Which Crystals Cannot Be Together?

multicolor crystals together

Do Crystals Harm You When Used Together? Using some Crystals together with some Crystals may lower their energy. You may use too many stones for your energetic body, making you uncomfortable. It can look cool to wear six different necklaces in a row. However, sometimes at the end of the day, you can feel like you’re carrying a brick on your back, and that’s not a good thing. Be self-aware and ask yourself what you are trying to achieve.

Do you want to calm things down or increase energy? Using energy-enhancing and calming Crystals together can cause you to counteract someone’s influence. And sometimes, you may not even be aware of it.

Crystals together

Since crystals together also have energies and frequencies, bringing them together will inevitably remove the effects of some. So yes, there are combinations that will negatively affect each other’s points. This could mean too much power, perhaps in the same field. So, which Crystals can’t be worn together? Which combinations to avoid? Which Crystals to use together for which needs? Read on to find out!

Pay Attention to How Your Crystal Together Affects You

right Intention crystal eggs

With the right Intention, many Crystals can work well together. However, be aware that some Crystals should be used separately. For example, some Crystals will not work for you when you are a little weak emotionally. In this case, Crystals such as quartz and malachite, which have a calming effect rather than energizing, should be used with caution.

Malachite is a mighty stone known to amplify all kinds of energies. It is said to make highs very high and low energy much lower. This, in turn, can cause your already low energy to drop even more.

feel more down  Crystals together

When you’re feeling down, the last thing you want is to feel more down on yourself. For this reason, we do not highly recommend light blue cool-coloured Crystals.

Many people say that crystal quartz increases their energy and makes them happy, even if they feel weak. Sometimes the same thing can be said for malachite and other Crystals. It can be helpful to note how your stone makes you feel and affects your mood.

Ask Yourself What You Want to Achieve with Crystal Together

What You Want to Achieve

For example, carnelian stone raises energy, while blue agate calms energy. Thus, they cancel each other’s points. Because when you use them together, they send a confusing signal to the universe. So, you may want to increase your energy or calm down.

Using carnelian stone together to increase your creative energy and blue lace agate stone to encourage better communication is pointless at he same time. One is a crimson and the other is a pale blue stone. Therefore, it is imperative that you know your intent and what the Crystals are for.

For example, the Crystals you should use for psychic protection and the Crystals you should use to strengthen communication differ. Plugging the two together will complicate the message. Therefore, we recommend you research which Crystals can be used for what purpose. For an example, you can check our article below.

Crystals Together to Use for Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection Crystals together

The general rule here is:

-Warm colours such as yellow, orange, and red are empowering and energizing. They motivate. Such hues help you want to move and light the fire.

-Green is stabilizing. Therefore, it will have calming effects.

-Cool colours such as light blue and violet are calming and soothing. However, these hues require finding peace and slowing down.

Click to Balance the Chakras.

Balance the Chakras Crystals together

We want to take the matter further and tell you how colours work so well with the chakras…

Remember that only some people need to energize their chakras. Sometimes, we need to cool the energy in our chakra. However, if you want to energize or strengthen your chakras, you can get help from the general guide below.

-Red Crystals for the Root chakra

-Orange Crystals for the sacral chakra

-Yellow Crystals for the solar plexus chakra

-Green Crystals for the heart chakra

-Light blue Crystals for the throat chakra

-Indigo Crystals for the third eye chakra

-Purple Crystals for the crown chakra

If You Want to Calm the Energy and Restore Balance

Crystals together

-Green Crystals for the Root chakra

-Light blue coloured Crystals such as Blue Agate Crystal for the sacral chakra

-Purple Crystals like Amethyst for the solar plexus chakra

-Red Crystals like Jasper for the heart chakra. Also, pink-coloured Crystals such as rose quartz can calm the energy.

-Orange-colored Crystals like Sunstone for the throat chakra.

-Orange and yellow Crystals such as Citrine and carnelian for the third eye chakra.

-Yellow Crystals like Citrine for the crown chakra

What Happens When We Don’t Use The Right Crystals Together?

Right Crystals Together

-You will probably understand this when you use many Crystals for your energetic body. Here’s what you can experience

-You feel something isn’t right, but you haven’t changed much.

-You feel sluggish, tired and uncomfortable.

-You become more irritable than usual and aggressive to loved ones or anyone.

Wearing 5-6 necklaces

Wearing 5-6 necklaces around your neck can provide a quick and effortless elegance. However, doing so can sometimes make you feel exhausted. If you notice any of the above situations, try using less natural Crystals. Or, change the stone combinations to determine which is too much for you. You can also ground your energy regularly by going outside or meditating with a grounding crystal.

Using the Right Crystals Together

When it comes to Natural Crystals, your Intention is fundamental. So first, become more familiar with energizing or calming energy; It can help you set your choice and work on natural stone combinations for your chakras if desired. Remember, you can use or carry a few stones to be a powerful combination.

quartz Crystals together

Which stone can be used with which stone? Look at your Intention! Now stop searching the internet for questions about whether certain Crystals can be combined. You have to decide this yourself.

If you want to combine Natural Crystals together for specific purposes such as energy, stress relief, protection, manifestation, grounding and more, the tips in this post can help you get started.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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