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Selenite Stone

Selenite (Cleansing Stone)

Selenite stone, known as a meditation crystal, has high energy. Known to purify the mind and spirit, Selenite increases concentration while studying but allows people to return to themselves. Selenite crystals have an important place in many cultures around the world. In these cultures, selenite crystals are found to enhance meditation. It is also rich visually and spiritually. Selenite stones, extracted from countries such as Mexico, Morocco and Canada, have energy-enhancing properties. For this reason, selenite stones are significant in increasing intuition and using it correctly. Selenite crystal, named after the Greek goddess Selene, has a particular mineral. This stone...

What are the General Features and Benefits of Selenite Natural Stone?

What are the General Features and Benefits of Selenite Natural Stone?

Are you tired of the thoughts gnawing at your mind anymore? With Selenite Natural Stone, you can get rid of your nonsense thoughts. Do you feel as if there is heavy or dense energy surrounding you? Is your space stuffy and dark? These are signs of a stagnant and thick energy buildup in your energy field. It’s time to clear the energy and raise the vibration! Here, a Selenite Natural Stone is perfect for this job. This gemstone, also called “liquid light,”; Allows fluid-like energy flow by removing energy blockages. Because it has an extremely high vibration, it fills your...


Selenite Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs and Chakras

The name of the selenite crystal comes from the Greek word of the moon god Selene. Ancient people drew a similarity between this crystal and the moon, believing it illuminated the darkness like moonlight. Selenite is considered one of the most healing stones in spiritual and energetic aspects. The illumination of the dark-like light caused the Selenite stone to be symbolized as illuminating and clarifying. While it defines the situations we consciously make in our minds, it also sheds light on our subconscious, making us confront our reality. It can bring us deep peace by giving us insight. Effective working...