Amethyst (Positive Energy Stone)

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone is a magnificent natural stone type in the Quartz family and radiates purple-coloured energy, proving this with its shape. It is often used today because it is relatively more affordable than other precious stones. Amethyst is also very stylish! Its colour and texture make it easily included in the decor in all environments. However, It comes to the fore as a product that adorns jewellery types such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Amethyst stone, which has a very old history, has been used throughout history. Amethyst can harmonize with all stones in the quartz family. This crystal is perfectly compatible. Therefore, for those who want to increase the energy and effect of the rock, using Amethyst with other stones from their own family will reveal many different benefits.

What Does Amethyst Stone Mean?

Amethyst Stone

After some research, we found the word Amethyst in Ancient Greek sources. These sources mention that Amethyst means “doesn’t get drunk”. Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is also familiar to those interested in mythology and astrology due to its high energy. Amethyst stone has been included in mythological stories, and some character analyses have been tried to be made using this stone.

Amethyst has also been the subject of many stories. The stone in most of the rumours circulating among the people told about the rocks is Amethyst. You can also get a Bright Purple Amethyst Natural stone to benefit from the miraculous effects of this stone. Thanks to the brightness and purple colour of the rock, you can directly change the energy of yourself and the space.

Amethyst Stone Formation

Amethyst Stone

The formation of the energy stone Amethyst takes tens of thousands of years. This magnificent Purple stone mass is complemented by void and crystal formation. The cavity’s shape is due to the gas volume between the lavas. These gas cavities are compressed, causing holes to form in the rock mass. These regions are then filled with silica and form crystals.

From the outside, the Amethyst mass is no different from a large piece of rock. However, when the inner layers of this rock are reached, shiny and purple-coloured crystals are reached.

Where to Find Amethyst?

Amethyst Stone

Of course, one of the most common natural stones is Amethyst. It is possible to encounter Amethyst deposits in almost every region of the world. However, Uruguay, India and Brazil have more Amethyst when considering wealth.

The United States of America is also a country that can be considered rich in Amethyst. Although Amethyst has been traded in some parts of Siberia and Russia recently; For the USA, this stone is not in the valuable category in terms of price.

Considerations When Buying Amethyst

Amethyst Stone

The basic criteria to be considered when purchasing a natural stone are also valid for purchasing Amethyst. Accordingly, colour, brightness and cut control should be done before purchasing Amethyst. Amethyst has a variable colour scale from lilac to purple tones. The more purple colour in the stone, the higher the density is considered. In addition, a real Amethyst stone must be shiny. It is useful to be suspicious of stones of unclear and inanimate nature.

Amethyst Stone

The last detail to consider when purchasing Amethyst is the cut shape of the stone. Accordingly, the stone should have a suitable amount for what purpose and where it will be used. An Amethyst in mass form can be preferred as a decoration piece for the interior. However, it is seen that oval cuts are mostly selected in jewellery products. Oval cuts can be more attuned to the energy of Amethyst.

How to Tell if Amethyst is Real or Fake?

Amethyst Stone

Since counterfeiting in natural stones has increased considerably in recent years, it is useful to be careful before purchasing Amethyst. Compared to other natural stones, real Amethyst stones have very characteristic features and can be easily distinguished from fake ones. First of all, pay attention to the depth of the purple colour. Are the breaks natural? How does it react to light? If it looks like the amethysts on our website, you have to look at it visually.

Amethyst Stone

Another simple method is the manual test if you can touch it. Accordingly, focusing on only two details when purchasing Amethyst is sufficient. The first of these details is to control the temperature of the stone. Since amethyst stone is in a structure that does not exchange heat, it does not easily react to the ambient temperature. When handled, an Amethyst stone heats up slower than a fake stone.

Amethyst Stone

The second detail to consider is measuring the Amethyst stone’s hardness. In this context, Amethyst is considered strong enough to scratch glass. When a simple piece of glass is marked with a small amount of Amethyst, the glass appears to be deformed. During this process, no collapse or deterioration is expected on Amethyst. After the temperature and hardness control, the Amethyst stone can be taken with peace of mind.

In some cases, it is seen that especially natural stone enthusiasts pay high prices for Amethyst stone. In such cases, leaving control of whether the stone is fake or real to a rock or jewellery appraiser is necessary.

What are the Properties and Effects of Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is one of the purest and most innocent forms of quartz. According to some studies conducted in the 20th century, it was thought that the stone got its purple colour from the manganese in it. However, in recent studies, it has been argued that different iron molecules cause this colour. Amethyst’s hardness is around 7, according to the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Amethyst, a high-energy loaded natural stone, has a wide range of influence in this respect. In this respect, it has been used to solve many problems in different fields throughout history.

Amethyst Stone Usage Areas

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst stone can be used in many different areas to the needs. Accordingly, when used in homes and workplaces, it gives energy and peace to the environment. Renews the power of the community. However, it will be much more effective for those who want to use the stone differently, to include it in meditation and yoga, or to perform rituals using Amethyst. In individual uses, Amethyst will lead the person to communicate deeply with himself.

Using Amethyst in bulk in bags and wallets is another common and useful use. We recommend that Amethyst be used mostly as a jewellery and jewellery product for women.

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Amethyst Stone Ritual

Amethyst Stone

All rituals made with the help of natural stones have the same principle. Accordingly, after the stone is placed on the relevant chakra, the focus is on the motivational sentence that is desired to be reached. The sentence’s meaning is revealed in your mind and is experienced with deep thought. Then the healing process begins. The chakras used to perform rituals with Amethyst are usually the forehead and crown chakras. After placing Amethyst in these areas, repeat the subject to be mentally and audibly healed. The Ritual can be performed before bed at night or in daylight. It is easier to find silence and mental focus in a bedtime ritual. Ceremonies performed during the day, on the other hand, increase the energy level that can be taken from the stone thanks to natural light.

Which Chakra Is Amethyst Compatible With?

Amethyst Stone

Those who perform rituals know which is especially the most compatible chakra of the Superb Amethyst, the crown chakra. The crown chakra, located just above the head, is also called Sahashrara. This chakra is associated with the colour purple, just like Amethyst. In some traditions, bel chakra is a gateway believed to be to the body that provides energy input.

If the crown chakra works out of the way it should, some visible problems begin to appear in the person. The most well-known of them are; tending to strict values of belief, rejecting all kinds of change in any subject, insisting on obsessions and having the desire to establish authority.

Compatible Signs of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone

Natural stones have higher energy and effect when they are the owners of the zodiac signs compatible with them. Use a theme; when buying natural rocks, it is necessary to look not only for the benefit of the stone but also for its compatibility with the signs. There is more than one zodiac sign that the Amethyst stone, which has the most beautiful shades of purple, is compatible with. These zodiac signs are to sort these as Aries, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.

Purple crystal

Aquarius zodiac signs are recommended to use Amethyst while doing yoga and meditation. This stone gives strength to the Aquarius owner and helps to eliminate indecision. Pisces signs should also use Amethyst during meditation, similar to Aquarius. The stone helps to strengthen the immune system of Pisces signs.

The effects of amethyst stone in all zodiac signs are almost the same. According to this, Whichever of the symptoms of Aries, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius uses Amethyst will become physically stronger and can get rid of ailments such as fear and disharmony.

Benefits and Harms of Amethyst Stone

Purple crystal

Some stones in the Quartz natural stone group that contain minerals other than silicon dioxide can damage the skin and cause allergies due to the different minerals they have. Natural Amethyst is not harmful. Amethyst is also a great stone group that stands out with its benefits. The most common use of this stone, identified with the element of air, can be summarized as giving a positive energy and being a calming energy that is not excessive.

Accordingly, in the environment with Amethyst, the negative energy immediately disappears and leaves its place for positive energy. The person who wears this stone takes on a more calm and peaceful structure. Of course, it is not limiting it’s of using Amethyst stone in these two situations. Amethyst is a healing stone and is very good at improving your overall health.

Purple crystal

Using stones is possible to encounter positive physical and psychological effects. In this respect, the owner of the stone develops spiritually and begins to see life from the positive side, leaving aside the dissatisfaction.

When properly positioned in the right chakra, all you have to think about is that there is no entity other than the sole owner of the Realms. When a ritual is performed by grasping this universal oneness and feeling it inside, it increases the cognitive perception and brings it closer to the truth. The intuition and psychic abilities of people with talent in this area are noticeably increased.

In addition to its overflowing effect with positive energy, Amethyst is a natural source of calming and healing in this respect. In addition, it is recommended Amethyst is also a good solution for sleep problems. It can be seen that people who have difficulty falling asleep or who wake up frequently at night can overcome this problem by placing Amethyst on their heads.

Purple crystal

Those unfamiliar with laziness and lack of motivation can easily benefit from the power of the Amethyst stone. Thanks to Amethyst, the person first calms down physically and spiritually; then he starts to feel positive energy spreading around; Finally, he gets the motivation he needs.

It shows a preventive and protective effect by preventing the formation of autoimmune diseases caused by DNA disorders in the cell structure from the beginning.

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst also helps you fight your addictions. If you are determined to reduce your consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or sugar that you have not been able to get rid of for years, we strongly recommend you work with Amethyst.

It helps prevent problems such as goitre by supporting the thyroid gland to work. Of course, the benefits of Amethyst will not end by counting, but the most well-known and effective benefits are the ones we mentioned above.

Where to Put Amethyst Stone at Home?

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst can be placed anywhere in the home and office. When Amethyst is positioned open in the bedroom, it may cause sleeplessness, so if you use it in your bedroom, you should cover it with a blanket at night. Otherwise, sleep may be lost due to excess energy. Or, if you don’t cover it, a small piece of Amethyst is also suitable under your pillow. When Amethyst is surrounded, it improves your sleep quality by positively impacting your night’s sleep.

It may be more beneficial to use the right of preference for areas with more time, such as the living room and kitchen because the stone can affect more people by changing the energy in these areas. It would be best to use it in the living room and kitchen, taking care not to be under direct sunlight for hours. Excessive ultraviolet light can cause discolouration of your Amethyst.

Amethyst Stone

However, it is also possible to put the stone in different parts, such as the bedroom, in specific cases, such as increasing sleep quality by covering it at night or radiating energy in your bedroom during the daytime.

It may be a good option to put Amethyst on the work desk to increase work performance, keep interested in the work and increase motivation. Considering the working environment, it is known that libraries often prefer to put natural stones. Although an emotional period is mentioned rather than business life, the most suitable environment for stone is undoubtedly the bedroom. You can place an Amethyst stone on your head by covering it at night or putting it directly under your pillow; it facilitates calming, helps to feel the inner world and relieves sleep problems.

Where to Buy Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst Stone

There are different alternatives for those who want to buy amethyst stones. These alternatives vary according to the processing state of the rock and how it will be used. It is possible to come across Amethyst stones, which are in mass and generally used for decoration, in shops and stores that sell natural rocks. You can visit jewellery and jewellery stores to buy processed stones such as rings, earrings or necklaces. Amethyst is very common. It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Amethyst Stone Cost?

Purple crystal

Amethyst is, of course, a very common crystal. However, it can sometimes be very expensive. Rarely beautiful decorative amethysts can sell for around $20,000. As we always say, the price of a precious or semi-precious stone, as in other natural stone groups, varies depending on factors such as the stone’s size,f the stone’s brightness, and the ‘stock and designer. Among these factors, the most affecting the price is the purity and brightness of the stone.

The purity rate of amethyst stone is understood by looking at its purple colour intensity. Therefore, with the increase in the purple hue, the price paid for the stone also increases somewhat. Amethyst is a stone that is included in rings such as wedding rings and solitaires in jewellery stores. Of course, using Amethyst together with gold and diamond causes the price of the stone to increase.

Amethyst Stone Care and Cleaning

Purple crystal

To increase the energy and effect of natural stones, they need to be renewed at certain intervals with the right care and cleaning. In the meantime, care should be taken to apply the correct maintenance recommendations, not to reset the energy of the stone energy can be easily cleaned by keeping it under running water for a few minutes. Even; It is also possible to use water bodies such as the seas, streams and waterfalls for Amethyst cleaning. Since the energy stone Amethyst can be easily cleaned, it is more advantageous than other natural stones in this respect. You don’t need to be by the sea or a stream; throw it in a glass of water and wait 30 minutes.

Amethyst Stone

Although water is an adequate method for cleaning Amethyst, it can also be cleaned differently. Accordingly, Amethyst can be buried in the ground, cleaned with sound, or cleaned using incense. Soaking the buried stone in the environment overnight will provide an extra charge for the cleaning process. The most preferred scent is sage in amethyst cleanings made with incense.

Interesting Facts About Amethyst Stone

Purple crystal

Amethyst stone, used for different purposes for centuries, was frequently used by kings and royal families in ancient times. It is possible to encounter Amethyst carvings, widely used in Egypt.

It is seen that Amethyst is frequently mentioned in mythological, scientific and cultural works. One of those who gave information about this stone is the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. He wrote a note that Amethyst dispels evil thoughts.

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst, which adorns houses and bodies, has become a symbol of many elements in ancient times. Piety and virginity are also among these symbols. As a natural consequence of this, Amethyst stone was mostly used in churches at that time. In the Tibetan region, Amethyst ceased to be a symbol and was now considered sacred.

Purple crystal

Amethyst, in the past, It is a type of stone valued like diamond, ruby and sapphire and meant wealth. However, with the discovery of large Amethyst deposits over time, it lost this value and gained today’s recognition. Amethyst is no longer a symbol of wealth and has begun to be used for different purposes. Healing, Luck, Radiance and Positive energy; are the most expected effects of using Amethyst.


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