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Yoga is a unique ritual with eight stages and allows people to relax physically and mentally. With yoga stones, the efficiency of your training will increase even more. It appeared for the first time in Indian culture. Since it has very effective results, it has spread quickly to different parts of the world. Many other parameters make yoga effective. The first of these is the stones. These stones are not ordinary; they give energy. Hence their names are also known as energy stones. It works on the energy chakras.

What are Energy Chakras?

Seven Chakras Meaning

Energy chakras are not visible to the naked eye. However, there is a belief that it has seven different layers. It has a significant impact on humans. It affects daily life. These chakras must always be open. It is located in seven other regions. Therefore, each of them has another task. For example, it provides activity in the throat area, which is one of the essential activities of daily life, such as speaking. When a problem arises here, throat problems and colds can be experienced. This clearly shows how vital the chakra is.

What Are Yoga Stones?


Yoga stones are also known as energy stones. It is used to open the chakras and make them well. Because of this feature, it is also preferred during yoga. Their number is usually 7. Because there are seven chakras. The effects and the feelings it gives differ. Therefore, it is essential to act accordingly and use it correctly.

How to Use Yoga Stones

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You always have the chance to choose different ways to use yoga stones. One of them is to put it on the body:

  1. It is necessary to know where the energy chakras are. Since each chakra has a different color, the selection must be made accordingly. For example, the color green stands out in the heart chakra.
  2. It is easy to apply.
  3. It is necessary to lie down in a comfortable environment.

After that, it is essential to put the yoga stone in the existing area. However, the transactions are not limited to this. Because the meditator needs to eliminate all the negativity in his brain, your mind must be transparent and clear. Just thinking about the effects of that stone and focusing on it ensures an effective result.

Yoga Stones

Another method is to arrange the stones on the cushion. You can do this with one stone or all. The choice is up to you. The more rocks involved, the better the effect. The yoga mat is used for this. It is essential to rank in the upper zone. The stones must remain there until the end of the meditation. In the meantime, you can do your yoga rituals. You may feel more energetic as you continue this.

In addition to all these, there is another way of holding the stones, grasping them, and placing them in hand during yoga. Since it gives very effective results, it is customary to be preferred frequently. Because there is direct contact here. One or more stones in the palm provide you with energy. That way, you feel powerful. The effect of yoga is also multiplied.

Rose Quartz Allows the Feeling of Love to Come Out

-Rose quartz is one of the most used stones during yoga. Because they symbolize love, it is an ideal product for people deprived of this feeling.

-Thanks to this stone, if a person hates himself, his thoughts about it begin to change, and he loves himself.

-In addition, the feeling of compassion in people begins to show itself quickly.

-You can attract love thanks to the stone.

-People become more peaceful.

-At the same time, you can accept situations that are defined as unfavorable more easily.

-Abandoned experiences of the past and all kinds of heartbreak begin to give way to better feelings.

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Black Tourmaline Yoga Stones Provide Protection

-It must be said that the black tourmaline stone is another remarkable natural product. The most significant effect this has shown is that it provides protection. It is expressed with a black color.

One of the most common negative situations in humans is negative energy. Removing this and replacing it with an entirely positive energy is one of the most extraordinary effects of the existing stone. For this reason, it has been used very often in yoga rituals.

It should also be said that it protects against evil spirits and vibrations.

– If you cannot succeed in making decisions due to negative attitudes, the solution is to do yoga with this stone. In this way, you can enter many different and positive paths.

-Another effect of the existing stone is to make you stand in a central place.

It is also a necessary stone for those who doubt themselves too often.

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Quartz Yoga Stones Bring Strength

-Quartz is a vital energy stone with many different colors. Therefore, it is necessary to state that it is more functional easily.

-Many people are known to have psychic abilities. The important thing is to reveal them correctly. Therefore, the existing stone is very effective in this regard.

-In particular, it opens the key to spiritual development.

-Thanks to quartz, it is also possible for a person to overcome emotional pain.

-In addition, this stone is very effective in solving physical problems. From this point of view, the elimination of existing problems becomes simple.

– People blinded by creativity from time to time say it affects their work or daily life very badly. However, this stone is very effective in developing inspiration and creativity.

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Amethyst Yoga Stones Bring Stability

-Amethyst, purple in color, is known for providing peace and stability. Its features and benefits to humans are as follows;

-It is often the most used stone in yoga meditations worldwide because it has a versatile feature.

-The calming effect is felt immediately.

-Besides, it makes people more patient.

-At the same time, another effect of the stone is to bring balance.

-It has also been described as a healing stone. It is very good at bringing inner strength and emotion.

-It makes the person accepted.

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Moonstone Yoga Stones Increase Your Intuition

-It is a yoga stone with different colors. Generally, white and peach colors stand out.

-It has a direct relation to emotion, known as intuition. It is said to increase wisdom.

-In addition, it has been stated that the sensitivity has been moved to the upper-level thanks to this stone.

-Another feature is that it gives strength and power at times known as very difficult. It is necessary to express that it is a feminine stone.

-People who react too much can get rid of it with this stone. It takes the tension and makes the person feel softer. It is a famous stone in this aspect.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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