Increase Your Wisdom with the Magnificent Energy of Crystals

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When natural crystals are used correctly, changes begin to occur in the human mind, which is why genuine crystals have been used for wisdom for centuries. Throughout history, people have applied the powerful energies of many natural crystals and presented them to the use of society with their experiences. Get to know wisdom crystals.

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We have searched and found the most prominent crystals among all the crystals that are very powerful both spiritually and physically and increase wisdom. These crystals are for you if you want to increase your knowledge and make better decisions! Here are the fantastic results of using the suitable crystals correctly and overflowing with wisdom and energy!

Go Deep With Aragonite


Aragonite, known in the world as one of the oldest precious crystals on the earth, is called a wise crystal. This historical frequency can be made available to your brainwaves as climates, continents, and races have changed millions of times and are stored in the crystal as a frequency. For wisdom, aragonite in natural crystals stands out for spreading knowledge.

There are plenty of stories about the crystal used in every period throughout history, usually in white, brown, and gray tones. Although it has been mined in Spain, Peru, and Morocco, 30 million years old aragonite crystals are mined in the Taurus Mountains.

The crystal formed by the combination of minerals has managed to preserve its form, vibration, and composition for millions of years.

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Deepens the Earth and Human Relationship

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The aragonite crystal, which is soluble only in water above pH 8, interacts with the minerals in the body. This natural crystal, which has many psychological features, deepens people’s relationship with the soil by balancing the soil and root chakras.

It also teaches acceptance and patience. It emerged as a crystal for dealing with hypersensitivity. Because it supports concentration, it gives tolerance and flexibility to the human mind.
Apart from helping people think in detail about the cause of their problems, it is also an essential aid in dealing with emotional stress or anger.

Wise Your Soul With Spiritual Agate Crystal

Among the natural crystals for wisdom and known by many names throughout history, the agate crystal is the crystal that the Prophet Muhammad used as a seal. Therefore, it has a great spiritual value, especially for Muslims.

The agate crystal, which has many different names, such as immortal crystal or Yemen crystal, takes its name from the Achates River in Sicily. It is a precious crystalline translucent mineral unique to the quartz family and is often preferred in rings.


For the agate crystal in a Sumerian legend;

“The hero stood tall against the yellow agate stone.

O agate stone, you are a scholar, a quarrelsome

You have the features that will scare everyone” sentences are used.

Believed to Give Power to People

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The crystal that forms a stained and moire appearance when interacting with different minerals is called mossy agate.

Although rare, white, yellow, blue, orange, green, and brown colors are also encountered. Agate crystal, which stands out with its protective feature, is among the natural crystals for wisdom, it protects people spiritually, and the natural crystal, which has a significant effect against stress, helps to get rid of evil thoughts and negative energy.

People wearing agate crystals have been believed to protect against dangers. In addition, Agate crystal, which improves the mind, strengthens memorization, enables logical thinking, saves people from fear, and helps to lose shyness, is preferred as a cure for many different diseases.
It was believed by many empires that armies were stronger during wars thanks to the agate crystal embroidered on swords and daggers because it gave strength to people.

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Concentrate on Crystal Tourmaline Carried by the Rainbow


Tourmaline is a complete learning crystal. Learning is necessary to become wise. As a result of your continued education, your knowledge connects like a puzzle, and you can become intelligent over time. But to learn, you must first concentrate. This is where the tourmaline crystal is an excellent helper. According to Egyptian belief, the tourmaline crystal, carried upwards from the center of the earth by a rainbow, therefore took the colors of the rainbow. The meaning of the name tourmaline, whose name is mentioned as a rainbow crystal in many sources, is explained as a small thing on earth or a piece of property.

Tourmaline, generally preferred as a semi-precious crystal in jewelry, is in different colors, black, red, brown, pink, yellow, blue, or green.

Rubellite with a dark pink-pomegranate red color, which is rarely found in nature, chrome tourmaline in emerald color, and Paraiba with electric blue color are among the most precious crystals.

Tourmaline Is a Focusing Crystal

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The most important feature of the tourmaline crystal, which is among the natural crystals for wisdom, is that it emits negative ions with alpha waves when heated or cooled. The crystal, which has the property of being charged by electrical heating or friction, thus becomes a natural magnet.

It provides the opportunity to see life from a different perspective and offers people a broad perspective on life and events. The tourmaline crystal, believed to reduce stress and prevent depressive problems, is a focus crystal.

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Crystal Pyrite Symbolizing Earth


The pyrite crystal, which has a very high quality, is also an excellent eye-catcher; one cannot help looking at it. In the Mayan period, people believed they could face their fears by looking at their wide-cut plates and communicating with the other world thanks to the pyrite crystal.

It is known that the natural crystal, believed to symbolize the world in ancient China, was used by the Indians to see their souls and provide healing. Among the genuine crystals for wisdom, the pyrite crystal comes from the Greek word pyros, which means fire.

It is called fire because sparks are produced when a crystal is rubbed against any material. For example, the natural crystal that conducts electricity is heated and makes a slight electric current.

Protects People Against Negative Energy

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Pyrite crystal, believed to increase protective and assertive masculine energy in both women and men, is also known as iron crystal and is protective against physical and emotional threats. In addition, the pyrite crystal, which has many spiritual and physical benefits, protects people against negative energy.

It increases physical endurance, relieves anxiety fears, and reduces depression, and strengthens memory. In addition, it helps cellular renewal, increases the resistance against chronic fatigue by giving energy, increases the oxygen rate in the blood, and enhances blood circulation simultaneously with the heart.

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Boost Your Brain Power With The Most Powerful Crystal Labradorite

Labradorite, accepted as the national crystal in Finland and has been used since ancient times, is believed to bring luck, peace, and happiness. The natural crystal, which finds its place in the list of genuine crystals for wisdom, was first named by Czech missionary Peter Adolf in 1770 from Labrador Island in Canada.

This is why the crystal that stimulated and strengthened the Finnish economy after World War II was considered the country’s national crystal.

The belief that labradorite crystal, which is one of the most powerful crystals in nature, if it is on a person, strengthens the vibration and protects it against negativity is quite strong.

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Balances and Protects Your Aura and Chakras

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It balances and protects the aura and chakras, strengthens psychic abilities, and has been used throughout history during magic and ritual, as it allows one to reach a higher level of consciousness. It is also known as a transformation crystal because it strengthens strength and perseverance.

The natural miracle not only supports the self-confidence and belief of the person but also supports the trust in the world and life, thus providing an effect on reaching higher consciousness.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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