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Amber (Organic Healing Stone)

What is Amber? Amber stone, which is among the precious stones, consists of tree resin. Therefore, it is possible to obtain information about the history by looking at the formed resin. Although similes come to mind first from those who hear this stone, Amber can be used in many different areas with its precious structure. What Does Amber Mean? Amber stone, known as tree resin among the people, was given this name due to its formation. Accordingly, Amber originates from the fossilization of a centuries-old tree called pinus succinifera. Therefore, this stone is called tree resin. However, amber stone has...


Amber – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs, and Chakras

Amber is not a crystal, it is a resin. Its resemblance to crystals is due to its physical structure and magnetic properties. Its use is based on very ancient times. Because it is a soft substance, it is very easy to powder or liquid. It has been used for a wide variety of diseases throughout history. The older the Amber, the harder it is and the greater its energy production. The benefit of Amber is due to the succinic acid it contains. Succinic acid, which plays an essential role in cell metabolism in our body, is beneficial in the healing...