Keep Your Body Healthy by Protecting From Radiation and Its Harmful Effects with Crystals

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Today, we use countless electronic devices. In this article, we will talk about the types of natural crystals that prevent radiation from being protected from the radiation emitted. These devices are everywhere; at work, at home, and outside. The tools we use the most are; computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

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In addition, as technology develops, the rays emitted from devices and base stations have become more harmful. In recent days, I think no one has not come across dozens of articles and publications about the harms of 5G. So 5G deserves its bad reputation. But he is not the only scapegoat in our life. If we could see electromagnetic fields, generally defined as EMFs, with the naked eye, I’m sure we would be pretty surprised and even horrified. In summary, we are already swimming in a sea of ​​EMF.

Radiation Protection With Crystals Is Something Only Smart People Do


The healing energy of crystals is very ancient knowledge. However, radiation has increased in modern times. We cannot stop these invisible rays that destroy our biological bodies because they are everywhere now. No one can now say that these rays, which we cannot see with our eyes, do not harm our bodies because they have been proven harmful. For example, there are warning signs for pregnant people to stay away from radiation in hospitals. They are fragile as water makes up most of our biological bodies, but they become as powerful when reinforced with suitable boosters and shields.

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Likewise, healing crystals emit rays of various wavelengths, like radiation from devices. However, the rays emitted by the healing natural crystals do not harm your body. On the contrary, they treat you and almost collide with harmful rays and block their adverse effects. Unfortunately, modern science has not yet thoroughly studied crystals’ protective and healing effects. Although a few studies are available, they have not yet been presented to the knowledge of humanity.

There Are Also Toxic Natural Crystals That Emit Radiation

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But the exciting thing is that there are toxic natural stones that emit harmful radiation. Modern science acknowledges the existence of these dangerous crystals and rightly tells us to stay away from them. However, almost no studies have been conducted on the effects of healing natural crystals. Marie Curie worked with crystals and salts. She is a Nobel Prize-winning Polish-French physicist and chemist. As a result of his experiments with uranium, he discovered radioactivity, found the radioactive property of Thorium, and separated the element radium. Since he was exposed to harmful radioactive rays during his experiments, his body was damaged by this harmful radiation. She battled cancer and passed away.

Here is what we are trying to tell you about protection from radiation. It is a significant issue that we should pay attention to while living under the influence of dozens of electrical and radiation-emitting devices and Base Stations with today’s developing technology. Can we use crystals as radiation shields or radiation barriers? Now we come to the prevent most critical part. What Can We Do About This?

Can We Create and Protect Against Radiation?


The best way to protect yourself from these harmful rays is to live in a natural environment away from radiation as much as possible. But now we live in developed cities, and it is almost impossible to stay away. Don’t be sad because natural crystals act as an excellent shield against radiation. The remaining crystals under the ground trap harmful rays even in their natural environment. And each crystal can hold radiation to a highly high degree for years. For example, the color of the smoky quartz stone is brown due to the harmful rays it traps. A pair of smoky quartz crystals as thick as your little finger hanging around your neck and the size of a fist on the table can protect you from harmful rays emitted by your computer and mobile phone.


Radiation is hazardous for our body, and if we are exposed to it for a long time, it can be the precursor of many diseases, especially towards advancing age. In addition to our physical health, it can cause us to experience many negative situations in the mental sense and to feel more stress and anxiety. That’s why we will talk about natural stones that strengthen people with their energies, prevent radiation, and their effects.

What is the Relationship Between Crystals and Radiation?

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As someone who has devoted himself to Crystal Science and has been working with Crystals for years, the solutions and tricks we will offer you will. First, of course, be related to Crystals because the relationship between Crystals and Radiation is extreme and adequate protection for protection when we use them correctly.

black rounded stone

All black-colored natural stones are effective in blocking/absorbing the waves emitted from EMF/Radiation sources and protecting our body from all these harmful effects. We generalized all black rocks, but if you need to choose in this regard, choose Black Tourmaline or Shungite in particular.

How Should Crystals Be Used to Prevent Radiation?

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If these stones are near the radiation source, For example, if you want to use them next to a modem for blocking / absorbing, you should ensure that it is not shapeless. Using it in its raw form makes it easier for the crystal to absorb. So in the generator model, It should not be cut into shapes such as triangle, pyramid, point (tooth), star, square, or sphere because these cuts are the cuts that are used to recover the energy and give it back by increasing it. Black stones do not have much booster effect; they absorb more and trap them inside, but the cut shapes can cause a boosting effect. Therefore, besides the radiation sources, the “amorphous” structure of Black Tourmaline in its raw form would be appropriate. Again, an amorphous Shungite or Obsidian would work just fine.

Here is the List of Stones that Prevent Radiation and Also Heal Us:



Reduce the effects of damaging rays with Obsidian! It is a natural glass formed when volcanic lava encounters water and freezes exceptionally quickly. It is sharp, easily machinable, and brittle. Its well-known color is black, brown, golden yellow, gray, red, blue, and green. Others consist of interlocking rainbow-like rings of mixed colors. Since ancient times, it has been believed that there is supernatural spiritual power in mirrors made by polishing obsidian stone.

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Aragonite Stone Is Almost A Radiation Shield. This crystal’s existence on Earth dates back to ancient times and is exceptionally fragile and therefore difficult to process. Those who examine its prices will see that this stone is a little more expensive than other stones in its class. However, as you read about its effects and understand its value, you will realize that it is a crystal worthy of its price.

Aragonite stone has many benefits in terms of healing the body. For example, If you have complaints such as osteoporosis or joint pain, you can see that this stone will be good for you. In addition, we can say that aragonite is a crystal that you can put or include in your work environment at home or work, as it also has a radiation-preventing effect.

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With Malachite Stone, you can minimize the effects of radiation and heal. Malachite or Malachite Stone is called a transformation stone in many cultures. Because this crystal collects all the negativities in the person’s mind or his mind and traps them, it also prevents negative energies coming from outside from reaching the person’s body. This proves its effectiveness in the intellectual sense and in avoiding harmful rays such as radiation from entering our bodies.

This crystal also heals the person’s body and helps correct all negative moods, primarily mental and spiritual problems. If you have a hectic working life and work is constantly on the phone and computer, then you can benefit from the miraculous effects of malachite.

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mountain crystal

With Mountain Crystal, Your Headaches Can Be Reduced. People who work overtime with electronic devices during the day experience various physical problems such as watering eyes, burning eyes, or headaches. Our body constantly struggles with the most significant adverse effects of radiation and stress; most of the time, we are unaware of it. However, if we do not take good care of our bodies, we may experience this pain in the following processes and lose our health. That’s why we want to talk about the benefits of Mountain crystal, especially for those who are frequently involved with devices.
Mountain crystal stone, which we can include in radiation-proof natural stones, is a type of crystal quartz. It is found in nature in a transparent and translucent form. It is usually black or white. One of the essential features of this stone is to reduce the effects of headaches that develop due to stress and harmful rays. If you work in such a job or at an intense work pace, you can get rid of your headaches thanks to the mountain crystal stone.

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With Septarian Stone, you can stop Negative waves and Revive. Among the radiation-preventing natural stones, there is a crystal that attracts attention with its refreshing and regenerating effect, and the meaning of its name is dragon egg stone. Yes, we are talking about septarian rock. This stone is a crystal believed to be of high power and has incredible benefits. It was formed over thousands of years when many shellfish became mud balls under the influence of volcanic eruptions.

The benefits of septarian crystal are not countless. Still, we can say that the most significant effect is saving the person from negative emotions because this crystal absorbs both negative energies and harmful rays such as radiation. Moreover, it renews and refreshes us spiritually. Therefore, if you have a stressful job, you can eliminate its adverse effects with septarian crystal.

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Quartz is the first crystal that comes to mind when it comes to natural crystals that prevent radiation. In addition, it attracts all negative energies like a magnet. For this reason, quartz crystal is the most recommended crystal for people with a belief such as the evil eye. This crystal, which neutralizes negative thoughts, energies, and hostile gazes, also heals and purifies your body. Thus, you feel more positive, calmer, and filtered. If you use a computer or phone extensively, keep this crystal close to you.

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Charoite Crystal Traps Negative Energy! We mentioned in the introduction that radiation negatively affects physical and mental activity. Therefore, if we talk about a crystal that will turn these activities into positive and act as a medicine for our body and mind, it is the charoite crystal. Thanks to the charoite crystal, which we can say are incredibly healing. Our body will be purified from the negative features of radiation or various effects, thus enabling us to become more cheerful. But for this, let us state once again that you need to believe that the crystal will not only be helpful but will be applicable with your perseverance and belief.

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It helps discharge static electricity and microwave effects accumulated in the body. Shungite is also preferred for the development of metaphysical abilities and for reaching a higher level of consciousness.
It has a high percentage of carbon, up to 4% hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur compounds in its structure. In addition, although it is known that it contains some minerals such as nickel, selenium, vanadium, molybdenum, and tungsten, we do not have specific information about its formation. Some scientists think that it is formed due to the breakdown of some microorganisms living in the oceans. Others say it may have come to Earth on a meteorite from outer space.

Shungit has been involved in several healing practices since the 18th century. It is known as the crystal of life. It has antibacterial properties and can be used in water purification. The fullerene content of Shungit contains healing properties. Fullerenes are formed by combining many carbon atoms by creating unique geometric structures and are long-lasting antioxidants. Antioxidants react with free radicals. In this way, they stop the chain reactions that can lead to cell damage and degenerative diseases. Fullerenes in Shungite help normalize cell metabolism, increase enzyme activity, stabilize cells and increase the regeneration capacity of body tissues. Shungite, a rich source of fullerene, has anti-inflammatory properties; They can help reduce pain and stress. Shungit is very effective in grounding the body and as a shield against radiation.


You can use Amber Stone against Radiation and Evil Eye. Amber is often used extensively in necklaces, bracelets, and even rosaries. It is believed that this stone, which has an important place in different cultures, has been a shield against the evil eye since ancient times. Therefore, if you also have this belief and can be affected very quickly by negative people and their thoughts, then we recommend using amber stone. This stone can also be included among the radiation-proofing natural rocks.

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turquoise crystal

Again, when it comes to the evil eye, let us introduce you to a crystal, considered one of the most effective weapons against it; turquoise crystal. This crystal, which fascinates those who see it with its enchanting blue and beauty, is also among the crystals used against the evil eye since ancient times.

You can benefit from turquoise crystals if you feel negative energies and thoughts in your body or mind. This crystal also has a refreshing and regenerating effect. If you often feel tired and exhausted during the day, then turquoise crystal can be your medicine.


Amethyst is one of the most ingenious crystals among the radiation-proofing natural crystals. This crystal is accepted as a radiation magnet like quartz and is among the crystal groups recommended by everyone interested in alternative medicine.

This is a frequently used crystal, primarily used in making accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Amethyst is also considered a protective crystal and is a source of healing for both body and mind.

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Cleanse Your Crystals Used for Radiation

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Of course, you should also do the energetic cleansing of these crystals regularly. Another issue I would like to emphasize about Crystals and Radiation is that besides Radiation sources from the Quartz family, Crystals with tooth formation such as Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Crystal Quartz, and Citrine should not be used. (Actually, we can say all tooth-formed crystals.)
Yes, it is common knowledge that these crystals absorb negative energy or radiation and will protect you.
Protection effect; As jewelry on your neck, wrist, etc. It works above you, that is, in your magnetic field, provided that you do its energetic cleaning often, but it is not very convenient to put it next to a radiation source. Because these crystals also have amplified substantial effects. We can also understand the amplifying impact of its formations. They are natural generators with their gear formations. When the radiation source is placed next to it, it will absorb the radiation in a short time and begin to transmit it to the environment by raising it. You will need to keep track of when it is complete and constantly clean it. Therefore, one should not take risks in this regard.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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