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What is Turquoise?

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The Turks used Turquoise Crystal in ancient times. Its name is based on ancient Turks. It is also known as Turkish Crystal because it is generally used in war materials. Looking at the history of the Turquoise Crystal, it is seen that it has a history dating back to the Ancient Egyptian period. In addition, it is seen that it was used in Ancient Greek sources and the Aztec period. It is a stone believed to bring luck and good luck and protect from negative situations such as the evil eye. The Turquoise Crystal, generally used in wars, is also known as a precious crystal in ancient Egypt. The Turquoise Crystal, which is used in various ways in various fields, effectively makes its physical and psychological properties feel in the environment as long as it is in its original structure. Since it develops in a natural process in the natural area, the energies it leaves around also provide direct and positive results.

Turquoise Crystal is known as one of the oldest stones found in human history. It has been an essential tool for shamans and warriors. It was used for protection by the Aztecs, Chinese, Persians and Egyptians. The Americans also used it for the preservation of funerals. It is known that jewelry is used in many places, such as Argentina and Mexico.


Turquoise Crystal has been a stone used since ancient times in jewellery making, as an ornament in interiors, bringing luck and war items to many people. It is a stone thought to bring good luck and is believed to protect from the evil eye. Known as the Faith Crystal, the Turquoise Crystal gives people the feeling of faith. It is a stone that effectively balances the oxygen level in the blood and brings the life force to the appropriate level. It is a known fact that Turquoise, the colour of open-minded and robust people in terms of communication.

Turquoise is an undertone of Blue and represents a lighter colour than light Blue. It is a colour used in many fields, such as architecture and textiles. It is known as a colour that oscillates between Blue and green. It is frequently used in the architectural fields of the Turks, in areas such as ceramics and tiles, while under construction. Turquoise is one of the cool colours and has a calming effect. Because it has this effect, it is one of the most used colours in clinics, hospitals and medical fields. Turquoise Crystal means Turkish Blue and is named after this saying. It is known as a word derived from the pronunciation of the French word Turkish.

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What Does Turquoise Crystal (Crystal of Faith) Mean?

It is a stone used by people who believe it brings good luck. Turquoise Crystal is a stone that is seen to be used in many areas because of its high energy in ancient times. It is seen that it is frequently used in making ornaments and jewellery. Turquoise Crystal, which has an opaque structure and a wax-like feature, is an eye-catching stone with a sky-blue colour. This stone, a very stylish and beautiful colour, is also known to exist in different colours and shapes.

How Does a Turquoise Crystal Form?

The Turquoise Crystal is formed within millions of years among the rocks on earth. Turquoise Crystal, developed under a non-transparent structure, has an opaque system. Therefore, turquoise Stones, which do not contain lines or veins, are more valuable than others. As a result, it occurs in nature and is one of the naturally revealing stones.

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Where Does the Turquoise Crystal Occur?

Turquoise Crystal has an easily workable consistency due to its structure. In general, there are black veins in it. The most precious ones in the stone are known as the type that does not contain any veins. Its primary source is known as the United States of America. Most of the Faith Crystal comes from the USA. Belief Crystal deposits exist in Afghanistan, China, Israel, Chile, Mexico, Australia and Tibet, apart from the USA. It is known that it is processed in a particular way after it is removed from beds in the form of pieces.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Turquoise Crystal

Some points must be considered before buying Turquoise Crystal, which is known as one of the natural stones. Beforehand, you should thoroughly research and carefully learn whether it suits the person’s needs. For example, in some stones, an allergy to the person’s chemical may occur, or the energies of the Crystal may not be suitable for the person.

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Other points to consider before buying a Turquoise Crystal can be listed as follows:

– Before receiving the Crystal, a person must have love. It is not right to buy a stone on the advice of others. Stones should be purchased according to the needs of the person.

-Crystal cleaning process must be done when the stone is taken.

– If the Turquoise Crystal is taken for healing purposes, it is more important to use it in the related chakra. Chakras are known as points in the body where energies are exchanged. There are seven main chakras in the body.

Indeed, stones generally rule energies. It also has direct effects on human life. It is used in many areas, such as blood pressure, radiation, and healing. Incorrect use may cause damage. For this reason, it requires detailed research beforehand.

-It should continue as the color starts on the stone. There should be no signs such as cracks, scratches, and spots.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How To Tell If Turquoise Crystal Is Real Or Fake?

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It can be understood when the Turquoise Crystal is handled, whether fake or not. Its appearance reveals whether it is accurate or not. If it is unclear, it is possible to understand whether the Turquoise Crystal is honest with easy methods. Fake stones are painted under their original colours and on the market. When the stone is handled, if its falsity or authenticity cannot be determined, a small piece can be broken, and its authenticity can be understood. When a small part is broken, looking at the harmony of the broken place and the exterior colour is necessary.

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As another understanding method, it is necessary to heat a tiny part of the Turquoise Crystal with a lighter. When imitation products are heated, they lose the paint on them, and the Crystalline colour on the underside emerges. This way, it is known that the Crystal is fake if the interior and exterior have different colours. Care must be taken when heating. Setting the time is of great importance. This is because some stones experience colour changes when exposed to heat for a long time. For this reason, care should be taken during application.

What are the Properties of Turquoise Crystal?

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As with all natural stones, Turquoise Crystal has some features. Some of the known properties and effects of the Turquoise Crystal can be listed as follows:

-It is a stone with colours such as bluish-grey, Turquoise, greenish Blue and sky blue

-There is water in the stone. Therefore, heat and excessive sunlight can cause the crystalline structure to deteriorate. In such cases, the colour of the Crystal becomes greener than it is

-It has a waxy and vitreous lustre and texture

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-It is an opaque stone with a hardness of 5.5 to 6. The weight of the CrystalCrystal itself varies between 2.60 and 2.91

-Known that there is a porous structure on natural stone. This structure has properties such as absorbing or absorbing water. Therefore, when exposed to excessive water or moisture, significant deterioration and discolouration in the stone structure will occur.

What are the Benefits of Turquoise Crystal?

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The Faith Crystal is a stone that has both physical and psychological effects. The known benefits of Turquoise Crystal, which also has positive effects on health, can be listed as follows:

– Prevents the formation of cataracts

-Prevents chronic cough, asthma and bronchial attacks and is very effective in treating these diseases

-Prevents harmful health conditions such as headaches, migraines and panic attacks

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-It has a supporting effect on the respiratory system. In addition, it helps to heal lung diseases and some allergic conditions.

-Helps to take precautions against the evil eye

-Helps to eliminate adverse effects such as depression, panic attacks and fatigue

-Helps to get away from stress

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-It has positive effects on developing the feeling of empathy in the person. In addition, it contributes to being a more understanding and helpful person

-It has positive effects on physical and mental health by increasing the level of comfort and peace

-Protects from electromagnetic waves in the environment

-Prevents the negative mood and thoughts in the person. It also helps them think more positively and be constructive

– Allows the harmful energies on the person to be dispersed and replaced by positive energies and spread

-Prevents psychological problems such as anxiety

-Contributes to success and makes the person more successful in his job

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-It has a protective effect against heart diseases

-It has therapeutic effects on the problems in the sexual life of the person

-Beneficial in curing negative moods such as sadness and grief

-Known to be beneficial in increasing the power of wisdom

-It is a stone that is effective in preventing digestive problems and preventing digestive diseases

-Suitable for rheumatic diseases

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-Positively strengthens the immune system and, therefore, the human body

-Known as a stone that balances the soul and body, the Turquoise Crystal helps to feel clean, and fresh

– A libertarian approach supports the person with what they want to do and contributes to achieving positive results

– In addition to strength and calmness of mind, it gives courage to the person

– Helps to strengthen communication and express ideas more clearly

– Helps the person return to his inner feelings and world to listen to himself

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How to Clean a Turquoise Stone?

Once the Faith Crystal is received, it must go through the cleansing phase, as with any stone. It should be cleaned before use, and this cleaning should be done intermittently. This cleaning removes the adverse effects or energies on the rock. It helps regulate the stone’s power. The cleaning of natural stones and natural methods provides it. Cleaning the Turquoise Crystal using four elements, the plans vary according to the hardness level of the Crystal. The cleaning stages of Turquoise Stone can be listed as follows:

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-Cleaning in running water is washing hard stones under running water for about 5 minutes

-Soaking in seawater or salty water is a method of keeping stones with a rigid structure for about 10 minutes and cleaning them

-In cleaning with incense, incense can be burned on stones with low hardness and placed next to the Crystal to be cleaned

-Cleaning with a salt lamp is not related to whether the stones are hard or soft, but the energy of all stone types can be provided by the stone placed around the salt lamp. You can click if you want to get detailed information about how to clean the crystals

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Turquoise Usage and Usage Areas

Turquoise Crystal is a stone that is generally used in jewelry and accessories. Due to its structure and color, it is very suitable for jewelry purposes. It is possible to see Turquoise Crystal in many types of jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, or necklaces. Accessories with Turquoise Crystal make the person feel peaceful and comfortable. The purpose of many people can be listed as this. Turquoise Crystal, which is thought to provide significant protection against the evil eye, has become a product that has become widespread not only in the field of accessories but also in household goods.

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What are the Metaphysical Properties of Turquoise Crystal?

The Turquoise Crystal is known to be an essential stone for the soul. Turquoise Crystal, which is very important in the throat chakra, which is the essence of communication, helps solve speaking style and communication problems. For this reason, the throat chakra mustn’t be blocked. The Turquoise Crystal is a stone that is literally about revealing the truth.

It will help the person achieve positive results in directing his life and creating change. It is a stone that allows spiritual transformation and open-mindedness, regardless of stage one is in. Considering its connection with the zodiacs, it can be seen that the Turquoise Crystal is directly related to Sagittarius. People with Sagittarius are generally optimistic, curious and cheerful. They have big dreams and act quickly. For this reason, it is known that people with a hasty attitude, Sagittarius, have problems in terms of communication. Turquoise Crystal has excellent benefits for communication and calmness.

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Because of this feature, it can be a tool that can help the Sagittarius and provide balance. Other compatible zodiac signs include Scorpio and Pisces. These signs, generally known for their quick and hasty attitudes, are the signs that the Turquoise Crystal will suit in terms of features. Compatible chakras are known as the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. It consists of the person seeing certain things more clearly and in a certain way and this feature.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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