Which Natural Crystal Should I Use? How to Choose Crystal?

how to choose crystal healing

If you are wondering how to choose crystals, you are in the right place. By utilizing the unique properties of Natural Crystals, you can balance the energy fields around your body and home to gain physical, emotional, and spiritual health benefits. Natural Crystals; can help soothe emotional issues like anxiety, mood swings, shyness, physical symptoms like migraines and allergies, and even more. Healing crystals have been a key ingredient in treatments for thousands of years. And their healing knowledge has survived to the present day. Today, it is still used by thousands of people for therapeutic purposes. So, how to choose a natural crystal?

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If you are new to natural stone healing, you may wonder, “Which natural Crystal should I use?” And genuine crystals; elevates and strengthen your energy vibrations, whether for your body, your home, or even your pets. It’s always there to help support us when we’re blocked, low on energy, feeling slowed down, or needing to calm down!

Crystal Sphere

As well as making us more aware of our energy, they can lend a helping hand to keep us at the moment. Natural crystals are more curious in this digital age, where distraction is everywhere.

The Most Used Natural Crystals and Their Characters

Crystal healing

With its nearly 6,000-year history dating back to Ancient Egypt and Sumer, natural stone healing is mostly about chakras today. Regardless, all applications with natural crystals show that different properties are available to different types of genuine crystals. The effect of each natural crystal varies not only with its kind but also with its shape and how it is activated and cleared. Before answering your question about choosing a natural crystal, let’s examine some commonly used stones and their properties.

How to Choose Amethyst Crystal ?

It develops intuition and spiritual awareness. It helps by providing calmness and tranquility. Physically, it is known to be beneficial in relieving headaches.

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How to Choose Carnelian Crystal?

It enhances creativity and connection with past experiences. On a physical scale, it can help the digestive system.

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How to Choose Citrine Crystal?

Citrine Crystal is one of the best choices among natural stones for abundance and fertility. This crystal invites success and money. It also raises self-esteem and benefits the heart, kidneys, liver, and muscles.

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How to Choose Crystal Quartz?

It is a healing crystal. You can program this crystal to use as you need it.

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How to Choose Garnet Crystal?

Garnet  How to Choose Crystal
Garnet Crystal

Garnet, which is beneficial for health, is also a good crystal for creativity. It also helps prevent nightmares.

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How to Choose Hematite Crystal?

It is an ideal choice as a natural crystal for protection and grounding. The Hematite Crystal closes your aura to keep negative energy out.

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How to Choose Jade Crystal?

This crystal is excellent for moving towards your goals and for a long and healthy life. Jade Crystal is also famous in skin care applications.

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How to Choose Lapis Lazuli Crystal?

Lapis lazuli; It is a crystal that enhances focus, strengthens thought, aids meditation, and relieves sadness. It is also suitable for sore throat and fever.

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How to Choose Malachite Crystal?

It releases stored emotions and allows you to look inward. This crystal is beneficial in aiding and alleviating mental illness.

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How to Choose Moonstone?

Moonstone calms the emotions and the digestive system. It promotes peace and harmony.

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How to Choose Obsidian Crystal?

Obsidian  How to Choose Crystal
Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian is a powerful protection Crystal. Provides protection against viruses and bacteria. It is a kind of mirror stone; it reflects you what is inside you better.

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How to Choose Opal Crystal?

Opal  How to Choose Crystal
Opal Crystal

It is an empowerment Crystal that can increase experiences and creativity. Opal will also help stabilize mood swings.

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How to Choose Pyrite Crystal?

Pyrite How to Choose Crystal
Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite is a good defense and protection crystal. It acts as a shield against negative energies and increases your energy.

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How to Choose Rose Quartz Crystal?

Rose quartz is the best natural crystal for love; It is excellent for romantic relationships, family, and friendship. This crystal nourishes you, relaxes you, and helps diffuse anger.

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How to Choose Smoky Quartz Crystal?

It is a Protection Crystal that activates survival instincts and increases focus.

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How to Choose Tiger Eye Crystal?

Tiger Eye  How to Choose Crystal
Tiger Eye Crystal

It is a Crystal of stability that enhances personal strength and integrity.

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How to Choose Turquoise Crystal?

Turquoise Crystal
Turquoise Crystal

It is a healing Crystal that protects against diseases and environmental pollution.

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What Do Medicinal Natural Crystals Do?

Very little scientific research supports the claim that natural stones can be used to treat diseases. However, the power of natural stones should not be underestimated so quickly. While scientific evidence is not yet sufficient that they can correct medical problems, they do have some mental and even physical benefits. Our ancestors have used it in treating diseases for hundreds of years, and because of the results, this ancient knowledge has survived until today. Use natural crystals and see for yourself if you get results. As the healcrystal family, we use genuine crystals and get results.

Do Crystals Work?

Crystal tower  How to Choose Crystal

The healing properties of crystals are not a subject to be discussed. You ask why? Because they work. Only the most suitable crystal for the disease and the person needs to be carefully selected. A question may come to your mind again. If such crystals work, why isn’t there scientific research on them? Or why can’t doctors prescribe crystals as with medicines? Crystal healing will come to light as new devices are developed that measure wavelength that we cannot see with our eyes and current devices, which will be invented as science and technology development.

technology development  How to Choose Crystal

The scarcity of scientific studies on crystals is due to insufficient technology. All incoming information regarding crystal healing is ancient knowledge. Crystal healers and experts in this field try ancient wisdom on their patients and gain their own experience due to their observations. They perform the treatment by giving personalized crystal combinations. In addition, natural stones will not harm you. Adding some genuine crystals to your life is good unless you overspend on an expensive healing treatment or rely solely on crystals to boost your health; It can increase your positive energy and confidence and remind you of an intention.

How to Choose Crystals?

Group of Crystals

If you are thinking about how to choose the crystal, you are actually mentally prepared for how to choose the crystal.

The first step in choosing a natural crystal is to figure out what you want to get from it—looking to relieve a physical or emotional ailment?

Without much research, you can sometimes feel a specific attraction and connection to a particular natural crystal. And in this case, it is the crystal itself that chooses you—a very safe choice of genuine crystals; quartz. Therefore, if you are unsure, quartz types are a good choice.

Each natural crystal is associated with a specific meaning, energy, and intent. You may also find that you are attracted to certain crystals, similar to our response to a standard color or scent.

There are several different ways to choose natural crystals, but the primary method we recommend is to trust your intuition.

Bixbite Crystal  How to Choose Crystal

-Close your eyes and clear your mind before making your choice.

-When you open your eyes, see which Crystal you choose the most.

-When choosing natural crystals, try not to focus on healing abilities and let your intuition act. Instead, you can focus on details like color and shape.

-If you act on your instincts, you can always choose the right natural Crystal. The crystal that attracts you is said to be the one that contains the energy you seek. There is a saying: You don’t choose the crystal. It chooses you.

Click here if you want to work on your chakras to find the best crystal for you.

How to Cleanse Crystals?

How to Cleanse Natural Crystals

Cleaning after choosing and purchasing a natural crystal is something that will genuinely fill it with your energy and needs! There are several methods for natural crystal cleaning. The most common is to soak it in salt water or keep it under running water. You can then activate it and be healed by programming it according to your intention. It can be as simple as holding it in your hand and setting an intention for yourself. Then, you can wear it as a necklace, carry it in your pocket and purse, or put it somewhere in your bedroom to always have it with you. The reason natural stones are used so often for healing is their ability to absorb and reflect energy. Therefore, you must clear any previous energy before you start using it.

How Are Crystals Activated?

Quartz Activated

The fastest and most effective way to activate crystals is to be thankful that the Creator of the Realms created them and that it is no accident, so it is in your hands or neck that is not a coincidence too. So, in short, you have to love the crystal. A love bond should be established between you and the crystal in its most succinct terms. However, this bond should not turn into a deranged love like idolatry. If you become too attached to the crystal and cannot do without it, this is wrong, and the healing effect of the crystal will be diminished. Your love for the crystal should, in its essence, only stem from your love for the “Lord of the Realms,” who created the crystal and you and loves you unconditionally. This love is the key that opens every door.

Now that you have decided which Crystal attracts you, you can begin harnessing the crystal’s power. But first, you need to set your intention so that it can benefit you. To determine your purpose;

Quartz programming

-Keep the Crystal of your choice in your dominant hand.

-Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.

-When deciding on an intention, consider your entire journey.

-Set an intention like “I want to bring courage and new financial opportunities into my life” rather than “I want to win the lottery.”

-Clear your mind and focus on the crystal in your hand and the intent you wish to charge.

-Repeat your intention out loud until you feel connected to the crystal.

-If you listen to your intuition, you will know when to stop.

How to Store Crystals?

How to Store Natural Crystals

To make the most of the energy of natural crystals, it is best to keep them close by. You can carry it in your pocket, on your desk, under your pillow, or on your nightstand. In this way, it will serve as a constant reminder of your positive intention.

Soft tote bags are ideal if you want to store your crystal in a way that keeps it safe. However, especially if you have more delicate natural crystals, you may want to wrap them in fabric one by one or even place them on a shelf. Remember that crystals on a stand and those worn as jewelry take a lot of energy and must be cleaned frequently. Click here to learn how to clean crystals.

The success of how to choose a crystal also depends on opening your palm chakra. For more information on crystal selection, click on our article “Find the Perfect Healing Crystals for You.”


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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