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What is Obsidian?

Obsidian Crystal Purple Rock

Obsidian Crystal is a kind of rock that forms itself in nature after millions of years. It is also called volcanic glass or protective stone. Since it is one of the natural stones used since ancient times, it is considered a healing stone. It is taken out from different parts of the world and continues to be used as accessories, weapons, ornaments, facial massage tools, and decorative items in various boxes.

What Does Obsidian Crystal Mean?

Obsidian Crystal Sphere

It is a stone that transforms energy and protects from evil. For this reason, it is among the natural stones widely used in alternative medicine. It is a stone that purifies the body of negative energy and provides spiritual and physical peace, relaxation, and rest.

Obsidian Crystal Formation

Obsidian Crystal Heart

Obsidian Crystal begins to form with volcanic events. The reason why it is a unique type is that the magma cools without crystallization. Therefore, it has a sharper structure. The reason why it is called volcanic glass is due to this development in the formation process. It takes its final form thanks to its many chemical reactions. The entire formation process is a long period spanning millions of years.

Obsidian; may consist of various colors, sizes, brightness, and variation. Especially since its black color has a high vibration, it is very good at energy balancing. It gains this feature from its magnetic effects during its formation period. It creates a shield in the physical sense as well as in the psychic areas and tries to protect the health of the person.

Where Does the Obsidian Crystal Occur?

Crystal Knife

There are many countries where the Obsidian Crystal, which has been used for centuries, is mined. It is found in all regions with volcanic mountains. Primarily green and red colored stones are removed, but other colors can also be found.

Obsidian Crystal, widespread worldwide, can be mined in Italy and Greece. There are also rocks from which it was excavated in Hungary, Armenia, and Slovakia. The resources in these regions are extensive, and stone extraction is carried out regularly. Professional teams and devices do all extraction to protect the obsidian stones and avoid commercial damage.

Considerations When Buying Obsidian

Obsidian Crystal Ritual black

Because it is one of the most precious stones, imitations of Obsidian Crystal are very common in the market. Therefore, the first thing to consider when buying an Obsidian Crystal is to pay attention to whether the Crystal is honest. If a fake stone is purchased, it will be materially and spiritually damaged because artificial stones cannot transform energy.

For the Obsidian Crystal to benefit someone, it must be used continuously. Even if it starts transforming energy the first time it is used or brought to an environment, it cannot show the effect in short-term use. For this reason, it is recommended to be used primarily as an accessory and worn in contact with the skin. If there is a problem with the use of accessories, they can be purchased to be used as an ornament in homes or offices.

Obsidian stones should be personal in protecting and relaxing the person spiritually. Therefore, using the same Crystal with several people is not correct. In addition, the color, texture, and design of the Obsidian stones should be chosen according to the person’s tastes. Models that do not fit in or are not comfortable while using will reduce the interaction with the stone. This causes an inability to feel enough of Crystal’s benefits.

How to Tell if Obsidian is Real or Fake?

Obsidian Crystal snowfake

There may not be a noticeable difference between fake and natural Obsidian stones. Experts can tell if the stone is authentic by touching it, looking at its brightness in the light or how it feels at room temperature. For those who will buy the Obsidian Crystal for the first time, it can be proven false or authentic by various methods. If a decision has not been made after all the procedures, it can be sent to some laboratories of the universities for examination; final results can be obtained.

Obsidian, a brilliant stone, is also sharp. To measure this sharpness, it is necessary to break a part of the Crystal and take one of the pieces and use it as a cutting tool. The crushing process will also make the inner and outer colors visible. If the outer and inner colors of the Crystal are in the same tones, if there is no difference between the patterns, it shows that it is accurate. On the other hand, the stone is fake if there is a noticeable difference or a completely different color.

Obsidian Crystal, formed from volcanic events, shows high resistance to fire. In this respect, it does not react to fire. On the other hand, imitation stones can melt in the fire and leak their dyes since they are usually formed by painting other rocks. By simply holding the Obsidian Crystal on fire for a few seconds, it is possible to distinguish between reality and falsehood.

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What are the Obsidian Crystal Properties and Effects?

Obsidian Crystal Ritual rainbow

Obsidian crystals’ hardness is between 5 and 5.5, according to the Mohs value. It contains multiple minerals, including sulfur, iron, oxygen, and hydrogen. It is possible to find glassy, ​​translucent, or transparent models. Its specific gravity is between 2.5 and 2.7. It is a widely used, sharp, bright stone with white spots.

Obsidian is a stone that represents the fire and earth group in the chakras and zodiac signs. It enables the person to be purified from evil, experience transformation, and strengthen his psychic abilities. It shows these effects by removing the negative energies in the individual or the environment. It also improves creativity, art, skills, and various fields.

Obsidian, a protective stone, helps protect from evil spirits, evil eyes, magic, and amulet-style events. Blocking the adverse effects of another person ensures that the person can always watch his peace. In addition, when used with bad intentions, it does not positively affect the person. On the contrary, it can create an uncertain environment by stopping energy conversion.

Obsidian Crystal Ritual golden

-It is one of the cornerstones of health therapies. The therapeutic power is high. It removes physical and mental negativities. It provides a balanced life by removing material and mental negativities and subconscious obstacles, giving life joy

-Suitable for depression and pessimism. In addition, it reduces anxiety and clears negative emotions in the subconscious

-Prevents the feeling of hypersensitivity and excitement and creates harmony between feelings and thoughts

-Gives masculine (vital) energy. Therefore, the desire to work benefits those who do not use Crystallimanians

-Increases the ability to humor

Obsidian Crystal Ritual Grey

-Increases the power of reason and logic. It frees the mind from confusion and provides the capacity to think logically and the ability to solve problems. (To see this benefit, it can be used as jewelry, but it is necessary to look at the stone for a few days and five minutes without losing sight of it.)

-Regulates the digestive system and relieves stomach and intestinal disorders

-Allows us to see dreams that are useful to read the future

-Cleans the body from infections and other toxins caused by bacteria and viruses. It cures the flu

Obsidian Crystal Usage and Usage Areas

Obsidian Crystal green

Often, the Obsidian Crystal is used in meditation or ritual due to its positive effects on energy. Apart from these situations, it can be used daily to find various accessories and items. Since it can be next to the person during sleep, it can participate in sleep therapies. It can also occur in psychotherapies thanks to its improving effects on speaking ability.

Obsidian is one of the natural stones featured in alternative medicine. It can be used while trying to protect from various diseases due to the effects it shows to protect body health. This is supported by Crystallima, the protective property of the Crystal. In addition, treatment can be complementary to existing or acquired physical and mental illnesses. However, since it cannot be a treatment method on its own, it should be used after consulting doctors.

Obsidian, which has many effects on psychology, helps people relax and find peace. For this reason, it is suitable to participate in activities that calm the soul, such as aromatherapy. It can be beneficial when dealing with depression, anxiety, or various behavioral disorders. It is recommended to be used in stressful, anxious, sad, or very tense situations because it protects mental health.

Obsidian Crystal Ritual

Obsidian Crystal Ritual Green

Especially the black color of Obsidian Crystal is used in rituals. This is because it protects people from all kinds of problems and purifies them from adverse effects. It is effective in ways made to get rid of past events or to end an existing situation. It is generally used during the new moon or complete moon phases.

The ritual begins when the person focuses on the desired subject. At this stage, it is essential that there is no negative suffix in the thoughts passed through the mind and that every idea is cheerful. Along with the Obsidian Crystal, support can be obtained from other natural stones, incense, and naturally flavored candles. It is recommended to touch the stone for faster removal of negative energies.

Various rituals can be performed, such as talking to the Obsidian Crystal, telling him his troubles, writing wishes on a piece of paper next to the Crystal, and burying the form. Future-oriented sentences should also be purely positive when thinking about situations intended to remain in the past. Other people can be included in the ritual if they don’t think badly of someone else.

Which Chakra Is Obsidian Compatible With?

Obsidian Crystal chakra Rough

Obsidian Crystal has significant effects on the chakras. It makes the closed or underactive chakras more effective. In this respect, physical and spiritual problems due to closed chakras are also resolved. Obsidian is compatible with these chakras since it enables the root, heart, and solar plexus chakras to work.

When the heart, root, and plexus chakras start to work, one’s self-confidence increases. It brings success in various fields because it will hold onto life more tightly. Furthermore, it ensures that evil is disliked by supporting the development of the power center along with good events. In this respect, it helps the person to become a more loved and accepted individual in society.

The heart chakra located at the chest level, the root chakra located in the coccyx, and the solar plexus chakra situated behind the navel solve the physical ailments experienced in the areas where they are located. Treating diseases whose cause cannot be found is also possible thanks to the harmony of the Obsidian Crystal with the chakras. The chakra’s energy flow can be accelerated by placing the Obsidian Crystal in the area where the problem is felt most.

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Compatible Signs of Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian Crystal bracelet Golden

One of the first stones that Sagittarius and Scorpio owners should buy is the Obsidian Crystal. The same is true for ascendant Scorpio and ascendant Sagittarius. Obsidian Crystal harmonizes with these signs and benefits the individual’s personal development, physical problems, and mental distress. However, other zodiac signs can also enjoy the benefits of the Obsidian Crystal. Since it is a stone created to balance the energy of nature, the Obsidian Crystal is not interested in the sign of the person it will affect.

Obsidian Crystal undertakes the task of rasping the negative features of the signs it is compatible with. Since this situation depends on the person’s will, change cannot be expected with the effort of one side. Obsidian Crystal can easily prevent problems such as stubbornness, anger, holding grudges, and impulsiveness. Softer, compassionate, understanding and loving thoughts can be created.

Obsidian Crystal Benefits and Harms

Obsidian Crystal Rainbow

Obsidian Crystal interferes with the mental and physiological states of the person from the first time it is used. It plays a relaxing and calming role in all negative events. In this regard, Crystal has no harm in short-term or long-term use. It is a suitable and effective stone for anyone who wants to use Obsidian with good intentions.

Obsidian, which helps control emotions and thoughts, reduces the chance of getting psychological diseases. It protects mental health by fighting stress. It maintains calmness in all negativities thanks to its purification from adverse effects. Making crisis management more successful prevents possible wrong decisions or significant losses.

Obsidian, which strengthens the immune system, primarily protects the liver. By controlling the functioning of all organs, it assumes a therapeutic role in case of a possible disease. While it makes it challenging to catch infectious diseases, it accelerates the healing process of already-caught infections. In addition, its painkiller feature can be used in joint and bone pain, muscle strains, and diseases such as sinusitis and migraine.

Where to Put Obsidian Crystal at Home?

Obsidian Blue

For Obsidian stones, which are usually placed in bedrooms, every area except the bathroom and toilet is suitable. It can even take place in gardens or balconies in not very hot regions. It can be placed differently depending on what it is used for if desired to have a better effect. If living in a home with small children or pets, it should be placed in a secure and protected area.

Obsidian Crystal is also suitable for study rooms, libraries, and offices. If the children are placed on the study desk, their success shown in the academic field will increase. If it is placed under the pillows, it helps to have a deeper and more productive night’s sleep. Whether it is in the living room, garden, balcony, or kitchen, it protects the family’s peace. In this respect, it is possible to place it in desired areas.

Obsidian Crystal bracelet

Where to Buy Obsidian Crystal?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does an Obsidian Crystal Cost?

Obsidian Black Raw

Natural stones are more expensive than accessories made from ordinary rocks. There are models that anyone can buy whenever they want. It is recommended to buy it at the most affordable price by visiting the internet stores or various shops. If there is a model that is sold well below its value, the possibility of Crystalline imitation should not be ignored.

The prices of obsidian stones also vary among themselves. The higher the amount of stone used in a product, the higher the price. For this reason, multi-stone models such as bracelets may be more expensive than necklaces and earrings. In addition, since the most effective Obsidian Crystal is black, the prices of black rainbow stones can be higher than others.

Obsidian Crystal Care and Cleaning

Volcanic Stone Brown

Obsidian stones, effective 24 hours a day, may not show enough effect after a while after starting to use. This is because the amount of negative energy accumulated in the Crystal is too much. In addition, Obsidian stones that someone else comes into contact with are also polluted in terms of energy, so they may have difficulty having an effect. The stone should be taken care of at such times, and energy pollution should be cleaned.

Various methods can be tried to care for the Obsidian Crystal. At the beginning of these, the Crystal should be buried in soil and left for about half an hour. If it is feared that the Crystal will be scratched, keeping it in a water source will also allow the negative energies to be cleared. Similarly, there are many applications for cleaning natural stones. These; include burning incense, using naturally flavored candles, soaking in a glass of water, or leaving it in contact with other natural stones. You can click if you want detailed information about how to clean the crystals.

Exciting Facts About Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian Moon

Obsidian, used for centuries, was used in the past to make weapons because it is a very sharp substance. Today, it is the primary material of some scalpels for doctors to use. In addition, it is understood that it has a protective feature, especially in the past, when children were left in graves to protect their souls.

Obsidian Crystal makes one feel comfortable and safe at all times. If you want to get rid of bad energies, feel safe and keep the peace forever, you can protect yourself by choosing Obsidian Crystal Natural Stone Mass.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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