Revitalize Your Hope with the Spinel Crystal

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Spinel Crystal is a precious stone formed from various reactions of natural rocks. It is used in making jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It also has many valuable features. You will be shocked if you do not know the Spinel Crystal yet. With the physical and mental benefits of the Spinel Crystal, your life can be changed.

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The Spinel Crystal, also known as the Hope Crystal, represents extraordinary passion, dedication, and longevity. Since it is an energy Crystal, it can discharge the body. The Hope Crystal is also helpful in maintaining physical and mental health. Spinel Crystal, a natural stone, is mixed with mineral stones such as ruby ​​and sapphire due to its appearance.

What is Spinel?

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The Spinel Crystal is a natural type known as the Hope Crystal. It is confused with stones such as ruby ​​and sapphire, with the appearance of the stone discovered more than 1000 years ago. Many Spinels have the colour of fire. Therefore, it represents incredible passion, dedication, and longevity. In addition, due to its energy-giving feature, it also ensures the charge of the body.

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Hope Crystal is also a healing stone since it has contributed positively to people since it was first discovered. Since it is a magnificent and rare Crystal, it is also frequently used in jewellery and crown making.

What Does Spinel Represent?

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Spinel Crystal is derived from spinel, which means precious mineral stones because it is mixed with ruby ​​and sapphire. Spinel is a Latin-based word. It derives from the Latin root spina. The word means sharp needle formations stalactites. Spinel or Crystal of Hope can also be red, brown, green, or colourless. The most common colour is fire red.

With its natural fire red colour, Spinel Crystal represents passion, dedication, and longevity. It is used because it provides different positive energies to the body.

How Is Spinel Formed?

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The Spinel Crystal is formed by stalactites, with the shape of its name. Stalactites’ formation results from different natural reactions that lasted for centuries. The building is usually formed by other hardening elements that react with oxygen over time and become rock. Therefore, spinel is formed that last for thousands of years.

Spinel Crystal Black Raw

Natural Crystal, known as Spinel or Crystal of Hope, is formed by reacting different elements with water and oxygen. Formation takes thousands or even millions of years to complete. It usually occurs in caves or cavities in rocks. During the formation of stalactites, they can be in different colors according to the elements in the region. The most well-known variety is a color close to flame red.

Where Does Spinel Come From?

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Known as the Spinel or Crystal of hope, the stone is found in many parts of the world. It is usually found in areas where volcanic rocks are the majority. It is thought that it got it is flame-red color from here. Apart from this, basalt can also be found in places where there are different rocks, such as kimberlites, pegmatites, peridotites, and marbles.

Spinel Crystal is mainly mined from Srilanka, Tanzania, Myanmar, Russia, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Nigeria, and Afghanistan.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Spinel Crystal?

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Many natural stones are very similar due to color and appearance. Therefore, the probability of confusion with each other is relatively high. In addition, there may be different color options due to the region’s characteristics where natural stones are generally extracted. In addition, natural stones have other qualities and quantities. When these features are known, whether the raw rocks are original or fake can be easily distinguished.

Spinel Crystal Blue

Spinel, or as it is known, Crystal of Hope, can also be found in nature as red, brown, black, or colorless. Their color may vary according to the characteristics of the rocks found where they are extracted. Stalactites form Spinel Crystal and resembles a backbone or spine bone in shape. In addition, the degree of hardness varies between 7.5 and 8. By looking at this degree of hardness, it can be easily distinguished whether a Crystal is the original Hope Crystal or not.

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Although each natural Crystal is not scientifically determined, it is known to benefit people physically and spiritually in many areas. In addition, genuine Crystals energize people and take away bad energy. Spinel, that is, hope stone, is preferred because it provides long life and vibrant life. Unfortunately, these additives can be complicated to see when a fake stone is taken.

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How To Tell If Spinel Crystal Is Real Or Fake?

Black Spinel Crystal Matrix

When the Spinel or Hope Crystal is extracted from nature, it can be in many colors. This is because its color varies according to the region’s natural structure and other rocks’ systems. In addition, the degree of hardness varies between 7.5 and 8. In this way, it can be understood by the tests whether it is accurate or fake.

Spinel Crystal Purple

Regardless of the color of the Spinel Crystal, the color of its external structure and internal structure is the same. However, it can be difficult to tell whether it is fake or natural by looking from the outside with the naked eye. For this reason, specific tests need to be done to see if it is accurate. Original spinel Crystal or other Natural Crystals are internationally certified and registered.

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Considering the properties of natural crystals, it is necessary to pay attention to purchasing original natural stones to see the desired effect. Accurate spinel Crystal is a fire and heat-resistant stone. The easiest way to understand whether natural Crystals are genuine is to hold a lighter and see if there is any change in their outer structure in the fire. However, this period should be kept short, as high heat can damage the stones. Since dyes are generally used in imitation stones, when fired, the exterior paints melt or deteriorate in the crystalline structure after a short time.

What are Spinel Crystal Properties and Effects?

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Although not scientifically proven, Spinel, or Hope Crystal, has many benefits seen by users. It is known among the public that it has many psychological effects, especially. Features and gifts of Spinel Crystal;

-The Spinel Crystal or Crystal of Hope, as the name suggests, is used to hope for self-sacrificing, vibrant, and long, healthy life

-Relieves stress and depression

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-Good against forgetfulness and helps to strengthen memory. It also helps to achieve inner peace and tranquility as it helps to cleanse the aura

-Develop imagination and thinking structure, known as the Crystal of Hope

-Useful for teeth and gums. Keeps it healthy

-A natural stone that is said to be good against cancer for medical purposes

Blue Spinel

-Supports spine health

-It is known that it is also used in treating teeth and gums for medical purposes

-Weakens excess weight in a healthy way

-When it is crystallized on the Spinel Crystal, it gives a feeling of psychological satiety. In this way, it helps to lose weight healthily

-Provides inner peace and tranquility

-It is known that it is good against stress and depression, common psychological problems in our age. It is also known to increase sexual excitement as it represents passion

red color corundum mineral

-Spinel Crystal helps protect against muscle pain, bone pain, and diseases that prevent body movement

-It is used to develop intellectual abilities in the mental field and to strengthen memory. Reduces forgetfulness

-Provides perseverance toward the goal. It creates an entrepreneurial spirit. Stimulates the imagination

What are Spinel Crystal Usage and Usage Areas?

red color corundum mineral

In particular, spinel Crystal is frequently used for alternative medicine due to the effects believed in providing like other natural stones. Known as one of the healing stones, people prefer the spinel crystal to cure many diseases. Moreover, it is among the most preferred methods for alternative medicine, mainly because it provides the user with psychological comfort.

What is Spinel Compatible Zodiac Signs?

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Zodiac signs represent different periods astrologically. Accordingly, each sign has other psychological, emotional, and physical characteristics. Each zodiac sign has a distinct personality and dynamic features. In addition, they have different natural stones of their own so that they can reflect the characteristics of the zodiac signs.

red color corundum mineral

Spinel, the Crystal of hope, is a Crystal compatible with Taurus and Scorpio signs. Taurus is a sign with earth element characteristics. He has a calm and reliable nature. He also has a sharp financial intelligence. It aims to make everything look aesthetically beautiful.
On the other hand, Scorpio has potent, ambitious, and indomitable personality traits. Even if he gives up, he can start again from where he gave up. It has reliable personal characteristics with the same characteristics as Taurus.

What are Spinel Benefits and Harms?

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Spinel, or Crystal of hope, has beneficial properties for people in many different areas, both physically and spiritually. First, it is known to bring positive energy instead of bad energy. Second, people frequently prefer it with its feature of discharging the body. Third, it has many healing properties. No damage has been detected to this meaning yet.

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It benefits many areas, such as cancer, joint and bone pain, and dental health. In addition, the most notable feature is that it is essential for spreading positive energy and destroying negative energy. It is also known to eliminate excessive worrying and worrying thoughts. It is also known that it strengthens the imagination and raises the power of thinking.

Black magnesium

Natural Crystals are used more frequently for psychological relaxation as an alternative medicine method. Spinel Crystal has no scientifically determined healing properties. For this reason, it should not be used as a definitive treatment method but as an alternative. For any disease, it should not be out of the doctor’s control.

Where to Put Spinel Crystal at Home?

Pink magnesium

Spinel Crystal is generally used in accessories such as necklaces, rings, rosaries, anklets, and rings. However, apart from this, it can also be used as a household item or as an ornament at home. It is known that natural stones emit positive energy into the environment. Therefore, it is generally used to give a natural appearance.

Yellow stone raw

It is known that natural stones are used naturally at home in their untreated state. Apart from this, beautiful lamps can be made with Natural Crystals. Spinel Crystal can be used as beautiful objects with different colors. It offers a stylish appearance in its Natural Crystal boxes. You can use natural stones anywhere in your home to create an elegant look.

Where Is Spinel Crystal Sold?

Natural stones can be specially processed or sold with their pure appearance. However, to buy original real spinel or Crystal of hope, it is recommended that you first choose the places that sell certified original stones. Similar or substitute stones will not give the desired effect and will not provide the desired elegance. In addition, fakes of these stones, called precious Crystals, can also cause you to lose financially. For this reason, you should choose reliable and registered companies in this field.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Spinel Crystal Cost?

Black Hope with the Spinel Crystal

The stone known as Spinel or Crystal of Hope is known among the gemstones. This is because it has a magnificent view in rare stone status. It is also used in the production of jewelry by giving different shapes. For this reason, spinel can be used at varying prices with its usage area, size, and body. However, it is generally more suitable for other gemstones, such as diamonds or rubies.

How to Care and Clean Spinel?

Blue Spinel Crystal

Natural stones offer different benefits to people with their other properties and effects. To get the desired result from the spinel crystal, one of the precious natural stones used in this field, attention should be paid to its cleanliness. For this reason, natural spinel Crystal should be cleaned with natural methods. It is sufficient to hold it in water first without using any chemicals. Or, it can be cleaned by pouring water after keeping it in salt water. In addition, a natural cleaning can be achieved by keeping it in the soil. Click for details of crystal cleaning.

Interesting Facts About Spinel Crystal

Revitalize Your Hope with the Spinel Crystal

Spinel Crystal was used frequently by Kings because it is a precious stone with an elegant appearance. It can be seen in the crowns of the King, their rings, and even the scabbard decorations of swords and daggers. You can add elegance and positive energy to your life with spinel crystal.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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