Sunstone (Leadership Stone)

What is Sunstone?

Sunstone has been likened to the Sun because it has fire colours. It is one of the stones encountered in excavations of ancient times. When combined with moonstone, it helps to reveal hidden matters. Since it is believed to take its energy from the Sun, it is beneficial to use it, mainly in sun-exposed areas.


What Does Sunstone Mean?

Sunstone is one of the powerful stones that nourishes the soul and heals the body. It helps the person to realize his potential and to rise in every field. It is effective against stress and anxiety thanks to its effect that reduces negative energies while increasing positive points. Being a stone symbolizing vitality and freedom, it transforms the individual into a strong warrior.


The primary power source of Sunstone is the Sun. For this reason, it has a structure that takes people to the light, solves mysteries, and allows them to see the inner side of events. Since it is a stone that summons goodness, it helps to win battles with bad people and situations. It is a natural stone with more personal use, mainly because it affects the owner of the rock and cannot show the same characteristics to another.

Sunstone Formation


Sunstone, which belongs to the quartz group, takes its final form after a very long period. Its first formation begins with volcanic events that occurred millions of years ago. After the magma cools by rising to the surface, the chemical reactions cause the stone to have its characteristics. Sunstone owes its success in energy exchange to the magnetic effects it experienced during its formation.

Where Does Sunstone Occur?

Sunstone is among the natural stones that have become popular recently. It is a very diverse stone, as different types can be reached from different geographies. Thanks to its large reserves in Norway, Sweden and America, it is exported worldwide. Since it is not a rare stone, reaching its processed or unprocessed form in Europe is possible.


Sunstone is primarily mined in Norway, Siberia, Canada, China, and Russia. It can be found occasionally in India, among the wealthiest countries regarding natural stones.

Things to Consider While Buying Sunstone

Issues not considered when buying natural stones may cause some problems later on. The first is the problems arising from not shopping at a reliable place. Shopping from unknown places can cause stones to be defective, even if they are fake or real. Since some problems may occur in return or exchange issues, it should be ensured that the stores are reliable.


Sunstone is a natural stone that affects its owner rather than its environment. For this reason, it is directly affected by the individual’s energy and shows its characteristics in this direction. If the stone feels unloved, it will avoid demonstrating its benefits. For this reason, it is necessary to purchase loved, permeable stones suitable for continuous use.


Sunstone, which has been intertwined with nature for millions of years thanks to its formation time, is in a constant energy exchange. Even if it is not used by someone else, it may attract negative energies because it is on the store’s shelves and passed through people’s hands during shipping. For this reason, it is necessary to care for the stone before using it, to rest it, and to start using it later.

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How to Tell if Sunstone is Real or Fake?

Since there are imitation and natural stones in the market, it is necessary to distinguish the real and fake Sunstones. Sunstone, which can be found in red, green and grey colours, although in the minority, has an opaque appearance. Although it can be polished due to some processes, its natural state does not shine. For this reason, it is possible to understand whether it is fake or natural by looking at its brightness.


Sunstone is quite cold in room conditions. It may heat up when exposed to substances that can heat it, such as a heater or sunlight. For this reason, it is possible to distinguish the stone from the fake by looking at the coldness of the stone in an area that will not see heat during shopping. In addition, Sunstone is resistant to light and fire. There is no change in its appearance when exposed to the Sun or fire.


The best way to distinguish natural stones is to break a part of the stone and compare its interior and exterior colours. It is better to try on models such as necklaces, rosaries and bracelets to avoid damaging the product received. If the inner and outer appearance of the Sunstone, which does not break easily because it is a durable stone, is the same, it is understood that the stone is natural.

What are Sunstone Properties and Effects?

The specific gravity of the Sunstone, which is included in the silicates, is about 2.65. Since it has a score between 6 and 7 on the hardness scale, it is resistant to impacts. This feature makes it easy to remove, process and distribute. Sunstone is rich in minerals and helps it benefit if it comes into contact with the skin.


Sunstone benefits the individual in many areas, as it successfully exchanges energy. It is a stone that can be paired with leadership, freedom, courage and independence. While helping to open the chakras, it shows its most significant effect on the signs it is compatible with. Since it has a random effect, it allows one to achieve success without getting tired.

The most significant effect of Sunstone is that it helps people understand their potential by creating individual awareness. In difficult times, it preserves the strength of the soul and enables a person to be a light for himself. In this way, it allows us one looking at events more realistically by lowering expectations towards others. Due to its self-confidence and courage-enhancing effect, it makes the impulse to survive alone work better.


Since it is a healing stone, it is possible to observe many effects of Sunstone. It shows its most significant impact by strengthening the body’s immune system. It is a stone that all age groups can use as it protects them from diseases. By regulating the functioning of the organs, they clean themselves and thus get rid of weight problems.

Sun Stone Usage Areas

Sunstone is a vital stone that has become popular lately. Since it can work harmoniously with other rocks, it is included in accessories and ornaments. Carrying it around homes, offices, gardens or on the skin is no problem. It is an indispensable part of accessories that mostly contain natural stones, as it will show its most significant effect individually.

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Sunstone has many physiological effects and has a great place in alternative medicine. Since ancient times, its use has led to the recognition of almost all its benefits. For this reason, when a disease is heard among the people that the sunstone is good for, it is immediately necessary to carry it as an accessory. It has an effect that accelerates treatments and supports the healing process.

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Sunstone can relax a person by removing negative energies. For this reason, the psychology department is at the forefront of its usage areas. It allows the person to recover by reducing the symptoms of some mental illnesses. Sunstone helps create a sleep pattern, protect from nightmares, and overcome the symptoms of some disorders such as depression.

Sunstone Ritual

Sunstone, likened to the Sun with its high energy, is suitable for rituals on different subjects. It undertakes the task of raising the point in the practices performed in love, money, health, energy balancing, career, success and leadership. This way, wishes are accepted, problems are solved, and diseases are healed faster.

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To get the best effect while performing the ritual with the sunstone, the sunstone should be taken care of before the ceremony. Then, a suitable area should be chosen where the person can concentrate for about twenty minutes. Performing the way by candlelight helps the person feel more comfortable. If possible, Sunstone should contact the chakra point with which it is compatible.

The effect of rituals performed with Sunstone is observed in a short period. Whether the tradition works or not can be decided immediately after the ceremony. If the person feels relaxed and calm and realizes that they are cleared of evil energies, he has completed a successful way. Otherwise, the pattern must be repeated at a different time.

Which Chakra is Sunstone Compatible with?

Opening the blocked energy pathways in the body is among the duties of Sunstone. Since the energy paths pass through the chakra centers, the Sunstone is known to be compatible with all chakras and enables them to open. However, since it has a high effect when placed in the entire chakra region, its harmony with the root and heart chakras is healthier.


The root chakra is located in the energy area that deals with the fundamentals of the individual. The Sunstone makes it possible to determine the issues that are the basis of the soul and to experience improvements in these areas. It prevents dilemmas and indecisions by helping the individual while drawing the route of life. In this way, it hides behind the steps that the person takes confidently towards the future.

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The heart chakra is essential as it acts as a bridge between emotions and logic. When it works better with the sunstone, it allows the person to think twice in every situation. It also prevents the individual from being harmed by limiting the sacrifices made for love. It protects the people used because of their good intentions and makes them realize the truth.

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Compatible Signs of Sunstone

Sunstone is a natural stone for everyone due to its effects and benefits. It improves many areas of life, bringing goodness to the person and removing it from evil. Therefore, it is possible to use it by all zodiac sign holders. It has been determined to be compatible with these zodiac signs, as it better affects Leo and Libra signs.

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The feature that makes Leo strong is the success it achieves, thanks to its courage and self-confidence. Sunstone supports the success of the Leo sign, ensuring that it attracts positive attention in any situation. It helps him decide his expectations from life and makes it easier for him to overcome past traumas. In addition, since the Sunstone is a leadership stone, it is one of the stones most suitable for the Leo sign.

Justice is one of the essential concepts for Libra. They want everything in their life to be balanced. Thanks to Sunstone, it is easier for Libra zodiac signs to create this balance. Sunstone is indispensable to Libra signs who love to manage, discuss, lead, equality and freedom. Sunstone also helps them achieve success in all areas of life more easily.

Sunstone Benefits and Harms

Since the Sunstone is a part of nature, it establishes only positive interactions with the beings around it. It helps the person become more optimistic by destroying their pessimism. It brings healing to people because it is suitable for diseases. For this reason, it is impossible to talk about any damage to the sunstone. As it attracts bad energies in general, it provides benefits by regulating the energy balance of nature.


Known as the leadership stone, the Sunstone allows the individual to stand out as a leader in every field. It provides success in situations such as foresight, punctuality, a sense of responsibility, and emergency planning leaders. It always helps to take realistic steps towards the goal by overcoming fears. It calms the person spiritually and removes anxiety.

Strengthening self-confidence, Sunstone helps to achieve harmony in bilateral relations. It ensures establishing a balance that can carry out the relationship without the need for jealousy crises, anger problems, and unnecessary fights. It also lays the foundation for strengthening family ties, acting together and making decisions.


The contribution of Sunstone to human physiology is also relatively high. In addition to its analgesic properties, it can heal chronic diseases. It benefits the immune system and helps protect against many diseases. It has a better effect on the spine, throat and digestive system. It allows people who need to gain and lose weight to stick to their diets.

Where is the Sunstone Placed at Home?

It is necessary to show attention shown when buying sunstone while placing it in the houses. This stone, which should be located primarily in open areas, does not affect drawers or pouches used for storage. It is also necessary to choose the most suitable room, depending on what it is used for. It should not be placed in gardens, balconies or rooms that are very hot, from bathrooms and in cities with high humidity.

Sunstone is suitable to be placed in study rooms or desks as it is very beneficial for a career. It can be hidden under pillows to regulate dreams and create sleep patterns. The hall or living room should be preferred if it is expected to strengthen family ties. It can also be placed in children’s rooms as it contributes to the development of children.

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Where is Sunstone Sold?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Sunstone Cost?

Sunstone does not have as high prices as jewellery, as it is a semi-precious ornamental stone. The colours, models, sizes, and varieties are suitable for every budget. The brand name of Sunstone, whose spiritual value is greater than its material value, affects its prices. The designer’s signature on the accessories or decoration products also affects the prices.

Sunstone Care and Cleaning

Since Sunstone is a natural stone that exchanges energy, natural substances are needed during its maintenance. It can be maintained by being buried under the ground for an hour, as it is not a fragile and easily scratched structure. In addition, keeping it under a running water source removes negative energies from the stone. In this way, the Sunstone, which takes a break from energy exchange, rests during the maintenance and starts establishing better interactions.


Since Sunstone is a stone that gets its power from the Sun, it is possible to maintain it by keeping it under sunlight. Since it is possible to care for even on the soil or windowsill, it can be purified easily from their energy. When it comes together with the moonstone, it can clean itself by feeling rested.

Interesting Facts about Sunstone

Seeing the benefits of Sunstone, which has been used since ancient times, people made up some stories about Sunstone. One of them concerns a warrior who constantly uses a Sunstone. According to the rumors, the blood of a warrior who was injured while trying to protect his country spilled over the sunstone. Blood and stone have evolved in terms of color by intertwining with each other, and got this name thanks to the Sun reflecting on it.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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