Balance All Imbalances in Your Life with a Tanzanite Crystal

Tanzanite Crystal, an astonish precious stone, is mined in Tanzania. It maintains the body’s balance and has an intuition-enhancing effect. The colors of Tanzanite Crystal are dark purple and blue tones. Tanzanite has a powerful healing feature with its intense energy that brings thousands of years of formation. It has noticeable positive effects on physical and mental health.

What is Tanzanite Crystal?

Deep Blue Tanzanit

It is a magnificent crystal known as a balancing stone. The Tanzanite Crystal deposit is located in the Tanzania region. It is a precious stone due to its limited availability and rarity. It is stated that the interaction of the Crystal increases with skin touching. Since Tanzanite Crystal increases its effect with heat, it interacts with the heat on the skin. Therefore, tanzanite crystal is highly preferred in necklaces, earrings, rings, rosaries, and bracelets. In addition, Crystal has a hormone-balancing effect.

In particular, it has a positive effect on the thyroid gland. Each natural Crystal has a unique structural feature. Although Tanzanite Crystal is not as well known as other stones, it has significant effects. Unlike other objects, natural stones have a healing vibration.

Raw tanzanit

Tanzanite is a semi-precious stone. But many experts see the Tanzanite Crystal in the gemstone group as well. Because it is rare. The Tiffany company made the first world presentation of this Crystal. Tanzanite Crystal is also known as blue Zoisite. The company has a significant influence on gaining its current value.

What are the Benefits of Tanzanite Crystal?

Tanzanite Crystal has many beneficial effects. Here are some of these effects:

-Calms the nerves

-Supports people in gaining a clear vision

-Helps brain functions work in a positive way

-Helps to make intuition clearer and clearer

-Reveals the harmony of physical and mental health

-Helps to remove toxins from the body

Tanzanite rough

-Helps people stay young and dynamic

-It has a refreshing effect on the body

-Each Crystal has a different effect

-Improves communication skills

-Increases the power of seeing the future, the ability to forethought, and spiritual commitment

-Provides spiritual protection

-Supports physical and mental vision. It broadens the perspective

-Strengthens the sense of hearing

-It is beneficial for hair health

Tanzanit ring

-Useful for skin/skin health. It helps treat skin diseases by cleaning the body of toxins. For this, direct contact with the skin increases its benefit

-Relieves depression

-Negative energies and emotions are destructive or transformative

-It also contains all the beneficial energy of the Zoisite stone

-Removes spiritual negativities and improves spiritual understanding

-Useful for problems with the mind and emotions

-Increases the strength of endurance against life’s difficulties and relaxes

-Helps relieve the stress of diseases

blue tanzanit

-Balances high blood pressure

-Also called the Workaholic Stone. Because it removes the fuss of workaholics and relaxes them, it enables them to succeed in more expansive areas of life

-Reduces stress and increases composure, naturalness, and harmony

-Stabilizer for highly active people

-Provides spiritual perception and information

-Helps treat slips and spine disorders, such as herniated discs and neck hernias

-Helpful in the treatment of eye diseases

-Helps to wake up from fainting or coma

Crystal transparent

-Provides spiritual balance in the face of chaotic situations that force the person excessively and rebalances it if it is corrupted

-Increases personal and mental strength, ability, and understanding

-Transfers solar energy. It balances solar energy with lunar energy

-It is cleaned and purified in moonlight and water

-Increases communication with the spiritual world and facilitates access to the pure mind

-Relieves drowsiness, invigorates, cheers up, and gives happiness

-Transforms negative energy into positive energy

Tanzanite etsy shop

-Eliminates excessive influence from others

-It transforms destructive impulses into the constructive effort

-Helps to break down old patterns and fixed ideas and change

-It is helpful in the treatment of deadly diseases and gives the determination to heal

-Strengthens the immune system

-Renews and regenerates cells

-Strengthens the heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs, brain, throat, and chest area and keeps them healthy

Transparent tanzanite

-Cleanses the body and blood from harmful chemicals, toxins, and cell debris. Thus, it helps to keep the liver and spleen healthy

-Removes the excess acid in the body and reduces it to its average level

-Inflammations and reduces high fever

-Increases fertility and improves ovarian and scrotum diseases

-Slow acting, so it should be used for a long time

-Helps to heal connective tissues when placed on the affected area

-It is like a potion that elevates the mood by eliminating the wrong lifestyle

-Also believed that it brings luck and fortune to the wearer

-Helps the body absorb zinc

-Restores consciousness

-Balances ambitions and passions and normalizes excessive emotions

-Strengthens friendships

-Known that stones have a supportive effect in terms of mental health

Tanzanite perfect raw

No side effects of the stones have been observed so far. It positively affects the frequencies of people with the vibrations they emit. Stones are used in different forms. As people crystallize the jewellery they use on them, their effects increase. This Crystal has a refreshing impact on the body. The stones must be natural to have a positive effect on the body. It is recommended that people buy stones from reliable places.

How to Clean Tanzanite Crystal?

Tanzanite ring

For natural stones to be more effective, they need to be cleaned regularly. Individuals must also clear the Crystal before receiving and using it. Cleaning the Crystal at regular intervals balances its energy. Cleaning these stones that attract negative energies will increase their effects. Therefore, it must be cleaned when first purchased. It is necessary to choose cleaning methods suitable for the crystalline structure. It would be correct to avoid operations that will cause wear.

Tanzanite should never be cleaned with Ultrasonic cleaners. It is not safe to clean with steam. It can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Hydrochloric e should be kept from hydrofluoric acids, as acids corrode and damage Tanzanite. In the flame of the acetylene lamp used by jewellers, it melts and fuses. It may crack in sudden temperature changes. You can click to learn about the cleaning of crystals in detail.

Tanzanite Crystal ring

It should not be cleaned using chemicals. To clean the Crystal, it is necessary to use natural elements. First of all, it is washed with clean water. It is enough to fly underwater for 5-6 minutes. Saltwater or seawater has the effect of neutralizing negative energy. It will suffice to keep it in salt water or seawater for 10-15 minutes. Sea water has a positive impact on all-natural stones.

It is possible to clean the stone with a salt lamp. Stones can be cleaned by arranging them around the salt lamp. Burying in the ground is another method used. The earth absorbs negative energy. It is even possible to plant it in a flower pot at home. It is recommended that the Embedded Crystal remains for 24 hours. Incense can absorb negative energy.

It is possible to clean the stones with the help of incense. Cleaning the Tanzanite Crystal by placing it on the side next to the incense is possible. It is helpful to clean the stones regularly. Especially after adverse environments, cleaning is necessary to increase Crystal’s effect.

What is the Tanzanite Crystal Properties?

Tanzanite Crystal raw

Tanzanite Crystal has a unique structure. These features are listed as follows:

-Crystal colours are very impressive tones

-The quality differs according to the colours

-Mostly available in purple and blue colours

-Its value increases as it is mined in a single country

-10 carat and above stones can be seen

-Brown and yellow tones disappear under high heat

blue tanzanite jewel

-It can change colour under the light

-The best quality is the one in blue sapphire colour

-It turns ruby ​​purple under light

-It has a rigid structure

-Different accessories are made from Tanzanite Crystal. Earrings, necklaces, rosaries, and bracelets are made

-Crystal structure contains chromium, titanium, water, strontium, manganese

-Effective on the throat, heart, and 3rd eye chakra

-The first miner to find it sold it for 3.4 million

-Crystal is known to vary under high temperatures

General Information About Tanzanite Crystal

Tanzanite Crystal raw beautiful

Tanzanite formation dates back millions of years. This increases the rarity of Crystal’s value. It has been formed since the tectonic period. Because it is formed under challenging conditions and heat, it has an excellent structure. It is a stone whose formation was completed with Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Discovery of Tanzanite does not date back to ancient times. The Crystal was discovered in 1967. There is a tribe known as the Masai tribe. Tanzanite became known to the world after a shepherd in this tribe found it by chance. It is recorded as a stone included in the zoisite group. It is known that it contains silicate, aluminium, and calcium in its structure. Its value is recorded as 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Three different colours are visible when viewed from different directions. A colour change occurs between blue and purple when viewed in bright light.

What Zodiac Signs Is Tanzanite Compatible With?

Tanzanite Crystal

Each Crystal has a different zodiac sign, which is influential. Therefore, each zodiac sign should choose the Crystal that suits their element. Using a Crystal unsuitable for one’s character is no adverse effect. On the contrary, all zodiac signs can be used for various ailments, as each Crystal has a unique feature. People should use the Crystal whose energy they find close to themselves. Tanzanite Crystal is compatible with Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Tanzanite Crystal Brown

When horoscope and stone compatibility is achieved, people experience different healing effects. Crystal stone energy provides unity with the person’s sign. From an astrological point of view, one’s consciousness can be connected with the stone. It is possible to see positive effects in terms of physical, mental, and mental health. The emotional nature of Pisces is balanced with this stone. It helps to maintain the balance of emotions and thoughts. It supports the monitoring of negative feelings with clairvoyance.

Sagittarius usually represents freedom. There is a tendency to do whatever comes to mind without thinking. Tanzanite Crystal supports people in the formation of inner balance. It triggers the mind and heart energy. Spiritually, it opens the eyes of the heart. It can be effective in balancing the tension level of Sagittarius. It should not be forgotten that each Crystal has a different energy.

Tanzanite Balancing with Crystalline Chakras

Tanzanite Crystal blue deep

Stones are thought to have positive effects on the chakras. There are seven different chakras in the human body. Failure of any chakra to function properly causes bodily blockages in the person. Some chakra-opening methods are used for the healthy functioning of the chakras. It is also possible for people to utilize natural stones to open the chakra. Each Crystal has a chakra on which it acts. Chakras are life energy points.

With healthy work, the person leads a healthy and happy life. Tanzanite Crystal affects the crown chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra. Having the throat chakra open is essential for self-expression. In addition, tanzanite Crystal is known to strengthen the sense of hearing. Therefore, communication is more effective in enhancing hearing and the throat chakra. The Third Eye chakra is one of the most important chakras. It is associated with intuition and foresight.

Tanzanite Crystal blue

The eye chakra is the chakra located on our forehead and represents intuition. Intuition is support for people to progress in life. When this chakra is activated, it is possible to be more resilient in the face of danger with intuition. It allows seeing people with the eye of the heart. Tanzanite Crystal helps to activate the eye chakra. Crown chakra means contact with the source of energy. This chakra must be active for abundance, integrity, and abundance.

How to Tell if a Tanzanite Crystal Is Real?

Tanzanite Crystal raw rare

There are many ways to find out that the stones are genuine. Tanzanite Crystal is considered among the precious stones. It is a rare stone. This increases the value of the Crystal. Tanzanite Crystal is used in jewellery making. It is recommended that people buy it from the jeweller or the Tiffany company that sells the Crystal because this company brought Kristal to society.

The Crystal is thought to be extinct in about 25 years. Because it is known to complete the formation of the Crystalline. When purchasing the Crystal, it is necessary to ask where it was extracted. Experts examine it in the laboratory environment. You can use two separate tanzanite Crystals to draw each other because stones of the same value do not scratch each other. It is available in synthetic or fake stones. Stones burn when they are affected. With fire, it is possible to understand whether the rocks are artificial.

Tanzanite Crystal Purple

You can examine the stones under a magnifying glass. But it is not so easy for non-experts to understand this. Buying from reliable places is the healthiest and safest way. Some stones have different properties and reflections under the light. These features should be looked at. There are no air bubbles in natural stones. If there are air bubbles, the stone may be fake.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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Formation of Tanzanite Crystal

Tanzanite Crystals

Tanzanite Crystal is found in the Tanzania region. This stone has not been found anywhere outside of this region. Since the formation of the Crystal is completed, it will not be possible to find it after a certain period. It has different colours, such as blue, green, and purple. This Crystal is known to form under high temperatures. In the crystalline structure, it is seen that there are iron, magnesium, titanium, and magnesium.

The Crystal is thought to be 600 million years old. But the stone was discovered about 50 years ago. The first miner who found it sold the Crystal to the state at a high price. This stone was formed among volcanic rocks. It means that it is created by exposure to high heat. It completes the formation of Tanzanite Crystal with pressure and heat. It comes to life with different jewellery shapes.

It has potential energy that will provide health support for those who use it. It should be kept away from acids to avoid damaging the Crystal because acids disrupt the Tanzanite crystal’s structure. Any chemical material will damage the crystalline structure in specific amounts.

What Is The Most Valuable Tanzanite Crystal?

valuable Tanzanite Crystal

The most valuable is Tanzania, which is blue. But Crystal also has different colours. Dark purple shades are also available. The present value of the Crystal found by chance is understood. It is used in jewellery making. Being in a single place in the world causes it to be limited. But this stone is formed when Zoisite is heated at a specific temperature.

A local miner first found Tanzanite in two. The total weight of these stones was about 15 kilograms. This discovery made the miner wealthy. The miner’s name is known as Saniniu Laizer.

How is the Tanzanite Crystal Ritual Performed?

Tanzanite Crystal Performed

Rituals made with natural stones are for the fulfilment of desires. It aims to turn inner expectations into reality by using the energy of the stones. Ceremonies can be performed at home, work, or love life. It is known by those who try that natural stones have a healing side. Tanzanite Crystal is used in these rituals with its energy from ancient times. We can use the power in the rocks to direct them toward a particular source. It is aimed that your intention will act together with the Crystal.

Stone transparent Pink

You can meditate with the stone and add its energy even if you are unaware that using Crystal as an accessory is also a ritual. Putting it under the pillow means the same thing as guiding you in your sleep. The energy of the stones directs the choice of persons. You should choose a crystal, taking into account your characteristics. It is much easier to notice the power of the rocks during periods when you feel mentally weak. Crystals are supportive in difficult times. A corner of intent can be chosen within the living spaces. The area is cleaned with incense.

Meditation is an impressive time when one stays with oneself. The effect of meditation can be increased with Tanzanite Crystal. Keeping the Crystal close strengthens the intention during meditation. Starting the ritual in a quiet area with breathing work is necessary. While the stone is in your hand, you must focus on your desire.

Tanzanit Blue

Tanzanite Crystal chakras are activated. The Crystal should be placed on the chakra you want to work with. For this, starting the ritual by lying down somewhere is adequate. Next, you must visualize Crystal’s energy spreading throughout the body. The image that the brain believes will accompany the body. After continuing to work for another 5-6 minutes, it is necessary to continue meditation with breathing work.

How to Use Tanzanite?

Tanzanit rare

Tanzanite Crystal is used in different ways. Since the Crystal has no rigid structure, it must be handled carefully. As with the colours of the Tanzanite Crystal, its reflections are also very impressive.

-Because of the rarity of the Crystal, its use as jewellery is emphasized. It is recommended to buy from jewellers. Its use as a jewel provides healing to the person. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets can be made

-It is possible to buy the Crystal in its natural form as well as in its processed form

-If your budget is suitable, you can use a large piece in your room in a way that can energize you by placing it right in front of you

-You can place the Crystal in your bag. In this way, it is possible to feel the energy of the Crystal at all times


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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