Which Crystals for Lungs?

Crystals for Lungs

Crystal for lung

With Crystals for Lungs, you can find solutions for all respiratory ailments. Lungs are extremely sensitive. The lungs are air-filled, spongy organs located in the chest. It is connected to the trachea, which helps to breathe oxygen. Every cell in our body needs oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide to function correctly. This is the waste released by the cell in its normal functioning. Due to the lungs not working correctly and some other reasons, some diseases may occur. Three types of conditions can occur due to problems in the lungs. According to our research, we can basically divide the problems related to the lungs and the treatment methods of healing crystals into three.

Healing Stones for Lungs Airway Diseases

airway stones

In these diseases, the tubes that carry oxygen to the lungs can either be damaged or not work correctly. As a result, it is usually narrowed or somewhat blocked in the airway. This can cause asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis.

Healing Stones for Lung Tissue

lung tissue crystals

Diseases that affect the structure and functioning of lung tissues. These tissues make it difficult for the lungs as a whole to expand. This will affect the breathing function of the lungs and cause them to be unable to breathe deeply. Pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis are typical examples of lung tissue diseases.

Crystals that Heal the Lungs Pulmonary Circulatory

heart lung crystals

Diseases of the blood vessels in the lungs. It may cause difficulty in breathing and exhaling oxygen and carbon dioxide. In addition, it can affect the functioning of other organs besides the heart. Pulmonary hypertension is a typical example of pulmonary circulatory disease.

Diseases related to the lungs are as follows:

  • Asthma
  • Atelectasis
  • Bronchitis
  • COPD
  • Lung cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Blockage in the pulmonary artery

All these diseases are common lung diseases among humans. These; In addition to medical treatments, there are many treatment options, including ayurvedic medicine and natural treatment with stones that are good for the lungs.

What Crystals Aid in Healing Lung Cancer?

Those interested in crystal healing ask what crystals aid in healing lung cancer. We cannot recommend any crystal directly as a stand-alone treatment to cure lung cancer. We recommend improving your disease with your doctor with scientific diagnosis and treatments. However, Healing Crystals for Lungs can support your recovery from radiation and faster recovery from the toxic effects of chemotherapy. In treating healing crystals, some people have completely recovered from cancer with only chemotherapy drugs and healing stones without radiotherapy.

Pulmonary Circulatory Healing Crystals

Of course, since cancer is a difficult and severe disease, the Crystals for Lungs must be strong and at least 6-7 types. In addition, some of these stones should be kept in water and drunk; some should be used as massage stones, some as sleeping stones, and some as jewellery. If you are looking for healing crystals for lung cancer, there are no exact healing crystal prescriptions.

Does Healing Stone for Lung Cancer Work?


Are healing stones powerful enough to cure cancer? So when you place a crystal in the body area where you have the disease, can you heal, is it that simple? Does Healing Stone for Lung Cancer Work? Yes, natural stones can work for lung cancer. It can provide great benefits in Healing Your Disease. But do not consider any healing stone treatment alone sufficient. Healing Crystals for Lungs support you. Diagnosis and treatment is entirely up to your doctor. The information here is compiled from ancient knowledge.

Which Healing Stone for Lung Cancer Should I Choose?

Choose crystal

Of course, there is no clear answer to which natural stone to choose for lung cancer. We don’t like to say no to you directly. But the reality is: There is no magic formula for salvation because everyone is different. Because without knowing the cause of the disease, it is not decided which healing stone will be more effective. If you are experiencing this disease due to a mineral deficiency, choosing a healing crystal containing that mineral in abundance will be wise to support your treatment.

Here, we wrote this article to make it easier for you to choose a healing stone for lung cancer. We will introduce you to almost all the healing stones for lung health shortly. If you want to choose the right stone, you should know your disease and how the healing stone works very well. Here we aim to help you seek a healing alternative therapy. But first of all, we want you to identify your illness and why you are sick, and then continue reading.

Many of the crystals that are good for the lung can also help you beat lung cancer. We have researched many of the crystals for the lung below for you. Still, Healing crystals for lung cancer are many and varied because cancer is a multi-varietal disease and progresses differently in each patient. In addition, the different test results of each patient prove that the origin of the disease is different. For this reason, when choosing healing crystals for lung cancer, crystal selection should be made by evaluating the patients’ test results.

Crystals for Lungs

The healing crystal required for each patient may be different. Don’t be surprised by this. Crystals that heal the lungs vary depending on the person’s age, gender, and how and why the disease started. Especially if you want advice from crystal healer for crystals that help lung cancer, advice can really be given as a result of your test results and serious work on you. As we said, many crystals help lung cancer. If you are looking for relaxing Crystals for Lungs in addition to your treatment, you can choose a few from the healing crystal list below. If you are looking for only one crystal that help the lungs, you can choose it yourself. But if you want a recipe for healing crystals for lung cancer, it requires much more extensive work. If the right choice is made, Crystals and healing energies when dealing with lung cancer can actually show more healing properties than you might imagine.

Crystals for Lungs

We will not provide you with a full recipe for healing crystals for lung cancer, but we are considering making another post for it in more detail. For now, we are sharing natural stones for the lung with you. And most of the healing stone for lungs is also a healing stone for lung cancer. We will discuss these in more detail in another article we wrote for stones for lung cancer. For now, we just want you to know that most of the healing stones for lung health are stones for lung cancer. While we briefly describe each Crystal, we will also indicate whether it is suitable for use for cancer.

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What Stones are Good for Lungs

There are so many natural stones around the world. So many natural stones can be used continuously to heal different lung-related diseases. We have researched some of the rocks that are good for the lungs and their healing properties for you.

Amber for Lungs

Amber, among the natural stones that are good for asthma, is an excellent healing stone for lung and respiratory problems such as some allergic reactions and asthma. At the same time, it removes negativity and transforms it into positive energy. Amber, which is among the stones that are good for the lungs, heals where it is needed and helps repair mucous membranes and lungs.

amber in etsy shop

It can absorb negative energies and turn them into positive energy. With its warm vibrations, it brings healing where it is needed most. It is very beneficial for the mucous membrane of the lungs. It gives a soothing energy that calms and energizes. It is said to be helpful for clearing the lungs as well as for general healing purposes in kidney, intestinal and digestive disorders and blood circulation.

Chrysocolla Crystals for Lungs

Chrysocolla, known for relieving mental tension, is also listed among the natural stones that are good for the lungs. Chrysocolla is also one of the healing crystals for lung cancer. Helping to cleanse, calm and energize the entire body system, this stone is an effective healing stone for throat and chest problems. It relaxes the body. While it relaxes the chest muscles and lungs, it also facilitates breathing. It is an effective stone for re-oxygenating the blood and the cell structure of the lungs. Provides greater breathing capacity. It regulates the heart rhythm, accelerates blood circulation and cleans the vessels.

Chrysocolla in etsy shop

The blue and green colour of the Chrysocolla Crystals for Lungs gives energy and vitality to our earth. It has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect and increases your vitality energy, inspiring you to bring fresh energy to your pursuits. For this reason, it is an excellent stone for new beginnings. It adds calming energy, courage, and self-confidence, helping us act fluidly and harmoniously in all aspects of our lives.

Kunzite Crystals for Lungs

It is used to cure diseases such as respiratory and circulatory systems, blood pressure, and anemia. It is a healing stone as well as perfect for the soul. It can also help treat and clear up many lung conditions. Morganite has similar effects to kunzite as a stone that is good for the lungs. In addition, Kunzite has a relaxing impact on the respiratory system. Kunzite affects all your organs, starting from your respiratory system.

kunzite in etsy shop

Kunzite Crystals for Lungs Calm, the nerves, and gives peace and relax. Kunzite is a stone with many spiritual effects and healing of the lungs. It illuminates spiritual consciousness. It strengthens communication, facilitates forgiveness, softens the heart, Balances emotions, and removes negative and negative emotions. It is also very beneficial for people with depression.

Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Lungs

Lapis lazuli Crystals for Lungs are beautiful healing stones for the immune system. It also helps to make the lungs work better. Lapis Lazuli is one of the stones for lung cancer. Additionally, it is a stress-relieving and protective gemstone. In particular, it protects young children from respiratory diseases. Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for the respiratory system, and it is also very successful in strengthening the Bones and the Skeleton. It can be an excellent choice for cleaning your lungs and providing comfortable breathing. It allows you to get rid of toxins in your lungs through phlegm.

lapis lazuli in etsy shop

It strengthens physical abilities and communication skills. Lapis lazuli Crystals for Lungs regulate blood pressure. It activates the thyroid glands. It is used for mental clarity and enlightenment. It helps deep thought.

Morganite Crystals for Lungs

Morganite Crystals for Lungs are known for its positive effects on regenerating damaged cells. It is also closely related to the flow of oxygen. Among the natural stones that are good for the lungs, Morganite helps treat the nervous system. It provides relief from stress-related diseases. It helps to clean the lungs. As a healing stone, it is used in the treatment of asthma, emphysema and tuberculosis.

Morganite in etsy shop

Morganite Crystals for Lungs not only heal the respiratory system but also affect your whole body and rejuvenates the body by repairing and renewing the Cells. In addition, the Lithium contained in it helps on stressful days and rejuvenates the heart.

Rhodochrosite Crystals for Lungs

Rhodochrosite Crystals for Lungs, one of the stones that are good for asthma, is in first place among the stones that are good for the lungs in general Rhodochrosite is one of the healing stone for lung cancer. As an effective healing stone for the energy field, rhodochrosite acts as a filter for many systems of the body. It relieves respiratory problems such as asthma in most people with great speed. In addition, it helps to clear lung-related infections.

Rhodochrosite symbolizes balance, love, energy, health, and talent and helps the person use it to gain these features. In addition, it harmonizes one’s energies with each other. It removes all kinds of stress, regardless of emotional and physical, and calms the Person.

Rhodochrosite in etsy shop

It is the stone of self-confidence and self-esteem. It enables the user to love himself, respect himself and increase his self-confidence. Moreover, it strengthens memory and is effective against forgetfulness.

Rose Quartz Crystals for Lungs

Rose quartz stone is helpful in inducing a loving and peaceful feeling in your heart. Lung disorders can make you feel stressed and emotionally low. Therefore, you need a gemstone that can fill the devoted energies here. Rose quartz is ideal for a good lung stone, as it has properties that allow you to open the heart to accept the love from your surroundings.

rose quartz in etsy shop

To support the health of the lungs, you can use rose quartz as it is associated with the energy of the heart chakra, which is the energy centre that is soothing and physically healing, helping the health of the lungs and chest area. A Rose Quartz Crystals for Lungs necklace can be an effective way to keep the energy of this stone close to the heart chakra. Pink Quartz can also be helpful for relieving pain.

Medicinal and natural stones should never replace medical treatment. Instead, it is a complementary therapy that should be used to supplement your doctor has recommended treatment.

Smoky Quartz Crystals for Lungs

In cases of disease such as lung cancer, you can use smoky quartz to help your body purify from chemotherapy and radiation. Yes, Smoky Quartz Crystal is one of the healing crystals for lung cancer.

smoky quartz in etsy shop

Although it is not very correct to say that the stone alone is enough for lung cancer, it can be kept near the base chakra to help the body flush out toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Selenite Crystals for Lungs

All the Healing Crystals for Lungs we have listed above are essential when dealing with powerful and toxic intense energies. Selenite is one of the healing stone for lung cancer. You can also try placing a piece of selenite under your pillow every night to help cleanse and purify these stones daily. Selenite is one of the healing stone for lung cancer.

selenite in etsy shop

Selenite Crystals for Lungs never need to clean itself. It can also be applied to sore spots to relieve local pain. However, if the wearer is very sick and weak, these stones can be very strong as they quickly pull to the surface during pain relief. But generally, it is better tolerated by people in good physical condition.

Charoite Crystals for Lungs

Here is the Charoite Crystals for Lungs that enter your world with the magic of purple, which is a great choice for seasonal transitions. If you are a person affected by weather changes, you can become good friends with Charoite. Charoite will support your entire body. It keeps the body and lungs healthy, especially in seasonal weather changes, and strengthens the immune system.

charoite in etsy shop

Charoite Crystals for Lungs also helps to overcome Fears; it is a great stone for decision-making as it provides clarity and helps you make choices based on love rather than being stuck in fear. When it comes to your emotional well-being, Charoite skips nothing. This stone invokes courage and boosts your self-confidence, reminding you that you can achieve anything you want. It will greatly increase your resilience and self-confidence while protecting your lungs.

Amethyst Crystals for Lungs

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone for the lungs. Amethyst Crystals for Lungs is one of the healing crystals for lung cancer. It can be a great option for clearing the lungs faster during smoking cessation. It is also one of the best stones to help you fight your addictions. Amethyst tends to maintain the health of your entire body as a whole. Amethyst protects every veil from Radiation and negative energy. It gives you Positive energy.

amethyst in etsy shop

Because it carries a negative electric charge, It increases the brain power by collecting the excess electrical charge in the body. Amethyst Crystals for Lungs can also be good for heart ailments. It is an excellent blood purifier. It calms anger, grudges and fear, relieves stress and gives positive energy.

Aventurine Crystals for Lungs

Aventurine is known for its positive effects on heart health, but it is good for the heart as well as lung health. Aventurine takes the strain off your Lungs.

Increases physical strength and vitality. It neutralizes electromagnetic pollution. It is effective against all kinds of stress and reduces it. Gives Positive Energy. For this reason, it is also very successful in curing psychological disorders. It brings good luck to the Person who uses it.

aventurine in etsy shop

It is a stone that has positive effects, especially on heart health. It is emotionally stabilizing and effective against depression. Aventurine Crystals for Lungs are stones you can use to breathe easily and feel happy when your lungs tense. Aventurine is also considered a lucky stone. It is believed to bring abundance and fertility along with luck.

Beryl Crystals for Lungs


If you are looking for a Crystals for Lungs that acts on your entire respiratory system, beryl is one of the best suited for this. Beryl strengthens the entire respiratory and circulatory system. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Increasing the consistency of the mucous secretion in your lungs and trachea cleans your respiratory system thoroughly and keeps it healthy. Very useful for throat infections.

Beryl in ETSY Shop

Beryl Crystals for Lungs have calming effect also. It gives a feeling of light comfort when you carry it with you. If you are having difficulty breathing, we recommend that you use a large beryl necklace that is in line with your lungs and touches your skin.

Fluorite Crystals for Lungs

Fluorite, one of the crystals preferred to reduce bacterial growth in the lungs, kills germs in your trachea when used close to the neck area. Fluorite is one of the healing stone for lung cancer.

fluorite in etsy shop

Fluorite Crystals for Lungs also support your willpower and concentration. It increases attention and eliminates the feeling of inadequacy. This feature is beneficial for workers that are reluctant to do and feel inadequate. Using fluorite consciously and during deep breathing exercises is the right choice.

Dioptase Crystals for Lungs

Dioptase Crystals for Lungs, which provides a more positive outlook on life and supports you psychologically, also heals your respiratory system. It facilitates your breathing. When your will to live decreases, your will to breathe decreases. You start to prefer shallow breathing instead of deep breathing. Dioptase refreshes the lungs by allowing you to take deep and nourishing breaths, enabling the alveolar cells in your lungs to work.

Dioptase in ETSY Shop

Working mainly on the Heart chakra, dioptase is a powerful healer for the heart and lungs and opens and regulates the higher heart chakra. Dioptase is one of the rare stones that have the ability to balance all the chakras with its high energy; it regulates the chakras and carries them to a higher functional level. It facilitates spiritual harmony and provides access to higher levels of consciousness.

Hiddenite Crystals for Lungs

Hiddenite reveals lung weaknesses, making it easier to diagnose the condition. It is a useful diagnostic tool in revealing areas of weakness and disease in the body. It can provide a quick cure when used with the thyme plant that we recommend for the lungs. Hiddenite supports enhancing the effect of any herbal treatment used for the lungs.

Hiddenite - Green Kunzite in ETSY Shop

It can be used in the treatment of the lungs as it helps with fluid imbalances in the body and facilitates hyperventilation. Hiddenite strengthens the circulatory system and heart muscle and helps treat neuralgia, joint pain and toothache.

Peridote Crystals for Lungs

Peridot Crystals for Lungs help to remove all toxins from your respiratory system. It ensures that the oldest toxins, which have accumulated over the years and cannot be removed, are scraped from the body. It neutralizes you and purifies the body and mind. In addition to helping your respiratory system function properly, it supports your circulatory system. It opens, clears and activates the heart and abdominal chakras. It purifies the body of all old burdens.

peridot olivine in etsy shop

It relieves feelings of guilt and obsessions. In addition to cleansing the lungs, Peridot shows people the negative effects of being stuck in the past, clearing your brain of past toxins. Together with your lungs, your brain begins to breathe a sigh of relief.

Petalite Crystals for Lungs

Petalite Crystal is one of the healing crystals for lung cancer. Petalite is recommended for anyone with an overactive mind, who feels exhausted, or has a history of anxiety attacks and is unable to breathe because of it. People with frequent panic attacks are faced with a situation such as being unable to breathe. Petalite can provide support for breathing when you hold it against your chest.

Petalite in ETSY Shop

Petalite Crystals for Lungs help us find healthier ways to channel nerve energy rather than keep doing the same things over and over. Petalite also encourages us to deal with potential problems appropriately and quickly so they don’t turn into crises later on.

Pink Tourmaline Crystals for Lungs

The heart of people who have had a heart attack weakens, and after the weakening of the heart, problems begin to occur in the lungs. Tourmaline is one of the healing crystals or stone for lung cancer. It is the most suitable stone for people who do not care for themselves and have breathing difficulties due to heart weakness. Pink Tourmaline strongly advocates self-care of the lungs. It reminds us that self-care is something we are solely responsible for. No one else – our family, our doctor or our community – can take care of us personally. Pink Tourmaline passionately encourages us to be kind to ourselves in every way we can. Additionally, Tourmaline is one of the healing crystals or stone for lung cancer.

Tourmaline in etsy shop

Pink Tourmaline is also recommended for anyone concerned about a physical heart condition. Pink Tourmalines are especially excellent Crystals for Lungs to carry after a heart attack when we may be more concerned about our health and fear for the future.

Prehnite Crystals for Lungs

Prehnite is one of the first crystals you will encounter regarding chest and lung health. It is highly recommended for people who have difficulty breathing due to their excess weight. Prehnite can help you lose weight as well as support the lungs. Breathing can become much better with prehnite.

prehnite in etsy shop

Prehnite Crystals for Lungs help to reach the Goal in the best way, Treats and eliminate fears, phobias and panic. Prehnit supports your overall health. It keeps the thymus gland healthy. Prehnite is a stone with more spiritual effects.

Sodalite Crystals for Lungs

Sodalite prevents the disease from descending into your lungs because it is good for all throat ailments. Sodalite is one of the stones for lung cancer.

Eliminates swelling and inflammation in the throat. For this purpose, the stone used should be at least as large as the inflamed area. Sodalite and lapis lazuli are very effective in the long run for the health of your respiratory system.

Sodalite in etsy shop

Sodalite Crystals for Lungs help people who are depressed and those who use drugs to return to their normal state. It keeps the Person in the realities of this world and enables him to establish a strong bond with his soul.

People who cannot easily express their feelings and thoughts use this stone on their neck, relaxing them. Thus, their tension disappears, and the words flow freely from their mouths. In this healing, successful results are obtained when used regularly. If you are shy, carry this stone close to your heart. It is also good for those who suffer from nausea during the trip.

Turquoise Crystals for Lungs

Although Blue Turquoise is not very well known, it is an excellent crystal for the lungs. If you hear wheezing sounds from your lungs while you sleep at night, using turquoise with aquamarine can be very effective. It can be beneficial to come in contact with turquoise daily to benefit your respiratory system. As jewellery, it is a stone that can be used every day. Especially when it is embedded in silver, its effect increases and provides balance in your breathing. Turquoise Crystals for Lungs are also good choices for your circulatory system. Turquoise regulates blood pressure and is good for heart diseases.

turquoise in etsy shop

Turquoise Crystals for Lungs facilitate breathing and calms anxiety. It gives calm. It is useful in relieving the grief of grieving people or rescuing those shocked by an event. It gives them the sense of peace that people in this situation need. It enhances the healing powers of those who carry it and helps them increase their wisdom.

Sardonyx Crystals for Lungs

Sardonyx improves the function of your lungs. It allows you to breathe more easily. You breathe the air better, and you can smell the air much better because sardonyx stimulates all the senses and improves all perception of the senses. It regulates all body fluids, cell metabolism and the activity of your intestines, promoting the absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste.

Sardonyx Crystals for Lungs also help repair bones and heal the sense organs, touch, smell, hearing and eyes. Sardonyx strengthens the immune system. This stone will overcome the debilitating effects of chronic back pain, bowel and bladder problems, and kidney and urinary tract infections.

botswana agate in etsy shop

Although we recommend it for the lungs, if you want to support healing in your whole body, Sardonyx may be your best stone for many years. Sardonyx provides the stability and strength needed to have the stamina, energy and courage to create prosperity and good fortune based on good moral ethics. With its grounding vibrations, this stone helps you transform your energies into tangible results.

Emerald Crystals for Lungs

You can provide the solution to many problems related to your lungs only by using Emerald. Emeralds are special Crystals for Lungs with very strong vibrations. Emerald is one of the healing crystals for lung cancer. Just like ruby and sapphire, it is in the category of powerful crystals in terms of energy and healing power. It is one of the best choices if you want to start radical healing in your whole body while protecting your lungs. Emerald crystal strengthens the entire Immune system, nervous system, heart, lungs and kidneys.

emerald in etsy shop

Emerald Crystals for Lungs also give a feeling of love to the Person. It increases the joy of life. It strengthens friendship, marriage and family ties. Emerald is the stone of loyalty; it increases the feeling of loyalty. It makes the feelings of success and satisfaction clear. It relieves the feeling of inadequacy and strengthens the sense of gratitude towards life.

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystals for Lungs

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystals for Lungs make your Respiratory System work better. Tourmaline makes all your organs work effectively by allowing the body to circulate. Of course, it will be healthier in a working lung. People who want to use their respiratory system effectively may prefer watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline helps us see and accept beauty more easily, both inside and out. It asks us to be kinder to our real bodies as well as to our own image. Watermelon Tourmaline is perfect when there are serious problems with our hearts. Watermelon Tourmaline are also sweet Crystals for Lungs when we face serious problems affecting our nervous system.

Watermelon tourmaline also reminds you to take good care of your lungs. Recommended for anyone struggling to love their own body. This struggle can be caused by unrealistic standards of beauty, injuries that go against the reality of our genetics, and other problems that make it impossible for us to have the body we want. Struggling may also be caused by a more serious body dysmorphia or raging from underlying conditions such as depression. Watermelon Tourmaline hugs us with great, loving energy and tells us that we are amazing, and we will never forget it! Don’t forget Tourmaline is one of the healing crystals or stone for lung cancer.

Serpentine Crystals for Lungs

Serpentine Crystals for Lungs have a very healing balancing energy on your Respiratory System. It helps you breathe properly. This stone, which solves your respiratory problems by balancing your body, is one of the general health boosters. Serpentine Helps to cleanse physically. It is beneficial in regulating and cleaning blood circulation. It cleans the parasites in the body.

Serpentine in ETSY Shop

It aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium. It helps to strengthen the skeletal system. It also helps with insulin resistance. Helping to regulate blood sugar affects the elimination of low blood sugar. It helps in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. It helps people suffering from insomnia.

Adamite Crystals for Lungs

Adamite crystal is not well known, but it is a good choice for the lungs. It supports your respiratory system by increasing mucous secretion. Balancing your hormonal system can awaken an improvement in your entire body. Adamite stimulates the secretion of hormones related to the endocrine system, especially love and joy. This can help people who may feel depressed or experience strong symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as PMS or other cyclical imbalances related to the hormone.

adamite in etsy shop

Adamite is great for people who want to protect their important organs at the same time. It supports the heart, lungs, throat and glands. It can help clear the mental fog often associated with hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue syndrome, or a general lack of energy. Adamite helps you enjoy exercising with a physical expression and is therefore useful for those who need to reconnect with their body or want to lose weight or increase their level of physical fitness.

Ammolite for Lungs

Ammolite heals you by protecting all your vital body systems. It improves your respiratory system and circulatory system at the same rate. With its decreasing and increasing healing energy, Ammolite is good for lung diseases when needed.

ammolite in etsy shop

Ammolite Regulates blood pressure and keeps your heart working effectively. Your heart, which starts to work well with your lungs, also nourishes and relaxes your other internal organs. Ammolite provides vitality, vitality and stability. It is effective against stress. It strengthens the joy of life, relieves depression or suicidal tendencies, provides a grounding, and absorbs negative energy. Ammolite gives calmness to the wearer.

Blue Aragonite for Lungs

Blue Aragonite is known to help treat various respiratory ailments. It is believed to stimulate the lungs and is often used by metaphysical healers to treat asthma, lung cancer, and any form of lung inflammation. Blue aragonite is also suitable for your throat.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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2 Responses

  1. May says:

    Thank you for your detailed information. I learned a lot from this article.

    I have interstitial lung disease with pulmonary fibrosis. Which stone is best for me? Thanks.

    • HealCrystal says:

      If you’re interested in exploring the potential benefits of crystals or stones, it’s essential to approach them as complementary aids and not as a substitute for medical treatment. Always prioritize the advice and guidance of your healthcare provider. We are not a doctor, but we can try to provide some general information.

      Apophyllite is a beautiful crystal known for its calming and cleansing properties. It is believed to help clear the respiratory system and support lung health. Some individuals find that working with apophyllite can promote easier breathing and provide a sense of relief for lung-related conditions. Place apophyllite near your bedside or in your living space to create a peaceful atmosphere.

      Charoite is a unique crystal with vibrant purple hues. It is thought to aid in physical and emotional healing. Charoite is believed to strengthen the lungs and support the body’s overall vitality. This crystal may help alleviate respiratory discomfort and promote a sense of well-being. Consider wearing charoite jewelry or keeping a charoite stone nearby to benefit from its potential healing properties.

      Blue Chalcedony for Severe Cough:
      Blue chalcedony is associated with soothing energy and throat healing. It may help calm a persistent cough and support respiratory health. Place a blue chalcedony crystal near your throat or wear it as a pendant to potentially alleviate discomfort and promote a more peaceful breathing experience.

      Rose Quartz for Loss of Appetite:
      Rose quartz, known as the stone of love and compassion, is believed to promote emotional healing and nourishment. It may help alleviate stress and anxiety related to loss of appetite. Keep a rose quartz crystal near your dining area or wear it as jewelry to potentially enhance feelings of self-care and promote a healthier appetite.

      Hematite for Weakness:
      Hematite is a grounding crystal known for its stabilizing energy. It may help boost physical strength and provide a sense of vitality. Some individuals believe that carrying or wearing hematite can assist in combating weakness and fatigue. Consider keeping a hematite palm stone or wearing hematite jewelry to potentially support your energy levels.

      With these crystals, we aim to relax your lungs and make it easier for you to breathe. Hope you can relax as soon as possible.

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