Chalcedony (Balance Stone)

What is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony Natural Stone, referred to as Chalcedony in official sources, is an energy-balancing natural stone. Since its appearance and effects are more beautiful than the others, it is easily used in making accessories and ornaments. The fact that it has been in use since ancient times provides more extensive information about Chalcedony.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

The naming story of the Chalcedony Crystal comes from the Byzantine city of Chalcedon, now known as Istanbul, but at that time. If it is the exact location of the town of Chelsea, it can be placed in the district of Kadikoy. The name of the stone was Chalcedony due to the intense extraction from this region. Different colors of Chalcedony Natural Stone are produced in other countries.

What Does Chalcedony Crystal Mean?

Chalcedony Crystal

Chalcedony Natural Stone is one of the natural stones in the quartz group. It is usually taken out of the stalactites and stalagmites inside the caves and undergoes some processes. It is widely used, especially in the health field, due to its benefits to human health. Thanks to factors such as cleansing energy, purifying the person, and reducing stress, it is a stone suitable for all age groups and genders.

Chalcedony Natural Stone Formation

Chalcedony Crystal Purple

The formation of the Chalcedony Crystal depends on the volcanic events that took place millions of years ago. It has achieved its final appearance thanks to the physical and chemical reactions it has undergone since then. As a result of these reactions, it can be found not only in one color and pattern but also in many types and sizes. In addition, thanks to the magnetic effects it is exposed to, it can attract negative energies and make the environment more positive.

Where Is Chalcedony Natural Stone Found?

Chalcedony Natural Stone can be mined in many countries in the world. It is famous for its large reserves, mainly in Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. There are also caves and rock chutes in which Chalcedony Natural Stone is found in India and Uruguay. The stones extracted from these countries can be exported to many countries.

Chalcedony Crystal

Chalcedony is abundantly mined in Kaz Mountains. It is abundantly found in both regions. Chalcedony Natural Stone is found almost all over the world. These stones, which are processed and offered for sale, can be easily found in different colors, models, and varieties.

Considerations While Buying Chalcedony

There are many issues to be considered while buying Chalcedony Crystal. The first is to check whether the stone is real or fake during shopping. A license document showing the stone’s naturalness may be requested if available. Even if there is no license certificate, you can know the stone’s authenticity by trying the crushing or burning processes.

Chalcedony Blue

It is necessary to be very careful when using Chalcedony Natural Stone. For this reason, it is essential to research the benefits and harms of the stone before buying it. If you do not feel close to the Chalcedony Crystal or do not like the accessory, you should believe it. You should look at other models or natural stones because Chalcedony Natural Stone may not show enough effect if not used with love.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Natural Stone, which cannot be used regularly or taken care of, should not be purchased as an accessory. Instead, it should be preferred as an ornament. Chalcedony Crystal, whose effect can be observed in homes, offices, or cars, shows its benefits when used regularly. Since it will be ineffective in cases where it does not exchange energy, it should be placed in such a way that it is always next to the individual.

How to Tell if Chalcedony is Real or Fake?

Chalcedony Grape

There are imitations as well as natural stones themselves in the market. The fake Chalcedony Crystal, which are similar to each other only in appearance, is cheaper than the real ones. Because fake stones are ordinary paving stones, they are not energy-changing and magnetic attraction stones. They do not affect healing, energy balance, love, money, or relationships. They are suitable for use for ornamental purposes only.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

When dealing with Chalcedony Natural Stone, it is tough to decide whether it is accurate or fake. Only stone experts can tell if it is natural when they touch it. For this reason, a part of the Chalcedony Crystal must be broken to distinguish the imitation ones. If the inner and outer colors are in harmony, it is understood that the stone is not fake.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

One of the tests to check for falsehood is to burn the stone. Since natural chalcedony stones have a high resistance to heat, they do not react in the face of fire. However, the paint on the outer surfaces of the cheaper and imitation stones flows, melts, or peels off. In this way, he gives himself away that it is fake.

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What are the Properties and Effects of Chalcedony Natural Stone?

Chalcedony is known as blue gold in Anatolia. In addition, white, yellow, green, grey, or brown colors can occur. It is durable as it has a score close to 7 on the hardness scale. This way, it can be used to construct many accessories, household goods, or related areas of industry. It is easier to process and use as it will not break thanks easily to its hardness.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Natural Stone has many effects on the human spirit. It owes its most crucial feature to balancing the energy of each environment and stone owner. It ensures that the person stays positive, allowing him to get through troubled times quickly. It strengthens the adaptation shown in the face of changes and shortens the adaptation period.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Crystal also affects the mind. As it strengthens memory, it enables one to acquire new information, not forget old news, and memorize more easily. For this reason, it is a stone that should be used continuously, especially in business and school life. Among the effects it shows, there is also the ability of the person to achieve success, balance emotions, logic, and fulfill wishes.

Chalcedony Natural Stone Usage Areas

Chalcedony  raw

Chalcedony Crystal is widely used as accessories and ornaments. There are also items and carvings made of Chalcedony Natural Stone in history. Thanks to its striking structure and aesthetic stance, it is among the most popular natural stones. It is used in meditations and rituals, as it begins to affect the area where it is located immediately.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony has many benefits for the human body. Therefore, it can be used in treating diseases in alternative medicine. It stands out, especially in febrile diseases, by reducing fever. It is suitable for individuals or children who do not want to take medication due to its cough suppressant feature. It is ideal for headaches caused by stress and nausea.

Chalcedony Purple

Chalcedony Natural Stone can also be used in the field of psychology. It is very effective in treating mental illnesses as it can keep one’s emotions in balance. It clears the psychology that negative energy has taken over and allows us to act by thinking better. In addition, it helps the individual to make peace with himself by helping the person to reach the whole in the matters that they feel incomplete.

Chalcedony Natural Stone Ritual

Chalcedony yellow

Many rituals can be performed with the Chalcedony Crystal. These rituals may be to balance one’s energy, find love, reduce stress, and achieve healing. If Chalcedony Natural Stone is used in ways that are also effective when done alone, more than one benefit will be seen. Even being in the area where the ritual is performed has many benefits.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

A suitable area must first be created to perform a ritual with the help of a Chalcedony Crystal. Practices begin with the person lying down or sitting, depending on his preference, and then directing his thoughts to the site he wants improvement on. The contact of the Chalcedony Natural Stone with the body increases the effect. It is also possible to place it on the chakras with which it is compatible.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Crystal immediately shows whether the ritual is working or not. The practice has been done correctly if the person feels relaxed and relieved. If there is no change in the spiritual sense, it is possible to make some mistakes during the ceremony. Therefore, it needs to be retried at other times.

Which Chakra Is Chalcedony Compatible With?

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Natural Stone, which opens the energy blockages in the body, is very effective in the work of the chakras. While it opens the closed chakras by cleaning energy, it ensures that the open chakras are not closed. Although it is effective on all chakras, it is especially effective on the root and throat chakras. Therefore, the chakras with which it is attuned are the root and throat chakras.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

The color that helps open the throat chakra is blue. Therefore, the blue Chalcedony Crystal opens the chakra in the throat area. It strengthens human relations by assisting the person in expressing himself better. It satisfies those who feel suppressed to break the chains in their souls. This way, it aims to increase self-confidence and lead a more independent life.

The harmony of the Root chakra and Chalcedony Natural Stone is relatively high. Since it is located in the reproductive zone, the root chakra opened with the Chalcedony Crystal helps to solve sexual problems. In addition, it ensures that situations such as constant anxiety, weariness from life, and confidence problems are not experienced. It teaches the person to see people as equals and thus to value all people as human beings.

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Compatible Bushes of Chalcedony Natural Stone

Natural stones contribute to every person they are in and every environment they are in. One feature that increases their benefits is the zodiac sign they are compatible with. Chalcedony Crystal, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Virgo are in harmony with the characters, affecting those who carry them better.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

If the owners of Sagittarius, Cancer, and Virgo use Chalcedony Natural Stone regularly for a long time, they increase their quality of life. They do not give up in the face of difficulties, as they will become stronger psychologically and physically. By getting through troubled times more easily and quickly, they balance the emotions that will disrupt their lives. In this way, they learn to act simultaneously with their logic and heart in their relationships.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Another effect of Chalcedony Natural Stone in the zodiac signs it is compatible with is to calm the mind. It helps people to continue their lives more comfortably. It gives habits such as seeing the inside of the events, making the right decisions, and producing new solutions. It also helps sign owners who want to be human money changers, making it easier for them to understand other people’s thoughts.

Chalcedony Natural Stone Benefits and Harms

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Natural Stone is responsible for balancing energy because it is formed by itself in nature and has no known harm. Giving positive points to the area where it is always located provides completion on the issues that are felt incomplete. Since it is one of the healing stones, it helps to solve the problems that bother the person by fighting diseases.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

The most notable feature of Chalcedony Natural Stone is that it can balance any situation. For this reason, it is one of the stones that succeed in standing behind the decisions taken, putting an end to the dilemmas, and strengthening human relations. It is especially effective in removing negative energies and controlling emotions more easily.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony, which has physical benefits as well as psychological benefits, can be used in the treatment of skin diseases and spots. As it strengthens memory, it prevents Alzheimer’s and facilitates memorization. The benefits it provides to the immune system help protect from infectious diseases. It also purifies the body from the evil energies felt during quitting harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol.

Where to Put Chalcedony Crystal at Home?

It is essential that the Chalcedony ornaments, which are easier to use than the accessories, are placed in the houses correctly. Otherwise, they may not show their effects sufficiently. They have difficulty maintaining energy balance when not left in visible, open spaces. For this reason, it should not be placed in unused rooms of the house, in closed cabinets or boxes other than for storage purposes.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

It is more correct to put the Chalcedony Natural Stone in different rooms depending on the purpose. If psychological relaxation and healing are desired, keeping it in the bedroom provides an effect all night. It can be placed in the most used rooms to balance the household’s energy. These rooms can be a living room, kitchen, garden, or balcony.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Natural Stone, which is also effective on concentration, can be placed in the working areas. It should be placed on the work desks to get the best effect. It can be found in children’s rooms due to the benefits it provides for the development of children. In addition, it is appropriate for children to be used in their study areas to contribute to their academic life.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Where is Chalcedony Natural Stone Sold?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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What is the Price of Chalcedony Natural Stone?

Chalcedony is not considered a gem, as it is in the natural stones category. Since it is not a rare, imported, and fragile stone, its prices are suitable for every budget. Prices may vary depending on the material used, the size of the rock, the store where it was purchased, and the color and pattern of the stone. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact price.

Chalcedony Natural Stone Care and Cleaning

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony Natural Stone, which stands out with its elegance, sometimes cannot show its effect sufficiently. This is a sign that it is time for maintenance and cleaning. While care for natural stones means energy cleaning, cleaning is used only to remove the superficial dirt. To see the old effect of Chalcedony Natural Stone, it is essential to do its maintenance and cleaning.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Since the formation of Chalcedony Natural Stone is natural, its maintenance should be done using raw materials. For this reason, it is expected to get away from negative energies by using the sun, moon, earth, or water. Keeping it under water and soil for about half an hour allows the stone to show its properties again. Thanks to the moon and sunlight, the negative energies in it disappear by mixing with the air.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Other ways to care for Chalcedony Natural Stone include getting help from Amethyst. All night, staying side by side with Amethyst causes negative energies to pass into Amethyst. Thus, the necessary maintenance is done for the Chalcedony Natural Stone. In addition, it is possible to get rid of bad energies thanks to the incense process made from sage.

Interesting Facts about Chalcedony Natural Stone

The first use of Chalcedony Natural Stone dates back to the Hittite and Urartian civilizations. It reached its heyday with the necessary expulsions of the Romans. For this reason, it has gone through stories among the people and essential places in mythology. Since it is widely used, accessories, seals, or carvings made of Chalcedony Natural Stone are found in excavations. It has also become a symbol of friendship between countries.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony was a stone used constantly by physicians in the past. As soon as the good energies it emitted were noticed, it was recommended to use it, especially for people with psychological problems. It has been used for many years thanks to its effects, such as relaxing the person, creating a sleep pattern, and preventing nightmares.

Chalcedony Natural Stone

Chalcedony is a natural stone that effectively balances human relationships and repairs broken ones. For this reason, you can melt the ice by gifting a Natural Chalcedony Stone Necklace to anyone who wants to be caught in the old intimacy.


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