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Sodalite Cabochons

What is Sodalite Crystal?

Sodalite Crystal supports the protection of mental health and the improvement of confusion. Sodalite, a semi-precious Crystal, acts on the throat chakra.

Sodalite Crystal helps to prevent the complexity experienced in mind and head. It helps to provide mental and mental calmness. It is known as a Crystal that supports one’s internal communication. When people experience confusion, they cannot express themselves clearly. Sodalite Crystal provides a more precise evaluation of thoughts and feelings. It helps to connect the energy centers of emotion and thought.

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It is essential to express yourself correctly in professional business life. You can use this Crystal when you think you are having trouble communicating. Sodalite The Crystal also has a calming effect. Along with calmness, it can enable you to evaluate events more clearly and impartially. It gives additional spiritual support to the person. When a person feels unhappy and tense, he can experience a sense of calm with the energy of this Crystal. The correct use of communication increases the power of the person.

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People experiencing intense stress can achieve calmness with this Crystal. Sodalite Crystal takes its name from the sodium element in its content. The stone was found in Greenland in the 19th century. When it was first discovered, it was used as an ornamental crystal. The Crystal is also called princess blue. The first date of discovery of the Crystal is recorded as 1891. Sodalite Crystal is a crystal whose value is increasingly understood today. It is used in making jewelry and sculptures.

Where to Find Sodalite Crystal

sodalite crystal bracelet

Sodalite Crystal is found in different parts of the world. Sodalite mines are located in various countries, such as America, Greenland, Romania, India, and Canada. The largest source of this Crystal is in Brazil. The blue tones of the Crystal look very impressive. There is also a crystal form in this Crystalline nature, which consists of blue and white colors. Sodalite Crystal is known to be a semi-precious stone. The stone, first discovered in Greenland and later in Canada, is used differently.

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Sodalite Crystal contains high sodium in its structure. Sodalite Crystal contains tectosilicate minerals. After the stone was discovered in Greenland, it spread worldwide. Although this stone is predominantly blue, different color tones are also seen. Purple, pink, and lilac tones are also seen. This Crystal is used in architectural decoration. It is among the materials used in sculpture making. It creates beautiful reflections on the sculpture. It is used in making jewelry and ornaments.

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Due to its stone structure, it can be mixed with stones called azurite and lazulite. But those experts in stones catch the differences from the small ones. There is a difference in terms of pattern. It exists in two different structures in nature, massive and crystalline. The massive Sodalite is opaque. Crystal ones are usually mined from Canada. Sodalite is also found in the Italian region. Sodalite Crystal is extracted from rocky areas.

Sodalite What Are the Health Benefits of Crystal?

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-People who have communication problems are recommended to use this Crystal

-Sodalite Crystal activates the throat chakra

-Supports people in presenting their thoughts actively

-It is healing for those who have health problems in the throat

sodalite crystal sphere

-People who have problems with their vocal cords are recommended to use this Crystal

-It is beneficial to use by people with self-confidence problems or whose self-confidence is periodically damaged

-Supports the healthy functioning of organs

sodalite blue bracelet

-Helps the lymph system to work regularly and healthily

-Regulates the immune system

-Has an antipyretic effect

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-It is suitable for blood pressure patients. It helps balance blood pressure

-Helps clarify people’s ideas

-There is an expression of the structures in the stones. This helps people heal

sodalite crystal white

-Helps people express their thoughts and feelings without hesitation

-Recommended that blood pressure patients contact this Crystal with their bodies. Supports the use of body fluids by the necessary organs

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What are Sodalite Crystal’s Spiritual Benefits?

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-Sodalite The Crystal also has many spiritual properties. Those who use this Crystal feel its effects. Sodalite The spiritual products of the Crystal are:

-Connects with the throat chakra

-Apart from the throat chakra, it has contact with the heart and third eye chakras

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-Allows the person to be more attached to their wishes

-Helps them complete their spiritual cycle

-It will help trigger people’s intuitive abilities

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-It is thought to have a positive effect on the pituitary gland

-It is used for the development of spiritual maturity

-It is effective to provide inner peace

sodalite crystal pendant

-Creates an effect of staying calm and serene

-Strengthens the connection between logic and emotion

-Spreads positive energy

sodalite crystal white rough

-Provides emotional balancing

-Leads to seeing the good and positive sides of other people

-Because it is a stone that touches the heart, it triggers inner peace

sodalite crystal bracelet

-It is a guide to staying in the moment, evaluating the past correctly, and making past plans calmly. It gives positive energy to people to look at life with hope

-Helps to create calm thinking processes for healthy solutions to problems

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-Encourages you to see the beauty in life. Its use in fine arts, such as sculpture, indicates this

-It can support calmer thinking ability even after moments of turmoil. Its effect is increased by using it together with different stones

Sodalite Crystal Rituals

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Rituals are performed with the Sodalite Crystal. Having the Crystal near you while meditating or doing yoga provides clairvoyance. It helps to see thoughts more calmly. It helps to raise spiritual energy. It allows one to get in touch with their inner strengths. We need grounding to release the busyness of the day and calm our thoughts. This is the sodalite Crystal that helps to ground. It can produce positive results in relationships, ideas, and decisions.

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Meditations with sodalite Crystal during the full moon are essential in balancing energy. The Crystal can neutralize negative energy. It is recommended that people perform these rituals in a calm environment and accompanied by light music. By burning incense, the significance of the domain is cleared. It is more effective to perform such rituals in the evening. With the energy and calmness of the night, the power becomes active.

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Sodalite You can keep your Crystal under your pillow. The influence of the Crystal combines with the guidance of dreams. You may experience a clearer sense of interpretation and recollection of the dreams you see. The language of dreams can guide people. The Sodalite Crystal influences the spiritual connection through its influence with the crown chakra. Sodalite Washing with Crystal’s water is kept a different ritual. People, for purification purposes, perform this ritual.

Primary Properties of Sodalite?

sodalite pendant

-This stone is described as a semi-precious stone

-It is in shades of blue, purple, and violet

-It is an emotionally intense stone. It can have white veins

-According to the Mohs value, it has a value of 5.5 – 6

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-The specific gravity of the Crystal is recorded as 2.4

-The crystal system is cubic

-The elements of this Crystal are indicated as the elements of air and water

-The vibration value of the Crystal is recorded as 4

-The properties represented by the Crystal are emotional balance, intuitive approach, facts, and logic

-Sodalite It is stated that the Crystal belongs to the moon planet

-This stone represents the sign of Sagittarius

-The chemical formula of the Crystal is known as Na4al3si3o12cl

sodalite cabochon

-Stone nepheline is extracted from syenites, rocks, and phonolites

-It is in the sulfur structure

-It has a complex and solid structure. It is easy to process

-People with panic attacks are recommended to use the Crystal. It is frequently seen in calcareous rocks

-This stone is found on the volcano’s slopes in the Italian region. Stones were also found in volcanic parts. The Crystal is extracted in a transparent form.

-It is known that it is suitable for skin diseases because it contains sulfur in its structure. It is shiny like glass. Its familiar form is rarely found. It is also frequently used in home decoration. In addition, it is widely used as jewelry

– this Crystal does not experience nausea during the journey.

– It is thought to be effective against addictions.

– It is also used for decoration purposes in homes. According to the feng shui system, it is placed at the energy points in the house.

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How to Use Sodalite Crystal?

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Sodalite Crystal is a stone that supports one’s self-expression. It increases the effect of Crystal on people as jewelry. It provides a balance of spirit and thought. It triggers the creative side of people. It is recommended that people with sleep problems keep the Crystal under their pillow. It calms the thoughts and prepares the ground for sleep. Confusion causes a person to have trouble sleeping. Thanks to this stone, the mind can find calmness.

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The colors of the Crystal harmonize with everything. It is possible to make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Since it is a solid stone, it can be processed differently. Sodalite, The use of the Crystal as a necklace, is the most effective. The desired effect is more substantial when it is close to the chakras. Skin contact is preferred. Sodalite Crystal helps to neutralize negative energy in the body. It absorbs negative energy in the body.

It is necessary to choose the Crystal to contact the body constantly. Sodalite is also used in combination with stones different from its Crystal. Its blue color also positively affects the power of the Crystal. Its strength in terms of metaphysics comes from its blue color and formation.

How to Clean Sodalite Crystal?

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Stones become polluted while balancing energies. Sodalite The Crystal needs to be cleaned at certain times. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to take care to clean the Crystal every ten days. Due to its crystalline structure, sodium is purified in contact with water. It is sufficient to hold the Crystal under running water for 1-2 minutes. It helps to re-energize. During the cleaning phase of the Crystal, it is seen that the color of the Crystal becomes cloudy. This means that it has been cleared. Click here to learn in detail how to clean crystals.

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It can also be washed with warm water and a chemical-free soap. However, care should be taken not to use heavy chemicals. In addition, it is essential not to use materials that scratch the Crystal. Instead, it is rinsed with a cotton cloth. For energy storage, you can leave the Crystal under sunlight for 5-10 minutes. Sodalite You can also keep the Crystal in salt water or seawater for a while. Saltwater is adequate in terms of energy balancing.

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It helps purify the Crystal by keeping it in the water with the rock crystals. The Crystal can stay in this water for 10 – 12 hours. When the stone is first taken, it must be cleaned before use. In this way, his energy becomes compatible with the person. Four elements are generally used in cleaning the Crystal. First, it is effective for cleansing the earth’s energy. It is recommended that the stones buried in the ground remain in the soil for 24 hours. Then, by placing incense or a burning candle next to it, the energy of the rocks is cleared. You can click to get details about how the crystals are cleaned.

Harmony of the Crystal with the Signs

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Sodalite People of all zodiac signs can use the Crystal easily. But the energy of the Crystal is compatible with the movement of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is defined as an adventurous sign that can act without thinking. The character has an intuitive side. Sagittarius activates these features with the sodalite Crystal. Sodalite Crystal is effective in calming the impulsive nature of Sagittarius.

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Sagittarius is defined as the fire sign. Sometimes, there is a storm of excitement, even if it seems distant. With this stone, he reveals his feelings and thoughts fluently. Sodalite Crystal is the suitable stone for this sign where logic and intuition are together. It helps to share emotions and organize ideas. In addition, it can balance blood pressure. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rosaries are made with this stone. It is recommended that people use it in contact with the skin.

This stone is also used in making pendulums. The pendulum is used to catch the emotional vibration and open the chakra. Sodalite, The positive effect of the Crystal on the chakras, is reflected in the pendulum. Sodalite Crystal can be used by mixing it with lapis lazuli. Sodalite Crystal is also used in home arrangements made with feng shui.

Where to Buy Sodalite Crystal

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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Sodalite Which Chakras Are Compatible With The Crystal?

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Stones are in harmony with different chakras. Having the chakras open is vital for life balance. Blockages in the chakras negatively affect communication. It can harm the balance of heart, thought, and behaviour. Chakras need to be healthy to achieve vital harmony. Sodalite Crystal is effective on the throat chakra and third eye chakra.

The eye chakra is described as the third eye. It strengthens the universal connection of the person. It means the development of the intuitive side and the use of these features. It triggers analyzing events with 8insight. Sodalite Crystal also supports this balance. People also receive messages from their dreams. It supports the provision of universal connections.

sodalit crystal very

Sodalite Crystal is also effective on the throat chakra. It helps people to communicate easily and effectively. It supports the power of expression. It helps in clearing confusion and specifying requests. Increasing the power of concentration supports focus. It helps to relieve the discomfort in the throat. It helps us to express our thoughts effectively. Supports effective and persuasive speeches.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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