Solve Your Focus Problem with Tourmaline Crystal

Tourmaline Green Verdalite Raw

It is included in the Natural Crystals and is known as the Focusing Crystal. It is a Natural Crystal that increases the concentration of the individual by enabling him to focus. Therefore, it is believed that the person using the Crystal strengthens their senses.

Green verdalite Tourmaline

Another name for Tourmaline Crystal; is described as the Rainbow Crystal. Tourmaline; It can be stated that it has colors between pink and green. It is said that each Natural Crystal contains different color intensities according to the mineral balance in it. However, this Crystalline; is believed to be a Crystal that protects the individual from evil.

About Tourmaline Crystal

Watermelon Slice Tourmaline

Although Tourmaline is in the Semi-Precious Crystals class, it has many colours, such as pink, yellow, green, blue, and black. The same Tourmaline can have many colours. It has a different name according to the colour it has. For example, Tourmaline, available in shades of pink and red, is known as Rubellite. It is used in many jewellery pieces, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It is also known to be used in a rosary and household items. There is a belief that it will purify the house from negative and negative energies.

Pink Red Tourmaline

Tourmaline contains more than one color; In ancient Egyptian times, it was referred to as a rainbow. Blue of Tourmaline Crystal, indicolite; yellow Tourmaline Crystal, canary; green Tourmaline Crystal; It can be stated that it is named chromolite. In addition to all these, there is a Tourmaline Crystal, combined with two colors, pink inside, and green outside, across Brazil. The name of this Tourmaline is; Watermelon Tourmaline.

Red Green Tourmaline Raw

Tourmaline is a symbol of balance and harmony. For this reason, it is recommended to be used by married couples. Green Tourmaline; The Pink Tourmaline represents the balance and harmony of the man and the woman.

Hardness scale of Tourmaline Crystal; Ideal for jewelry making. The hardness of the Crystal; varies between 7 and 7.5. The different structure of the Tourmaline Crystal causes the jewelry to look different from each other in general. Tourmaline Crystal; Can be used with gold or silver jewelry. However, it must be in contact with the skin to have an effect.

What is Tourmaline (Focusing) Crystal?

Blue Neon Tourmaline Necklace

It can be described as a boron silicate crystal. This Crystal; is a precious Crystal that was known as the rainbow in ancient Egypt. It is possible to come across almost every color of Tourmaline in nature. Within these Natural Crystals, alternatives include green, blue, yellow, pink, red, and black. However, it should be noted that the Crystals, which are pink, green, and black, are the most preferred in terms of meaning and benefit.

Blue Dark Tourmaline

In ancient Egypt’s history, this Crystal is believed to have passed through the rainbow on its way to the earth. For this reason, it is supposed to contain all the colors in the rainbow’s diameter. In addition, in light, It has a feature that turns from green to red. It is known in the form of a semi-precious Crystal. However, it is much more expensive in material terms compared to other Natural Crystals.

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What Are the Benefits of Tourmaline Crystal?

Green Pink Raw Tourmaline

Tourmaline has many different colors. However, it is associated with many emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. The most important use of it is its strong protective properties.

Green Tourmaline

If this is the case, it helps keep the individual away from evil energies. To wear this Crystal; is similar to carrying a shield that adds positive and positive energy to the person when going out. The benefits of it is endless, but let’s list the main benefits:

-Protects from the harmful effects of radiation.

-Tourmaline which has all colors, has a protective effect against the evil eye.

-Protects inner peace.

-It provides inner calmness to individuals who constantly judge themselves, wear out, and criticize themselves.

-It helps to get rid of addictions.

-It helps the individual be tolerant towards his environment.

purple Tourmaline

-Strengthens the senses.

It improves focus skills. Using it to achieve success by focusing on goals may be suitable.

-It helps the individual to be harmonious and balanced.

-Solves sleep problems. It also provides sleep patterns.

navy blue Tourmaline

-It contributes to the grounding of the body. It balances and connects the chakras.

-Balances the hormonal system. It supports the continuous and regular functioning of hormones.

It heals the mind. Clearing the aura removes the sense from negative thoughts and helps strengthen memory and the body.

-Fixes sleep problems.

-It enables the individual to gain empathy skills.

What Are the Physical Benefits of Tourmaline Crystal?

multi Tourmaline

-It is a unique helper of organs and immunity.

-Supports blood circulation. However, it is a crucial Crystal for accelerating metabolism.

-There is a rapid and problem-free recovery. It is said to accelerate the healing process.

-It helps to reduce muscle pain effectively.

-It reduces the adverse effects of lung problems on the body.

What Are the Chakra Benefits of Tourmaline Crystal?

Smoky Tourmaline

Tourmaline is connected to the earthly roots and main chakras that support the individual to feel secure in their place in the world. When the root chakra is balanced, it gives a vital self-confidence to progress toward spiritual healing regarding self-discovery of who one is. This Crystal protects the individual against all kinds of negativity that absorbs energy. It is possible to state that the individual will feel very good when protected from it.

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Tourmaline Crystal?

Multicolor Tourmaline

It also has emotional benefits. The emotional benefits of Tourmaline are as follows:

-It enables the individual to make decisions according to his needs, not with fear.

-Tourmaline, which has a powerful grounding energy, absorbs negative and negative energies.

-However, individuals using this Crystal; effectively help to get rid of negative and dark emotions.

Watermelon Tourmaline

-It transforms anxious and restless vibrations into positive ones.

-If they have negative habits that affect the individual badly, use critical frequencies to turn these energies into a positive state.

-When all these positive energies are met, it also supports the flow of good luck to the individual.

-Eliminates worrying thoughts.

It increases self-confidence.

Pink Rough Tourmaline

-It is a crucial Crystal that keeps the root chakra ready and firm.

-It enables the individual to connect with the individuals around him.

-Helps to stay calm.

-It; contributes to believing in the existence of positive thoughts.

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What is the History and Meaning of Tourmaline Crystal?

Blue Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline Crystal; Along with the Opal, it is an essential Crystal for individuals born in October. This Semi-Precious Crystal; was first discovered by Dutch traders on the west coast of Italy in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Tourmaline concept; It comes from the idea of “Sinhala tourmaline,” which was the name given to all the colored Crystals in Sri Lanka at that time. This name; shows that ancient jewels cannot distinguish this Crystal from other Crystals. In ancient times, the red and pink Tourmaline was thought to be a ruby. But the pink Tourmaline is pinker in color than the ruby ​​Crystal.

Pink Tourmaline

Individuals in China; He has used this Crystal for carved symbols for centuries. However, these works are still exhibited in museums. This situation; is proof of how durable it is. It is stated to be a Crystal used in ancient ceremonies to bring insight across India.

How to Clean a Tourmaline Crystal?

Watermelon Big raw Tourmaline

When Tourmaline Crystal is taken, cleaning it before use and intermittently with the correct methods is recommended. However, cleansing the Crystal will regulate the energy of it. The cleaning of each natural Crystal is done in natural ways. In this cleaning, four elements are used. Objects or jewelry can be cleaned with the following methods, depending on the crystalline hardness level;

Cleaning Tourmaline with Salt Lamp: Tourmaline can be placed around the salt lamp and cleaned.

Cleaning the Tourmaline with Running Water: It is possible to clean the Tourmaline by washing it under running water for approximately 5 minutes.

Soaking in Sea Water or Salt Water: Tourmaline Crystals; It can be cleaned by keeping it in seawater or salt water for 10 minutes.

Cleaning a Tourmaline with Incense: Crystals with a low hardness level can be cleaned by placing them next to burning incense.

Cleaning it by Burying it in the Ground: It is necessary to clean the Tourmaline Crystal by burying it in the ground for 24 hours in an open area or a flower pot. It is vital to keep it taken from the soil in water to remove the dust on it.

How to Use Tourmaline Crystal?

Green Blue Cap Tourmaline

The most effective and natural way to use the Tourmaline Crystal, among the Natural Crystals, for protection; is the individual’s creation of a Crystal program of his own. In addition, Tourmaline Crystal; By attaching jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet or wearing a key ring made with Tourmaline Crystal in the pocket, the person can protect himself and the area he lives in.

Wearing jewelry or necklaces made with Tourmaline Crystal is an essential way to connect strongly with the meaning of the Crystal throughout the day. Jewelry such as rings, earrings, or bracelets made of it will create a protective shield in the environment to keep out unwanted energies. Apart from wearing it as an accessory, carrying it in a pocket or bag; will enable one to protect power and carry it wherever one goes.

Pink Tourmaline Raw

Wearing rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of Tourmaline Crystal for continued access to the Tourmaline Crystal’s energy helps establish a connection with Tourmaline. In addition, no matter which accessory is preferred, keeping the it close to the body allows the purification of energy and releases situations that do not serve the individual.

Tourmaline is known as the Birth Crystal of people born in October. In addition, it is an incredibly suitable Crystal for people with Libra and Scorpio and individuals with Capricorn signs.

Blue Tourmaline Smoky Quartz

Libra individuals using this crystal helps to resolve their stress. The use of it by Scorpio individuals will help them avoid conflicts and get rid of indecision. Capricorn individuals; are known for being disciplined, ambitious, and determined. But they are connected to the computer in too many ways. Therefore, they can be harmed both mentally and physically. Tourmaline; is an essential Crystal for absorbing negative energies.

What You Should Know About the Properties, Meaning, and Benefits of Green, Pink, and Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline Crystal has multiple different colors. However, it would be correct to state that green, pink, and black Tourmaline Crystals are more prominent than other colors in terms of value along with feature, benefit, and meaning. Tourmaline Crystal; It is a Crystal known as a symbol of balance and harmony. Apart from that green Tourmaline Crystal, the pink Tourmaline Crystal represents the women. In addition to all these, since the hardness level of the Tourmaline Crystal is between 7 and 7.5, it is stated that it is a complicated and durable Crystal.

Blue Cap Tourmaline

One of the essential features of the Tourmaline Crystal is that it offers different looks every time about the jewelry and other jewelry. As they save from evil energies, more pink, green, and black colors come to the fore. It is a Natural Crystal mined in many countries around the world. These are; the United States, Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Italy, and Turkey. Tourmaline Crystal; Especially in terms of its benefits, the colors pink, green, and black are used jointly for treatment purposes. Briefly, the benefits of pink, green, and black Tourmaline can be listed as follows;

Rubellite Pink Tourmaline

-Pink Tourmaline Crystal helps to reduce stress and prevents depressive states.

-It allows you to focus on any business in a personal way.

-It is among the most critical Natural Crystals that provide balance and harmony.

-It helps to create inner calmness.

Purple Tourmaline

-Tourmaline Crystal has a positive effect on decision-making.

-It helps the individual to get rid of addictions.

-It provides the opportunity to look at life from a wider window.

-It helps to expand the perspective towards life and events.

Where Is Tourmaline Crystal Used?

Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline Crystal; It attracts a lot of attention because it is a natural Crystal. However, this Crystal; is used in jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. It also adorns showcases and counters in private sales places with many designs. Tourmaline Crystal; It is possible to find natural Crystal shops, special workshops, and businesses selling souvenirs, jewelry, and jewelry.

Blue Neon Tourmaline

Tourmaline Crystal; earring; It is used in many places such as rings, key chains, trinkets, rosaries, and pebble Crystals. Tiny decorative Crystals are generally purchased in the form of Energy and meditation Crystals. Adding a special meaning to jewelry and jewelry models, coming to the fore with color alternatives, made the tourmaline crystal famous. Apart from this, different jewelry and tourmaline Crystal are evaluated with many features and benefits. Bracelets, necklaces, and rings are the most common among them.

What Is the Price of Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline Necklace

Tourmaline Crystal; It is a natural Crystal and is among the semi-precious Crystals. However, sapphires are more expensive than many genuine Crystals, even if they are not in the category of precious Crystals such as rubies or diamonds. And also, It is possible to buy jewelry and jewelry made with tourmaline Crystal by jewelers who sell unique Crystals such as diamonds, silver, and gold. In addition, the price of jewelry decorated with crystals and metal is more expensive than others. Apart from this, the cost of natural Crystals in decorative objects and jewelry is more suitable.

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What Is the Meaning of Tourmaline Crystal?

Watermelon Tourmaline

Tourmaline has many colours. However, the meaning and properties of each tourmaline differ according to its color. In addition, the benefits of each colour will be slightly different. These;

Meaning of Pink Tourmaline: It helps the individual to be cheerful and happy. It also provides courage for the individual to love himself.

Meaning of Green Tourmaline: It supports the individual in self-compassion and love.

Meaning of Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline; is very effective in depression and anxiety.

Meaning of Red Tourmaline: Red Tourmaline helps individuals reach more critical places regarding self-confidence.

Meaning of Blue Tourmaline: It is recommended to use this Crystal in case of issues such as trauma.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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