Drinkable Natural Crystals for Fast Healing

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Did you know that drinkable natural crystals exist? Yes, you can obtain water with a crystalline frequency that you can safely use without mineral transfer to the water. It is known that natural crystals are used to purify their energy and obtain living water—genuine crystals placed in water benefit in many ways. However, not all natural crystals are suitable for this. Natural crystals with different chemical components should be used cautiously due to their chemical substance.

Not All Crystals Are Suitable For Putting Into Water

Drinking some crystals by soaking them in water can cause poisoning or diseases that are difficult to return. Natural crystals containing toxic and lethal components such as arsenic, lead, antimony, and aluminum or containing radioactive elements rust in water or produce poisonous minerals.

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In this case, even touching the stone, except for drinking, causes poisoning. Dozens of crystals can be kept in water, and the water they are supported by can be drunk. But this has some conditions. First, before using the water in which the crystal is kept, you should know precisely what minerals your crystal contains. Also, there should be no mineral transfer from your crystal to the water. Instead, there is a pure frequency exchange between the water and the crystal. This is how your water is cleaned and can even be bacteria-free. As the healcrystal family, we have been drinking our water with obsidian crystal for years. In this way, we drink antibacterial and anti-viral water. However, the Obsidian Crystal you use as raw is very sharp and breaks very easily. When broken, the pieces break up like glass and are much stronger than glass. So you could cut your hand or accidentally swallow small amounts of obsidian inside the jug without realizing it.

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For this reason, you can use unprocessed natural shungite instead of unprocessed natural obsidian. Like obsidian, shungite will purify your water. Today, we share with you four natural crystals that you can drink water by keeping in water with peace of mind and in the safest way:

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 drinkable natural crystals amethyst

The most popular crystal in the world is Amethyst. Amethyst crystal, which usually has a purple color but also has alternatives such as dark red or light pink, contains iron and sulfur elements. Amethyst crystal, which is generally attracted by the jewelry industry due to its bright and aesthetic appearance, stands out with its many benefits.

Amethyst, among the natural crystals placed in water, is relatively abundant in nature. While the iron in its structure contains high energy, the crystal’s use dates back centuries.

-It helps in a soothing effect.
-It helps with distraction.
-It collects the negative energy accumulated in the human body.
-Helps the person feel positive all the time.
-It helps to stay away from obsessive thoughts and relax.
-It is suitable for the eyes and helps in cleaning the blood.
-It has many benefits, both physically and spiritually. Amethysts are drinkable natural crystals.

Drinkable Natural Crystal Amethyst Is Considered an Esoteric Crystal


The most crucial reason the amethyst crystal, drunk by dissolving in water, is kept in many environments is that it attracts harmful rays and converts negative electricity into positive energy. In addition, Amethyst crystal, which is preferred in forming positive energy, gives comfort during sleep, so many mattress companies produce mattresses using the crystal.

The amethyst crystal, often mentioned in Greek mythology, means intoxicating in Greek. In astrology, it is considered a magical crystal in the explanation of personality analysis. Amethyst crystal, which usually occurs in metamorphic, igneous rocks in nature, has a strong and protective quality.

In addition to activating spiritual awareness, it helps fight against addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes. Furthermore, it has therapeutic properties in physiological pain caused by stress.

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  drinkable natural crystals pink quartz

Rose Quartz is the symbol of peace that humanity has used to treat various diseases for centuries. It helps you feel softer and more understanding. The pink quartz crystal, which helps to reduce emotional distress and pain, is called the love crystal. The crystal, which is rare in nature, is popularly known as rose quartz.

It is among the natural crystals put into the crystal water used in making symbols or seals in ancient times. The clear male quartz is the smoky one, the female quartz crystal; because the male quartz crystal is clear, it positively affects those who experience pessimism or mental confusion.

It is also known for its stimulating and stimulating power. Female quartz, on the other hand, has much more properties. It is suitable for emotional or physical headaches.

Drinkable Natural Crystal Rose Quartz Calms the Heart

 drinkable natural crystals rose quartz

-Pink quartz crystal helps to eliminate emotions such as anger or jealousy in people. Besides relaxation and peace, it also makes the heart feel comfortable.
-It helps in renewing cells, in the treatment of cell diseases, and in increasing the body’s resistance.
-It helps to keep the internal organs such as kidneys, lungs, and heart healthy.
-It helps heal diseases such as asthma, visual disturbances, wounds, and angina.
-It supports the feeling of self-confidence because it is suitable for depression.
-It destroys the negative energy in the environment and collects positive energy.
-Stimulates brain functions thanks to its emotional stabilizing feature.
-It is essential protection support in losing power and vitality in human beings.
-It is also effective in strengthening mental concentration.
-It is known for its anti-stress feature.
-Regulates digestion and blood circulation.
-Relieves headaches and is beneficial for eye health. Rose Quartzes are drinkable natural crystals.

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 drinkable natural crystals quartz

The crystalline quartz crystal, which forms more than 10 percent of the earth’s crust, is the colorless type of the quartz group. It has a unique spiral crystal form. It is considered the most healing and energizing crystal known throughout history. Crystal quartz, in the natural crystals placed in the water, doubles the biomagnetic field, collects the energy, organizes it by discharging it, and converts it into positive energy. It consists of crystalline oxygen and silicon components, which have been used for both magic and therapeutic purposes since the early ages of humanity.

Drinkable Natural Crystal Quartz Is A Very Strong and Effective Crystal

The crystal, the symbol of strength and hidden power in metaphysics, transmits the energy of nature to people by passing it through. It is believed to deliver the infinite power of the universe, and it is used with the belief that the person carrying the crystal grasps this power. Crystal quartz, which stands out with its feature that activates thoughts, is a natural crystal placed in water.

crystal quartz

-It’s an emotional stabilizer.
-Stimulates brain functions.
-Protects against loss of strength and vitality.
-Strengthens mental concentration.
-Helps in reducing headaches.
-It helps in regulating digestion and blood circulation.
-It is helpful for eye diseases. Crystal Quartzes are drinkable natural crystals.

If it is used for a long time without being cleaned, its energy may run out, so it starts to transfer the negative energy it has collected. This condition is felt in people as a headache and nausea. If such a situation is encountered, you can clean the crystal quartz by burying it in the ground and leaving it overnight.

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Known as the crystal of life, Shungite contains 98 percent carbon, 4 percent hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. There is no definite information about shungite. Different views have been put forward for the formation of shungite, which is known to be contained in some minerals such as nickel, vanadium, selenium, tungsten, and molybdenum.

According to some scientists, it was formed due to the disintegration of organisms in the oceans. According to some, he came to earth on a meteor from outer space. Shungite stone, which is among the natural stones put into water recently, has been used as a source of healing since the 18th century.

Shungite, which has antibacterial properties and is known as a life crystal, is used in water purification. Natural crystal, which has a healing feature thanks to its fullerene content, is also a long-lasting antioxidant.

The crystal is formed by combining many carbon atoms and thus acquires antioxidant properties. Moreover, thanks to the reaction of antioxidants with free radicals, it is very effective against chain reactions that cause cell damage and degenerative diseases.

The Strongest Mineral Drinkable Natural Crystal Shungite

shungite  drinkable natural crystals

It supports natural crystal body tissue regeneration, normalizes cell metabolism, and increases enzyme activity. Having a rich fullerene source, shungite also has anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping to reduce pain and stress.

Natural crystal, which is helpful to reduce the effects of static electricity accumulated in the body, also provides the development of metaphysical abilities and reach a higher level of consciousness.

Known as the most potent mineral healer, shungite;

-It helps in clearing the electromagnetic field.
-It provides grounding in the human body.
-It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
-Helps reduce pain and stress.
-Improves cell metabolism.
-It heals spiritually.
-Preferred in meditation.
-It is used in water purification. Shungites are drinkable natural crystals.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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