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tumble natural crystal healing
Jasper Tumble

Natural Crystal Healing is a complementary practice that uses the energy of Natural Crystals to make small and significant changes in people’s lives. When Natural Crystals are used correctly, they will eliminate disturbances or discomfort. Every Crystal; has beneficial properties to restore balance and harmony at various levels in the individual through interaction with the human energy body.

The properties and activities of Natural Crystal Healing have discovered thousands of years ago in many of the most ancient civilizations. It was used in ceremonies to predict the future, attract luck, and treat specific ailments.

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Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz

There are many Crystals in nature. Crystals such as amethyst and crystal quartz are widely available, although some are hard to find. All Crystals affect your life to some degree, but they do not change who you are. They only help you develop your potential. This article will cover how Natural Crystal Healing works, choose them and use them.

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What is Natural Crystal Healing?

Rutilated Quartz natural crystal healing
Rutilated Quartz

It is one of the methods in which Crystals are used in alternative medicine to help the being heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level. If a method cures the patient, it makes no difference whether an alternative or another name refers to this method because any way of aiding healing is acceptable if it works.

When a Natural Crystal contacts us, an automatic connection is generated. Our energy field is perfectly connected to the energy field of the Crystal. Thus, it produces an exchange of light and information to activate hidden potentials.

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Amethyst natural crystal healing
Amethyst Raw

Natural Crystals, with their different colors and shapes, accumulate energy and are like batteries that nourish and harmonize our energy field. The person using them can reach a state of inner peace and complete serenity. An energy field in the human body interacts with universal energy. Both mental and physical disorders result from an energetic imbalance between the human being and the environment. This energy flow needs to be rebalanced to eliminate negativity. Natural stones; transmits energy vibrations reflected in human energy flows, increasing or decreasing their intensity.

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These vibrations are essentially balancing. At the root of all diseases is some imbalance. In other words, all ailments are caused by the deficiency or excess of a mineral (for example, iron) in your body. Therefore, if it is desired to heal the ailment completely, the root cause of the disease can be eliminated by balancing this mineral in the body instead of relieving the symptoms. As a result, Crystals make it easier for you to dispose of the minerals in your body, and if a mineral is lacking, it makes it easier for you to easily take it from the outside (through food) and balance it.

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How to Use Natural Crystal Healing?

natural crystal healing

Healing with Natural Crystals; It is done to balance energies, promote change, and manifest something spiritual on the material plane. Each Crystal has specific energy characteristics that affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane of the person who uses it differently.

The healing process; is based on the fact that everything around us, including ourselves, is made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. They all spin and vibrate in an electromagnetic field. It has been discovered that they are essentially wave-shaped. The origin of the universe is frequency. Science has explained this today.


When we use Natural Crystal Healing, we recognize their particular vibration. As a result, a change occurs in this energy field with which we work, whether the human body or a specific area. These effects may be felt immediately or perhaps gradually. The purpose for which this is done often depends on factors such as the Natural Crystal chosen and other applications used.

History of Natural Crystal Healing

ancient time natural crystal healing

Natural Crystal Healing is among the modern new-age techniques. However, it dates back to much earlier times. In the world, many cultures have used Crystals for both energy and spiritual and physical health. From the Egyptians to the Sumerians, Natural Crystals have been used for the good of the individual and society.

Natural Crystal Healing has been used to make all kinds of bracelets, necklaces, and rings and has been seen as valuable, healing talismans. Much of this information is ancient. Of course, more recently, there is also new knowledge that natural crystal healers have gained by healing their patients. However, most of this information dates back to ancient times.

What Do Natural Crystals Do?

What Do Natural Crystals Do?

It is not possible to answer this question in a few paragraphs. However, there are lots of books and applications about Natural Crystal Healing. In short, a crystal has numerous effects on your brain and body. Usually, a crystal has dozens of benefits. So there are many reasons why you can benefit from Natural Crystal Healing.

Above all, this healing harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit to achieve a state of well-being. You can accomplish this by holding the Crystal in the area to be treated.

The energy of Natural Crystal Healing; can harmonize the environment we live in, especially the areas where we spend most of our time, such as the living room or bedroom. For example, keeping your favorite Crystals on the nightstand beside the bed is always good.

Through targeted applications, it is possible to eliminate blockages or energy stagnation. This is achieved by placing the Crystal on the chakra to be treated. Crystals harmonize our chakras. Different Crystals can be used for each of the chakras in the body to adjust them.

Sleep time crystals

Some Natural Crystals help us manage our emotional and anxious states (pink quartz, moonstone), and some Crystals help us uncover old traumas (obsidian, tourmaline).

Some Crystals promote restful sleep. These include amethyst, chalcedony, lepidolite, and rhodochrosite.

Some Crystals can remind us of our dream. Therefore, it is always good to keep a malachite under the pillow.

Natural Crystals can be used in meditation and make us more conscious. Among the most used Natural Crystals in meditation; are amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and hematite.

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How to Use Natural Crystals

How to Use Natural Crystals

Energy is the basis of the entire universe. This; applies to the earth, animals, plants, and Natural Crystals.

Natural Crystals vibrate with primordial energy. Although it works on well-being through healing energy, it can interact with every plane of human being, physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual. For example, Natural Crystals; can interfere with a headache, stress, or a blockage at the level of one of the chakras.

Crystals energize and bring change to your life. However, some provide balance and are helpful in case of imbalance. There are many ways to work with Natural Crystals in the healing field. For more information on the selection and use of natural crystals, click here.

Natural Crystal Charms

crystal jewelry

Wearing Natural Crystal jewelry balances your energy field. It absorbs and transmits energy and can be of great help to you. This is prolonged contact. Crystal is carried for long periods, in direct contact with the skin, and is worn as a necklace or bracelet.

Place Crystals in Your Body

To get the special effect you need, put the Natural Crystals on the part of your body. For example, put it on your head if you have a headache.

Do Natural Crystal Meditation

Natural Crystal meditation helps you relax your mind and get incredible insights simultaneously. Crystals are almost millions of years old and hold a tremendous amount of information in their memory. While holding the stone in your hand or wearing it as jewelry, the Crystal Meditation helps you focus by breathing or visualizing.

Sleep with Natural Crystals

You may sleep with the Crystals so they can act without your mind interfering with your doubts and fears. Putting the stone of your choice under your pillow is a good idea.

Place Natural Crystals in Your Home

Natural Crystals in Your Home

You can place Natural Crystals on your desk, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Each Crystal has its energy and will assist you!

Benefits of Meditation with Natural Crystals

obelisk natural crystal healing
Crystal Obelisk

Using Natural Crystals in meditation serves to awaken and develop intuition by connecting us to the most profound energies of our being. It also helps us delve into the depth of some situations we want to address.

We can use crystals to convey information about a specific thing we want to know. However, we recommend you do not involve other people when channeling information through Crystals because the Crystal will be tuned to your frequency.

While meditating with Natural Crystals, Remember that you may experience different sensations, such as your palm getting very hot. You may start to yawn, feel the electricity in your whole body or part of it, or experience different sensations, such as hot or cold. If you experience these feelings, keep your deep breathing and consciousness alert. Because behind these manifestations is a message for you.

What is Natural Crystal Attunement?

Natural Crystal Attunement

Natural Crystal Attunement is a way to seek your center. It is that inner place that balances you, calms the excesses of the mind or the overflow of emotion, and helps you perceive another focus. With an attunement, you become one with your whole being. It aligns all your bodies, aligns and balances all your aspects. You can practice attunement with one or more natural stones.

A natural stone attunement prepares you to enter another, deeper phase in the process with Natural Crystals. In the attunement stage, you open yourself up to receive spiritual energy and align your mind with higher aspects that free you from the bondage of stray, distracting thoughts. Adaptation period; It places each chakra in a state of relaxation that allows it to release anger, fear, boredom, or other emotions that consume it. An attunement can take as long as you need to.

How to Clean the Aura with Natural Crystals?

Aura; electromagnetic energy surrounds our physical body and integrates all our spiritual, emotional, and energetic bodies. Natural Crystals harmonize with our energy and purify our aura. If we do a purification exercise, Our atmosphere releases all kinds of density with the power of Natural Crystals.

How to Cleanse Natural Crystals?

Crystal bag

To get the most out of the crystals, it is necessary to purify them. Although the energy in them is constant, they can store information. Therefore, they take in the energy that surrounds them where they are. Clearing Natural Crystals allow us to restore their energetic power and healing properties.

Not all Crystals are cleared the same way. Some Crystals may be damaged in contact with certain substances. You need to figure out the best method for each Natural Crystal you use. The most common is to clean it under running water. This is a very suitable technique for Crystals of the quartz family. For more information on cleaning crystals, click here.

Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball

-Rinse the Natural Crystal with cold running water for a few minutes.
-Then add plenty of salt and soak in water for 24 hours.
-Finally, rinse the stones with running water.
-This practice will discharge the negative energies that your Crystal has accumulated. You can also soak some Crystals in salt without water and bury them under the ground to absorb all the accumulated negative energies.

How Are Natural Crystals Charged?

tumble natural crystal healing

If you want to recharge the Natural Crystals, you can use sunbathing or moon bathing techniques. However, while the Moon is suitable for all Crystals, the solar process is not.

For example, They are unsuitable for Quartz Crystals and risk deterioration. The technique of charging Natural Crystals at a full moon once a month can be excellent. The least effective way to set a Natural Crystal is to use amethyst or quartz.

Energy and Healing Powers Change According to the Color of the Crystal

Tourmaline natural crystal healing

-Red Natural Crystals such as ruby ​​and tourmaline; stimulates circulation and fight physical and mental weakness.

-Blue-colored Natural Crystals such as aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and sapphire relieve pain and cramps.

-Green-colored Natural Crystals such as emerald and green tourmaline have detoxifying power.

-Orange Natural Crystals such as opal and topaz are effective on metabolism, lungs, heart, and pain.

-Purple-colored Natural Crystals such as amethyst and purple fluorite combat fatigue and stress.

-Black Natural Crystals such as onyx and black tourmaline normalize energies.

-Elements in the Crystal affect the function of the Crystal. For example, the iron in the hematite Crystal enhances the immune defense. The chromium in ruby ​​lowers cholesterol. The lithium in Aquamarine Crystal combats mood swings.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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