Amber (Organic Healing Stone)

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What is Amber?

Amber stone, which is among the precious stones, consists of tree resin. Therefore, it is possible to obtain information about the history by looking at the formed resin. Although similes come to mind first from those who hear this stone, Amber can be used in many different areas with its precious structure.

What Does Amber Mean?

blue Amber originates fossil

Amber stone, known as tree resin among the people, was given this name due to its formation. Accordingly, Amber originates from the fossilization of a centuries-old tree called pinus succinifera. Therefore, this stone is called tree resin. However, amber stone has a different name in literature studies. Therefore, Resin fossil is another frequently used definition for Amber.

Amber Stone Formation


Amber is formed by the fossilization, i.e., petrification, of tree resin. Accordingly, the organisms contained in the wax are embedded in mineral deposits. Over time, petrification occurs. Since Amber is formed in this way, it has different qualities than other stones of mineral origin. Therefore, it is possible to encounter stereotypical small animals such as ants and bees in a real Amber.

Where Does Amber Stone Occur?

Amber Stone Fossil

Amber is known to be mined in many parts of the world. However, a considerable amount of these stone deposits are located within the borders of Russia. Except for Russia, the countries where this stone was mined can be listed as Romania, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Sicily.

Buying Amber

Buying Amber

There are different details to consider when buying amber stone or any product made from this stone. Accordingly, since Amber is a precious stone type, it is counterfeited. Therefore, learning the fundamental differences between real and fake rocks is helpful before completing the shopping. Amber stone is mostly faked in similes. However, a careful eye can distinguish a fake of this stone. Apart from this, it is seen that Amber is sought as a jewelry product in shopping. At this point, it is recommended that those who will buy amber necklaces and bracelets prefer oval stone cuts. Pointed pendants and bracelets can be sharp and damage the skin with the slightest carelessness.

How to Tell if Amber is Real or Fake?

Amber is Real

The most effective way to purchase precious and natural stones are to have the product approved by a stone specialist. However, there are different ways for those who need more financial means or time to apply. The simplest way to understand that the amber stone is natural is to check whether the stone is certified. However, the certificate is usually produced for high-priced stone and stone products. Therefore, the buyer must rely on their knowledge of the subject, as the certificate cannot appear on more affordable products.

resin product

The simplest way to distinguish Amber, also known as Amber, from a fake is to do a saltwater test. Accordingly, 7 or 8 teaspoons of salt are added to a medium-sized glass, and the water is mixed until the salt dissolves. Amber is then thrown into this solution. If the product in hand is a genuine Amber, it will float on water. On the other hand, Fake Amber is usually recognized by its collapse to the bottom when the transaction is completed.

What are the Properties and Effects of Amber Stone?

Effects of Amber

Amber is a type of transparent stone that occurs due to natural fossilization. However, this transparency is in a size that can be distinguished from other stone types. Accordingly, it is possible to see the plant and animal remains in the transparent stone with the naked eye. Amber stone, used in the past with a belief in its healing, is mainly used for today’s ornamental purposes. However, this stone in yellow and red tones significantly contributes to human health.

Amber Egg

The most dominant feature of Amber, also known among the people, is that it emits a pleasant smell to the environment. Accordingly, it can be noticed that the pine scent surrounds the environment, especially when a whole stone rosary is drawn. Amber products produced as a result of counterfeiting do not have this feature. In addition, it is understood that itching and sweating are constantly in contact with the skin.

Tumble Resin

In terms of its chemical properties, Amber has a specific gravity of 1.10 and a Mohs hardness of 2.5. As can be understood from this degree of hardness, Amber is a type of stone that can be described as soft. That is, it is possible to scratch the outer surface of Amber with the help of nails or other cutting materials. This method is also used from time to time to distinguish between fake and real Amber.

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Amber Stone Usage and Usage Areas

amber tumble

Amber stone is a piece that has been of interest to different civilizations for centuries. Therefore, it has been used for other purposes in societies. It is possible to list some of the uses of Amber in its journey from the past to the present.

Today, Amber has gained new adjectives by being divided into many different types. These commonly used stone types; are drop, fire, fossiliferous, baltic, and squeeze. Damla Amber is the most natural form of this stone and is known for the resin smell it emits as soon as it is held in the palm. The name Ateş Amber comes from its crimson and red color tones. High-priced sales are made for natural Amber products in this tone.

Blue Amber

Fossil Amber is also very popular with its enthusiasts. These stone products contain fossilized plant and animal remains. Amber’s transparent and translucent nature also helps this visual feast be seen with the naked eye. Baltic Amber is mainly used for healing purposes. This type of stone contains 5-10% succinic acid. This acid is considered a natural pain reliever. Therefore, it is possible to encounter situations where the owners of Baltic Amber put the stone in a painful area. Squeezing Amber is also the name of the pieces created by combining stone powders. Because it is combined later, the Squeezed Amber products are considered lower in price than other stone types.

Amber Stone Ritual

Amber Stone Ritual

Amber is widely used as a rosary and jewelry among the people. However, it is also possible to perform affirmation rituals with Amber with other natural stones. It is sufficient to be in a calm and dimly lit environment. Amber can then be taken into the palm. The details to be considered during the stone ritual are that the eyes are closed, but the spirituality is open. In addition, it is necessary to know at which point the stones are suitable for affirmation. Amber more during the ritual; It can be associated with strength, courage, loyalty, and peace.

Which Chakra Is Amber Compatible With?

certicicated stone

Amber, which has magnificent shades of red and yellow, is a type of stone that matches the lower abdomen (sacral) and solar plexus chakras in the body. Loss of order in the primary chakras in the body brings with it some physical and mental problems. In such cases, it is possible to ensure that the chakra heals and regains its former order by using a suitable natural stone.


The lower abdominal chakra is located just above the coccyx. The healthy functioning of this chakra; is essential for physical strength, sexual balance, and many other points. Some problems that may be encountered due to the sacral chakra losing its order are; kidney pain, prostate enlargement in men, decreased interest in sexual life, inability to withstand criticism, or being overly critical.

brown stone group

The solar plexus chakra is about 2-3 centimeters above the navel. The primary function of the solar plexus, also called the stomach chakra, in the body is to regulate communication and mental skills. When the functioning of this chakra is disturbed in the person, Concentration disorders, digestive system disorders, anger, sudden restlessness, and frustration are seen. Considering the duties of both chakras, it can be concluded that they are indispensable parts of the order.

Compatible Signs of Amber Stone

raw resin

Natural stones; are products that can be used for meditating, continuing the ritual, healing, and many other purposes. At this point, it is possible to list many advantages of being knowledgeable about natural stone and horoscope compatibility. Natural stones with compatible signs directly identify the deficiencies in the person and begin to radiate energy in this direction. There is no obligation to use compatible horoscopes and natural stones. However, when attention is paid to this harmony, stone owners can achieve unbelievably positive results.

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Amber can match a wide range of zodiac signs. In this regard, the compatible characters of the stone can be sorted into Gemini, Taurus, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Amber increases the radiance of energy if used by any of these zodiac sign holders. As a result of this spread, the person gains physical and spiritual strength, reaches satisfaction, and is encouraged.

Amber Stone Benefits and Harms

Amber Stone Benefits

Amber stone is relatively harmless in products such as necklaces and bracelets if it does not become sharp and sharp. If rounded and blunt products are preferred, it is possible to eliminate this risk. As can be seen, when similar natural stones are examined, Amber has been used for different purposes from past to present. The only thing that does not change at this point is the numerous benefits of Amber stone to human beings.

yellow amber

According to the comments made by experts, Amber is a healing and healing stone type. If carried in the body, it strengthens the immune system, can be used as a natural pain reliever for some varieties and is therefore accepted as an alternative treatment. Especially in migraine and unbearable toothache, applying Amber is a very effective method, although it has yet to be well known.

In different parts of the world, it is believed that amber stone heals at various points. In this regard, the stone can be used not only for adults but also for babies. The most frequent use of Amber in babies is during the teething period. The stone helps babies get through this process more painlessly and comfortably. Amber can also obtain help for babies with pain and asthma problems.

rough amber crystal

Like other natural stones, Amber allows the negative energy in the environment to change with the positive. These thoughts of people who can be described as stressed, angry, and pessimistic gradually decrease in the presence of Amber stone. In addition, if the stone is used as a necklace, the risk of bronchitis and other throat infections is reduced.

Where to Put Amber Stone at Home?

Amber Stone at Home

Amber stone, mainly used in rosaries and jewelry, can be placed in any desired area at home. Stones in the form of masses can look stylish, especially in bohemian interiors, due to their color and structure. However, the possibility of scratching should be considered when putting Amber in any part of the house. Amber, felt as a soft stone, can be damaged and marked by a bit of contact or impact.

Where is Amber Stone Sold?

Amber is among the precious natural stones with its soothing color and structure. Therefore, the presence of this stone is relatively different from other natural stones. It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Amber Stone Cost?

Resin Sphere

Amber stone is priced at different levels according to the variety, color, size, and purpose of use. For example, rosaries made from pressed Amber are more suitable than tasbihs of other amber varieties since they are combined later. However, Amber accessories can generally be up to 5 times more expensive than other natural stones.

Amber Stone Care and Cleaning

Resin Stone Care and Cleaning

Whether it is used as a rosary or an accessory, the Amber stone needs to be cleaned regularly. Thanks to the cleaning and maintenance routines, the use of the stone is more prolonged, and the energy is renewed. Amber; It has a structure that can be cleaned with wax, olive oil, and soap. It is possible to restore jewelry and similes made of Amber. It is only necessary to pay attention to using gloves so that the stone is not scratched with nails during cleaning and that the drying cloths are of sufficient softness.

Orange Amber

The most practical ways to clean Amber are in the form of olive oil and soapy water. Accordingly, it is possible to wipe the stones by pouring a few drops of olive oil on a soft cloth. Those who do not like this way can wash the stone after dissolving enough soap in warm water. After the stone is sufficiently cleaned of dirt, it must be dried with a dry and soft cloth. Most people consider the ideal maintenance and cleaning period of amber stone to be twice a year.

Exciting Facts About Amber Stone

Facts About solar

Amber, one of the most used precious stones in the world, draws attention with its exciting features. The first of these features is that Amber is so expensive and does not fall into the jewelry class, although it attracts attention. Accordingly, Amber is just a fossilized resin. When people think of Amber, three or four dominant colors usually come to mind. However, when Amber samples are examined, there are more than 250 alternatives in the color scale of this stone.

raw amber

Amber deposits in many countries are considered quite far from each other. When a Real Amber is set on fire, it emits a pine scent. On the other hand, fake Amber has an intense plastic smell instead of this smell. This is how people can distinguish real and fake Amber stones. Amber, which is usually collected at the water’s edge and extracted by special soundings, is less transparent than it is known in its original state. As the stone is professionally processed, it becomes translucent and transparent.

Amber has been used for centuries and has not lost its value for many years. If you want to feel or make yourself think of this value, you can get help from Honey Color Drop Amber Natural Necklace. This might be one of the best ways to say I care about you.


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