crystal. When the Selenite is exposed to heat, it is checked whether the paint flows. The colour of natural selenite crystal will not wash. This way, knowing precisely what to pay attention to when buying selenite stone is necessary.

What are Selenite Stone Properties and Effects?

-Selenite crystal has different properties from each other. Selenite has purifying properties.

-Selenite cleans the aura deeply and is perfect for the body.

-Selenite which cleans bad energies deeply, is used as a healing in meditations such as yoga.

-Selenite which also gives energy, is used to deal with bad energy.

Selenit rose

-People maintain order by using selenite crystal.

-It is very beneficial for Body Balance.

-Selenite stones are used to destroy negative energies and keep emotions in balance.

-Because it is among the precious stones, it takes place in nature in large amounts.

Selenite Crystal Usage Areas

Selenite stone, which has a beautiful and unique appearance, is used in many areas. Selenite stone is used in the construction of objects in homes. In addition, necklaces can be made from selenite stones. Since it is not expensive, chains can be made from selenite crystal.

Generally, selenite stones are used a lot in the necklace industry. Selenite stones can also be used in elegant prayer beads and rings designed for men. Selenite crystal is also used as a necklace. Selenite is generally used in jewellery designs. Selenite stones are also included in the creation of jewellery for women.

Selenit crystal

Selenite stones, like other natural stones, are very energetic. For this reason, selenite crystals must be buried in the ground before being used. When the selenite crystal is buried in the background, its energy is neutralized. In this way, the Selenite will be ready for use after purification. Selenite crystal should also be maintained at regular intervals. In this way, selenite crystal can be used for a long time. Selenite, one of the sensitive stones, should be used properly.

Selenite Stone Ritual

Selenite stone, among the natural stones, has high energy. Selenite stone, composed of calcium sulfate, was used in various rituals centuries ago. Selenite crystal, which clears evil powers, was used in ancient Mesopotamia to drive away evil spirits. Usually, selenite stones were placed in the rooms of the patients. From the past to the present, it was thought that when selenite crystal was hung on fruit trees, the tree would also yield a lot of fruit. It was also known that the energy of the Selenite changes according to the phase of the moon.

Which Chakra Is Selenite Compatible With?

Selenit Stone

Calcium sulfate dihydrate is known as the chemical composition of selenite crystal. Known as the cleansing stone, Selenite represents spirituality and wisdom. In addition, Selenite is directly related to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Selenite is used to balance the crown chakra. Since the energy of the selenite crystal is very high, sudden exits are also prevented. Selenite crystal needs to open the chakra for irregular menstruation or hormonal problems. Selenite also contains low libido. There are many benefits of selenite crystal.

Compatible Signs of Selenite Stone

Selenite is known as the stone that balances Gemini. Selenite is generally compatible with Pisces, Cancer and Gemini zodiac signs. Selenite, also known as moonstone, is consistent with zodiac signs. For this reason, its domain is also known as more comprehensive. Selenite crystal gives people positive and positive effects. The crystalline selenite crystal may crack in some cases. Sensitive selenite stones are extremely delicate against impacts. For this reason, selenite stone must be stored correctly.

Selenit Stone

Among the natural stones, Selenite is a member of the water group. Therefore, it harmonizes with Cancer and Pisces in the Zodiac. Selenite strengthens feelings of spirituality. It also directly affects intuition. The compatibility of Selenite with the Zodiac is always at the forefront. Selenite stones are known to make one’s intuition much more robust than it is. Selenite is not a very hard natural stone, so it melts quickly if left in water. Washing the Selenite in water is not recommended as it will melt.

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Selenite Stone Benefits and Harms

-Today, primarily physical and massage therapists use Selenite intensively. Selenite crystal has many benefits. Selenite, which opens the crown chakra, is also associated with the third eye.

-Selenite brings the spiritual side of the person to the fore. It is also known to strengthen intuition.

-The vibration of selenite crystal, which increases motivation, is also very high.

Selenite crystal

-It is also recommended that meditators use selenite stones during their meditation.

-Selenite renews the cells in the person’s body. Physical healing is also provided.

-Selenite is also known to increase fertility.

-Selenite stones, which heal the person physically and psychologically, are also known for protecting skin health.

Selenite Stone

-Selenite crystal balances the skin tone and increases calcium absorption.

-Selenite crystal, which provides spiritual relief to the person, fights all negative emotions. For this reason, selenite stones, which negatively affect people, such as inadequacy, doubt, anxiety or jealousy, provide high-frequency energy to the body.

-Most people prefer it because it also increases libido.

-It is also known to be good for dental diseases and toothaches.

-Selenite is highly beneficial physically and psychologically.

Where to Put Selenite Stone at Home?

Selenite, one of the most elegant natural stones, has a crystal structure. This white and transparent stone is straightforward and precise. Thanks to its noble appearance, it is also used in jewellery making. The pearl-like selenite crystal provides clarity and relaxation in the mind. It is also possible to get rid of incredibly intense thoughts.

Selenite crystal

It protects from psychic emotions. Along with all these features, it also leads to mental relaxation. The presence of selenite stone in the house leads to peace in the house. In addition, selenite crystal adds meaning to the life of everyone in the house. Peace creates a home environment. Selenite can be placed on high shelves or in the most visible places. Trinkets made of selenite stones can also be used.

Selenite Stone

Selenite is a powerful cleaner. For this reason, using Selenite while meditating provides vital peace and clarity of mind. Along with the crystals in the selenite crystal, it also makes the intuition stronger. Selenite crystal is also used as a part of the decoration. The home environment will also be more peaceful and beautiful thanks to the selenite crystal found in objects and trinkets.

How Much Does Selenite Stone Cost?

Selenite prices in many countries around the world also vary. The prices of the selenite crystal vary according to the dimensions and the places where it is used. The rare selenite crystal is also used in making necklaces and similar jewellery.

In addition, selenite stones in some trinkets and items used in the house directly affect the price. Selenite stones are not expensive. It is also necessary to be very careful when buying selenite crystal. Price can also often be the determining factor.

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Selenite Stone Care and Cleaning

The care and cleaning of the selenite crystal, also known as the purification stone, should be given great attention. Especially for the stone to have high energy, the proper cleaning method should be applied. Cleaning the stone regularly increases the power. Selenite should be buried in the ground.

Selenite is kept in the soil for about one night. Those who wish can also purify the selenite stone with incense. In some cases, the selenite crystal exposed to sunlight is cleaned. In this way, the neutralization of the stone is ensured.

Exciting Facts About Selenite Stone

Selenite cube

Selenite Crystal is known to benefit the body and psychology in general. Selenite, which also prevents menstrual irregularity in women, is used to eliminate skin defects. Selenite, a powerful cleaner, is also known as a moonstone among the people.

It also removes bad energy, especially in the environment where people are. Selenite stone should be used most appropriately in home decoration. It will be beneficial to use Selenite in trinkets and ornaments. Thanks to this stone, the bad energy in the environment are removed. Selenite must be used in a part of the decoration. Selenite crystal should be adequately taken in the right place.

Selenit crystal raw

Selenite crystal, which has a very high vibration, can be used with all stones. Selenite stones are also used for the spiritual development of the person. Along with selenite crystal, amethyst stone harmony is also used. Selenite is often used while meditating.

The vibration of selenite crystal is also known to be very high. Selenite, associated with the crown chakra, affects the chakras to work much better. Selenite stone, used frequently throughout history, is important in Greek mythology.

Selenite crystal woman

In Roman times, windows were made of selenite crystals instead of glass. For this reason, selenite stones are preferred both visually and spiritually.

These crystalline energy stones are also used in making jewellery. Women mainly use Selenite stones. Selenite stones have an important place in the solutions to gynaecological diseases. When buying selenite stone, it should be ensured that it is original and natural Selenite. Selenite stones should be cleaned and maintained correctly. The cleanliness of the selenite stones should also be taken care of.


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