Meet 14 Crystals That Ensure You Sleep in a Restful and Fabulous Comfort

Meet 14 Crystals That Ensure You Sleep in a Restful and Fabulous Comfort


Crystals meditate you by emitting a high healing frequency, as we always say. Crystals are lovely gifts from the sole creator and owner of the universe. In this article, we will talk about another significant advantage of our creator, namely sleep. Sleep is a tremendous healer that we all need most. When we don’t get enough sleep, we can be extremely restless and unbearable. Much worse than that, when our sleep is not regular, our internal organs are damaged and cannot renew themselves sufficiently. Our most important organ, our brain, cannot renew itself in the same way, and your body begins to collapse gradually. Because during sleep, your body gets serious care just like your car gets serviced, the necessary damage is determined by your brain, and your general recovery is started.


In terms of living a healthy life, one of the things we need most in our daily life is to have a good sleep. The better our sleep, the higher our daily efficiency will be. For this reason, a night of quality sleep is a reward that everyone deserves. When you start the day with a night of quality sleep, you feel more vigorous and energetic. At this point, natural crystals for sleep can give you what you expect in terms of sound and quality sleep. Thanks to natural stones’ relaxing and relaxing effect, the efficiency you get from your rest also increases. Putting a natural crystal with this energy under your pillow can help you sleep well and start the day more vigorously and energetically.

Natural methods are often not tried even when it comes to the most specific and most easily resolved ailment. Crystals act much faster in simple conditions such as sleep problems. So why not give natural crystal healing a chance? Healing with genuine crystals has been an effective method for centuries for various ailments, including sleep. Natural crystals that help rest are pretty plentiful. Therefore, it can be complicated to determine which one is right for you. As the Healcrystal family, we have picked the most effective sleep crystals for you. You can gradually move on to crystals used for more specific sleep issues starting with the ones we suggest. 14 of the most effective natural crystals promote calming energy and are great to put in your sleeping area.

14 Gorgeous Natural Crystals That Relieve Insomnia


Although there are many physical and mental reasons underlying insomnia, the main reason is our busy life spent in stress. From the moment we know ourselves to the last moment of our lives, thoughts are constantly circulating in our minds. If you are alive, it is impossible to stop the brain. Even if the other organs in our body rest during the day, our brain never entirely rests and does not stop. Although it is enough for your brain to calm down a bit to wake up, it is tough for most of us to achieve this calmness.

apartment sleep

In the late hours of the night, maybe your mind relaxes, and the thoughts start to go away, but even though it seems like you are just relaxing, worries still settle on you. But please do not worry. It is possible to get rid of all your troubling thoughts and have a comfortable sleep! The Healcrystal family is with you. We try the crystals on ourselves, and we are successful. We will tell you about healing crystals with which you can solve your sleep problems—calming down with crystals, getting rid of your nightmares, and initiating healing in your body by sleeping deeply. Sounds good. Let’s get started then.

Get Rid of Negative Electricity and Nightmares by Grounding with a Smoky Quartz Crystal

One of the best natural crystals that those with poor sleep quality can find for this problem is the Smoky Quartz crystal. Also a powerful energy crystal, Smoky Quartz does not allow negative energies to overwhelm you. You can come to your home without being affected by these energies during the day, and you can have a comfortable sleep at night. The blockages you experience emotionally, and the bad points they create on you move towards a solution with Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz, which allows problems in your head to be replaced by positive thoughts, can also be worn on top as a crystal that can also be used as a necklace. Thus, you can be protected from negative energies at any time. The negative electrical charge you get rid of will end when sweet dreams replace your nightmares.

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Purify Your Anger and Get Peaceful Sleep with Howlite Stone


One of the natural stones that provide a good sleep pattern and give people a feeling of comfort and peace is Howlite. Howlite interacts with regular and peaceful sleep and directly affects your sleep. If you have anger towards any subject, Howlite absorbs this anger within you and frees you from this emotion. When you sleep with Howlite, you can feel more vigorous in the morning because it allows you to sleep peacefully. With its mind-opening effect, it helps you to shape your thoughts logically. Putting the Howlite stone under your pillow at night also protects you from bad dreams. You can also use Howlite when you want to feel comfortable during the day. For this, even carrying the stone in your pocket can help you.

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Cleanse Your Mind and Get Rid of Nighttime Thoughts with Aquamarine Crystal

As one of the crystals that radiates positive energies in every sense, Aquamarine is a crystal that can also improve the quality of your sleep. Aquamarine, which calms you and soothes your emotions, allows you to get rid of the emotions that occupy your mind at night and push you to feelings of anxiety and anger. You can increase your sleep quality by keeping Aquamarine at your bedside. In addition, you can carry it with you during the day, allowing it to open your mind and boost your eyesight.

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Defeat The Problems That Are Choking You In Your Sleep With Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

When we want to fall asleep, all our problems usually come to our minds as if they are waiting for that moment. For this reason, we may suffocate in these thoughts and have problems falling asleep. Sometimes, very simply, even the day’s stress can negatively affect our ability to fall asleep. Black Tourmaline can release energy that can drive all these negative energies out of your head at night. Negative thoughts are neutralized where the Black Tourmaline stone is and cannot reign in your mind. So you too can enjoy a comfortable sleep. In addition, Black Tourmaline provides a sense of calmness and deep relaxation in your body.

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Get rid of your worries and find new solutions to your dreams with Angelite

One of the first things that manifest itself in the failure of our sleep to be in order and the problems of falling asleep are our worries. Having too many things on our minds can also reduce the quality of our sleep. Angelite is a crystal that energizes you to let go of your worries. You may feel lighter with this crystal. Your restless sleep and nights may end with Angelite energy. However, Angelite is known as a crystal that also influences your dreams. You can develop new ideas and solutions when you wake up with Angelite, which can even give you messages while you are dreaming.

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Roll Your Emotional Tension Down Without Climbing With Moonstone

It is a gentle stone that acts as a psychic protector, helps harness the moon’s energy, and facilitates relaxing sleep by reducing the emotional tension you may have experienced during the day. Moonstone is a natural stone for rest; It reduces dynamic pressure and makes it easier for the body to fall asleep.

A moonstone is a stone with a different energy that contains the power of the moon and the moon’s intuition. It has also been known as a sleeping stone for centuries. For this reason, when it comes to natural stones for sleep, Moonstone shows itself. Moonstone is considered to have feminine energy. It is a stone that calms emotions, collects people, and makes them feel peaceful. In light of all these effects, it also helps you sleep more peacefully. When Moonstone is used on a full moon, its energy is revealed much higher. It also allows you to see your dreams more clearly.

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Walk in Your Dreams Holding the Hand of Your Higher Self with the Purple Energy of the Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is one of the natural crystals that gives peace and energy to people in many ways. The effects of Amethyst on people, especially in the spiritual sense, are known. Amethyst crystal also facilitates your work for actions such as astral travel. Amethyst, a crystal that can distract you from your nightmares and fears, can regulate your nighttime sleep. In addition, it allows you to get the most out of your sleep and wake up rested. As a result, you may feel even more ready to start the day. Thus, you can be more fit during the day and make the decisions you take with a healthier mind. If you are a light sleeper, do not bring a large piece of Amethyst with you. Its energy can be heavy for you in such a situation. However, it will be sufficient to keep it in your room in such a case.

There is some debate about whether you should have it as a sleep aid crystal in your bedroom. Because it’s a magnification of energy and a powerful third-eye chakra crystal, you may not want to keep it in your bedroom if you’re looking for profoundly restful sleep. However, some healers think that Amethyst can undoubtedly be effective because it is also a soft crystal. It can also be an excellent choice if you want lucid dreams and to connect with your higher self. The secret is to sleep by placing the Amethyst under a thick wool pillow. Because Amethyst can be affected by even the slightest ray and can open your sleep to the contrary, for this reason, you should choose a thick pillow. In addition, we recommend that you use a radiation-proof woolen pillow under your head.

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Hit the Bottom of Grounding in the Progressive Night Hours with Hematite Crystal

If your unsolved problems occupy your mind too much at night and delay your sleep, Hematite crystal has an energy that can save you from all these feelings. The hematite crystal effectively fuels you to see the solutions to the situations that you cannot solve. When you find yourself in a deadlock, it is easier to untie the knot and get down to the source of the problem with Hematite. It instills a sense of calmness; you will feel more vigorous in yourself and your body. By improving the quality of your sleep, you can spend your day more productively. Hematite should be under your pillow for healing and deep sleep. Before placing Hematite under the pillow:

Highly grounding Hematite; If you’re struggling with insomnia, you may find that a deeply grounded natural crystal is just what you need to help keep you asleep.

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Recharge and Recharge Deep within Your Sleep with Selenite Crystal

Keeping our minds calm allows us to think healthier and sleep more comfortably. The calmness of mind is essential for your daily life and night sleep. Because we may have to make decisions from time to time in our everyday life, in such a case, we want to be able to make healthy decisions and take the proper steps for ourselves. Selenite will give you a comfortable sleep at night and make you feel better with its calming effect on the mind. As a result, you will be more productive in every sense of your life and your sleep. It is also one of the most suitable crystals for meditation. Because it helps you focus in one direction, you can keep the selenite crystal in your bedroom or under your pillow. Selenite is an excellent natural crystal to recharge your energy while you sleep. It will realign and clear chakras that may be dirty or clogged.

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Make Sure Your Love Is Right In The Middle Of Your Sleep With Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is a member of the quartz family and promotes calming energy while you sleep. It dissipates negative energy and helps you absorb loving and healing energy to help you sleep soundly.

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Discover Yourself on Your Sleeping Spiritual Journey with Celestite Crystal


Celestite, a very calming crystal of angels, is among the natural crystals that aid sleep. It will also open you up to explore your spiritual path. Celestite makes you travel from dream to dream with its soft light blue frequency and you feel happy as you relax and unwind.

Stop the Shrieking Sides of Your Mind and Go Sleep with the Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Tiger's Eye

Do you have commitment problems with a relative or family member? Are you busy and can’t sleep? Tiger Eye can make you feel more comfortable reviewing these commitments. If you always feel like your brain is open inside, tiger eyes can help you reduce the noise and calm your mind. Try to put aside your ambitions with the tiger eye. Relax and have deep dreams.

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Eliminate Your Trouble Falling Asleep With Lepidolite Crystal


Lepidolite is the perfect crystal to calm the environment and drive away those nightmares for a restful sleep. It is a rich mica mineral that helps reduce your anxiety that can become fuel for nightmares. Lepidolite, one of the most valuable natural crystals that will solve your sleep problems, is among your most fantastic assistants in a peaceful sleep. It helps you avoid the issues that prevent you from sleeping and cloud your mind. If you are depriving yourself of a healthy sleep with anxiety and fear, Lepidolite will purify you from these feelings with its energy. It gives peace to your sleep.

If you want help from natural crystals to improve your sleep quality, Lepidolite is one of your best choices. You won’t have any trouble falling asleep either; you can start sleeping without drowning in thoughts after putting your head on your pillow. Lepidolite, a crystal that can also open your third eye, strengthens your intuition. Hold it in your hand for a few minutes and place it under your pillow before putting it. Under your pillow may make it easier for you to relax.

Fill and Overflow Your Heart with Pink Love Energy with Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite

We always recommend rose quartz crystals to fill your heart with cleaner energy. Pink calcite has a similar power, and it fills you with love. It is a gentle and loving pink crystal that reminds you to sleep in a cozy blanket that will help prevent nightmares from happening in the first place. Also, since calcite is an excellent pain reliever, you should try calcite if you want to get rid of your pain and have a more enjoyable sleep.

How to use natural crystals for sleep?

The beautiful thing about natural crystals is that working with them is extremely simple. You can have them near you, in your energy field, or meditate with them.

So, is it a good idea to sleep with natural crystals under the pillow? Although some suggest it, you are opening yourself up to the possibility that the crystal will fall to the ground and break or that the crystal may harm you during what should be a restful sleep. So, instead, try putting the crystals under your bed. Fear not. It will still work just fine. You can also place the crystals on the nightstand to be in your energy field if you wish.

One effective way to take advantage of natural sleep aids is to wear them as jewelry. Genuine crystal bracelets and necklaces are an easy way to work with natural crystals for dreaming and sleep. If you want to wear a necklace or buy yourself a simple bracelet that you can wear comfortably during sleep, you can choose the bead-shaped ones.

We suggest you try the ritual as well. Before diving into the world of sleep, you can hold the crystal in your receptive hand or place it above your third eye chakra while focusing on your sleep intent for a few moments. Then, place the crystal on your nightstand and fall asleep when you’re done!

Are there natural crystals that prevent sleep?

Yeah! While many natural crystals will help you get a good night’s sleep, some will keep you awake. Therefore, it would be better to try one natural crystal at a time to find out what your body resonates with.

In general, it’s an excellent choice to avoid natural crystals that have something to do with raising your energy. Some crystals have a vibration so high that they can disrupt your sleep or send you into a state of lucid dreaming that leaves you tired from everything you’ve experienced during the night.

Favorite Natural Crystals We Recommend Against Nightmares


If you’re having trouble falling asleep because you’re afraid of nightmares, you can try the following natural crystals:

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is an excellent crystal for raising grounding energy to protect you from negative energies.

Pink Calcite

This gentle and loving pink crystal reminds you to sleep in a cozy blanket that will help prevent nightmares from happening in the first place.

What are your favorite natural crystals for dreaming and falling asleep? Have you ever worked with an adverse stone? Let us know too!

What you need to know when using natural sleep aid crystals

As we mentioned earlier, you can keep the stone of your choice directly under your pillow. Provided, of course, that your cushion is thick enough and the stone is not too pointed. We recommend keeping crystals such as selenite under the bed to increase their grounding and stabilizing effects. Above the nightstand is also a suitable place for them. Your goal here should be to find the place in your room where you feel the effects most clearly.

Remember to make them part of your routine

In general, it’s essential to have a bedtime routine. However, you must make sure that you interact with your natural crystals as part of your falling asleep process.

After you put your phone away:

  • Turn off the wifi.
  • Pull the curtains and turn off the light.
  • Please take the natural crystal for sleep and hold it to your body.

You can meditate while holding it or sit quietly for a while before putting it back down and getting under the covers.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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