9 Healing Crystals for Asthma

Healing Crystals for Asthma

Crystals, which are a natural source of energy, are helpful in the treatment of different diseases. Among the genuine crystals, each of which has different properties, healing crystals for asthma are also effective for other respiratory problems. Asthma affects people in different ways. Asthma attacks that cause swelling of the airway and tight muscles are often severe. Asthma, which has no definitive cure, can be managed much better with the energy of natural crystals.

Healing Crystals for Asthma

Especially natural crystals associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras are good for asthma. Some doctors recommend many genuine crystals for adjunctive therapy. But ultimately, Crystal Healing knowledge comes from ancient wisdom. Most of the knowledge has come through trial and error. Natural crystals have given successful results in the treatment of many diseases. Let’s list the essential natural crystals thought to be beneficial for asthma;

Moss agate
Rutile quartz

Natural crystals, which have many positive effects on bronchitis and lungs, especially asthma, are a source of healing in respiratory diseases caused by respiratory tract infections or allergies.

A Perfect Amber Healing Crystals for Asthma

Amber crystal, considered an excellent healing crystal throughout history, is very effective on the lungs. Let’s work with the throat chakra. The natural crystal is the first healing crystal for asthma because it helps to relax the area.

It has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy, as well as help to heal all vital areas in the body. Amber crystal, used as an elixir among people because it is a natural antibiotic, helps rebalance the body.

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Amethyst Healing Crystals for Asthma and Respiratory Problems

Amethyst crystal, one of the most valuable natural crystals, is among the healing crystals for asthma. However, its only known benefit is not that it is suitable for asthma, but it also strengthens the immune system.

It is beneficial in regulating respiratory problems, cleans the air in the environment, and provides a positive energy field to people. In addition, it is known for relieving headaches and helping to regulate sleep disorders.

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Malachite Crystal with Toxic Effect

Malachite crystal has a toxic effect in its unprocessed raw form and has an incredible healing ability. Malachite crystal, among the healing crystals for asthma, has been used for centuries, especially for the protection of children. It helps to reduce tension and stress. However, it stands out with its healing effect on upper respiratory tract disorders.

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Moss Agate Crystal Deeply Attached to the Soil

The moss agate crystal, called the crystal that is deeply attached to the soil, is beneficial for the lungs. In addition to being among the healing crystals for asthma, it is also preferred because it helps relax the lungs and bronchi.

Moss agate crystal, which many experts recommend, provides not only benefits for chronic problems but also has the feature of reducing and preventing inflammation. The moss agate crystal, revealed by research that protects and strengthens the veins, is among the natural crystals that cover both physically and spiritually.

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Pyrite Crystal Benefiting Asthma Disease

pyrite Healing crystals for asthma

Known for grounding and stabilizing the area, the pyrite crystal stands out with its ability to increase oxygen in the bloodstream. Since it knows the effect on the lungs and bronchi, it provides a natural and healing contribution in addition to the prescription given by the doctor for healing crystals for asthma.

It is beneficial for bronchitis and asthma by supporting the immune system. In addition, the pyrite crystal, known as the iron crystal, has protective energy in both men and women and is protective against all physical and emotional threats.

It is believed to be beneficial in the fight against viruses and bacteria, such as flu and colds, as well as skin diseases and fungal infections. In addition, it reduces the mental fatigue experienced due to the effect of fatigue on the nervous system.

It helps to add vitality by giving energy to the environment. The pyrite crystal is a unique protector for attracting energy from the soil to the human body and vibrating to the aura.

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Natural Crystal Rutile Quartz Supporting the Lungs

rutile quartz

Rutile quartz crystal, known as angel hair or sagenite, is a natural crystal that provides lung support. Due to this feature, it is among the healing crystals for asthma. With its intense healing power, it has a positive effect on respiratory diseases and thyroid diseases.

Rutile quartz crystal has countless benefits. It relieves headaches, regulates blood circulation, strengthens the bone structure, removes parasites from the body, and renews cells. In addition, the natural crystal, which affects chronic diseases and infertility, is an ideal crystal for people who lack energy.

It helps eliminate the feeling of extreme tiredness and exhaustion, mainly because it is perfect for chronic fatigue. In addition, its antidepressant feature allows people to solve fears, phobias, and psychological problems.

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Morganite Clearing the Lungs

morganite Healing crystals for asthma

As a healer, morganite crystal is suitable for all asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis, heart, lung, and tongue problems. In addition, it benefits many ailments such as stress, dizziness, tension, and impotence.

It cleans the lungs, oxygenates the damaged cells, and thus helps their restructuring. Morganite crystal, which has soothing energy, stands out with its emotional healing properties. Opening the heart chakra also helps people overcome negative emotions.

Natural crystal, which helps the most in the fight against depression, attracts attention with its calming effect on the mind and emotions. Furthermore, Morganite crystal is believed to promote fairness towards people, so it is associated with a sense of inner peace, joy, and strength.

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Power Vanadinite Healing Crystals for Asthma

vanadinite Healing crystals for asthma

The vanadinite crystal, which is strongly connected to the earth chakra and therefore known as the power crystal, helps a person to accept their physical feature. On the other hand, natural crystal, which has many spiritual and physical benefits, stands out with its physical healing properties.

Vanadinite natural crystal, beneficial in breathing difficulties such as asthma and clogged lungs, is also effective in many ailments, especially chronic fatigue. In addition, it energetically supports the production of hormones, helping to reduce the effects of aging due to the reduced production of certain hormones.

Natural crystal, which is a source of healing physically as well as emotionally, encourages both creativity and curiosity. It provides the free flow of energy in the human body. It fills and eliminates the gap between reason and thought and encouraged people by helping to express ideas and wishes quickly.

The benefits of the healing crystal include changing the physical composition of thoughts. It helps in the treatment of distraction and focus problems. In addition, it has an energy that provides creativity and determination and increases fertility in both men and women.

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Rare Precious Emerald Healing Crystals for Asthma Crystal

The most valuable natural crystal emerald, which adorns the sultan’s swords in the Ottoman period and is rarely found in nature, stands out with its benefits in treating asthma. Emerald crystal, which has a special place in both Islamic and Ottoman history, is known for its benefits to human health.

It treats the lungs and sinuses and is recommended for easing breathing schedules. It strengthens both the immune and digestive systems and ensures their regular operation. In addition, it helps treat heart, liver, and kidney diseases.

Thanks to its calming properties, it is suitable for nervous diseases. It strengthens the mind by opening the mind and is known for giving people calmness, balance, and patience. The emerald crystal, the symbol of nobility, is also considered a love crystal.

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