Moonstone (Balancing Stone)

Moonstone (Balancing Stone)

Using Moonstone is a great way to start if you want to bring more balance to your life, improve your intuition, get in touch with your feminine nature and achieve a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Moonstone radiates a luminous vitality that can re-energize the mind and body and drive away negativity. It is thought to balance emotions, facilitate focus, and correspond to life cycles. We have compiled information about the properties, benefits, purification, coding and use of moonstone for you.

Green moonstone

What is Moonstone?

Among the brightest and most mysterious underground mines, Moonstone is also named Mother Earth Stone or Mobile stone in some sources. Our ancestors gave it this name because of its white and opaque appearance, resembling the Moon. Although it is mostly semi-transparent, some varieties are intertwined with blue and orange colours.

Moonstone, valued as a precious stone and used in jewellery making since the first civilizations, was used effectively, especially by the Romans. The Rainbow structure in some precious moonstones radiates blue when held up to the light. Just like the surface of the Moon… Although it looks like an opal in appearance, its colour and the blue colour reflect uniqueness. It is in the same group as Labradorite, which is as luminous as itself.

Since its score on the hardness scale is between 6 and 6.5, it can be described as a hard stone. The light it reflects is unique to the Moonstone, usually in shades of blue. It is generally used in home decorations or accessories. Since Moonstone Structure is sensitive, you must be careful using it.

What Does Moonstone Mean?

Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone is a mysterious and powerful crystal with very deep meanings. Moonstone, which has many benefits, is distinguished in one aspect. The Balancing feature of Moonstone begins to balance your life from the deepest. You will find these Balancing crystal effects you need in Moonstone.

It balances your daily life. Since it symbolizes feminine energy, it has an aspect that supports fertility. It is observed that while it gives the ability to understand the Mysteries to people who continue to use it for a long time, it also brings blessings to the person who uses it. Throughout history, some people with limited understanding have identified it with goddesses in mythologies. In India, it is considered the stone that shows beautiful dreams, while in the Arabs, it symbolizes fertility.

It is sometimes called the Stone of Love because it is associated with emotions. It often helps to understand who the soul mate is. It strengthens the bonds of friendship and protects from hidden enemies. It creates spiritual peace by enabling the person to accept his emotions.

Moonstone Formation


Containing more than one mineral at the same time in its chemical formula, Moonstone contains K (potassium), Na (Sodium), Ca (Calcium), Al (Aluminium), and Si (Silicon).

It consists of approximately 46% Oxygen, 10% Aluminum, 12% Potassium, and 30% Silicon. It also contains many trace minerals.

According to the number of trace minerals, wonderful colours appear in the colour of a mixture of white and bluish (moon colour). It is similar to opal but lighter in colour, and the reflected blue is faint. Blue glows are produced when moved around the light source.

It was believed that the light reflected from the Moon was the light of the Moonstone. There are also brown, green, yellow, pink, and grey colours.

Moonstone is also a very precious stone that is formed as a result of millions of years and is good for people.

Where to Find Moonstone?


Among the Semi-Precious stones, Moonstone is found in different parts of the world. The country with the most Moonstone is America. It is also found in Brazil, India and Germany. Moonstones are also found in different regions within Tanzania and Mexico. Other regions where Moonstone is found are Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma, America, Germany, and India.

Moonstone, which is especially preferred in accessories, is extracted as white at a high rate. However, it can also be found in blue or purple colours besides white.

Things to Consider When Buying Moonstone


Some important things to consider when buying Moonstone, which acts as an energy and emotion balancing act. First, Moonstone is a stone that must be used long. If you cannot use it regularly and for a long time, you can buy a faster-working crystal to solve your problem. Also, it would be best if you used Moonstone daily. The stone cannot function adequately if you do not use it daily.

Acting ignorantly is often harmful. Using this stone without knowing about it can lead to some negative situations. The inability of the Moonstone to be effective for physical, spiritual and mental problems that it cannot solve may lead to its progression as your disease cannot be cured.

Moon Stone Sphere

Remember that every natural stone will be ineffective unless used for its intended purpose. The temperament of each natural stone is different.

Moonstone, which is in constant interaction with their environment, is not like ordinary accessories and ornaments. Energy cleaning and maintenance are required from time to time. In cases where their maintenance is disrupted, the energy exchange is insufficient. For this reason, the effect expected from the stone will inevitably decrease.

How to Tell if Moonstone is Real or Fake?


Please do not use it before sure the stone you bought is real. Anyone who knows enough about the stones can tell whether the Moonstone is real or fake by touching it, even a glance. However, someone who wants to be 100% sure can put the crystal in some lab tests.

You can find out that the Moonstone is fake with little experiments. One of them is to shine sunlight on the stone. Due to their nature, Moonstones shine in hues close to purple when exposed to light. The stone is likely an imitation if it does not shine in purple tones in a straight line under the sun.

Natural Moonstone does not react quickly to a fire. If the stone burns for a few seconds and a visible change is observed, it can be understood that it is fake.

What are Moonstone Properties and Effects?


Moonstone, good for many physical and spiritual ailments, is famous for removing negative energies from the body. This stone, which should be used especially by women, positively affects the reproductive organs. In general, while protecting mother and baby health in pregnant women, it facilitates birth and effectively reduces labour pains.

Many people regained their old health and ideal weight with the frequency of the Moonstone breaking down body fat. It makes it easier for you to lose weight as it has an appetite-suppressing feature.

Moonstone, which balances the hormones in the body and the energy, ensures that the levels of estrogen and androgen hormones remain constant. It has a soothing effect on aggressive people. It also develops resilience for people very quickly affected by adverse situations.


Since it is a balancing stone, individuals carrying the Moonstone stabilize their lives. They habitually stick to their plans by establishing a daily routine. Since it has a protective effect against the evil eye, it prevents the evil eye from people with low stars.

Although it is usually in blue and purple tones, Moonstone has a and green, grey, and yellow colours. There are also Moonstones in brown and pink colours. Those who want to act impartially should choose Brown, and those who want to live a natural life should choose green. Pink Moonstone intensely affects love bonds, while Yellow Moonstone is beneficial in mental matters.

Moonstone Usage Areas


Moonstone is among the crystals we call a broad spectrum. Of course, since it is more effective in some aspects, people who use it may also prefer it for these aspects. If It is used to alleviate psychological disorders, permanent improvements can occur in a few months. This stone can be used especially for anger control. It is recommended to be used as an aid in medicine, especially in female diseases, regulating menstrual cycles, and during pregnancy.

Especially preferred by women, Moonstone is often used as jewellery. There are different forms of Moonstone for those who do not want to use accessories. Although these forms are usually ornamental, Moonstone can be used in night lamps, candles, and incense decorations. Observing its effect as long as it is kept in a visible area is possible.

Moonstone Ritual


We have explained that the Moonstone, which you can also use during rituals, is a crystal for balancing energy. Moonstone It helps to make the existing energy better. The person feels more comfortable thanks to the Moonstone in the room or contacts with the body during meditation and ritual.

The rituals performed to strengthen your Intuition by making you feel the benefit of the Moonstone. It brings out feminine energy and makes women feel self-confident. It strengthens the sixth sense and enables you to make the right decisions. It has wonderful effects, such as leaving behind the negativities experienced, helping the individual overcome the trauma, and removing bad energies from the body.

Rituals to rest the mind are usually performed by touching the Moonstone and closing the eyes. The person gets rid of all negative thoughts in his head, optionally sitting or lying down. He makes affirmations about his energy by trying to feel the energy emanating from the Moonstone that touches his body. Thus, the ritual is completed at the end of half an hour.

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Which Chakra Is Moonstone Compatible With?


The main seven chakras in the body sometimes start working with problems and may lose their balance. These problems in your chakras can be healed with different natural stones. The chakras where the Moonstone is effective are the crown, third eye and sacral chakra. The closed chakras return to normal functions if the Moonstone touches these areas. In some people, the chakras may be open and rotating, but overworked chakras can cause problems in your life. The chakras need to work in an optimum state in a balanced way.

Moon Stone Crystal

You can initiate healing in your internal organs by ensuring the interaction between the sacral chakra and the Moonstone. It shows healing effects on the intestines and pancreas, especially the spleen and liver—the growth and development of young people who use It during adolescence progress healthier.

The third eye chakra, located between the two eyebrows, is called the forehead chakra. It seriously affects the development of wisdom and the sixth sense, especially in balancing energy. If the Moonstone touches this chakra, you can see a rapid improvement in matters concerning the third eye chakra.

If you start to have problems in the crown chakra, your spirituality (your innermost happiness) will begin to be damaged. When the crown chakra is strengthened, your spirituality will also be strengthened. Since it is located in an area on the head, it is usually related to spiritual matters. It helps to distinguish dreams, connections with divine powers, truth and illusions. The crown chakra, which is closed with the Moonstone, can be opened to help the person develop his spirituality.

Compatible Signs of Moonstone


Regardless of your zodiac sign, you can benefit from It. But astrologically, you may be close to crystals. Some people are prone to get more efficiency when using It. At the same time, the effects of Moonstone appear faster in people whose Signs are compatible with Moonstone. Although it works well with the water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio), it also fits in Gemini and Libra. Moonstone stands out by quickly clearing bad energies in all zodiac signs it is compatible with.

In Pisces from the water group, the contribution of the Moonstone to their lives is higher than you can imagine because Moonstone helps to Pisce dreams come true. For Cancer sign, it prevents eating disorders, all kinds of gastrointestinal problems and discomfort that may occur in the abdominal region. If those with the sign of Scorpio use Moonstone, their regeneration abilities are strengthened. In this way, they quickly eliminate all kinds of negative effects.


It usually has a calming feature for Gemini people who stay too much in stressful environments. If a Gemini with sleep problems uses Moonstone, he can soon regain his old sleep patterns. Libra usually experiences beneficial effects in the physical sense. For example, the Moonstone can better protect Libra zodiac signs from diseases by supporting the immune system. Benefits such as preventing digestive system problems can be experienced from the first days of use.

Moonstone Benefits and Harms


Moonstone, which is good for many ailments, has no known harm. It has taken its place among the most used stones, especially in gynaecological diseases. It removes negative energy in the PMS period, infertility, and menopause. It also prevents premature ageing of people who care about their physical beauty. It helps to create a healthier appearance as it is good for hair and skin health.

It helps people with thyroid and obesity problems to reach their healthy weight. It also reduces the severity of symptoms in kidney, spleen and heart diseases. Because it is good for leukaemia, having moonstones around, especially for young patients, can be very useful.

Moon Stone Crystal

It should only be used with caution in people with very weak constitutions. Because it has a weakening effect, it is inconvenient to use by extremely thin people. It is not recommended for patients with Anorexia and bulimia. In addition, the lack of cleaning of the stone may cause an increase in the negative energy loaded on the body. Let’s continue listing the important benefits of Moonstone.

Regardless of the zodiac sign, it is one of the two stones women should use at least once. The other is Pearl.

  • It balances the menstrual cycle and keeps it regular. It is an excellent cure for PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
  • It is good for cold-related cramps, leg pain and back pain.
  • It increases spiritual sensitivity. It helps the inward journey, bringing it together with the reality of the soul and our true identity. It guides to wisdom. It helps you control selfishness and overreactions. It allows you to be sensitive to and tolerant of other people’s feelings.
  • It provides emotional balance. It allows us to understand and be sensitive to emotions. However, it also prevents us from being easily influenced.
  • Relieves anxiety, depression and stress. It gives joy to life.
  • It balances your opposing thoughts and feelings.
  • It strengthens the immune system and helps you to control the negativities in the body.
  • It provides a balance against the negative effects of the moon phase cycles in terms of spiritual, emotional and behavioural.
  • It keeps the reproductive organs (ovary, uterus, testicles) healthy. It balances the estrogen hormone. It prevents infertility. It strengthens the reproductive system. It helps to conceive. However, it is also used for the health and improvement of male organs, balancing male hormones (androgens). Let’s continue listing the benefits of Moonstone.
Moon Stone Crystal
  • It can treat swelling in the hands.
  • It reduces damage to the eyes.
  • It re-establishes the daily rhythm (body clock – eating, sleeping, going to bed, getting up).
  • It ensures the healthy growth of children and young people.
  • Balances all hormones.
  • It helps the pituitary gland to be functional. Stimulates and activates the pineal gland.
  • It delays ageing by renewing cells. It reduces degeneration in old age.
  • It creates a bond of love between married couples.
  • It is a feminine stone. Eliminates aggressive impulses.
  • It is beneficial for liver health. It is useful in the treatment of liver inflammation.
  • It creates a feeling of satiety and prevents overeating (gluttony).
  • It accelerates metabolism by activating the thyroid gland. In this way, it helps to lose weight.
  • It is the stone of those with low stars. It is effective against the evil eye. It protects against the negative energy directed at us from the outside.
  • It opens the lymphatic system. It is a cure for lymphatic system diseases.
  • It prevents unnecessary fluid accumulation in the body and removes excess fluid (oedema).
  • It is useful against excessive sweating.
  • It protects from fearful dreams. It helps to sleep and prevents sleepwalking.
  • It increases the power of Intuition by strengthening communication.
  • Moonstone helps people get rid of emotional tension and accept their feelings.
  • It balances the estrogen hormone. Women who want to get pregnant can have this stone with them.
  • It is said to facilitate childbirth and relieve labour pains.
  • When you are overreacting and anxious, Moonstone stabilizes you and makes you sensitive
  • Moonstone is good against high ego.
Moon Stone Crystal
  • It mutually increases the feelings of compassion and sympathy between you and people and brings sympathy to the person carrying it.
  • It makes lovers more passionate.
  • It is good for cramps and leg and back pain.
  • It strengthens the lymph system.
  • It is good for those with insomnia, provides a comfortable sleep, prevents bad dreams and is good against sleepwalking.
  • It positively affects brain functions and gives mental clarity.
  • It helps in removing toxins.
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Where to Put Moonstone at Home?


The place where the Moonstone is located in the houses is very important, which has a calming and very relaxing effect on the nerves. Generally, It being present in study rooms or study desks leads to success. It helps to focus more calmly and vigorously. It is suitable for use in this area for both adults and children.

It has great benefits in overcoming psychological problems. In addition, individuals who have sleep problems can use it in their bedrooms. Suitable for putting in bedrooms. We even recommend that you put it under your pillow to sleep.

Moon Stone Crystal

It also helps in reading and learning. For this reason, you can include It in your Library. If it is difficult to ensure peace in the family, moonstones can be placed in the areas where the family gathers. Generally, living rooms and kitchens are suitable for using Moonstone.

Moonstones can be used in work areas as well as in homes. It can be used in meeting rooms to relieve business life’s stress and achieve positive agreement results. Thus, the bad energy of the discussion environment is absorbed, and positive energies are loaded. Placing it in a visible area where co-workers are crowded strengthens the bonds of friendship.

Are Moonstone and Labradorite the Same Stone?


We come across this question often. No, Moonstone and Labradorite are not the same stone. But they are stones from the same group, the feldspar family, and both have blue sparkles. This is why two stones can be perceived as different colours of the same stone.

The main difference between these two stones can be explained as follows;

What are the Main Differences between Moonstone and Labradorite?

Moonstones: Potassium Sodium Feldspar.

Labradorites: Calcium Sodium Feldspar.

When examined gemologically, Moonstone is slightly more fragile than Labradorite and has a lower specific gravity. It is white or yellowish. It has blue sparkles in it. This natural stone, also known as the rainbow, radiates blue sparkles. Just like the surface of the Moon. How many types of moonstones are there? There are three types of moonstones: transparent, translucent, and opaque.

Labradorite is a stone in blue, green, and brown iridescent colours. Sometimes it can change colour according to the light. These colours and light play in it, making it valuable and are why it is preferred. Labradorite is a calcium sodium feldspar. Labradorite has a colour from light grey to dark grey. Dark grey ones are referred to as black Labradorite.

Where is Moonstone Sold?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Moonstone Cost?

Moon Stone Crystal

Its prices are very variable. Because you can find moonstones in almost every quality, it is a semi-precious stones. Moonstone prices are suitable for all budgets, as it does not fall into the jewellery category alone. For 10-15 dollars, you can buy a beautiful moonstone necklace with a blue sparkle. However, prices may increase depending on the colour tone, size and processing of the Moonstone with white.

Moon Stone Crystal

Moonstone, the subject of mythological movies, is a good option to complement the interior decoration. You can touch the decor and reach an emotional balance thanks to Moon Stone Natural Stone Orgonite Pyramid.

Famous stores guarantee the authenticity of the natural stones in their accessories, but their products are far above the market price.

Moonstone Care and Cleaning

Moon Stone Crystal

Moonstone is best cleaned with water and earth. Cleaning stones with water or soil has the advantage of doing material and spiritual cleaning together. For this reason, using water or soil while cleaning and maintaining the Moonstone will deeply clean your stone. Negative energies that accumulate on the Moonstone and prevent it from spreading positive energies can be cleaned using water. On days when there is a full moon, the Moonstone can be cleaned with the light of the full Moon by leaving the Moonstone in a glass of water, but we do not recommend crystal cleaning with the full Moon’s light. During the full Moon, there may be a leakage of negative energy.

Moon Stone Crystal

Cleaning, generally preferred to be done under running water, is also done by placing the Moonstone in a glass of water. The Moonstone, which is kept in the water for a few hours, will be purified from most of the bad energies on it. It is recommended to do this cleaning at least once a week.

Dry soil attracts the bad energies from humans and clears the bad energies on the Moonstone. Moonstone can be maintained by burying it in the soil or keeping it on it. In the meantime, getting sunlight helps to complete the cleaning in a shorter time.

Selenite interacts with many stones and takes their bad energies. When left next to the Moonstone, it helps to clean the stone. It is also possible to care for the Moonstone with the help of incense. You can click for more detailed information about the cleaning of crystals.

Interesting Facts About Moonstone

Moon Stone Crystal

Discovered in Ancient Rome, the Moonstone was considered a part of it because it looked so much like the Moon. For this reason, she was associated with Diana, the moon goddess in Roman Mythology. The properties of the Moonstone were compared to those of Diana. Similarly, Chandra Shekara, considered the moon goddess in India, has a Moonstone symbol on her forehead.

Moonstone is found in many customs, traditions and customs, strengthening the bonds of love. The most well-known of these is this stone’s gift, considered sacred in India, to newly married couples. Every married couple would receive a Moonstone gift at their wedding, which was thought to strengthen family ties.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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