Mother Of Pearl (Stone of Abundance)

What is Mother Of Pearl?

Mother of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl is a shiny, generally white, hard substance found in the shells of animals such as mussels and oysters and used in decorative arts.

It has a suitable surface for all kinds of carving and engraving operations. For this reason, it is highly preferred to manufacture various jewellery and jewellery. It is known that mother-of-pearl stone is frequently used in Islamic religious art in Medieval Europe and East Asia, as well as jewellery.

Mother of Pearl

Again, due to its structural advantages, it is also used in functional areas such as furniture, ornaments, jewellery accessories, buttons and mother-of-pearl rosaries. Nacre, one of the natural stones, has an energy that reduces the stress one feels while working toward high goals. However, the mother-of-pearl stone is believed to help increase well-being and peace in most sources. It is often used in mystical work to expand imagination, intuition, and psychic sensitivity.

What is the Meaning of Nacre?

Mother of Pearl

It is one of the rare stones found on land and in the sea. This natural stone fascinates everyone with its meaning and benefits. The purpose of mother-of-pearl stone is peace and abundance. Mother-of-pearl stone has taken place among the organic origin and semi-precious stones extracted in many parts of the world. It is used in many fields, including jewellery, whose iridescent colours resemble meteorites.

It was named “Mother of Pearl” because of the Nacre material covering and protecting the pearl found in the oyster. It is also found in large quantities on land, fossilizing and turning into stone.

Mother of Pearl

It is popular in jewellery and jewellery fields, thanks to its pleasant appearance and attracting attention. It is a very bright stone that is preferred as a decorative item. It was believed that the Nacre stone brought happiness, luck and abundance in ancient civilizations. It is known that it has been used continuously since ancient times with its image, meaning and benefits. It is also known to have permanent benefits for some diseases.

Origin of Mother Of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is a stone of organic origin. It is found in the shells of sea creatures such as oysters, mussels and snails. Aragonite formations occur in the interior of these sea shells.

The Nacre stone has an iridescent glow resembling a rainbow. Beneath the soft colour transitions of this rainbow is a mother who is hard as a stone and protective. The pearl in oysters is also an organic stone. Here, the mother-of-pearl stone is the structure that protects this pearl. For this reason, another name for the Nacre stone is the mother of pearl.

Because the mother-of-pearl preserves the shell of the pearl and acts as a mother for it, if you look at the mother-of-pearl stone, it is seen that stone has many eye-catching different colours. These colours are generally seen as pearly white, whitish, translucent, transparent, yellow and opaque.

Formation of Mother Of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

The mother-of-pearl stone is formed by the secretion formed in the shells of molluscs. Molluscs occur on the inner surface of the shell parts of molluscs. For example, it is in the white and shiny inner surface of the shells of sea creatures such as mussels and oysters.

Nacre is formed by the concentric accumulation of aragonite in the interior of molluscs. Aragonite is a mineral composed of calcium and cobalt composition. At the same time, pearl stone occurs in the structure of mother-of-pearl. Pearl contains calcium carbonate.

Mother of Pearl

It is one of the rare stones found both in the sea and the terrestrial environment. The Nacre stone is referred to with expressions such as simplicity, abundance and longevity. It is also known to represent grace, courage and strength. Although it has many benefits, the most important feature is that it brings peace.

People who want this peace represented and brought by the Nacre and wish to carry these features within their bodies should also prefer this stone in jewellery and ornaments.

Where Is Nacre Found?

Mother of Pearl

Nacre has been found in the sea in excavations, even in the mountains. Of course, all of them are regions where there used to be a sea. Research is still being done in many parts of the world and continues to be found in different parts of the world.

Since it is a precious stone that occurs with the formation in the shell of sea creatures such as mussels and snails, it is found in all countries with sea and ocean coasts.

Mother of Pearl

It also has a structure that carries a lot of aragonite. Nacre wants to keep the pearl safe to protect the shell, which is the home of the pearl. The places where the Nacre stone is mostly found and sold are widely extracted from the USA and all European countries.

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Things to Consider While Buying Mother Of Pearl

Nacre ring

As with every natural stone, mother-of-pearl stone also has imitations. However, unfortunately, it is not easy to distinguish the real Nacre stone from its models. They produce fake Nacre stones that look almost exactly like the real ones. And, of course, the main reason it looks so much alike is that it’s painted.

Yes, It is often sold under the name of Nacre by dyeing worthless stones. To separate them, you can try exposing the rock to heat. The paint of the poor-quality imitation Nacre stone will fall off immediately after heat.

What are the Properties of Mother Of Pearl?


Nacre is the protective surface inside the shells of mussels and oysters. Mother-of-pearl can also be found in fossil remains of millions of years. It is a white, hard material with a rainbow sheen. You will never forget its texture, even if you touch the mother-of-pearl once. In addition, it is a composite material with phosphoric properties.

Molluscs need to wrap and protect their bodies. The shell secretion forms the membrane called the “mantle”. Large molluscs are the richest source of Nacre in the world. Limestone is a substance composed of lime, phosphorus and salt formed in the flowing waters of warm seas.

Nacre ring

Another feature of the mother-of-pearl stone is that it is named according to its colour. These names are white, abuse, stone and rubbish Nacre. White mother-of-pearl; It is bivalve and has a flatter surface. The most common colour is white, but depending on the light, it can carry shades of green, pink, yellow and light blue. Arusek’s mother-of-pearl is single-shelled. It is in shades of blue, pale pink and green. If the garbage is Nacre, it is more of a temperate pattern stone and is seen in a dark colour. Stone mother-of-pearl is similar to white mother-of-pearl but less shiny.

What are the Benefits of Mother Of Pearl?

Nacre pendant blue

Nacre is one of the very useful healing stones for human health. It has served to preserve an organic and living structure throughout its life, and it tends to maintain these protection and healing benefits even after fossilization.

Fossilization for years has caused it to carry the energy of the soil. It is believed to give power in the ground to the body and thus gives people vigour.

It increases the feeling of courage and the ability to think positively and analyze events.

It contributes to eliminating toxins in the body and blood production. Do not forget that Nacre stone is healing against stomach, intestine, kidney, spleen and liver disorders. While it heals serious eye diseases such as cataracts, it also heals simple dizziness.


Nacre is also very beneficial for the brain. It opens the mind and provides focus. Supports reproductive health.

When used by people with Nacre skin wounds, it helps open wounds to heal quickly.

It also affects the overall beauty of the skin. It helps your skin look bright and beautiful.

Nacre stone acts as a stimulant for your general Immunity. After that, it starts to strengthen Immunity.

It creates vigour and resilience in the body. Nacre also helps to clear toxins from the body.

Mother of Pearl

It is good for anaemia. It supports blood production. It helps the hormonal system to work more balanced.

It enables positive thinking. It helps to analyze the events around us better. It provides a positive approach to the people around us.

Nacre stone is even good for dizziness disorders.

It has been a healer for many diseases in alternative medicine since ancient times. The benefits of Nacre stone are innumerable. We only talked about the major benefits.

Does Nacre Stone Change Color Over Time?


Some natural stones may change colour over time depending on usage as long as they come into contact with air. However, the mother-of-pearl stone is among the rocks that do not change colour. However, very high temperatures can lead to the deterioration of the stone. The natural colour of Nacre can have white, grey, cream and black sparkles and colourful waves. This situation defines the story of the stone during its development.

Behind its bright and sparkling appearance is a unique and rather long story of formation. Land, sea, vitality and power of water…

Mother of Pearl

Its fine structure and delicate texture make it a very attractive stone. It is widely preferred in jewellery, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, rosaries or anklets. It creates a very pleasant feeling when it touches your skin. Using the rocks in contact with the skin for a long time is necessary to benefit from the benefits of most natural stones. Thus, by feeling the energy flow of natural stones, you will easily balance, and your body will begin to heal.

How to Clean Nacre?


The mother-of-pearl stone is a structure that needs to be cleaned frequently. In your long and continuous use, you should clean the Nacre regularly. When the mother-of-pearl stone is taken, do the energy cleaning before and after use. This cleaning regulates the stone’s energy, allowing it to spread more clearly. However, the cleaning of natural stones is done by natural means. There are some methods used in this cleaning.

Nacre necklace

Nacre loves salt and water. Here are the most suitable and highly recommended cleaning methods for Nacre stones:

  • The method of cleaning with running water is a practical option. It is necessary to clean hard stones under water for 4-5 minutes.
  • Use seawater or saltwater soak management. It is done by soaking hard stones in water for 10 minutes.
  • Cleaning by burying it in the ground is also an option. If you want to clean the Nacre stone in the soil, plant it in the ground for 24 hours in an open area or a pot.
  • Cleaning with candlelight is also used for stones with low hardness. Cleaning is done by placing the rock next to the lit candles. Nacre is suitable for this.
  • Cleaning with a salt lamp is to clean all the stones by placing their energy around them.

Mother-of-Pearl Colors and Types

Nacre earring

Mother-of-pearl is very similar to pearl in terms of its structure. It is known that every object called nacreous has an original shine. These stones, generally pearly white, can also be in light blue, pink, yellow and green tones. The type called mother-of-pearl is white and less shiny. However, the white mother-of-pearl is flatter and double-shelled than the others. Arusek species, on the other hand, is single-shelled. However, it is available in shades of blue, green and pink. The type called trash Nacre is dark in colour and has temperate-like patterns.


Mother of pearl is one of the most important natural stones that reflects its benefits and features. Therefore, any mother-of-pearl jewellery can be worn throughout the day. In addition, it is extremely beneficial to keep decorative objects made of mother-of-pearl in the living space. Thus, the energy of the Nacre stone is faster. Mother-of-pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are the most used accessories. Using the stone as an accessory does not cause it to lose its properties.


Nacre Stone Price

Today, many products are seen and used as natural and valuable. The price scale is very broad. The prices of mother-of-pearl stones sold vary according to the originality, cut, quality, size, and supporting products used.

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Interesting Facts About Mother Of Pearl


-The Nacre in mussel shells found in the Mississippi River in America is extremely valuable.

-Snail shells can be used as Nacre.

-Some creatures from the “Gastropod” family contain Nacre of various colours.

-There is a mother-of-pearl layer on the inner surface of the abalone, namely Haliotis, which is from the sea mollusc family. In addition, pink and purple mother-of-pearl can be found in this creature.


-Its white-coloured pearlescent lens feature can give rainbow colours by absorbing the light.

-Nacre has always been important for ancient Turks and Muslim societies.

-In the palaces of the Ottoman state, some sultans kept Nacre to give gifts embroidered with mother-of-pearl to important people.

-The coffin of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han was made of solid mother-of-pearl.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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