Get Rid of Your Excess Weight and Be Fit with the Fat Burning Energy of Healing Crystals without Dieting in 3 Steps


Ah, Excess weight. Our accumulated fats prevent us from living our everyday lives and being happy. They look bad visually, but they also spoil our overall health. The leading cause of hundreds of diseases is our excess weight alone. Forty-two percent of Americans are obese. Eating disorders and especially not being satiated continue to be the biggest problem worldwide. We’re not going to quickly go through a few slimming aids as others have done in this article. We want you to get results, and we love you. We are proud of you when we hear this in your feedback when you succeed.

Yes, we are proud of you, and we are working to share that with you. For this reason, we will briefly show you how to apply the deep research we have done on Crystal Healing and Slimming, and we will try to be helpful to you. You complain about your weight, and now you have decided to lose weight. But you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry. It’s no big deal. We’ll give you the suitable crystals in the proper order in our article.

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We will, of course, share the Slimming Crystals in the following parts of our article, but first of all, you need to prepare your brain and body for the crystals to work. Here is a small tutorial that you can easily understand in a few paragraphs. Then, we will briefly give you this training free of charge and briefly explain in 3 steps how to benefit from the healing energy of crystals and how to achieve natural weight loss. This training will be more than enough and understandable to reach your goal. We will not bore you with the details, and when you are finished reading the article, you will have learned 1-How to get your brain ready, 2-How to Change Your Basic Nutritional Habits without Dieting, and 3-All of the Healing Crystals that Emit High Fat Burning Energy!

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In this article, you will learn where and how to start and how you can easily do this with crystals that help you lose weight. Our research shows that when using crystals, you will learn how to lose weight without dieting without any difficulty, and it is a great way, with minor changes you will make in your life according to the crystal you use.

As with every problem, the crystals will help you to lose weight, don’t worry, but your effort is also significant. You know that crystals can give you the energy needed in this process and the frequency required for the physical breakdown of fats. They can significantly help you stay full and effectively balance your stomach acid and hormones.

1- Lose Weight With Crystal Power Without Dieting and Experience True Happiness

As we mentioned in the article’s title, you will not be on a diet at all, and you should not apply for an effective program to lose weight with crystals. Such obsolete programs that you must adhere to will only complicate the work of the crystals and your brain. Because the working principle of crystals is to bring them into balance, in other words, please take what you need and what is valid, and leave the excess and harm for it. So there is no compulsion in the treatment with crystals. This principle applies to any subject you want to be healed. If you force yourself, your body will resist it, and treatment will be complex. To not complicate the work of the crystals, you should leave yourself to their healing arms with a soft energy. As we always say, be grateful to the Creator of Everything and the only owner of Everything, be thankful for what He has given you and feel all your regrets in your heart. Each time you pick up the crystal, know who its owner is. To be healed, you need to connect with the universal healing energy through Crystals. For this, you need to get permission from the crystal owner. When you feel your regrets and start to feel a sense of forgiveness and compassion, Everything else will be straightforward now. Now get ready for Miracles when you are allowed to resonate with the universal healing energy!

Don’t Clog Your Brain with Conditionings to Unleash the Magnificent Power in Your Brain.

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As we always say, your brain is the main center where all events occur and are directed. All diseases, including obesity, start here and are treated here. When you open your eyes to the world, even your life begins in your brain. Your life continues inside your brain and ends in your brain. We say that we ate with one of our organs. We took the bite into my mouth, chewed it, and ingested it. We think we have intercourse with our sexual organs; our brain enters into intercourse, and all our feelings and life continue in our brains. In the same way, we say that we eat food with our mouth and stomach; in fact, our brain eats it, not our gut! Even if digestion takes place in your stomach, the main organ that provides pleasure and satisfaction from it and feeds your cells with the protein, carbohydrates, and fats you digest is the brain.

Make Room for Crystalline Energy Without Clogging the Receptors in Your Brain


You can get rid of your problems by changing a few habits with your trust in crystals and your brain. Your brain will communicate with the crystals. Your brain, which catches the appropriate frequencies like radio, will enter into the same resonance with the crystals and initiate the necessary and correct treatment for you. But there are millions of receptors in our brain which need to capture healing frequencies. Like in radios, with waves coming from different frequency sources, it may be difficult for you to switch to the right station, and there may be confusion. To avoid this confusion, you need to clear your mind first! Your brain should be clear and your receptors empty. So what are you going to clean your brain from? Of course, primarily from your unnecessary conditioning. For example, get rid of negative resistance thinking, such as “I am genetically very prone to weight gain” or “I am very fond of food and can never lose weight”! Incidentally, herbal or chemical drugs also confuse your brain, as with this conditioning, and may cause your receptors to become clogged.

brain using

When you seek healing with crystals, reduce these slimming herbs a lot or leave them for a while. If you want the correct healing frequencies to be connected to the receptors in your brain, as we said, do not block your receptors with other sources. For crystal healing, your mind must be clean and clear.

If you can make your brain Immaculate and ready to capture the energies of the crystals, you will now be able to do whatever you want with your brain. As you enter the frequency of the crystals, you will realize that it is not the crystals that do your treatment but your brain! You will change some of your essential eating habits and never diet. Thanks to this attitude, your treatment will be more accessible. Your brain will only be conditioned to healing energy. You will quickly reach your ideal weight by communicating with the crystals correctly.

2-Help the Crystals and Your Brain by Changing Your Basic Eating Habits in 10 Simple Steps

As promised in the title of our article, there is no dieting! No Strict Rules! You’ll have to change your essential eating habits and pick up a few fun new routines like dancing and jogging!

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1-Diets are hard-hearted and tell you to cut back on your meals to lower calorie intake. We discovered that the opposite is true. Eat at least two meals a day, one of them is Breakfast. Have Breakfast after waking up and get into this habit. As you know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In general, people neglect to have Breakfast. Thus, high-calorie intake is left for later hours. You will work with crystals, and crystals love natural living and balanced bodies. To maintain your balance, make sure to have a good breakfast based on essential organic foods (eggs, olives, cheese, oats).

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2-Not put sugar, which is not concentrated in nature, into your body intensely. White bread and all kinds of bakery products are classified as dense and processed sugar, which is not natural. It was impossible to find such amounts of processed sugar in nature until 50 years ago. This is very new and causes your body to go out of balance, so abandon all kinds of processed sugar products with or without a package. Instead, choose regular amounts of seasonal fruits. You can add cinnamon to the fruit so that your blood sugar stays in balance. It helps to create a feeling of satiety and suppress hunger. It is also an antioxidant.

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3- Consume Everything according to the season. Even if you do not reduce your calorie intake, eating according to the season will increase your interaction with the crystals, returning your body to its standard system. Thus, even if your calorie intake is high, your body burns fat with crystals at this high rate. Consume vegetables and fruits that are produced and served in season. Eat the fruit itself, not drink the juice, and consume them with their peels if possible. Many fruit juices cause the beneficial, fibrous parts of the fruit to go to waste.

no cola diet

4- Instead of sugary and acidic drinks, you can choose mineral water and homemade lemonade. While consuming the beverage, the point to be considered is that it does not contain additives. Because additives can keep your brain receptors busy, causing you to miss the healing and fat-burning energies of the crystals.

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5-Not swallow food without chewing it thoroughly. Remember, the feeling of fullness will come within 20 minutes. While chewing well reduces the work on the stomach, it also eliminates the feeling of hunger. The main reason for eating fast and a lot is that the satiety signal from the consumed foods is transmitted later than usual. After the first food is finished, it takes a specific time for satiety signals to appear. Since these signals do not come, the person thinks he is still hungry and consumes a lot of food.

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6-Do leave your water bottle with you. Water consumption is the most crucial tool in providing a feeling of satiety, filling the stomach volume with a non-calorie liquid, regulating kidney functions, and removing toxins from the body. Anyone who wants to lose weight should consume at least two to three liters of water a day. If you’re going to burn fat with crystals, help establish your body’s ph and mineral balance. You do this best with water. So please drink plenty of water.

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7-If you don’t like to exercise, dance every day. First, start with three songs and increase over time. Do exercise that seems like a boring activity fun. Do your diet, training, and socializing with your dance friends. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car in the farthest parking lot, or get off one stop earlier and walk home or to work. We do not recommend these to increase your calorie expenditure. All are preparations for crystal healing. Every time you drink water and move and sweat a little, you get rid of toxins. This is purification. Crystals have a maximum effect on purified people, and their chakras are normal.

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8-When you eat, combine the food you will dine on a plate and see the amount. Although we do not want you to diet, your amounts should not be excessive. As we always say, you must have a balanced and natural nature for crystals to act on you. The faster the waste is removed from your body, the quicker you will get results. For this reason, combining dishes on a plate is an important issue.

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9- Consume whole wheat or rye bread instead of white bread. White bread is perhaps the least suitable type of bread among all bread. Instead, take advantage of whole grain bread to help the digestive system work regularly and prolong the time of satiety.

10-If you prefer, choose grilled or broiled instead of fried ones. The grill and steam cooking techniques are the most healthy and harmless to the body among these choices. In addition, since most of the nutritional values ​​can be preserved thanks to the method used while cooking, it is vital to take the full effects of the diet and maintain your body balance.

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Well, Now It’s Time For The Most Fun Part. You Are Mentally Ready To Resonate With The Crystals, Now And You Can Now Harness The Amazing Fat Burning Energies Of The Healing Crystals

3-Destroy Your Fats with the 10 Fat Burning Energy of Crystals!

1-Get Rid of Your Belly Fat with Hemimorphite

hemimorphite blue

This crystal is used for Spiritual development and expansion in general. It strengthens self-confidence. Thanks to its high vibrations, it helps to melt your fat, especially in the waist and belly areas. This is how it helps to lose weight. After all, Hemimorphite is a stone of self-development and transformation. While weakening, it also helps Personal development. It delights you by elevating your emotions and mood. It relieves nausea and vomiting when you are hungry. It also acts on cellular diseases and the disorder or disorder of cells.

hemimorphite etsy shop

2-Lower Bad Cholesterol with Magnesite

magnesite white

Magnesite, which has a beautiful appearance among natural stones, also carries the peace of white color. It offers a fat-burning effect with a weight of lousy cholesterol among the crystals. As a unique stone known for its fat burning and appetite suppression effect, contact with the body throughout the day will make you feel its impact. It will help you stay steady and stable. It will always make you think of white’s effect and radiant feeling of calmness and clarity of mind. You can choose magnesite as a buckle, necklace, earring, or bracelet. All of them are accessories that will help you lose weight.

3-Balance Your Energy with Tourmaline and, More Importantly, Have Strong Will

tourmaline black

It is one of the natural crystals widely used with its unique structure and special aura to balance energy. To lose weight, it is not only necessary to have a lack of appetite but also to have a strong will. Tourmaline, one of the Creator’s indispensable crystals, will strengthen the resolve and balance your corrupted energies. You can choose it to regulate your appetite, comply with your diet program and look stylish simultaneously with its magnificent appearance. Tourmaline will also present you with a beautiful world of pink and green colors. It can be used as a necklace, earring, or bracelet to strengthen your will.

Tourmaline etsy shop

4-Get Rid of Toxins Accumulated by Your Excess Weight with Jade Stone

The jade stone, the symbol of abundance, is an effective aid for gallbladder and kidney ailments. It helps to remove toxins from the body that enter your body from fast food and similar foods you have eaten for years. It has balance and healing effects. It is suitable for feelings of fear and anxiety and can contribute to your weight loss by supporting you toward your goals.

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5-Keep On Your Way With Detox Stone Iolite


Iolite is among the most impressive natural crystals gifted by our Creator. Iolite stone, which applies its detox effect on the liver to burn fat and suppress appetite, is gorgeous with its purple ambiance. It will ensure that an adequate blood circulation mechanism that cleans the liver is applied in the body and that it will also affect the soul with calmness and calmness. In stress and restlessness, our eating habits change, our liver is concerned, and at the same time, it reduces our metabolism when we gain more weight by getting fat. For liver detox, you can choose iolite among natural stones that burn fat simultaneously.

iolite etsy shop

6-Say Goodbye to Gluttony with the Moonstone by Balancing Your Appetite

With its appetite suppressant feature, moonstone is among the unique stones that will prevent gluttony. Not to forget its magnificent appearance as an appetizing stone that must come into direct contact with the body. As a stone with medium hardness, it offers an eye-catching ambiance to the beautiful appearance provided by its semi-transparency. It gets its appetite suppressant effect from its balancing energy. As one of the stones recommended for very greedy people, it has an extraordinary impact preferred among natural stones that are both an elegant accessory and appetizing. It gives energy and strengthens willpower. In addition to preventing gluttony, it contributes to melting waist and hip fat by vibration.

moonstone etsy shop

7-Strengthen Your Physical Strength and Carry On Without Tiring With Agate Stone

Agate stone provides soul and body harmony and will enable you to work for a long time in sports activities by providing physical strength. It will be effective in clearing negative energy and reducing stress. It is a unique stone that will help you drink plenty of water and speed up your metabolism. It will offer a regenerative effect that you can use for mental and physical health. As one of the stones that illuminate the mind and give calmness and peace, it will be motivated by removing negative energy. It is one of the particular crystals that will allow the body to be purified from toxins, feel better psychologically, and strengthen the will.

agate etsy shop

8-Help Keep Your Mind and Body Balanced While Burning Fat with Kyanite

Kyanite blue

As a natural crystal that always reflects its natural appearance and color ambiance, it provides a balance of body and mind. It will also be effective in implementing a decision mechanism that will help burn fat with the confidence and determination of the blue. Among the natural stones that suppress appetite, kyanite is ideal for balancing the body’s blood circulation, reducing stress, and reducing stomach acid. A peaceful and stress-free life, one of the best ways to balance stomach acid, will also contribute to helping you with your appetite at the right time.

Kyanite etsy shop

9-Cinnabar Natural Stone that Increases Your Determination and Cuts Your Appetite

Let’s be warned right away, cinnabar crystal is toxic. If it is used by touching the body, you will be harmed and sick. It stays on a table in a jar and sends its frequencies to you. But you can use it without contact. It is perhaps one of the most effective natural stones that suppress appetite. But we repeat, it is a poisonous stone, do not touch it. It will be effective in implementing an ideal stability mechanism. It can fix you and keep you away from junk food consumption.

10-Lapis Lazuli Reach Your Goal With Confidence And Determination

Lapis Lazuli, the stone of self-confidence and determination, opens the throat chakra. It provides both appetite balance and helps the person to express themself better. Dark blue lapis lazuli, which combines eye-catching colors with its stunning appearance, is also attractive as a stone of awareness. It is recommended to be used in contact with the body to lose weight and continue the diet voluntarily

lapislazuli etsy shop

Yes, that’s all. As long as you follow our recommendations and use the appropriate crystals, you will lose weight; keep using the crystals that give patience and stability, and follow what we have explained for at least three weeks. We want you to be healthier and happier

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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4 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    No sugar, no white bread, only seasonal foods, only mineral water or homemade lemonade, eat only the fruits instead of drinking the juices, drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car in the farthest parking lot, or get off one stop earlier and walk home or to work (i.e. significantly increased exercise), watch portions/control the amount on your plate, only grill/broil/steam your food (no fried)….


    Aside from any crystals, if a person followed the above advice (which is no different than a doctor would prescribe), s/he would likely lose weight. Not in a healthy manner, however, as any sort of dieting is not what most people think and is actually the *cause* of overweight in the majority of people. (Check out Caroline Dooner’s book The F*ck It Diet for many scientific examples of how dieting triggers the body’s famine response.)

    At least you did include information on the toxicity of Cinnabar — much appreciated!

    • HealCrystal says:

      Dear Kate, we think you just read the name of the book you recommended to us; you had to open the book and read the pages 🙂 We read the book The F*ck It Diet you mentioned for you. Let’s summarize it as follows: The book tries to create the necessary psychological infrastructure for people who need to get rid of all their excess weight by encouraging the “Diet” you need. Below we add three comments made to the book and also published on the author’s website, and what we understand from these comments (and what a genuinely sane person should understand):

      -Comment 1: ” It’s so weird… I keep forgetting that I have chocolate or cookies in my pantry. That would never have happened before The Fuck It Diet. ”

      Healcrystal team says: “She openly says she’s less eating chocolate and cookies thanks to the book! (Dear Kate, sorry, but this is a diet you don’t want to do!).”

      -Comment 2: ” I knew this was working when a pint of Ben & Jerry’s started taking me a couple of weeks to eat instead of eating the whole thing in one sitting. ”

      Healcrystal team says: “The person who made this comment has shrunk his portions incredibly, equal to almost 12.5%! She ate less. (Dear Kate, sorry but this is a tough Diet you never want to do!).”

      -Comment 3: ” I can not believe the change in mindset I am experiencing.
      Thank you, thank you. I can’t say it enough. ”

      Healcrystal team says: “The person who reads the book says that his mindset has changed. Here he means that his perspective is against dieting, but now he says that he can now do difficult diets much more easily.

      We only indirectly help you create the intellectual infrastructure you need to diet. We wish you to be successful like the person who made this comment. Still, for this, like the person who created this comment, first of all, you should read “The F*ck It Diet Book” very carefully. “you will need to diet, and dear Kate, I think this is a Diet you will never, ever want to do!).”

      The Subject of Crystals Helping You Lose Weight:
      Crystals do not directly break down their fat! This is not possible! In other words, according to our research, this expectation has no scientific basis. Crystals help people while they are struggling to survive. So, it only indirectly helps your fat burning. For example, it can boost your metabolism so it raises your energy and accelerates fat burning. Or By increasing your will, makes it easier for you to diet and exercise. Looking at our other articles, you may also notice that we have mentioned this “Help Topic” many times. Yes, Crystals can only help you lose weight, just as they help you with everything else.

      Dear Kate,
      If we had told you that you could drop from 90kg to 50kg just by holding a crystal in your hand and doing nothing else, you would’ve had no results after trying it, and you’d have written a far worse review than this comment, right? Here’s the point you’re missing: Crystals are an invaluable tool to make it easy for you to do all this. It gives you the vibration that will motivate you to get up from the couch when you don’t want to move, and you find yourself running before you even realize it. As a result, you want to run (we call it the “crystal boost effect”), you run, and you lose weight (scientifically a natural consequence of burning calories)!

      We also recommend that you “really read” the book you recommended to us; after doing that, if you can carefully re-read this article about losing weight with crystals, apart from the toxic effect of cinnabar, “many beneficial properties of crystals” and “a lot of useful facts about weight loss that can help you” You realize that there is “knowledge” and so maybe you can understand how appropriate and in line with the book The F*ck It Diet (if you read it) we advise parallel with it. We hope we hope, Kate! We will organize a special session for you using our powerful crystals and pray for you with the crystals so that your negative view of life will decrease and increase your “strength of will,” and “to discover the great potential in your heart.”

    • Julia says:

      Hi Kate, I am a physiotherapist, and a physiotherapist who has been dealing with crystals for years. So I’m not going to answer you by quoting just one book I’ve read. I will answer with the knowledge I have gained from the education I have received over the years and all the books I have read. I think you read this text with prejudice and wanted to see a sentence in the text like you will lose weight just by keeping the crystals with you. Since you couldn’t find this sentence, you got angry and made an aggressive comment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to lose weight by sitting down holding a crystal in your hand and without making any corrections to all the habits that make you fat. Crystals can only help you lose weight, they can’t help you lose weight on their own. The reason why you can’t find the “sit-down weight loss techniques” you are looking for on the internet, but you find thousands of results about diet and exercise is because these two are the only solution to lose weight. All other techniques are helpful and supportive. The person who wrote this text has written a useful article that aims to make diet and exercise at a minimum level, prepare a ground for the body and raise this minimum level with crystals. Moreover, most people do not know the specific effects of these natural stones on weight loss, so I am sure the author has done an in-depth research and wrote a long, useful article. Although aggression is effective in accelerating your metabolism to lose weight, aggression causes worsening effects on your body in the long run than weight. I think you should try to speed up your metabolism with happiness so that you lose weight and be peaceful. For this, I recommend you amethyst stone, it increases your positive energy. If you wish, you can use jade, also known as happiness stone. But don’t forget this detail, you will not only hold the stone in your hand, you will use it as an aid to diet and sports 🙂

      • HealCrystal says:

        First, thank you, Julia, for your “PASSION” to the Crystals and to following us. We are lucky to have received support from someone interested in this subject ‘Academically’ and ‘Professionally.’ And we are so happy that we can’t explain it because we got a comment from someone knowledgeable and experienced in his field. I hope you never lose your “PASSION.” We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to evaluate your knowledge with the breadth of your expertise and for writing here that we do not contradict the information in your database! Welcome! We wish that the Supreme Sole Owner of the fantastic realms, who created the Universe, will love and protect you with a magnificent “PASSION.” Moreover, we love everyone who comments on our articles, and we ask our Almighty Creator to forgive us all.

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