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pearl Find the perfect healing crystals
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With so many mysterious and beautiful crystals to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one is best for your current situation. You should know sure that you find the perfect healing crystals for you.

You are already here to learn how you can do this. Fortunately, you are in the right place to unravel the secrets of the crystals. The healcrystal team read a thousand years of accumulated crystal information, one by one, from the manuscript books. We are giving and funnily you the most confidential and detailed information about the crystals.

What are the crystals in reality? 

Crystals are the gifts of mother nature, which bring the power of nature together. What is in these crystals? A crystal is a package of energy and minerals in an orderly three-dimensional cage. Each crystal has unique vibrations and participates to us by these vibrations created in millions of years and accumulated in their energy.

Every human has a unique energy frequency like crystals, and the primary rule of taking advantage of crystals is whether the crystal is already in your frequency range. Of course, we will not measure this frequency range with the measuring device. Here, our most functional measuring instrument to find the perfect healing crystal will be our intuition.

Find the perfect healing crystals
Tumbled Crystals

Which crystal is perfect for you?

Do crystals choose you, or do you choose them? Yes, right! Do they choose you? Crystals secretly send you some signals. So when you see it, you realize it with a difference. You feel it is blinking at you even from afar, but you will like it even more when you get close to it, or maybe it reminds you of a pleasant moment from the past.

You may select the surface’s texture when you touch it, or you may have colors and figures. Now you will learn to use your own body to understand them better and move correctly to find the perfect healing crystals for you.

Tumbled Crystals

Get your body ready to find the perfect healing crystals for you

Yes, if it makes you feel good when you look at a crystal or take it in your hands, it means this crystal will benefit you. It’s all that simple, but we need to have some information about our bodies to make this process more effective. Bringing our body to the proper position increases the accuracy of our chance to choose by opening our sensitive channels.

Eight main chakras

There are hundreds of power zones, eight of them which are mainly in our body and consist of millions of cells that we cannot see with our eyes. Each of our millions of cells is a life of its own. Nutrient absorption, energy production, and consumption occur in each of our cells. However, when we consider our entire body, we can say that the energy used or the potential power waiting to be used is concentrated in some parts of our body.

These power zones are called chakras, and energy flow and management occur intensely in these zones—chakras described in more detail and fun in our other articles. If you are curious about chakras, you can click and learn. For now, it is enough to know how to make two chakras open. You will learn to activate only your two chakras to find the perfect healing crystals for you. 

Find the Perfect Healing Crystals-Palm Chakras

It would help if you started a flow of energy in the palm of your hand. Yes, this chakra is precisely in the palm of your hand, as you guessed. Palm chakras are not known much, but this is one of your most important chakras. Our hands’ sensitivity is about your ability to activate palm chakra; thus, it is possible to establish a high-level connection with the crystals.

To open your palm chakra,

You must first concentrate on the middle of your palm. What you will do next is to do a few hand exercises while your thoughts are focused on the palm. 

Do the exercises below just for a few minutes without disturbing your concentration on your palms.

-Hold your hands together, and your palms touch each other freely. Flex your fingers down and open your hands slightly and bring them back together several times.

-Imagine collecting your power in the palm. Now turn your hand into a fist. Open and close your hands to form fists a few times.

-Stretch your fingers and bring them back together again. Repeat several times. 

You are starting to feel a tingling in your fingers now. That means your palm chakras are beginning to open, and this feeling is an indication that the flow of energy.

Find the Perfect Healing Crystals-Earth Star Chakra

Have you ever heard that humans have roots like plants? It sounds ridiculous when you first hear the question. Every being showing signs of life on earth is weakly or strongly connected to the world by an invisible root. With this root, we take everything we need from the world. Don’t forget; you have imaginary roots that can get deeper and thicker. Our mind’s visualization ability is the most crucial key that we will use when opening this chakra’s door.

If you want to fully feel the crystals’ energies, opening your earth star chakra to activate your energy roots will make a much better choice. Your earth star chakra is like roots that grow under your feet. Thanks to these roots, energy from the depths of the world can enter your body. 


To open your earth star chakra,

-Stand with your knees relaxed and slightly bent and your hands loosely clamped under your navel.   

-Now, imagine your roots emerge from your soles, and start to enter under the ground.

-You can also imagine the roots that go under each leg. Picture the Earth Star Chakra opening and growing like an aggressive plant. As your roots break the earth’s crust, you can hear crackling sounds coming from under the ground. Keep going until you descend to the main energy centers of the world. 

-Jump gently when you feel your roots are reaching your destination.

Now you can be sure that you found the perfect healing crystals for you.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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