Crystal Quartz (Positive Energy Stone)

What is Crystal Quartz?

Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz Stone is almost Pure Silicon Dioxide. It has crystallized and turned into a bar of energy. It has such a purified structure that you can see its crystals thanks to its transparency and colourlessness. There is an incredibly high positive energy transmission between its molecules. For this reason, it has been called Crystal Quartz stone for many years. Since the coloured quartz stones have different properties, they should not be considered a different colour of the same stone. It is the master of crystal quartz stones, which are transparent and colourless.

What Does Crystal Quartz Stone Mean?

Crystal Quartz Stone

The biggest feature distinguishing natural stones from other stones is that they can transform energy with vibration movements. The best of the stones that can perform these transformations quite strongly is Crystal Quartz. Crystal Quartz, which conquers hearts with its appearance and features, will conquer your heart as it rapidly raises positive energy.

Crystal Quartz Stone Formation

Crystal Quartz Stone

The formation of Crystal Quartz stone takes millions of years. It has taken its final form in the appearance of this clear water with the hot and cold reactions it has experienced together with the metamorphic movements. Many minerals that make up the crystal structure have fed the Crystal Quartz stone during the formation process, making it a healing stone. Therefore, Crystal Quartz stone has been used widely in the past.

Negative people make quite a big difference. People who can work with Quartz benefit from these health vibrations from the earth’s core. Quartz gained this feature during the formation process. Exposure to magnetic effects enables it to have the ability to transform energy. For this reason, it has become a stone that can be referred to as a positive energy stone.

Where to Find Crystal Quartz?

Crystal Quartz Stone

Quartz is like the children of the world. They grow up like a baby in the lap of the world. Although transparency rates vary, almost every part of our planet is filled with crystalline Quartz. You can find Crystal Quartz stone in many different parts of the world. Its largest sources are in Brazil and Madagascar. There are also significant quartz reserves in China, India and Nepal. It is known to be mined in Africa, as it can be easily separated from other stones thanks to its colourless and crystalline appearance.

Considerations When Buying Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz Stone

When purchasing Crystal Quartz, one of the strongest natural stones, there are issues to consider. Of course, the first of these is to complete your shopping by ensuring that the stone is from reliable places and is real. Otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from any of the good effects you read on this page. Imitated stones cause the person to be adversely affected materially or morally.

Some presumptuous people are trying to market jewellery and trinkets made of old glass in the form of natural crystal quartz stone. The probability of buying a fake stone is very high due to its transparent appearance, similar to glass.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Do not forget that for natural stones to heal, they must be used with admiration and continuously. Quartz has a smart structure. It understands you. It has the feature of reflecting your feelings to you. If you love it, it will do whatever it can for you. If a stone feels unloved, it will not be as effective as its potantial. For this reason, it does not share its energies by minimizing the effects it will show on the individual. When the Crystal Quartz stone is not loved, it feels this and stops radiating positive energy.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Try not to pay much money when buying Crystal Quartz, as it is not among the rare stones. Avoid high-priced quartz crystals unless you buy a very large stone. After doing a little research, you can see a much more beautiful stone of the same stone at a much more affordable price.

Because crystal quartz is a great reflector, the materials that come into contact with your crystal are also very important. Other stones and materials used alongside the stone must also establish good relationships with the Crystal Quartz stone. If an incompatible stone or material is used, it may reduce the benefits of Quartz.

How to Tell if Quartz is Real or Fake?

Crystal Quartz Stone

One of the biggest problems of people who want to buy natural stones is deciding whether the stone is real or fake. For those who do not have enough knowledge about stones, it isn’t easy to decide just by looking.

It took time to get to know the stones well. But as you become familiar with the physical-chemical properties and mineral structures of crystals over time, As we increase our knowledge daily, it has become very easy to understand which stone is fake. If you have just started to be interested in natural stone healing, there is a new world in front of you. There are around 4000 stones that have been identified and classified in nature so far. You should also know about hundreds of kinds of minerals. But don’t worry, the world of stones will teach you itself. Looking at the photo, you can tell if 90% of the stones are fake in one go.

Crystal Quartz Stone

But first, you should subject it to some easy tests and see the difference between imitation and real stones. However, doing the same for every stone may not be correct.

First, do your visual test immediately; if possible, carefully examine the stone in the light. One of its distinguishing features is the formation of rainbow colours in its inner or outer crack when exposed to light. If there are big differences in interior and exterior colours, you may suspect it is an imitation stone. Apply this method first for single-stone accessories such as necklaces and earrings.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Most of the stones in the quartz group are highly resistant to fire. For this reason, burning a part of the Crystal Quartz stone can provide information about whether the stone is real. If no change is observed in the stones kept on fire for a short time, it may be a natural stone.

Also, apply the scratch test to the quartz crystal. Soft stones will not scratch quartz crystal with a hardness of 7. The hardness of the glass is around 5.5. For example, Rhodonite stone has a hardness of 6-6.5. While rhodonite can scratch glass, it cannot scratch your quartz stone. So, if you try to scratch your stone with rhodonite, it will be scratched if your Stone is Glass, but not if it is Real Quartz.

What are the Properties and Effects of Quartz?

Crystal Quartz Stone

It is a very wide-range, hard, solid mineral group that makes up more than ten per cent of the earth’s crust. Some of the Crystal Quartz family members declared their independence within the scope of precious stones and became known by their names. Stones such as Citrine, Amethyst, Ametrine, and Aventurine are among them.

Some are considered semi-independent but still exist under the name Quartz. Species such as Smoky Quartz, Rose (Pink) Quartz, Milk Quartz, and Rutilli (Needle) Quartz are in this group.

The greenish-yellow colour called Lemon Quartz is Citrine stone.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Mountain Crystal is a type of Quartz that is white or transparent in colour but contains air, water or gas bubbles or different white-grey images. Its distinguishing feature is that the different colour combination creates a wobbly, playful, undulating image due to the shimmering of the sparkles.

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The reason for this appearance is the presence of cavities in the stone and the presence of carbon dioxide or water in these cavities. It is one of the purest crystals with a chemical formula of SiO2. It consists of approximately 46% Silicon and 52% Oxygen. It also contains many trace minerals. Crystal Quartz stone, which has 7 points on the hardness scale, is resistant to many impacts. Available in Full Transparent, opaque or semi-transparent. It is a natural stone with a triangular crystal system in the silicates group. It is among the common stones because it can be mined in many areas of the world. It can be easily distinguished from other stones because it usually has a clear appearance. Transparent ones are male crystals; milky white ones are female crystals.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Regardless of its type, the most important effect of Crystal Quartz stone is to increase the amount of positive energy by attracting the negative energies around it. In this way, it is effective in tense environments and easily overcoming stressful situations. Since it reduces the user’s stress level, it also prevents the occurrence of mental illnesses. It can offer a chance to transition to a healthier life by reducing existing disease symptoms.

Crystal Quartz stone, composed of silicon dioxide, is in the group of oxides. Although usually ice clear, the best quality stones are those close to white. Since it has been used since ancient times, there is countless information about its benefits. According to this information, the greater the whiteness of the Crystal Quartz Stone, the higher the effect and the transfer of positive energy to you. Transparent quartz, on the other hand, is a master of healing. Two types of quartz have remarkable properties.

Crystal Quartz Stone Usage Areas

Rutilled Crystal Quartz Stone

Natural stones have recently become popular and used in many areas. Especially because of its strong effects, Crystal Quartz stone is frequently used in accessories. It can be used alone or in combination, thanks to its ability to work harmoniously with other stones. It can be included in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and watches for women. For men, necklaces, bracelets, and rosary models are common.

Outside the accessories field, Crystal Quartz stone is widely used. The first of these is Crystal Quartz, which is sold as a natural mass. It can also be used to add elegance and naturalness to decoration products. It is located in homes, offices, gardens, cafes and restaurants to beautify the environment’s energy.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz Stone has powerful healing effects. It has the feature of protecting against infectious diseases by strengthening the immune system. It regulates the functioning of internal organs while relieving muscle, bone and joint pain. It has an important use in alternative medicine because of the benefits it shows for the body.

In psychology, the place of Crystal Quartz stone is quite large. Since it relaxes and calms the individual, it prevents many psychological disorders. It also facilitates the treatment of existing diseases. Being in the psychotherapy room allows the individual to express themselves more easily.

Quartz Ritual

Crystal Quartz Stone

You can perform rituals in many areas with Crystal Quartz stone. One of the most effective stones to improve the overall health of your body is crystal quartz. Performing rituals with the greatest healer will be a legendary experience for you! You can work especially in energy cleansing, increasing positive energy, and moving away from negative energies. In addition, rituals can be performed in all bilateral relations, especially in love and family, career and education issues, to gain healing for various diseases.

Crystal Quartz Stone

While performing a ritual with a Crystal Quartz stone, some ambient beautifiers can also be helped. These can be scented candles, incense, and low-pitched music to calm the individual. It is very important to leave more than one Crystal Quartz stone in the water during rituals performed in the bathroom. It is necessary to focus on catching the energy emanating from the crystals throughout the ritual.

Crystal Quartz Stone

You can get help from important periods determined by astrologers for rituals. To do this, it is necessary to determine your star chart. You can find out your date of birth. Or, if you do not know your birth time, you can access your entire chart according to your rising sign and rising sign by looking at the physical characteristics of your body.

Regardless, you can benefit from the Crystal Quartz stone at the maximum level by following the positive aspects of the planets, especially during the new moon and full moon times. Without waiting for special times, you can still perform rituals whenever you feel overwhelmed.

What Chakra Is Crystal Quartz Compatible With?

Crystal Quartz Stone

Thanks to the Crystal Quartz stone, it is possible to strengthen the closed, inactive or insufficiently affected chakras. Crystal Quartz clears blocked energy channels in the body. Thus, it ensures that the energy flowing to the chakra points is continuous, forcing all your chakras to work correctly. It is considered to be a very powerful stone because it is a stone that is effective on all chakras.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Opening the chakras with the Crystal Quartz stone is very simple. In which body part do you feel problems? For example, do you have a stomach ache? You should move the stone over the sacral chakra area, which is the area closest to your stomach. It is not very correct to keep it on the clothes, as it will have a stronger effect if it is in direct contact with the skin. Its effect is seen briefly when placed in the chakra area for a few minutes in resting, sleeping, waiting moments, or daily life.

It would be more correct to place the Crystal Quartz stone, which affects the chakras with its vibrating effect after the care is taken. You must ensure that the negative energy of your crystal is completely reset and is ready to recharge you. In addition, keeping the crystal in the water while taking a bath helps open all the chakras simultaneously.

Compatible Signs of Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz Stone

Astrologers and stone healers make recommendations regarding natural stones by looking at an individual’s birth chart or their planetary state at the time of birth. Thus, adjustments are made to provide maximum benefit with the stones most suitable for the person’s zodiac chart. Crystal Quartz stone is also an important point where astrology and natural stones intersect. The Crystal Quartz stone integrates with the Sun signs Leo, Gemini, Virgo and Aries, and for the Leo, Virgo and Aries Ascendant signs on a level that can transform their lives.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz stone offers an easier life to the individual by rasping the bad features of the zodiac signs. Using crystal quartz immediately suppresses Leo’s ego, Virgo’s excessive scrupulousness and Aries’s unnecessary energy. Of course, the negative aspects of crystal quartz are valid for everyone, but it works much better when used in these signs. It ensures that the individual stays healthy by making material and spiritual improvements.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz stone, called Rock Crystal, can be used by every sign. For this reason, those who are not Leo, Virgo or Aries can also get the Crystal Quartz stones they want. In a short time, they can see improvements in their lives and improve their future. In addition, the Crystal Quartz stone has a powerful effect in overcoming past traumas.

However, we recommend that the owners of the zodiac sign and ascendant sign that Quartz is compatible with should use it at least once and experience the magnificent effect that Quartz will have on their lives.

Crystal Quartz Stone Benefits and Harms

Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz stone, which acts quickly when used, has attractive benefits. The first is that it has healing effects on the nervous system. It is effective in wound and burns scars, especially in removing surgical scars. It treats headaches, nausea and blood pressure changes due to stress.

Crystal Quartz can be used in open areas as it can be effective in any environment. Since it softens tense environments, it should be kept, especially at business dinners or meetings. It helps people who cannot get along with each other to establish healthier communication by regulating their relationships.

Crystal Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz stone, which is a natural pain reliever, is effective in rejuvenating the skin. It helps strengthen hair and nails by making them grow faster. While regulating blood circulation, it cleans the internal organs. In addition, it relieves the individual and prevents serious diseases that may arise due to psychological reasons.

Crystal Quartz stone does not have any radiation effect. Therefore, there is no problem in contacting the individual for a long time. It is a very useful and harmless stone because it has different effects for each age group. Anyone who wishes can use the Crystal Quartz stone as it gives positive energy to people and nature. The benefits of crystal quartz stone for human health are many; although we cannot discuss them in this article, let’s continue to list the most basic benefits.

  • Quartz provides relief by reducing pain.
  • It strengthens the feeling of love and compassion.
  • It is believed that Crystal Quartz represents the infinite power of the Universe and that the wearer can grasp it.
  • It alleviates the effects of depression. It is good for heartache. It gives stamina and joy in life in the face of difficulties. It balances emotions, thoughts and inner forces, thereby harmonizing opposing forces.
  • Crystal Quartz helps treat OCD.
  • Crystal Quartz Relieves Anxiety and Fears. It helps treat anxiety.
  • It helps to remove deadly toxins (poisonous substances) from the body.
  • Crystal Quartz cleanses and balances the Aura.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It stimulates and activates brain functions.
  • It regulates the nervous system, makes it work regularly, and heals it if sick.
  • Physical, spiritual, emotional and mental are the cornerstones of general health. It cleans them and harmonizes them with each other. It is considered a panacea.
  • It destroys the negative energy around the person and collects the positive energy.
  • It is effective in eliminating chronic fatigue.
  • It regulates the endocrine (hormonal) system, ensures regular operation, and heals if sick.
  • It is effective in melting the Crystal Quartz Oil Glands.
  • It keeps the blood circulation system healthy and heals it if it gets sick. It is useful for heart diseases.
  • It renews body tissues with its energy. It heals scars in tissues.
  • It regulates the muscular system, makes it work regularly, and heals it if sick.
  • It helps overweight or underweight bodies reach their ideal weight.
  • Crystal Quartz is considered to be effective against Spells.
  • It regulates the lymph system, ensures regular operation, and heals it if sick.
  • It allows you to focus on an issue.
  • It cleans the excess of positive ions and converts them into negative ions. Thus, it cleans the environment, especially radiation, and prevents diseases.
  • It has pyroelectric properties. It produces electricity when heated. For this reason, it can be used to regulate heart rhythm, balance brain electricity, dissolve kidney stones, and warm the body.
  • It prevents nightmares.
  • The Scots call it the “Victory Stone”. It gives the determination to succeed.

Where to Put Quartz at Home?


How to place the received Crystal Quartz stones is a very important issue. It should be placed in the right areas in homes and offices to transform energy and have an effect. Since the purpose of use of each individual will be different, the room where the Crystal Quartz stone will be placed should be determined individually. If you want to place the quartz crystal as an energy bar correctly, you must first place the Quartz vertically with the pointed end up. Never place the sharp side of the crystal to target you, except for ritual applications.


Regulating bilateral relations, increasing love and affection, and maintaining peace in the family are among the duties of Crystal Quartz stone. In these cases, the living room or living room is the most suitable if living in a large family. In houses where single couples live, it is better to place them in the bedroom. It is recommended to be placed in high areas, especially in homes with children.

Other areas where Crystal Quartz stone can be found are study rooms and above study desks. Thanks to its effect that helps to focus, it offers a rapid rise in business life. It also helps children prepare for the exam and maintain their motivation. It can feel its effect anytime if not placed in closed cabinets, drawers or boxes. Remember to keep the quartz crystal upright with the pointed side pointing up.

Where to Buy Crystal Quartz Stone?


It is possible to reach Crystal Quartz stone in many ways, as natural stones have started to be used popularly. Different varieties can be found in the stores’ accessories or jewellery sections. It is also possible to order the most suitable design on the internet. When buying Crystal Quartz stone, the point to be considered is to choose reliable ones, whether from an online or regular store. We shop for you and test the reliability of the stone beforehand. You can shop with confidence from our selected stores.

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How Much Does Crystal Quartz Stone Cost?


Although it has a transparent appearance, the price of Crystal Quartz stone, which has close to white tones occasionally, varies according to its beauty. Tons of quartz crystals are constantly being released. There are many different types of Quartz with different effects. In addition, its size, design, and the materials used together directly affect its price. It is possible to buy crystal quartz stone in its raw form or as jewellery, with prices starting from 5 dollars. There are models for every budget. But keep in mind that you can pay $100 for a rarer-toned piece.

Quartz Care and Cleaning


Crystal Quartz can tire quickly because it constantly changes the flow of energy. This prevents the stone from showing its beneficial properties. If Crystal Quartz is used too long, its energy may run out. It may begin to transfer the negative energy it has collected back to you. This is felt in the form of headache and nausea.

In this case, it is necessary to clean the crystal by washing it to be able to use it again. Leaving the crystal next to an amethyst, hematite, or carnelian stone will also allow it to be cleaned.


When touched, it heals and raises the energy of other stones. Maintenance should be done every two weeks for frequently used stones and once a month for less used stones. Since it is a durable stone, you can rest it by burying it in the ground in the garden without fear of scratching.

There are many ways to care for Crystal Quartz stone. Keeping it under running water allows bad energies to go with the water. In addition, with the help of the Moon and Sunlight, only the Crystal Quartz stones kept in front of the window are taken care of. Sage incense and other natural crystals also help Crystal Quartz to clear energy.

Interesting Facts About Crystal Quartz Stone


It gives coolness in contact with the skin and quenches the feeling of thirst when taken into the mouth.

It is crystalline in hexagonal prisms, and the prism surfaces are striated perpendicular to the long sides of the crystal. Often there is a frozen drop of water inside, and if the stone breaks, the drop turns back into the water.

In the industrial field, it is used as an electronic transmitter and separator, as well as in watches, detergents, toothpaste, glass and electric lighting.

In a metaphysical sense, it symbolizes strength and hidden power. It transmits the energy of nature through it. It gives the ability to understand secrets. It is believed to represent the infinite power of the Universe and that the bearer can grasp it.


In the Middle Ages and earlier, kings and nobles wore Quartz on their sceptres, sword hilts, or over them because it was believed to have hidden power.

It has even been claimed that the rulers of the legendary country of Atlantis, after turning Quartz into an energy source, disappeared because they used this energy for bad purposes.

Crystal Quartz stone, known to have been used in the Egyptian and Roman periods, was usually kept to protect the bridge between the two worlds. High-status people preferred it as it was valuable in the Roman period. In the Egyptians, Crystal Quartz stone could be found in all parts of the population. It also had great importance in the spiritual realms, as it was often preferred by magicians and mediums who wanted to reach god.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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