Chrysoprase (Heart Stone)

What is Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase Natural Stone, which is Chrysoprase in English, derives from the Greek root. It is known that this stone, considered among the precious stones, is of the chalcedony type. Chrysoprase Crystal is a variety that is usually encountered in green tones. In this respect, it can often be confused with heliotrope.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Chrysoprase Crystal combines the most beautiful shades of green. In this respect, it may even be compared with the emerald stone. However, these two stone greens differ depending on their source. Accordingly, the chromium it contains gives the emerald its green colour. Chrysoprase Natural Stone’s green colour comes from the small amount of nickel it hides in its content.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

What Does Chrysoprase Natural Stone Mean?

When the language is investigated in terms of its origin, it is seen that the expression Chrysoprase consists of two words in total. Accordingly, the term derives from the Greek words gold and Leek. This type of stone is relatively less encountered than the other stones in its group. This has caused the value of Chrysoprase Natural Stone since ancient times.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone Formation

Chrysoprase Natural Stone, like other members of the quartz family, is formed on a magmatic basis. Accordingly, the stone is considered to be formed from a layer of molten magma or its precipitation with minerals such as gold and copper. In the quartz group, there are primarily worthless and semi-precious stones. Unlike these, Chrysoprase Natural Stone is a member that has managed to enter the group of precious stones.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Where Is Chrysoprase Natural Stone Found?

One of the biggest reasons why Chrysoprase Crystal is among the precious stone types is that it is rare. On the other hand, it is possible to encounter Chrysoprase deposits in different parts of the world. Since the amount of stone obtained from these deposits is not high, the value of Chrysoprase Natural Stone does not decrease. The primary chrysoprase deposits, considered famous, are located in Australia, Germany, Russia, Arizona, and Poland.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Considerations While Taking Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a type of stone that is considered precious. The price for this stone at the sales stage is also slightly higher than other natural stones. Therefore, it is recommended that someone who decides to buy Chrysoprase Natural Stone should find reliable sources on the subject and shop from here.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Natural stone counterfeiting is one of the biggest commercial problems encountered today. In order not to experience such a problem, it should be learned how to detect the fake Chrysoprase Natural Stone, if it can be done.

How to Tell if Chrysoprase is Real or Fake?

Due to its structure, Chrysoprase Crystal is suitable for counterfeit production. Contrary to this, it is impossible to distinguish between the fake and the real Chrysoprase except for an expert eye. The fake Chrysoprase can be noticed with no flaws with an amateur approach. Natural stones carry some imperfections and residues, even naturally small. That the stone is perfect is reason enough to doubt its falsity.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Those who cannot distinguish between fake and genuine natural stones can get help from an expert; depending on the stone’s selling price, natural stone experts can quickly interpret whether the stone is real or not. High-margin stones are generally certified products. Every product with a valid stone certificate can be purchased with peace of mind.

What are the Properties and Effects of Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Chrysoprase Crystal, also known as the heart stone, has distinctive chemical and physical properties. Accordingly, the mineral class the stone is attached to is chalcedony, and its geometric shape is hexagonal. It usually attracts attention with its purest shades of green. It leaves a greasy and waxy feeling when handled. Its hardness is between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

So Chrysoprase Natural Stone; is considered resistant to hitting, breaking, or scratching. This stone is also positioned between opaque and transparent. Since ancient times, Chrysoprase has been a stone considered almost miraculous in terms of its effects. In this respect, it is seen that it is used for healing in different subjects today.

Chrysoprase Usage Areas

Chrysoprase is a stone that draws attention with its unique beauty, benefits, and effects. Therefore, as with other natural stones, the primary purpose of the use is effect and healing. However, since the green colour of this stone resembles emerald, it can be seen that it is also used as jewellery. Even made of Chrysoprase Natural Stone, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are popular gifting tools.

Chrysoprase Crystal

Heart stone Chrysoprase affects the person’s subconscious with the energies and frequencies it emits. In this respect, it is possible to benefit from the effects of the stone during the transition periods that seem difficult to overcome.

Chrysoprase etsy shop

Chrysoprase Natural Stone Ritual

Natural stones used as jewellery and decor have recently turned into ritual pieces. The belief is that the positive energy emitted by these stones increases the effect while affirming is rising. It is known that precious or semi-precious stones are generally used in natural stone rituals.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Therefore, it is impossible to discuss a distinctive stone ritual for Chrysoprase. In contrast, stone rituals have similar stages. It is possible to perform using any stone with enough belief and emotion. All that is required to complete away with the Chrysoprase Natural Stone is to know what the stone benefits and which chakra it works in harmony with.

The initial level for the natural stone ritual is to place the stone in hand on the balanced chakra. After that, the subject or affirmation that is desired to be healed should be repeated in a quiet environment. Chrysoprase Natural Stone is the symbol of love and forgiveness.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Therefore, reasonable assertions that can be made with this stone can be “I want to open my doors of love” or “I want to forgive this person I cannot forgive”. However, it should be remembered that the ritual means to repeat. Natural stone rituals can achieve their purpose if maintained at certain intervals and with faith.

Which Chakra Is Chrysoprase Compatible With?

Known as a heart stone among the people, Chrysoprase works in harmony with the heart chakra, as can be understood from here. Anahata, the heart chakra, is located in the body at the junction of the two chests. Healing is expressed through love and compassion. The areas that this chakra affects physically; are the heart, immune and respiratory systems.

Chrysoprase Crystal

The management of the heart chakra does influence and love for another. The ability to love, feel loved, and forgive is revealed through this chakra. Therefore, it can be accepted that there is an invisible link between the heart chakra and dynamic movements. As with other chakras, the heart chakra’s malfunctioning causes some functional disorders. Disruption in communication may be the first sign of this situation.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

The person with trouble in the heart chakra; may feel grumpy, angry, intolerant, and critical. If it is thought that there is a problem in this chakra, it is beneficial to obtain a Chrysoprase Natural Stone, regardless of how it is. The stone helps heal the irregularities in the heart chakra thanks to the energy it emits.

Compatible Bushes of Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Natural stones work in harmony with specific chakras. Similarly, there are zodiac groups that each natural stone has a significant effect on. Compatible signs of Chrysoprase Natural Stone are more in number than other natural stones. This stone influences Gemini, Cancer, and Libra zodiac signs.

Chrysoprase Crystal

This means that these signs can benefit more from the benefits of stone when they carry Chrysoprase Naturally. However, natural stones are not only used by people of compatible zodiac signs. It is possible to acquire and use Chrysoprase, regardless of its character, in line with wishes and feelings. The first condition for healing from any natural stone is undoubtedly belief.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

It can be a very kind gesture to gift this stone to chrysoprase-compatible zodiac signs. Accordingly, it is possible to turn to Chrysoprase jewellery products for women. For men, chrysoprase beads may be a good idea. Heart stones can also be given to people engaged in meditation and yoga. Such thoughtful gifts can be considered a form of kindness and concern.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone Benefits and Harms

Chrysoprase Natural Stone contains many minerals and has been used for many years for different reasons. However, it has not been determined that the stone gives anything to humans or the environment. The benefits of Chrysoprase Natural Stone, which has been used for centuries, are just as many. It is possible to categorize and rank the help of the stone in different ways. Chief among these is the effects of Chrysoprase Natural Stone on human health and body.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Chrysoprase, a part of the mineral stone group, acts as a filter in the body. Accordingly, it cleans the heavy metals that the immune system cannot clean. As a result, many internal organs, especially the kidneys, are positively affected. Because of this effect, it is possible to accept Chrysoprase Natural Stone as a good detox product.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Eczema, fungus, acne, and dermatitis are the most common skin problems. When Chrysoprase is used as a jewellery product, it is in direct contact with the body. For this reason, it supports the alleviation of skin disorders. Physically, accepting Chrysoprase Natural Stone as a general healing and refreshing stone is possible.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Known as the heart stone, Chrysoprase is very effective on the physique and the soul. The person enters a calming period with the effect of Chrysoprase Natural Stone. They realize their inner conflicts and past obsessions and try to overcome them.

Again, emotionally felt with the impact of Chrysoprase, feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy begin to increase. All of the person’s feelings that can be considered harmful and dominating begin to disappear and withdraw. Grief, trouble, anxiety, and depression heal quickly. In short, spiritual healing takes place.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Most people know the effects of Chrysoprase Natural Stone on the body and emotions. However, it is possible to talk about some of the hidden benefits of this stone. It is seen that some people are in a state of defence against loving and being loved again as a result of the traumas and disappointments they have experienced. Chrysoprase Natural Stone skillfully breaks this defence mechanism and gives the person the courage to love and be loved again.

Chrysoprase pendant

In addition, it awakens innate but unrecognized or revealed talents from sleep. Most of the positive effects of heart stones begin to be seen in the long-term use of heart stones. After the recovery period begins, the person becomes physically and mentally stronger. This power helps to increase self-confidence and to dominate the feeling of independence. Thus, the person starts to get rid of his fears. He tries to be open to new people and new opportunities that will come into his life.

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Where to Put Chrysoprase Natural Stone at Home?

Because of its beauty, the heart stone is generally considered suitable to be carried on top. However, it is also possible to find Chrysoprase Natural Stone in mass and make it a part of home decoration. Every corner of the house can be considered suitable for Chrysoprase Natural Stone.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

The point to be noted here is that the stone should be stored in an area that does not receive sunlight. Otherwise, the green tones that fascinate the stone may begin to fade. Natural stones are products that can be affected by human energy and can record this energy in their memories.

Chrysoprase Crystal

Therefore, it is recommended that each natural stone belongs to only one person. Stones kept in homes and workplaces should not be affected by the energy of the people around them. For this reason, keeping the Chrysoprase Natural Stone in an unused area may be more accurate.

Where is Chrysoprase Natural Stone Sold?

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Access to natural stones varies according to what rarity class they are. Chrysoprase Natural Stone is one of the precious stone types and is considered expensive in terms of price. Therefore, finding this stone is relatively more complex than other natural stones.

Chrysoprase Crystal

Chrysoprase Natural Stone can be found easily in precious stone shops and jewellery stores. It is seen that the similes made of this stone have started to attract attention recently. In other words, finding Chrysoprase Natural Stone in stores that sell rosary beads is also possible.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Chrysoprase Natural Stone is a product sold directly and over the Internet. It is wise to be cautious before ordering any high-priced stone. Accordingly, there is no problem in purchasing raw and small chrysoprase stones over the Internet. However, high-margin products should never be bought without checking their authenticity.

How Much Does Chrysoprase Natural Stone Price?

Chrysoprase Crystal is priced by looking at many stone features, such as processing, colour, and size. In this respect, a small stone mass is considered suitable for every budget, while the price of a series of Chrysoprase Natural Stones can hurt a little. The preferred raw pieces without processing can be shown as the correct option to buy Chrysoprase Natural Stone for those whose budget does not allow it.

Chrysoprase Natural Stone

Chrysoprase Natural Stone Care and Cleaning

Natural stones are products whose lifespan can be extended with proper care. However, the cleaning habit made for one natural stone is generally not suitable for the other natural stone. In this respect, to not damage the stone, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about the correct stone care and cleaning, albeit a little. Natural stones are generally cleaned by waiting in the sun, smoking, using salt water, and wiping. Pure water is the most suitable method for Chrysoprase Natural Stone because Chrysoprase Crystal tends to fade and is not ideal for keeping in the sun or cleaning for long periods.

Chrysoprase Crystal

It would be best to have warm water, natural detergent, a soft-tipped brush, and a y cloth to gently clean the Chrysoprase Crystal. After washing the stone thoroughly with detergent and a meeting, it should be gently dried. Chrysoprase stones kept indoors and not exposed to the sun and moisture are sufficient if cleaned at long intervals. This way, using your stone for many years without damage is possible.

Exciting Facts About Chrysoprase Natural Stone

The commonly known name of Chrysoprase Crystal is heart stone. However, this stone is considered a cherry bead in some quarters despite its emerald-like green. The Greek terms for stone, gold, and anLeekek have a logical explanation. Accordingly, expressing the value of the golden stonelike also emphasizes the colour tone.


In ancient times, Chrysoprase, rare and in bright green tones, was mixed with emeralds. It has been noted that even stone experts and jewellers cannot make this distinction. Countless jewels were produced from this stone, which was highly valued in ancient times.

Alexander the Great’s war belt also housed the Chrysoprase Stone. This is an example of the stone being considered a victory stone. Alexander the Great lost his stone while bathing on a river bank due to a snake dropping it. It is rumoured that he never won any battles after that.

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