What are the Features and Benefits of Turquoise Natural Stone

Things to Know About Turquoise Natural Stone

Turquoise Natural Stone

Turquoise Natural Stone is one of the most popular semi-precious stones. It is also a highly desirable stone when it comes to jewelry designs. With its intriguing blue color, this magnificent stone also has the prestige of being the only gemstone bearing its name!

Although it is not as expensive as sapphire or diamond, it should be noted that it has no less magical effect than these costly stones. In this article, a guide about turquoise stone, a precious stone, we will tell you the tips you need to know to buy turquoise stone.

Turquoise Natural Stone Meaning

Turquoise Natural Stone is an opaque mineral with a beautiful greenish-blue hue. The word “turquoise” comes from the French word “Turkish.” Because history says that this stone was first brought to Europe from Turkey, the turquoise stone extracted from the mines in Asia was brought to Europe by trade routes passing through Turkey. Hence, its name means “Turkish stone.”

Turquoise Natural Stone is considered a mystical stone with protective and healing properties. According to a belief, When a person who wears Turquoise Natural Stone necklaces or jewelry becomes ill, the stone’s color becomes pale blue. If the person dies, they lose their color entirely. If the stone’s ownership is transferred or the health status of the user changes, the stone regains its former glory. Therefore, it is considered an indicator of the health status of the person using it.

Turquoise Natural Stone

It has been used by cultures worldwide, including ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, who believed that Turquoise Natural Stone was sacred and would bring luck and power to the person using it. In addition, the metaphysical nature of the stone has impressed many. It is also believed that turquoise has properties that can heal diseases. Other cultures also think it can help communicate with spirits.

Turquoise Natural Stone Properties

This precious natural stone is formed when water seeps through rocks containing certain minerals such as copper and aluminum over millions of years. When this happens, a chemical reaction starts, and veins form, clumping together to form turquoise!

Turquoise Pendant

Origin of the name: From the word “turquoise,” which means “Turkish stone.”

Mineral Grade: Aluminum phosphate

Crystal System: Triclinic

Hardness: Between 5-6

Origin: Afghanistan, Australia, China, United States, France, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Tanzania

Color: Sky Blue

Symbolism: Water

Physical Healing Properties

-As a Throat Chakra stone, Turquoise Stone helps to heal all problems, especially in that area.

-Sore throat, respiratory problems, allergies, migraines

It is deeply connected with the breath.

-As it brings a soothing cold water contact, it helps the breath and lungs find a deeper flow.

-It is packed with anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties, working as one of the most fortifying stones.

-Strengthens the immune system.

-Helps absorb nutrients.

-Relieves anxiety to resolve mood swings

-It helps to balance the physical and spiritual body.

-As the Turquoise Natural Stone cleanses the spiritual and physical body of the wearer, the wearer will also feel fresh, washed, and.

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Emotional and Mental Healing Properties

Turquoise Ring

-Turquoise Natural Stone acts on well-being. However, it is a healing stone for your emotional and mental health. The healing energy of this stone is all about peace.

-It lets you swing freely and step into your own space rather than trying to cram all your emotions into a box.

-For those who seek a soft and gentle truth.

-It invites its user to dive below the surface and understand what works and doesn’t.

-You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, as he doesn’t do it aggressively.

-Instead, it relaxes the person by giving them courage, strength, and a calm mind.

-It is a communication stone, both for others and yourself.

-Turquoise stone; makes room for the feeling of compassion within you to grow. Since she is soft and bright, she turns her understanding outward and inward. In this way, it allows wiser words and ideas to pass through without the threat of our judgments.

How to Benefit from Turquoise Natural Stone Energy?

Turquoise Natural Stone necklaces and rings are great accessories for occupations that require a high level of verbal skill. For example, ear, nose, and throat doctors, speech therapists, vocal coaches, singers, auctioneers, and radio and television presenters can wear turquoise rings to increase their oxygen and blood.

Drinking enough water regularly is essential for both mental and physical health. Accessories such as a Turquoise Stone bracelet can remind you daily to drink enough water.

The Turquoise Natural Stone, with its blue color, goes well with any outfit. You can achieve magnificent harmony by completing your combinations with accessories such as Turquoise Stone rings and necklaces. Are you planning a romantic marriage proposal? You can choose a Turquoise Natural Stone ring that reflects the beauty of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and symbolizes the purity of your love.


How to Identify Real Turquoise Stone?

Modern technology has helped produce many chemical formulas that create turquoise-like stones. The faux turquoise is relatively inexpensive and rarely has the effects of the original stone. There are also natural minerals that look like turquoise. For example, although greener in appearance, Variscite can be confused with Turquois Stone.

Today, the most common imitation is the colored pestle. On the other hand, Howlite is a grayish-white stone that not only takes the color of the paint it comes into contact with but is also very similar to the original stone. However, it is vital to recognize these fake stones because they are often sold as white turquoise stone, an extremely rare turquoise. So, how to identify natural Turquoise Stone?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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Price is an important indicator. Fakes are always cheaper. Natural turquoise stone can be precious.

Check the saturation. It should be blue from head to toe. If it’s white, it’s probably Howlite. Wipe the stone with some cotton swabs. If the cotton turns blue and the stone’s color becomes lighter, you can tell that the stone is a dyed howlite. Howlite has a hardness value of 3.5 according to the Mohs value. This means that it is softer than Turquoise Stone. Because; If you can easily scratch your stone, it’s probably not genuine Turquoise Stone.


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