What Are Natural Stones That Increase Psychic Abilities?


In this article, we will talk about psychic abilities and natural and healing stones that you can use to develop them. With these healing stones, you can learn how to enhance your deep-seated natural psychic powers and strengthen your intuition.

It takes some time to practice visualization, work with divination tools, and learn to trust your intuition. There is no quick way around this. And as you do when learning anything, you will likely make mistakes.

Remember, Any skill takes practice and improves over time. Therefore, it is essential to be realistic.

How Do Natural Stones Increase Psychic Powers?


Natural stones can help you as you learn more about boosting psychic powers in books, school, or running your own business. Stones; They are highly energetic tools for spiritual growth and psychic awareness. Many people interested in rocks will begin to develop their abilities and sensitivity to energy over time simply by working with them regularly.

Natural stones clear and open the chakras. It also makes you feel the energy better. These psychic centers also allow the downloading of spiritual information from your soul, angels, guides, or the Universe.

Working with Natural Stones for Psychic Powers


There are many ways to work with stones to increase psychic powers. For example, You can use them as a necklace or bracelet. Or, you can carry them in your pocket.

For best results, we recommend using your focused intent. Be clear about your intention. Think about your choice every time you look at or touch the stone. For this purpose, if you want to work with this stone for a long time, you can program stones that increase psychic powers.


The stone you choose; Try placing it on your crown chakra or third eye chakra for 10-15 minutes. This should be repeated frequently or once a week. As you do this, you can generally feel some pressure in the third eye chakra, i.e., in the middle of the eyebrow. If you feel uncomfortable pressure, then you should stop. If this happens, you may need to do shorter sessions or wear them as jewelry.

Stones That Increase Psychic Powers

The following stones are just some of the best stones that can be used to develop psychic powers and intuition. You don’t need them all; we’ve just listed different options…

Amethyst Stone for Psychic Powers


Amethyst stone; It is a purple variety of Quartz that can be light to dark purple, transparent, translucent, or almost opaque. This stone helps to clear and open the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It enables you to awaken your psychic abilities. It also provides spiritual protection. Some people may find this stone too strong when used for these purposes.

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Dream Amethyst Stone for Psychic Powers

Dream Amethyst

There are zigzag patterns on this crystal, a type of amethyst. The amethyst stone helps and activates the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It is among the rocks that increase psychic powers. This stone is beneficial for gaining and developing psychic insights. Dream Amethyst Stone, one of the stones that increase psychic abilities, will also support you by strengthening your intuition.

Lapis Lazuli Stone for Psychic Powers


Among the stones that strengthen intuition is lapis lazuli; is an opaque stone in shades of blue and deep midnight blue. It may have white calcite streaks or patches on it. This gemstone enhances its wearer’s intuition. It is also suitable for opening the third eye chakra. Lapis lazuli is also a stone associated with cosmic energies and astrological information.

Awakening psychic powers can be more effective with natural stones. Lapis lazuli helps unlock inner wisdom. This stone is also known as the “sister stone” as it represents true elegance. This stone brings strength and confidence to its wearer. It also helps one trust one’s intuitive insights so that others can be fully communicated.

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Crystal Quartz Stone for Psychic Powers

crystal quartz stone

Crystalline Quartz may be transparent, but it is always colorless. This stone is also very easy to find. Crystal quartz can be used to clear and open the crown chakra. Working with it lets you receive psychic messages from your guides and angels. Crystal quartz will give you greater clarity on psychic abilities and insights.

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Aura Quartz Stone for Psychic Powers

This stone is created by a complex process that binds gold to the surface of natural stones, usually crystalline Quartz. This stone, which has an iridescent shine, has color in teal and blue-green tones. Aqua aura quartz awakens your natural psychic abilities and intuitive power. It can also help protect you from negative energy.

White Labradorite Stone for Psychic Powers

This stone, also known as “rainbow moonstone,”; is a combination of blue, green, and other colors, and it is white, which becomes apparent with its brilliance. It can be opaque, transparent, or translucent. Sometimes, people also have black lines and dots. White labradorite stone is among the rocks that increase psychic powers. This stone is perfect for divination and psychic dreams.

Labradorite is a stone of the dark moon with glitters of gold that help unlock inner vision. This stone also enables you to illuminate the path ahead. It also protects the bearer, especially when rendering or providing spiritual services to others.

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Moonstone for Psychic Powers

This off-white or a cream-colored stone has a fine pearlescent sheen. Usually, it is a translucent stone. It does not have bright colors like white labradorite. This stone helps develop sensitivity to energy and emotions. It improves the user’s intuition. Moonstone, among the rocks that strengthen intuition, also allows you receive various messages through dreams.

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Herkimer Diamond Stone for Psychic Powers


This stone is a form of Quartz with high clarity and a diamond-like shine. This stone helps to activate the third eye chakra, awaken psychic abilities and bring clarity to the mind.

Azurite Stone for Psychic Powers


Azurite is among the most powerful stones for the Third Eye Chakra, perhaps one of the best. This stone helps to initiate strong views; It is also helpful for awakening various psychic powers such as clairvoyance, prophecy, and awareness. This is an excellent stone for any promising medium, tarot as well.

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Get to See the Mountain Behind the Mists with Crystals


We don’t need stones to realize our inner wisdom. What we need is already within us. However, natural stones; are great tools that you can use to increase the vibration and frequency levels we have, clear the energy field, and raise your energy. It’s like trying to see a beautiful mountain on a foggy day.

Crystals that increase psychic powers help clear the fog in front of you so you can see the majestic view. Natural stones can help remove this debris. So you can touch this aspect of yourself.

Stones that strengthen intuition; help us be better aware of incoming messages and signals, see notes from various angles, and see the bigger picture. Through Chakra healing and balancing with Stones, clearing your energy field by removing energy blockages is possible. This will contribute to the increase of spiritual awareness and the development of psychic abilities.

The psychic power stones listed above are tools you can benefit from in psychic and intuitive situations, such as opening the third eye chakra, connecting with higher realms, developing clairvoyant abilities, and receiving messages through dreams.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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