Hematite (Joint Stone)

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What is Hematite?

Although the word hematite stone is a word of Greek origin, it has changed and become English. Since it means blood in Greek, a name suitable for stone was chosen. Although its exterior is in shades of gray and black, its internal structure is entirely red and close to red, resembling the color of blood. In addition, since the majority of the stone consists of iron, it is associated with blood.

What Does Hematite Mean?

Hematite mean

Hematite is a natural mineral that helps remove negative energies from the individual’s body. Due to its calming effect, it helps to stay away from evil thoughts. Thus, it allows people to be more energetic, lively, cheerful, happy, and relaxed. It is used as an accessory or ornamental stone when spiritual or physical healing is desired.

Hematite Stone Formation

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The formation of hematite stone is a process of millions of years. First, the foundations are laid with the cooling of the magma that comes to the surface with volcanic movements. Then the rock fragments must react with other minerals around them and change shape. Especially the reactions with oxygen are significant because they create redness in its internal structure.

During the formation of hematite stone, it is exposed to some magnetic effects. Because these effects cause it to transform itself, it has also gained the ability to transform positive and negative energy. It affects nature until it comes out of the soil, and affects the energy balance positively by affecting people after it is removed.

Where Does Hematite Stone Occur?

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Hematite, a powerful grounding stone, can be mined from different parts of the world. Therefore, it is easy to reach the rock. It also has resources in Morocco and Brazil, especially in China, India, and Madagascar. Hematite stone, in the class of oxides, is generally mined in large masses.

Hematite stone masses, accessories, and ornaments are easily accessible. Especially sought after by collectors, this stone easily adapts to any environment it is in, thanks to its stylish appearance and brilliance.

Considerations While Buying Hematite

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The most important feature of natural stones is that they create the individual’s energy balance. For this reason, there are elements to be considered when buying all-natural rocks. It is necessary to be careful while purchasing hematite stones and not to buy fake rocks that cannot transform energy. Since imitation stones are prevalent in the market, tests should be done to prove that the stone is natural during shopping.

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Hematite stone, which is directly affected by people’s energy, cannot show its benefits enough when it feels unloved. For this reason, it is necessary to like the physical appearance and the feeling of the stone to be taken. Otherwise, there may be situations such as not using the stone regularly. Since hematite stone is not used, it cannot meet the expectations by not making energy conversion.

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When purchasing hematite stone, it is necessary to have information about it. For what purpose you will use the crystal, it will be extra beneficial to choose with conditioning for it. It can be used with peace of mind if its properties that treat physical and mental disorders and complete the deficiencies are known. However, it should not be forgotten that care should be taken to purify the energies before use.

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How to Tell if Hematite is Real or Fake?

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Since there are imitations of Hematite stones on the market and real ones, it is necessary to know how to prove the stone’s naturalness. The most effective method to show that the Hematite stone, which is more easily distinguished than other stones, is natural is to break the stone. Although its exterior color has metallic tones, its red interior indicates that the stone is genuine. It is also a critical feature that it is a stone attracted by magnets thanks to the amount of iron it contains.

Hematite obelisk

Hematite stone, which is quite cold in room conditions, shows that it is fake if it has a warm texture under normal conditions. In addition, since it conducts heat exchange quickly, it heats up quickly if the person holds it in his hand. This way, it is possible to understand whether the stone is natural by simply touching it and breaking it. However, since this method is a bit risky, people who need to know more about stones should try other ways.

Hematite mass

Another element that shows that the hematite stone is natural is the reliability of the shop where it is purchased. When shopping from places that have made a name for themselves by introducing themselves to natural stones, there is no need to check the stone’s authenticity. In addition, the presence of certificates showing their naturalness next to some rocks can relieve the users.

What are the Properties and Effects of Hematite Stone?

Hematite brown

Hematite stone has a variable appearance. The gray tones are primarily bright, although there are occasional opaque models. Since it is a stone suitable for polishing, it is usually polished to create an aesthetic appearance and released to the market. A value close to 6 on the hardness scale indicates that it is a medium-hard stone. Thanks to this feature, it is suitable for accessories and ornaments.

Since the interior of the hematite stone is in red tones formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen, it is possible to see red or orange lines, spots, and holes from time to time in stones that are not completely polished.

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Hematite stone, which has been used for different purposes for many years, benefits people in every area it is in. It always has an effect that calls for goodness and supports good situations. It is believed to protect people from bad energies such as magic, magic amulets, and the evil eye. It also carries the secret of leading a healthier life physically.

Hematite Stone Usage Areas

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Hematite is generally used as an accessory and ornament. It has an important place in the natural stone trade due to its sales intensity and the widespread use of the stone. It is suitable for use in homes, workplaces, cars, cafes, and restaurants, as it reduces stress in the environment where it is located. Thanks to its bright gray and black colors, it can adapt to natural and ostentatious areas.

Hematite stone has an effect that reduces stress and therefore relaxes people. Mainly when used in psychology, it makes it easier to overcome the traumas experienced. Since it will help the person to express himself better, it provides the fundamental solution to the problem. It strongly affects overcoming depression, anxiety disorder, anxiety, anger problems, and similar disorders.

Hematite Pyramid

Hematite, also known as joint stone, is used in alternative medicine, especially in common disorders. If it is used for a long time and regularly, it ensures no problems in the skeletal system. While it supports the growth and development of children, it prevents rheumatic pain, primarily seen in the elderly. In addition, it allows the treatments applied to the person to have a better effect.

It is possible to use hematite stone in agriculture. It can be buried in the ground while planting because it brings abundance and fertility. It also helps flowers bloom more vividly when buried in the ground in homes or gardens. It can also be the most important helper of fruit-bearing plants to keep insects away.

Hematite Stone Ritual

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Rituals are energy transformations that enable the individual to be completed in areas where they feel incomplete and to heal in areas where they think problematic. For this reason, using Hematite stones in rituals is very useful. It is mighty in health, love, stress, and energy rituals.

It is easy to perform rituals with hematite stones. Only a tiny candle and a dark and quiet environment are needed. The person should use an area where he feels comfortable and can focus on the ritual. The hematite stone should be kept in contact with the body and stand on the chakra point it is compatible with. After starting the way, it is necessary to think positive sentences by focusing on the Hematite stone for an average of twenty minutes.

The effects of rituals are usually seen in a short time. However, more robust feedback is received when it is done during the new moon and full moon times. If the person experiences situations such as relaxation, lightning, and feeling free of evil energies, it is understood that the ritual has been completed successfully.

Which Chakra Is Hematite Compatible For?

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Hematite stone, which stands out with its Ying Yang balance, cleans the energy channels in the body. In this way, it makes all the chakras work and opens better. It is compatible with the solar plexus and root chakra, even though it indirectly affects all energy centers. For this reason, the energy flow it creates will be much stronger when it settles in the regions it is compatible with.

The root chakra is the source of the foundations found in one’s life. If the chakra is closed, the foundations that keep the person alive are shaken, and it feels like he has fallen into the void. Using the hematite stone regularly and keeping it close to the chakra area will open the root chakra in a short time. In this way, the person feels unshakable and indestructible and starts to act confidently.

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The solar plexus is in significant harmony with the Hematite stone and the root chakra. The opening of this chakra helps the decisions taken and choices made to be correct at all times. It helps shape the future by realizing what the expectations are from life. In addition, the solar plexus chakra gains feature such as strengthening intuition, maintaining motivation, and reaching goals through perseverance.

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Compatible Bushes of Hematite Stone

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Hematite is a natural stone that can affect all beings. Therefore, it can affect all people. Thus, the person’s characteristics or horoscope should not be considered a criterion. It is thought to be compatible with Aries and Aquarius signs only because the character features and the benefits of Hematite complement each other.

People with the sign of Aries can experience the completion of the issues they feel incomplete by using the Hematite stone. Hematite helps coaches to take an active role in projects and their duties in business life, as they have leadership characteristics. In addition, it enables them to become spiritually stronger individuals by allowing them to struggle.

Hematite ring

Aquarius is the sign of people who usually achieve success by acting on intuition. Thanks to their intuition strengthened with the hematite stone, they can see the inner face of events. Human relations of Aquarius signs become healthier and stronger thanks to Hematite, which removes features such as fixed-minded, headstrong, and stubbornness.

What are the Benefits and Harms of Hematite Stone?

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Hematite stone, a part of nature, existed to maintain the energy balance. Therefore, it does not tend to harm any assets. On the contrary, it is a beneficial stone because it solves many problems, even purifying it from negative energies. Moreover, it has versatile features that can be used by every age group and gender in any environment.

Hematite stone has positive effects on blood circulation thanks to iron constituting the majority. It plays a role in cleaning the blood, eliminating iron deficiency, and preventing diseases that may occur in the circulatory system. In this way, it has beneficial effects on the heart. It also helps protect against infectious diseases by strengthening the immune system.


Hematite stone reveals its calming and relaxing effect, especially in stress-related disorders. In this way, it allows us to overcome difficult situations more healthily. It prevents quick decision-making by preventing sudden emotional changes. Since it calms the mind, it helps one see the two sides of the events and act accordingly.

A brighter and more vibrant appearance of the skin is among the benefits of Hematite stone. In addition, it creates a more youthful and fit appearance as it prevents wrinkles. In addition, helping dieters to gain and lose weight faster prevents sagging, cracks, and muscle tears. Thus, it has an effect that keeps the physical appearance always good.

Where to Put Hematite Stone at Home?

Hematite at home

Hematite stone is placed in homes or offices when it is not used as an accessory. It is vital to place it correctly to get its full effect. It should not be left in closed cabinets, invisible areas, drawers, or comparable items with a negative impact. It should be placed in high and visible regions to avoid being damaged against effects.

When placing the hematite stone, which room it will be placed in should be chosen depending on why the stone is used. Bedrooms are the right choice if they are used to reduce stress and improve mental state. However, it is more suitable for a kitchen, living room, or lounge when used to relieve tension in the family.

Since it is a stone that brings success, Hematite can be placed on the working tables. However, if its color is distracting, it can be left on the library shelves or in a suitable area in the study rooms. In addition, it is the right choice to go to children’s rooms to beautify their academic life and support their growth.

Where is Hematite Stone Sold?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Hematite Stone Cost?

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Hematite stone is remarkable both for its external appearance and red interior. Therefore, the demand for it in the market is high. Since it can be reached from many places and is not considered a jewel, its prices are suitable for all budgets. Many criteria determine the cost of Hematite stone, which an individual can gift to himself or his loved ones.

Hematite does not have a fixed price. The reason is that the subjects vary, such as the area where the stone was extracted, what it was used for, and which group it addressed. In addition, matters such as the stone being gray or black, its brightness, size, and where it was purchased affect its price. However, since it is a stone that can be considered cheap, it can be easily purchased.

Hematite Stone Care and Cleaning

Hematite raw

Hematite crystal is one of the few crystals that does not need to be cleaned, as well as one of the rare stones that can energetically cleanse other crystals. However, you can use hematite by exposing it to moonlight during the moon phases to refresh its energy.

Hematite crystals, which are not well polished or whose polish has been damaged over time, may oxidize when they come into contact with water. For this reason, it is beneficial for the life of the crystal not to keep it in a wet and humid environment as much as possible.

Exciting Facts About Hematite Stone

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Hematite attracted attention because it was found on Mars in 2001. The spacecraft’s infrared lights noticed the presence of the stone because it contained iron. According to the studies conducted by NASA, it was understood that the hematite stone needed water in its formation. Accordingly, whether there is life on Mars and water has been re-examined thanks to the Hematite stone.


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